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Chapter 228: Man is God!


Another violent explosion sounded.

The divine-level star beast was once again knocked down from the sky by Ye Xiao and crashed into that huge mountain.

That time, he directly destroyed the entire mountain.

The impact was too strong!

He fiercely crashed into the ground, causing the huge crater that was originally flattened by him to once again create an even bigger crater with a size of over a few thousand feet.

He could feel that his heart had already ruptured.

Why was that humans fist so powerful

If not for the fact that he was a divine grandmaster with a powerful physical body, he would have already died.

No, he could not continue fighting like that.

If he continued fighting like that, he would not be able to hold on and would definitely die.

He needed to escape!

He was just about to escape when his body did not have the time to react in time.

The next second, he suddenly froze on the spot and did not dare to move at all.

Cold sweat started to emerge from his forehead and flowed down his forehead.

“Dont move.

I want to ask you a few questions.”


He swallowed a mouthful of saliva.


In the next second, Ye Xiaos fist suddenly smashed into his chest, and the fist directly pierced through his body.


He fiercely spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

His eyes were bloodshot, and they were filled with blood to the extreme.

That b*stard!

He had only swallowed a mouthful of saliva, and he actually wanted to make a move.

Was there a mistake

“I told you not to move.”

Ye Xiao pulled out his fist, and fresh blood dripped down along his fist.

Following that, he said with a calm expression,

“The star beast has been set up for hundreds of years.

What kind of situation has it reached Dont tell me you dont know.

Youre a divine-level star beast, and your lifespan should have already exceeded a few thousand years.

It is impossible that you dont know about this.”

The other party already knew that he could not escape.

After two consecutive heavy injuries, it was already difficult for him to even stand up, let alone escape.

“Do you think Ill tell you”


Ye Xiao directly stomped on his claws, causing him to clench his teeth in pain.

“Ill let you answer, not let you ask.”

“Kill me! If you have the guts, just kill me directly.

What do you want to get out of me Its impossible.”

Ye Xiao frowned slightly.

It seemed like that fellow was not going to take the easy way out.

Since that was the case, there was no need for him to waste time with him.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery was activated and immediately invaded his soul.

However, he did not expect that at that moment, he would suddenly burst into laughter.

“Hahahaha… Youve been tricked! This venerable self was waiting for you to use your spiritual energy to search for this venerable selfs consciousness.

“If you did not use your spiritual energy to search for this venerable selfs consciousness, this venerable self might not be able to deal with you.

“But if you use your mental energy, then youre done for.

“Because my main body isnt best at martial arts, but mental and soul attacks.”

In the next second, his soul body directly followed Ye Xiaos mental energy and rushed into his mind.

He won!

Although the process was very dangerous, the final result still did not change.

That was also the reason why he dared to come to Zhong city alone as a star beast.

His main body had the shadow bat bloodline, and his strongest innate ability was his mental strength and soul attacks.

There were often many divine sects that were stronger than him who thought that his martial cultivation was not high enough and were too careless.

In the end, all of them died at his hands.

Now, it was the same for Ye Xiao.

As long as he killed that fellow and devoured his blood essence, it would be enough for him to advance to an even stronger existence.

It might even be able to make up for the lack of his current martial strength.


When he came into Ye Xiaos body and saw Ye Xiaos soul body, the bat fell into deep thought.

What kind of situation was that

Was that a joke to him

That human has cultivated soul power

If the embodiment of their own soul, about the height of a two-story house.

Then the other partys soul materialization, there are ten floors high, in front of the other party, like a child who did not grow up, I guess with the other party to play are not qualified.

Ye Xiao said faintly,

“Are you surprised Are you surprised”


He sat down on his butt.

The Shadow Bats soul was in complete despair.

The way he used his soul to defeat others was to enter the other partys body first and then tear apart the other partys soul.

In that way, he would be able to gain control of the other partys body and then repair his own body, he would return to his own body.

Finally, he would eat the other partys body.

Now that he was in Ye Xiaos body, he would definitely not be able to defeat Ye Xiaos soul.

If he could not defeat his soul, it meant that he would not be able to return.

That would mean that he was finished!

“Im convinced.

Im truly convinced.

Are you really human I suspect that youre not human at all.”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Answer my question.”

“If I say it, can you let me go”


“Then Ill say it.”

Shadow Bat spread his hands.

“To be honest, I dont know either.

Dont make a move first.

What I said is true.

“This is because our star beasts are not controlled by the same star beast.

We also have many factions.

“Like me, I belong to the Qilin God.

