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Chapter 223: Encountering the Tiger Demon

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The energy-observing technique was a very simple and ordinary eye technique.

Its level was very low, and the threshold for entry was also low.

Of course, the effect was also low!

There was a saying that was very good一the sword in the hand of the weak could not beat the small stone in the hand of the expert.

Therefore, no matter how trashy the energy-observing technique was, it depended on the person who used it.

If it was someone else, then it would really be trashy.

However, Ye Xiaos cultivation had already reached the Xiantian ninth grade realm.

With such powerful strength, the amplification effect of using a small cultivation technique was also extraordinary.

When he was at the bedside, performing the eye-bloodline technique, in the next second, he saw that the buildings in the entire Zhong city were all floating with auras of varying strength.

Some people were as powerful as dragons, as huge as a mountain.

Some people were less powerful, as strong as a white rainbow, forming a white streak in the sky.

Some people were so weak that they were almost negligible, like hair.

Those people were mostly children.

That was because they had never practiced before, the spiritual energy in their bodies was very little.

Other than that, there were also some more special ones, some dark red or black.

Those were most likely not good things.

However, Ye Xiao was not the savior, so he could not search for them one by one.

Moreover, was it good or bad to judge a living being just by looking at their spiritual energy Ye Xiao felt that this was a little too arbitrary.

However, it had to be said that the eye technique was still a rather useful thing.

It gathered the probing of mental energy, physical attacks, illusions, and so on.

The energy-observing technique was far from being comparable to the Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

It was only because it was an ordinary cultivation technique and not a synthesized imperial-level eye technique!

However, the Golden Book could synthesize an eye technique.

In the future, he only needed to look at some more basic eye techniques and synthesize an imperial-level eye technique.

That would be enough.

From the reflection of the mirror, Ye Xiao saw that the position of his eye pupil had changed from black to gold.

That was very similar to Xia Bingnings technique.

When used, it would cause the eye to change color.

At that moment, his doorbell rang.

Ye Xiao glanced at it.

That aura should be Yang Xi.

He withdrew his eye technique and walked forward to open the door.


Yang Xi had already showered and changed into a light blue long dress.

Needless to say, that woman still had to wear a dress.

Yang Xis foundation was not bad.

She definitely could not compare to Qin Yuyan, but she could be considered a nine out of ten beauty.

However, she usually wore too masculine, so she did not feel anything.

Today, she suddenly wore a dress.

It was a little stunning, and she had a hint of grace that a girl should have.

“Whats wrong”

Ye Xiao asked faintly.

Yang Xi bit her lips and mustered up her courage to say,

“Supervisor, I still want to thank you for todays matter!”

“I said, theres no need to thank me.

Its just a small matter.”

“But if you hadnt gone to save us, we would have been reported to the library.

In that case, when we go back, we might be punished or even fired.

“It just so happens that theres a famous Western restaurant down here.

Id like to treat you to a meal.”

“Western food”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment.

“Theres no need to eat western food.

It looks very pretentious, but in fact, its very monotonous and very boring.

I still prefer to eat the dishes of our nine provinces.

Even some snacks are better than western food.

“If you really want to treat me to a meal, why dont you go out and eat some of the authentic snacks of Zhong city”


Yang Xi actually did not like to eat western food either.

It was just that she was too embarrassed to go to some roadside stall to treat someone to a meal.

In the end, she did not expect Ye Xiao to take the initiative to open his mouth, so it was just the right time to take advantage of the situation.

The two of them came to the main street outside and found a snack street to taste some delicious snacks.

They walked around casually, and soon, more than two hours passed.

“Supervisor, look, my stomach has been knocked up by you.”


Yang Xi pointed at her small belly, which was already full.

She originally thought that Ye Xiao came to the snack street only to be a little polite and should not eat too much.

However, she did not expect that he ate from beginning to end, fried, grilled, smoked, cold, hot, sour, sweet… He did not miss a single thing.

As a result, she was eaten until she was six months pregnant.

She was round and round like a giant panda.

However, she did not know why…

Why was the supervisors stomach always fine

Compared to her, the supervisor ate a lot more things.

However, his stomach did not have the slightest change.

It was still fine now.

That made Yang Xi feel even more confused.

Ye Xiao said calmly,

“What you said is a little unconscionable.

If it werent for me, would you be able to pick out something delicious

“I can tell with a glance whether or not many things are delicious It will save you a lot of money.”

Yang Xi nodded.

What the supervisor said was true.

“Weve finished shopping.

We should go back now.

We still have to attend training tomorrow.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Its time to go back and rest.”

