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Chapter 232: Conception of the King Realm, Halfway to Kings Realm

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Azura used his sword ray to block Beitang Ces eye-bloodline technique.

The two different powers were at odds with each other.

However, Azura was obviously much stronger than Beitang Ce.

The sword ray stared at Beitang Ces eye-bloodline technique and started to rise.

That was unbelievable!

Shi Guanghao and the others who were in the middle of the battle could not help but be shocked when they saw that scene.

What a powerful force.

The strength of Azuras attack was simply shocking to the extreme.

Both parties were facing each other head-on.

He actually managed to push the other partys strength away!

Beitang Ces expression was solemn.

He continued to increase his own strength and unleashed his eye technique to the maximum.

Due to the excessive use of the power within his eye-bloodline technique, blood flowed out of his eye sockets continuously.

However, Azura did not panic at all.

About 100 sword glows advanced in an orderly manner.

It was obvious that he had not used his full strength.

On the riverbank, Tree Demon Adolus crawled out of the riverbank in a sorry state.

Due to Azuras appearance, Beitang Ces eye-bloodline technique could no longer be aimed at him.

Hence, the fire spirit eye had finally disappeared, at that moment, the injuries on his body were being healed continuously by his own healing technique.

He glanced at Beitang Ce in the sky, and a mocking expression appeared in his eyes.

“D*mn humans, the good show has just begun!”

After saying that, he quickly rushed toward the Poison Dragon Scorpion and cast a healing technique on him.

On the other side, the immortal Soldier temple, which was more than 200 miles south of Zhong city, had been razed to the ground.

What replaced it was a huge earth cocoon!

It was as big as a small hill and was made up of fallen leaves, soil, as well as gravel.

From a distance, it looked like a huge earth egg lying quietly on the ground.

A yellow warbler flew over from a distance and landed on the earthen egg.

It looked around curiously as if it felt that this area was different from its surroundings.

However, at that moment, the earthen egg under its feet suddenly let out a crisp sound.


That sudden crisp sound instantly made it let out a scream.

It flapped its wings and quickly escaped.

It had just flown up when the next second, more cracks exploded on the huge earthen egg, forming countless cracks like a spider web.



Along with a violent explosion, the earthen egg completely exploded.

Ye Xiaos body emitted a golden light.

That was not the light emitted by his body, but the light emitted by his soul!

At that moment, his soul power had already been cultivated to the peak of the divine sect and surpassed its limit.

He had already comprehended the King realm concept.

In other words, as long as his spiritual energy cultivation reached the King realm and his soul fused with his physical body, he would be able to easily advance to the King realm.

He would not have to worry about Li Liushuis lack of soul power when he broke through, which as a result, made him lose control of the power of the King realm and go berserk!

It could even be said that he was already at the halfway mark to the King realm.

He was just a little bit away from reaching the true King realm!

That was because the most difficult hurdle for an ordinary person to advance to the King realm was the advancement of their soul power.

That was the most important and also the final threshold that stopped everyone.

At that moment, Ye Xiao no longer had this threshold.

It was almost equivalent to a guarantee.

At the same time, there was another thing that Ye Xiao was extremely concerned about.

The Golden Book had already begun to emit a blazing light, just like how he felt every time he could fuse cultivation techniques.

Ye Xiao could almost be sure that after reaching the King realm, he would definitely be able to fuse an imperial technique.

‘Right now, Im only lacking spiritual energy cultivation.

Its impossible for me to achieve it in a short period of time.

If I want to speed up a little, Ill have to consider finding some divine-level star beasts to refine pills.

Ill use the divine sects powerful blood essence to push up this last bit of cultivation that I need.

Ye Xiao closed his eyes and tried the range of his soul perception.

His current soul strength had already advanced to the King realm, so his perception power would definitely increase.

The moment Ye Xiao closed his eyes, his perception power rapidly spread out from Ye Xiaos body.

Very soon, it spread out for ten, twenty, thirty, forty… Very quickly, it broke through a hundred miles and continued to spread out without stopping.

That was a very good phenomenon.

Just by relying on ones perception alone, it was able to expand to this extent.

If it was ones own spiritual energy, how powerful would it be

It was estimated that it would be able to scan the Zhong city in an instant, right

One had to know that the Zhong city was more than 200 miles away, more than 400 miles away!

That could be said to be an earth-shattering change to the increase in his strength.


Just as Ye Xiao used his soul perception to expand to Zhong city, he suddenly sensed the situation in the city.

That caused his expression to immediately change.

‘This is… Those sealed star beasts have escaped

Without thinking too much, Ye Xiao directly rushed back to Zhong city.

in Zhong city, the Sword God, Azura, felt bored after experiencing a few rounds of battle with Beitang Ce.

