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Chapter 221: There Were Always Some Scammers Around the Strong

If the library of Jianghai City could be done so well, he would not have to consider going to other places.

It would be very comfortable to stay in the library of Jianghai City and wait until all the emperor techniques were synthesized.

It would be better to come here and take a look first.

Ye Xiao quickly applied for the permission slip to read books.

However, there was a pity that because he was a foreigner, although he applied for the permission slip, he could not easily enter the upper floors of the library, he could only read books below the third floor at most.

Ye Xiao did not mind.

In any case, even if he read the most ordinary cultivation technique, as long as it was suitable, he could imprint it onto the Golden Book divine soul.

Then, he could synthesize the imperial technique and greatly increase his strength.

His reading speed was also very fast.

In any case, as long as he picked up the book and scanned through it, he would basically be able to determine all the cultivation techniques inside.

Whether or not he could be accepted by the Golden Book divine soul.

If Ye Xiaos cultivation techniques were only missing one, that would be great.

Every time Golden Book encountered the last cultivation technique, it would always jump violently to remind him.

If it was not the last cultivation technique, it would not remind him.

That was also what Ye Xiao had always been rather vexed about.

However, even so, Ye Xiao was still much more convenient than before.

That was because, now, he did not need to look at many cultivation techniques anymore.

As an example, fist techniques, saber techniques, sword techniques… That was because these things had already been synthesized into imperial techniques, their basic cultivation techniques would not be recorded into them.

Looking at them would be a waste of time.

What Ye Xiao wanted to look at now were only the soul-refining technique and leg techniques.

Other than those two, Ye Xiao would also take the opportunity to add some martial arts knowledge.

After all, he did not know if Jianghai citys martial arts library would introduce these things in the future.

If he could understand it in advance, he would also have a better guide for his future martial path.

In the martial arts library of Zhong city, Ye Xiao found some books that wrote martial arts knowledge that also broadened his horizons.

The eye technique for instance!

Previously, when he met Xia Bingning, Ye Xiao had always been very interested in her eyes.

Ye Xiao really wanted to learn that kind of attack method that could be used to launch an attack directly with the eyes.

The attack speed was very fast, and it was difficult to defend against.

If it was used to make a killing move in battle, it would definitely be useful!

He flipped open a book that had a description of eye-bloodline techniques.

“Eye-bloodline techniques, as the name suggests, are moves that are released with the eyes.

“The main principle of the formation of eye-bloodline techniques seemed to be related to the soul.

“The probability of it appearing is very, very small.

It will only appear in extremely special bloodlines.

“Of course, other than the innate formation in a special bloodline, there are certain techniques that can be cultivated after the day-to-day.

“But after the day-to-day cultivation of the eye technique, it is far from being able to compare with people who are born with divine eyes.

“They will never be able to reach the level of those who are born with divine eyes in their lifetime.

“It could even be said that the eye techniques that they practiced were trash among the trash.

At most, they could only be used as auxiliary gadgets.

“For example, the energy-observing technique could be used to observe how high the enemys cultivation level was, or to monitor the enemys movements.

“However, this energy-observing technique could only see some people who were weaker than them, or whose strength was about the same as his.

If the opponents strength was much stronger than his, then the eye technique would be completely ineffective.

“As for other things like illusions, attacks, and the like, they were all the same principle.

“If you were strong, you would be able to deal with the other party.

“If you were weak, you wouldnt be able to do anything.

“Therefore, because of this reason, there werent many eye-bloodline techniques in the world.

The most inferior cultivation techniques were basically nothing.

The vast majority of them were top-tier cultivation techniques.

Moreover, this so-called vast majority were only corresponding to that type of martial art.

“The number of them was even much less than the soul-refining technique.

“They were all rare and rare existences.

“However, it would be difficult to obtain an innate divine eye.

“According to some records, it was possible to give birth to a child with an innate divine eye for every 20 billion people.

“In other words, there were not many people with innate divine eyes in human history.

“However, that did not mean that humans would never be able to possess powerful eye techniques.

“The ocular powers of those who were born with divine eyes might be snatched away.

“Once they were snatched away, the other party would possess their ocular powers.

“Or perhaps, they would feel that they were about to die and pass on their divine eyes to their descendants…”


After Ye Xiao finished reading that, he immediately felt a little emotional.

Looks like that Xia Bingning was really quite different!

Her ocular power was very strong.

At the level of Xiantian eighth grade, she was already able to take on two star beasts of the same level as her, one against two.

That meant that she was either born with divine eyes, or she had inherited her ancestors ability.

It was even possible that she had stolen someone elses ocular power.

No matter what, her potential for development would definitely be very strong.

It was just that he did not know to what extent she would reach.

If he met her again in the future, he did not know if he would be able to defeat her again.