And some star beasts might belong to the Tiger God or other godly star beasts.

“On the surface, we all look like star beasts, but in reality, were also competitors.

Were all competing to see who can devour more humans faster.

“Those who make the invasion plan are all super divine beasts.

Those who are in charge of implementing it are divine beasts.

A Xiantian ninth-grade divine grade like me is actually just a worker.”

Ye Xiao slightly raised his brows, and his expression could not help but become a little solemn.

It seemed like the star beasts were very strong.

A Xiantian ninth-grade divine-level star beast could only be considered a worker.

Then how strong would the star beasts who truly held power be

At that moment, Ye Xiao suddenly understood why that world had to hide from ordinary people martial arts experts at the King and Emperor realms.

The pressure that the space battlefield was under was really too great.

The humans on the ground were terrified when faced with a beast calamity, not to mention hearing about these divine beasts and super divine beasts.

The martial path of a martial artist had to move forward and have the courage to support it.

If they knew that the star beasts were too powerful and difficult to defeat, the human race would always be at a disadvantage.

In that case, the vast majority of people would lose hope, and if they lost hope, the human race would fall into despair and despair.

The human race needed to be guided in a gradual cycle, little by little, with good intentions.

When those martial arts experts had reached a higher level in the path of martial arts, their hearts had already become much firmer.

After knowing those things, they would not be so frightened that they would not dare to make a move.

“You should have an estimate in your heart, right What are the chances of the human race winning against the star beasts”

“If I tell the truth, will you promise not to hit me”

“As long as you tell the truth, I wont hit you.”

Ye Xiao had been using the Big Dipper Grand Mystery to monitor the other partys soul.

He could see whether or not he was lying with a single glance.

The Shadow Bat pondered for a moment before saying carefully,

“Frankly speaking, I think its not even 10 percent .”

“How do you know”

“Its very simple.

Do you know how many star beasts there are How many humans are there

“If it wasnt for the protection of the array on the surface of your world, we would have invaded from all sides long ago.

This world couldnt even fit our military strength.

“Even if we self-destructed half of it, we could blow this world into the sky.

“Do you think that the human race will be able to defeat us

“Apart from that, there is another very important factor.

“There are too few martial arts experts of the human race!

“Without a top-notch martial arts expert who can control the situation of the battle, everything is a for naught.

Im not talking about the King realm, nor am I talking about the Emperor realm.

Of course, I dont know what realm it is exactly.

“I know that the human race has such martial arts experts, but they are very few, very few.

In fact, only one person appears every few hundred years.

“Moreover, most of them have fallen in battle.

It has been a long time since I heard that humans have such an existence.

“But what about us star beasts

“Do you know how many there are

“In this day and age, as far as I know, there are more than two!”

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes.

He could sense that the other party was not lying.

Could it be that there were still supreme martial arts experts above the Emperor realm

Moreover, from the looks of it, the supreme martial arts experts of the human race were extremely rare.

It was so rare that there might only be one or two of them.

There might even be a possibility that they no longer existed.

As for the star beasts, there were two or more existences at that level

That was not good at all.

After pondering for a moment, he opened his mouth again and said,

“Let me ask you another question.

Why did the star beasts devour humans Was it really just so they could obtain the talent of humans to learn”

That question had always been what troubled Ye Xiao the most.

Star beasts and humans had fought for so many years.

Logically speaking, they should have long learned the learning ability of the human race.

Among them, many star beasts could learn other imperial techniques.

As an example, the Shadow Bat in front of him, the claw technique that he had displayed just now should not be from his own bloodline.

In such a situation, it was too far-fetched to think about devouring humans.

If one wanted to increase their strength, the star beasts might as well devour their own kind, which might be faster than devouring humans.

The shadow bat spoke again,

“Thats because theres a saying among us star beasts.

Humans are actually descendants of the god race!

“In the starry sky, there are existences stronger than humans and star beasts, and that is the god race!

“That is an existence that truly surpasses all living things, an undying and indestructible existence!

“If humans have great luck, they can be born, an existence that has the bloodline of the god race.

“If star beasts have great luck, they can also be born with the bloodline of the gods.

“Whether its star beasts or humans, they all yearn to become that kind of existence.

“However, this kind of bloodline was extremely rare.

If one wanted to obtain it, one would need tens of billions of star beasts, or even hundreds of billions, to have the chance to refine it.

“As for the humans, they only needed a few billion to have the chance to refine the divine bloodline.

“Whether its the divine blood of the humans or the divine blood of the star beasts, as long as one consumes it, one would have the chance to evolve into an Immortal God!”


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