Although Beitang Ce was an eye technique practitioner and was slightly stronger than an ordinary Xiantian ninth grade, the gap between the two of them was simply too great!

Even though they were both Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts experts, the difference in strength between them was like the difference between heaven and earth.

The difference in cultivation was not something that could be easily caught up to.

Hence, after exchanging a few moves, Azura instantly said in a disappointed manner,

“Its not fun.

Forget it, I shouldnt have had any expectations for you.”

After saying that, he stomped his foot and his body instantly disappeared from the spot.

“D*mn it!”

Beitang Ces eye technique could vaguely see an afterimage of his and some of his actions.

However, his eye-bloodline technique could no longer keep up with Azuras speed.

In the next second, Azura had already appeared in front of him.

Without waiting for him to use his eye-bloodline technique again, two bright golden rays suddenly erupted from Azuras eyes.

These two golden rays of sword light were aimed directly at Beitang Ces fire spirit eye.

Beitang Ce naturally spared no effort to use his eye-bloodline technique to compete with Azura.

He absolutely could not allow his opponents sword light to enter his eyes.

That was his most powerful trump card.

Once it was destroyed, his army would be defeated like a collapsing mountain.

Everything would be over.

However, at the instant he fought to the death, Azuraa raised his hand and swung his sword again, sweeping it across Beitang Ces chest.


One sword!

With just one sword, Beitang Ce was sent flying.

He did not have the slightest ability to resist.

Beitang Ce spat out a mouthful of blood in the air.

Like a cannonball, he was sent flying and landed heavily on the barrier formed by the city protection array.

“Senior Beitang!”

Shi Guanghao and the others were anxious and wanted to return to help.

However, at that moment, a familiar voice suddenly sounded in their ears.

“Dont worry about others.

You should worry about yourself first!”

As soon as he said that, a sense of crisis came.

It was the Poison Dragon Scorpion!

He had already been healed by the Tree Demons healing technique.

Now that he had fully recovered, he immediately joined the battle.

As soon as the Poison Dragon Scorpion used his poison technique, a thick purple mist rose from the ground.

As soon as that mist appeared, even the air was corroded by it, producing a series of intense sizzling sounds.

The expressions of Shi Guanghao and the others changed drastically, and they immediately retreated.

No one dared to touch that poisonous mist.

Once they did, it was very likely that they would die on the spot.

Its damage was several times stronger than the divine sects attack!

Above Beitang Ces head, Azura had already begun to condense a 10,000 feet sword ray.

The power of that sword ray was monstrous, and every ray of golden light that it emitted seemed to be filled with dense sword intent, splitting apart the clouds.

If nothing unexpected happened, this sword light would definitely be able to kill Beitang Ce.

Furthermore, it would split him into two.

Furthermore, it might even be able to break through the defensive barrier of Zhong city!

Less than half of the commoners in Zhong city had been evacuated, and there were still at least two-thirds of them left.

Outside the defensive array of Zhong city, countless star beasts were waiting in formation.

They had all been summoned by Azuras majesty in an attempt to participate in the feast of dividing up the human race.

If Azuras sword broke through the city protection array, the consequences would be unimaginable!

It would not only be the end of Beitang Ce, it would also be the end of all the commoners in the entire city!

However, no one could stop him now.

Shi Guanghao and the others were not strong enough.

Moreover, they were already suppressed and had many injuries on their bodies.

They could not even take care of themselves, let alone save others.

Beitang Ce was severely injured by that sword strike.

His injuries were too severe, and a ghastly white bone was revealed on his chest.

One could even faintly see his beating heart.

He could no longer fight.

The ghost fire spirit eye saw through Azuras sword strike.

That sword strike had gathered his own powerful strength, and it continued to gather.

It was an attack that had already surpassed his limits!

The fire spirit eye had even begun to simulate his death, being split into two by a single sword attack!

At the moment when he was on the verge of death, Beitang Ce was actually not that afraid.

It was as if he had a feeling of relief.

At that moment, his mood was abnormally calm.

Perhaps that was because after working hard, he was completely powerless and resigned to his fate

His mind could not help but think if Ye Xiao was here, would he be able to defeat Azura

With Ye Xiaos heaven-gifted talent, could he save the Zhong city

Azuras sword Ray finally descended.

The sword moved, the wind and clouds dispersed, ghosts and gods were evaded!

That sword was so powerful that it made countless peoples hearts palpitate.

Its pressure even made all the martial artists in the Zhong city unable to catch their breath.

It suppressed those weak martial artists below the Xiantian realm, so much so that they could not even stand up.

Despair was filling and spreading, enveloping everyones hearts.

The star beasts outside the city protection array were roaring and excited as if they were singing the funeral song of the human race!


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