The two of them prepared to go back.

Based on the feeling they had when they came, they followed the route back.

At this time, it was already very late.

After about 11 p.m., the street was empty and there was no one on it.

There was a strange feeling.

The two of them quickly headed towards the hotel they booked.

However, not long after, a scream suddenly came from the front.


It was a womans scream.

Yang Xis eyes turned cold and she immediately rushed over with large strides.

Ye Xiao used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan without leaving a trace and immediately understood it.

There was a tiger demon in the midst of harming people.

Previously, that garrison team said that there were always missing cases in Zhong city recently.

It seemed that they should not be able to escape from it.

At that moment, Yang Xi had already arrived in front of that small alley.

Then, when she saw the other partys face clearly, she was suddenly startled.

“Song Xiaoyan! Why are you here What are you doing”

Yang Xi could not help but exclaim.

At that moment, Ye Xiao had already arrived behind her.

Looking at the other party and looking at the expressions of both parties before, she roughly understood something in her heart.

If nothing unexpected happened, Song Xiaoyan should be that old classmate of Yang Xis.

and the price for her returning to the human world was very likely that she had become a villain.

If not, with her strength alone, there was absolutely no hope of escaping from the star beasts mouth.

After all, star beasts were people who killed without batting an eye.

Song Xiaoyan also saw Yang Xi, and a hint of panic appeared in her eyes.

Soon, her expression became serious.

“You dont need to care about what I do.”

Yang Xis face turned cold.

“I dont care about what you do, but I wont allow you to harm people.

Let her go!”

Song Xiaoyan snorted.

“Stop pretending to be a good person.

This woman owes me money, so I want to arrest her.

If you meddle in my business, dont blame me for being rude to you.”

The woman had also practiced martial arts.

After struggling for a while, she immediately shouted:

“I dont know her.

I dont owe her any money at all.

Please, save me!”

Song Xiaoyans eyes turned cold, and she immediately suppressed her even more.

“Youre about to die, yet you still refuse to admit it.

Are you tired of living”

After saying that, she struck the other party unconscious with her palm.

Yang Xi sneered and said,

“Even if shes really in the wrong, thats the matter of the garrison team.

You dont have the right to arrest her.”

Song Xiaoyan had obviously lost her patience.

“I think youre asking for it.

Youre courting death! Big Wen, Little Wen, attack and take her down!”


Song Xiaoyan said briefly.

In the next second, the two martial artists beside her instantly rushed towards Yang Xi at the fastest speed.

Yang Xis expression froze.

She stomped heavily on the ground and her body suddenly jumped up high.

She lifted her leg and swept the two of them away!

The shock caused Song Xiaoyans expression to turn cold.

Only then did she remember that Yang Xis cultivation was much higher than theirs.

“Hmph! Consider yourself lucky.”

Song Xiaoyan spat and immediately prepared to get up and escape.

However, at that moment, an accident happened again.

A figure wearing a black robe slowly walked out from the darkness, his mouth emitting a strange laughter.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk… Song Xiaoyan, isnt this a very strong martial artist Why didnt you capture her Instead, you wanted to escape.

Did you do it on purpose”

Song Xiaoyans body instantly trembled, not daring to move an inch.

“Lord Black Snake, this subordinate is only worried that if I cant beat her, I will be captured by her and tortured by her, exposing our plan.”

Black Snake glanced at her and hissed twice.

The next second, he punched Song Xiaoyans chest.


In an instant, Song Xiaoyan was sent flying and landed at Yang Xis feet.

“Do you really think I dont see it You deliberately made trouble with her today to keep her away from KTV and bars.

Now, you want to run away

Do you think Im blind Or do you think Im an idiot”

When Yang Xi heard those words, her mind was in chaos.

Song Xiaoyan had attacked her today, so it turned out that she wanted to save her! She actually did not know and even fought with the other party.

However, Song Xiaoyan was injured by her superior!

She quickly walked up and hugged the seriously injured Song Xiaoyan in her arms.

“Xiaoyan, why didnt you tell me Why did you hide it from me”

Song Xiaoyan coughed up a mouthful of blood and chuckled.

“Youve become a villain.

How could I have the face to tell you such a shameful thing”

“Ill send you to the hospital right away.”

“I cant.

My heart has been shattered.

I can only rely on my cultivation to hold on for these two minutes.

Go quickly and spread the news about them.”.

“The star beasts have captured many humans over the years and turned them into tiger demons, then transported them to the human cities!

“They have an evil plan.

They want to destroy all the humans when the next beast disaster begins!”

On the verge of death, Xiaoyan was also out of control.


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