Shaking his head, Ye Xiao put down the information on the first book that recorded the eye technique and then looked at the cultivation technique related to the energy-observing technique.

That was a type of spiritual energy observation technique.

It was through tempering the power of the pupil, allowing ones eyes to easily see the opponents cultivation level when performing the cultivation technique.

It could also see the opponents hiding position.

Ye Xiao felt that compared to the Big Dippers Grand Myster, it definitely would not work.

It might not even be able to compare to the perceptive power that he had produced after advancing to the Xiantian ninth grade.

However, Ye Xiao wanted to try and see if it could be synthesized.

If it could be synthesized, in the event that the imperial technique was synthesized, even if he was not born with divine eyes, he should be able to forge a powerful ocular power.

Five minutes later, Ye Xiao closed the book, and his heartbeat sped up.

The corners of his mouth could not help but curl up slightly.

It was done!

The energy-observing technique was absorbed into his Golden Book divine soul, which meant that the Golden Book divine soul could synthesize an imperial-level eye technique.

It seemed that he had a chance of cultivating that powerful technique.

It was very perfect!

Although he had only found one, and because in the entire nine provinces, eye techniques were relatively rare, it was not so easy to find.

With a beginning, there was hope for the following.

Take it slow.

Anyway, he had other martial arts to rely on, so it was not like he had to have it.

He just wanted to cultivate another powerful life-saving technique.

However, just as Ye Xiao was about to continue searching for the eye technique, his phone rang.

“Hello! Hello.”

“Hello! Hello, Im the Sword Emperor Azure Dragon, ranked number one on the Dragon list of the world.

Im currently in the Atlantic Ocean killing star beasts and fighting bravely to protect humans.

“But right now, I dont have the money to buy a ticket back to the nine provinces.

I hope that you can help me and transfer 200 yuan into my account XXXX.

“After I return to the nine provinces, Ill give you 10 million as a reward.

In addition, Ill take you in as my last disciple and guide and assist you all the way to the divine sect, becoming a divine grandmaster!”


Ye Xiao instantly hung up the phone.

However, the next second, his phone rang again.

That time, the phone number was a little different, so Ye Xiao picked it up again.

“Hello, Im from the Zhong citys garrison team…”


Ye Xiao hung up again.

However, very soon, the phone rang again.

“Hello, Im from the Zhong City Garrison team.

Your cousin and your cousins family members participated in a fight and are currently under our control…”


Ye Xiao hung up the phone once again.

What a joke.

Since when did a golden bachelor like him have a cousin

A cousin who participated in a fight to boot!

Even if he had a cousin, only his cousin could fight others.

It was absolutely impossible for him to be captured by the garrison.

Ye Xiao had spent a lot of effort to cultivate to be so strong.

If he were to look for a cousin, he should at least look for a super strong person, right

It was definitely impossible for him to want trash.

Speaking of which, he had only just arrived in Zhong city today!

Why were there so many fraudulent calls in the blink of an eye

Ye Xiao vaguely felt that something was not quite right.

He took out his phone again, compared it, and searched the web page.

Seeing the phone number on the web page, Ye Xiao frowned deeply.

At that moment, the call was dialed again.

“Hey! I say, whats wrong with you, kid Every time you dont listen to me finish speaking, you hang up the phone.

“Do you believe that Ill drive you here right now and detain you”


He coughed lightly and immediately said,


I just received a fraudulent call.

I thought you were like that too.”

“Alright, stop talking nonsense with me.

Hurry up and take a bus to our Zhong City garrison.

Your cousin, your uncle, and aunt are all waiting.”

“Alright, Ill be there soon.”

Ye Xiao hung up the phone, feeling somewhat helpless.

He had roughly guessed the situation.

Most likely, it was Yang Xi and his colleagues.

However… They were really scammed!

They were just going out to relax Why were they caught by the police

Speaking of which, those people were really unreliable.

First, it was Gu Hai.

In the past, he had pretended to be his son every day because of romantic affairs and asked him to go to the garrison team to pick up people.

Then it was Ning Yuhen who had caused trouble.

However, Ning Yuhen had done that to stand up for him.

Strictly speaking, it could not be considered that he wanted to cause trouble.

Now, Yang Xi had entered the garrison team because of a fight and even pretended to be his cousin.

That was fine, but why did other colleagues also participate

That made Ye Xiao very puzzled.

Why were there always so many weirdos around him

Other peoples teammates were either invincible big shots that rarely appeared in 10,000 years or top-grade geniuses that rarely appeared in 1,000 years.

On the other hand, Ye Xiao was surrounded by a bunch of swindlers.

Regarding that point, Ye Xiao could only say that it was really wise of him not to expose his identity.

If he exposed his identity, he still did not know how he would be dragged down

After 20 minutes, he met Yang Xi and the rest of his colleagues in the interrogation room of the garrison.


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