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Chapter 231: Disaster

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“We dont have enough time.

There are still a large number of low-level martial artists in Zhong city.

Their fastest speed is at the speed of an electric car.

They are already at their limit.

How can they escape”

“Then activate the Zhong citys protection array.

Also, tell the martial artists not to retreat in one direction and to retreat in different directions.

Help as many people as you can to escape.”

A big city like Zhong city already had its own city-protection array.

With the array, it could also delay some time.


Everyone immediately followed Beitang Ces instructions.

In the next second, the entire city sounded an alarm.

“All citizens, please pay attention.

All citizens, please pay attention.

Zhong city has entered a special level one battle preparation state.

All low-level martial artists quickly retreat to the north and south.

Split into two groups and retreat as fast as possible.”

Following the sound of the alarm, five pillars of light shot out from the five directions of the city.

These five pillars of light converged in the sky and quickly formed a golden barrier, it enveloped the entire city.

When the citizens saw that scene, they knew that the situation was not good.

Without any hesitation, they quickly fled out of the city.

The densely packed crowd on the ground was like ants.

Yang Xi and the others followed the crowd as they continuously dialed Ye Xiaos number.

“How is it Did you get through to Supervisor Yes number”

Yang Xi stomped her feet anxiously.

“Its not working.

Theres no one picking up.”

“Continue calling until he can get through.

Were running too slow.

Lets take the car first.

Well make a call as we walk in the car.”

In the sky, Beitang Ce and the other divine grandmasters had already rushed to the river.

Although they could not stop those divine grandmasters from coming out, they could still take the opportunity to launch a sneak attack when they did.

There was still hope that they could heavily injure them and increase their chances of victory.

A few meteors streaked across the sky and everyone arrived at the river.

The figure on the river did not even need to sense it.

He had already expected that the other party would come here.

Therefore, the moment Beitang Ce brought his men to the riverbank and before they could stabilize themselves, he immediately launched an attack.

As his withered twig-like hands formed a seal in the air, several bone spikes erupted from the riverbank in the next second.

They shot into the sky like high-pressure cannonballs, rushing toward Beitang Ce and the other human divine sects.

Shi Guanghao snorted coldly and threw out a punch.

The power of the punch surged into the sky and quickly spread into a huge spiritual energy fist light that was over a mile in diameter.

The fist light and the bone spikes collided, causing explosions to erupt.

The air in the sky was continuously stirred.

If these two moves were to collide on the ground, the power of the center of the city would be enough to destroy half of Zhong city!

The shockwave from the explosion exploded, but there were still a few bone spikes that pierced through the center of the explosion and rushed toward the crowd at lightning speed.

Everyones expressions changed.

Only Beitang Ce was unflustered.

With a slight movement of his eyes, he activated his fire spirit eye and detonated the bone spikes in an instant.

“Be careful, the opponent is in Xiantian ninth grade.

You guys assist, Ill take the lead.”


Everyone responded, and Beitang Ce used his eye-bloodline technique again.

The fire spirit eye instantly exploded energy on the other partys body.


The powerful explosion caused his body to suddenly tremble.

In the next second, he crashed into the ground like a cannonball.

A huge crater appeared on the ground beside the river.

“Good opportunity!”

Shi Guanghao and Lang Xinyue chased after him at an even faster speed.

They used their cultivation techniques to bombard him.

In less than three seconds, the two of them had launched over a thousand attacks.

Each of their attacks had reached the limits of the two of them.

“Hah… Haa…”

The two of them panted heavily.

Their faces were slightly pale, but when the dust settled, their faces were filled with joy.

The divine-level star beast on the ground was already badly injured and on the verge of death.

Beitang Ce glanced at it.

“I knew it.

It must have something to do with the few divine-level star beasts that escaped from Shaolin.

“This star beast was one of the star beasts that escaped from Shaolin, the Poison Dragon Scorpion.

It was a Xinatian ninth-grade divine-level star beast.

“His combat strength wasnt high and could only be considered to be at the beginning stages of the Xiantian ninth grade.

His truly powerful technique was poison!

“Therefore, he was heavily injured by my fire spirit eyes just now.

Although the two of you are only at the Xiantian eighth grade, you have already stepped into the eighth grade for a long time.

After I was heavily injured, you were able to use up to a thousand extreme attacks that were enough to heavily injure his bones and tendons.

“However, if you want to kill him, youll have to add another attack!”

As he spoke, his eyes moved slightly, and the fire spirit eyes were activated once again.

An even more powerful force heavily struck the body of the venerated Poison Dragon Scorpion, instantly splitting his body into two.

However, the group did not have the time to let out a sigh of relief.

