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Chapter 226: The Mysterious Elder

“Spare… Spare me.

Wu, wu, wu…”

In the empty and dilapidated factory, the young girl knelt on the ground and begged the black-robed man in front of her.

She was no longer in human form.

Her body was covered in blood and soil, just like a dirty puppy in the rain.

However, the black-robed man did not have the slightest bit of compassion.

Instead, he looked at her with a mocking expression.

“Spare you If I spare you, who will spare my subordinates who were killed by the humans

“If it werent for you, the humans wouldnt have discovered my subordinates.

They were all dead.

You should have been buried with them.”

“Sob, sob, sob… It wasnt me who said it.

It had nothing to do with me.

I was knocked unconscious and had no idea that they were the accomplices of a tiger demon.

I didnt report it either.”

“You dont need to say these nice words to fool me.

Your only use now is to please me.”

After saying that, he stepped on the other partys arm.



A heart-wrenching scream scared away the surrounding crows, causing them to scatter.

An hour later, the long-robed man walked out of the dilapidated factory.

‘I really cant help but play.

The humans are still too weak.

Its a pity that I cant directly go and play with some human martial arts experts at the divine grandmaster rank right now.

Otherwise, I should be able to have some fun.

He smacked his lips and wiped his fangs.

‘Forget it.

Its better to put the overall situation of the star beast race first and endure it for now.

Lets deal with the other two humans first.

He took out two pieces of paper from his pocket.

“‘Ye Xiao and Yang Xi actually live together.

Just nice.

This way, I wont have to run back and forth, and I can catch them all in one go.

With that, he lightly tapped his feet and instantly disappeared from the spot.

Time quickly arrived at noon of the next day.

After Ye Xiao finished his intensive training class, he immediately rushed to the library.

He only had one month to study, and now, one-third of it had passed.

In another two or ten days, he would have to return to Jianghai city.

He had to read as many books as possible before he returned to Jianghai city.

Moreover, there was another problem.

Although Professor Huang did not ask for his card now, it did not mean that he would not ask for it at other times.

If he were to ask for the borrowing card back, he would not be able to continue to go to the higher-ups of the library.

Therefore, his time was very precious.

Today, Ye Xiao came to the fifth floor.

The books on the fifth floor were better than the books on the lower level, and he had more access to the information.

There, Ye Xiao finally saw the records of the imperial technique, Kings realm, and other information.

Cultivation techniques could raise ones cultivation to a certain upper limit according to their different levels.

Cultivation techniques below the transcendent level could only be raised to Houtian ninth grade at most, which was already the limit.

Grandmaster-level cultivation techniques could cover the cultivation of the entire grandmaster, great sect, and divine sect.

Imperial techniques covered the King realm and Emperor realm.

Of course, the final result of cultivation would be related to ones aptitude as well as the cultivation technique.

Without a suitable cultivation technique, one would not be able to advance no matter how talented one was.

As an example, without the imperial technique, one would not be able to advance to the King and Emperor Realm.

One would only be able to linger in the divine sect for the rest of their lives.

If ones aptitude was not enough, even if one were to be given an imperial technique, one might not be able to advance beyond the grandmaster realm.

Both were indispensable.

Then there was the division of cultivation levels between the King realm and the Emperor realm.

On that point, there was a difference between humans and star beasts.

Humans directly referred to them as the King realm and the Emperor realm, while the star beasts referred to themselves as divine beasts.

It could also be said that they were in the divine realm.

Above the King realm, star beasts were divided into divine beasts and super divine beasts!

Among them, divine beasts corresponded to the King realm of humans, while super divine beasts corresponded to the Emperor realm of humans.

Speaking of which, it might feel a little tongue-twister, but Ye Xiao felt that it was still very normal.

After all, the two sides were two races, and their cultivations might be divided into equal levels.

However, above the name, it was definitely impossible to have the same name.

Just like how the people of the nine provinces said no, that meant no.

If the people of the Ying state said no, that meant they did not wear it!

However, Ye Xiao saw a very interesting piece of information.

That was, on the space battlefield, there was also a ranking called the Starry Ranking.

It recorded the top martial arts experts of the human race and the star beast race at the same time.

Of course, those martial arts experts were definitely the experts of the current warring parties.

Those who did not come to that world in the depths of the starry sky were not included.

They used the number of King realm and divine beasts that the other party had defeated as a criterion to judge.

Those who could enter the Starry Rankings were absolutely powerful.

Existences like them, any one of them who came to the surface could easily sweep away all the human martial arts experts in the world!

That was because those who entered the Starry Rankings had to be at least at the King realm, and those who had just reached the King realm might not have the qualifications to enter the Starry Rankings.

That information allowed Ye Xiao to have a clearer understanding of the martial arts experts of that world.

He also finally understood why every 60 years, a batch of star beasts would be released from the space battlefield.

In the starry sky, the divine sect was really nothing.

The intensity of the space battlefield had already far exceeded the imaginations of the people on the ground.

The pressure they were under was unprecedented.

It was no wonder that the human race had emperors and ordinary Emperor realm martial arts experts in the past.

However, the war with the star beasts had not stopped.

There were too many star beasts and too many martial arts experts.

After reading those materials,Ye Xiao also began to collect the remaining eye techniques, hoping to create a more powerful eye technique for himself.

As the saying goes, more skills do not overwhelm the body.

The more things he knew, the more he could catch the enemy by surprise.

When the beast calamity arrived, he would have more chances to survive.

After more than two hours of searching, Ye Xiao found two more eye techniques.

That time, it was not the probing like the energy-observing technique, but an explosion technique and an illusion technique.

Explosion, as the name implied, was an eye-bloodline technique that would be used wherever ones gaze landed, and it would directly cause an explosion.

The illusion technique could cause the enemy to enter a hallucinatory state.

These two eye-bloodline techniques were both at the grandmaster level.

They seemed to be very impressive, but in reality, to Ye Xiao, it was mainly not a synthetic imperial technique, but all of them were trash!

Take the illusion technique, for example, Ye Xiao now had the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, a spiritual cultivation technique, and could also use the illusion technique.

Moreover, when he used it, the power was not low.

It far surpassed the grandmaster-level eye technique, and could even be said to be an instant kill.

These two cultivation techniques could only be used as basic cultivation techniques and become the material for Ye Xiaos synthesis.

Just as Ye Xiao was reading a book, an old man wearing white silk clothes came to the opposite side of him.

“Young man, you dont mind if I sit here, right”

Ye Xiao only used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan him and knew his appearance.

He had a white beard and wore a training suit similar to that of an old man in a park.

His cultivation was actually somewhat difficult to see through.

That was rather interesting because theoretically speaking, even though one could already hide their aura and cultivation after becoming a grandmaster.

However, it was definitely impossible for a grandmaster or a great grandmaster to hide in front of a divine grandmaster.

The difference in strength between the two parties was simply too great.

Yet, the other party was able to block his scan.

That was sufficient to prove that the other partys strength was extraordinary.

It was definitely above Xiantian seventh grade, the divine grandmaster rank.

However, Ye Xiao did not pay too much attention to it.

He did not even raise his head and only nodded.

No matter how strong the other party was, it had nothing to do with him.

If he had the time to gossip about the cultivation of others, it would be better for him to properly cultivate his own cultivation technique and increase his own strength.

Moreover, that was Zhong city.

Among the many cities in the nine provinces, it was one of the top few cities at most.

It was not surprising for divine grandmasters to appear.

However, the other party clearly had some interest in him.

The old man sat down and said with interest,

“Youre also interested in eye techniques”

Ye Xiao paused for a moment before raising his head and sweeping a glance at him.

With that glance, he noticed that the other partys eyes were somewhat unusual.

There was a hint of light green in his pupils.

His gaze moved slightly, but it quickly returned to normal.

The other party was actually an eye-bloodline technique cultivator.


He had only met one eye-bloodline technique cultivator above the level of a divine grandmaster.

That was Xia Bingning, whom he had bumped into in the Southwest Seaside Forest.

He did not expect to meet a second one here.

“Its alright.

I just feel a little curious.”

The elder smiled slightly.

“It cant be as simple as being curious, right When you first came to the library, you were looking for information about eye-bloodline techniques on the first floor.

Then, you started reading books about eye-bloodline techniques.

Although you later learned about soul-refining techniques, you are now reading books about eye-bloodline techniques.

“You should be practicing eye-bloodline techniques, right

“Although I shouldnt say too much, I shouldnt be too greedy on the path of martial arts.

“I should still find a separate martial arts path and properly practice it to the extreme.”

Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes slightly.

‘Good heavens, Ive met a tough nut today.

‘He actually saw my actions in the library for so many days


Although Ye Xiao did not want to exaggerate himself too much, the number of people in the world who could achieve this step could be counted on ones fingers.

That old man was quite something.

The two of them looked at each other.

There seemed to be two powerful forces invisible to them, fighting against each other.

In the entire huge library, only the two of them could feel each other.

No one else could feel the two of them.

That was a competition, not a battle of life and death.

However, if one side lost, it would definitely not be easy.

At that moment, no one could retreat because no one could guarantee that the other party would launch a surprise attack in the next second.

However, when around ten minutes had passed, Ye Xiao suddenly withdrew his aura and used all his strength to protect the surface of his body..


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