That was because as they attacked, the spiritual energy surged, and the sealing array on the spirit-gathering array was also shattered.

“Ahahahah… Its been a few hundred years, and weve finally come out.”

“This venerable self has already smelled the scent of human blood.

Humans, this venerable self wants to eat humans.”

Beitang Ce sent a glance over, and Shi Guanghao and Lang Xinyue immediately led the other Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmasters to attack.

“Human divine grandmaster! Interesting.

Its a good opportunity for us to stretch our muscles and bones.”

The two sides engaged in battle, and in the sky, layers of shadows instantly appeared, and rays of light shot out in all directions.

All the divine grandmasters strength had been raised to the limit.

That was a battle of life and death, and there was no chance for a second chance.

Therefore, whether it was the human divine grandmaster or the star beast divine grandmaster, they were all using their full strength at this moment.

At that moment, a green treant shadow quietly approached the Poison Dragon Scorpion from below.

“Hehehe, old scorpion, since you came to save us, let me help you and bring you back to life.”

Unfortunately, just as he was about to make a move, a blazing flame power was suddenly released on his body and began to burn him.


He suddenly let out a series of miserable screams and threw himself back into the river, trying to use the river water to extinguish the flame.

However, the strange thing was that no matter how hard he rolled in the river water, he could not extinguish the flame.

In the sky, Beitang Ce looked at him coldly.

“Ridiculous, do you think Im just doing this for a living With your insignificant cultivation, do you think you can save the Poison Dragon Scorpion Youre just full of wishful thinking.”

On the surface of the river, the battle between Shi Guanghao and the others was getting more intense.

Both sides were in a stalemate, but they could still hold on for a short period of time.

Beitang Ce did not make a move because he knew what he was waiting for.

He wanted to conserve his physical strength to fight against the strongest person.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…

The clouds in the sky were getting heavier and heavier!

It was as if an incredible existence was about to arrive.

At that moment, the waves on the surface of the river began to slowly stop due to the continuous attacks of the various divine sects.

It was extremely strange.

One had to know that the surface of the river was not calm, to begin with.

In addition to the shock waves created by the explosion of the auras and spiritual energy of the various divine sects, it was already considered very good that the surface of the river did not produce any large waves.

However, not only did the surface of the river not produce any explosion, it was even as calm as a mirror.

That completely polarized appearance was so terrifying that it made ones hair stand on end, and ones entire body began to break out in cold sweat.

Not long after, a small vortex began to appear on the surface of the river.

Then, it slowly expanded, as if it had opened a door to the bottom of the river.

In the vortex, a flight of stairs that was as flat as cement appeared.

“Its here!”

Beitang Ces pupils constricted.

He had already sensed the spiritual energy fluctuation of the other party.

It was an extremely terrifying aura.

It was even more terrifying than his own aura.

When his aura appeared, all the star beasts around the Zhong city started to get excited and wildly charged toward the city.


Even an eye-bloodline expert like Beitang Ce could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

His eyes revealed a hint of fear.

The lesser King realm star beast!

Sword God Azura!

He was already halfway to becoming a divine beast!

Just like a King realm martial arts expert of the human race, a divine beast of the star beasts could summon his fellow star beasts as long as he released his aura.

Although Azura was not yet a divine beast, he was already beginning to exude the aura of a divine beast.

As a result, the star beasts around the city would be guided by that aura and charged over immediately.

Azura had already fully cultivated into his human form.

He was an eight-foot-tall adult male.

He wore a black windbreaker and his long hair cascaded down his back like a waterfall.

At a casual glance, he looked like a long dragons tail.

He raised his head and glanced up.

His gaze only landed on Beitang Ce.

He did not even glance at the other star beasts and human divine sects.

It was very obvious that he did not pay any attention to anyone other than Beitang Ce.

The corners of his mouth curled up as Azura spoke slowly.

“Long time no see, Bei.

How have you been”

Beitang Ce looked at him with a grave expression.

“It has been a long time.”

“I wonder if your ocular power has increased or decreased after so many years

“I still miss that battle hundreds of years ago.

I hope that Bei wont disappoint me.”

“You will know.”

Beitang Ces gaze flickered as he activated his fire spirit eye and locked onto Azuras body.

A formless and enormous force headed straight for Azura and pressed down on his head.


The powerful ocular power was like a mountain pressing down on Azuras head.

With an unstoppable force, it ruthlessly smashed onto him.


His eye technique attack finally stopped two feet above Azuras head.

It was unable to move any further down.

That was because a golden sword light blocked Azuras head.

No, it was not one, but a hundred sword lights that blocked his eye technique at the same time.


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