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Under the night sky, a plane flew from Jing province to the Zhou province.

In the first-class cabin of the plane, there were two figures, one young and one old.

The middle-aged mans eyes revealed a trace of arrogance as he lightly hummed a popular song from the Han state.

The young man quietly looked at the starry sky outside the window.

“Jiansheng, you did very well this time.

The best of the nine provinces is Jing province, and youve already taken down all of the genius swordsmen there.

It can be considered a good start.

“If you can sweep through the remaining eight provinces, your name will definitely shake the world!

“At that point, the prestige of the Han state in the world will rise to a new level!”

The young mans face was indifferent, and no one could see the slightest ripple in his expression.

“You are thinking too much.

The nine provinces are full of capable people.

How can you underestimate the 5,000 years of civilization and the legacy of Xin Huo

“Take the few people in Jing province for example.

They all comprehended from books and studied on their own without anyone to teach them.

“Even so, their sword technique attainments have already made me feel threatened.

“If they were like me and had a teacher, Im afraid we would have already been defeated there.”

A hint of displeasure flashed across Section Chief Jins face.

“Jiansheng, you overestimate the nine provinces.

I admit that the nine provinces indeed had 5,000 years of civilization and there are many capable people.

However, dont forget that in the past 200 years, the nine provinces had been schemed against by the various states of the world and had suffered many large-scale attacks from star beasts.

Currently, many martial arts had already lost their inheritance and futures.

Although the nine provinces had been actively recovering their strength in the past few decades, how could 200 years of injuries be healed in a day

The sword art competition is about skill and sword intent, not cultivation!

“You are under the tutelage of my sword sage of Han state, Liu Chengxun, and you have already cultivated your sword skills to the level of perfection.

“Surely you will be able to raise our states prestige!

“The next stop is Jianghai city in the Zhong province.

This is the first stop of that region.

Rest well and focus your mind.

Three days later, you will make the entire Zhong province tremble in fear!”

Piao Jiansheng slowly closed his eyes.

Raise the prestige of the state

Han state was just a small place with a culture and history inherited from the nine provinces.

It was already under the control of the United States of America.

What prestige is there


He was not interested in their so-called patriotism at all.

He only wanted to be a formidable martial artist!

A true sword art martial artist who strives to improve his sword art!

A night passed in the blink of an eye.

Soon, it was time to go to work the next day.

“Two bean curd buns, two bean paste buns, one beef bun, and a cup of soymilk.

Thats a total of eight items.

Why did you give me the amount for ten”


“You didnt count the extra beef bun I took yesterday.”

“Young man, youre really honest.

If you didnt tell me, I wouldnt have known.”

Ye Xiao smiled and was too embarrassed to reply.

That was because that beef bun was stolen by Huan Liuli.

Just as he was about to leave, he heard an explosion, followed by a scream.

“There was a car accident.

Someone is injured!”

The aunty from the breakfast shop frowned.

As she packed up the buns, she grumbled unhappily,

“Again! Something happens every day.

This is really weird.”

Ye Xiao wondered.

“Do car accidents often happen here”

“Not really.

But recently they say it has been happening almost twice a week.

Its really weird.

However, when an exorcist is called over, its always a different issue every time.

Today, get stone lions, tomorrow get a peach wood stake.

No matter how many people come and go, it doesnt seem to have any effect.

Instead, more and more people die.

“In the past, only ordinary people died.

In these two years, even martial artists with divine souls have begun dying.”

Ye Xiao glanced at the roundabout not far away and raised his eyebrows slightly.

A grandmaster could not see spirit bodies, but he had cultivated spiritual techniques, so he could see spirit bodies.

There was clearly an evil spirit sitting on the golden ox statue in the middle of the flower bed.

It wore century-old clothing and was chewing on the soul that had just died in the car accident.

That evil spirit had probably been cultivating for quite a long time.

Not only was its spiritual energy strong, but the aura around it was also very powerful.

The power of its spiritual energy was around that of a Houtian ninth-grade martial artist.

However, because it was a spirit body, even grandmasters might not be a match for it without cultivating spiritual techniques.

He carried the buns and soy milk while he slowly walked over.

Huan Liuli, who was at his side, held the beef bun that Ye Xiao had just bought and could not help but say,

“Master, why are you still giving her money She didnt see me when I stole from her yesterday so she wont cause you any trouble for it”

“Because Im a human.

Im just doing what a human should do.”

“Whats the difference Humans are born from their human mothers, and star beasts are born from their star beast mothers.

Both are born from the mother!”

Huan Liuli rolled her eyes.

It was very difficult for her to understand Ye Xiao.

In the world of star beasts, the strong were always respected, and the strong preyed on the weak.

The weak were only fit to be trampled under the feet of the strong.

Ye Xiao did not explain too much to her.

Humans had humanity!


That was the biggest difference between humans and star beasts.

At that moment, as he walked, he stared straight at the evil spirit.

His gaze was calm, and one could not tell what he was thinking.

The evil spirit sat on the golden ox statue and gnawed on the soul.

The expression on the soul was that of pain so much so that his facial features were twisted together.

However, the evil spirit would not let the soul go just because of that.

Instead, the more the soul struggled, the more excited the evil spirit became.

The evil spirit and the soul were both things that normal people could not see.

The evil spirit gnawed on the soul while admiring hismasterpiece.

As he watched the crowd below gather around the car accident, his eyes revealed a hint of greed.

Obviously, he had a big appetite.

One soul was not enough一he also wanted to eat the souls of everyone gathered.

‘After I devour a thousand souls, Ill be able to condense my soul into a physical form.

‘Then, with the control of spiritual energy, the two of them will become one.

I might even directly enter the great sect and become a great grandmaster!

‘In that case, it would be the same as me being reborn.

I would be able to get rid of the shackles of this corpse and leave this place completely, becoming a free person!

However, at that moment, his gaze suddenly fell on Ye Xiao.

The moment their eyes met, his expression could not help but be stunned.

Had he been discovered

What a fellow!

That brat looks young.

Who would have thought that he had some potential!

‘No, since he saw me, I must not let him leave.

Otherwise, once Im exposed and attract a grandmaster or an exorcist above the grandmaster grade, Ill be finished.

With that in mind, he immediately threw down the soul that he gnawed on and pounced toward Ye Xiaos face.

In an instant, the entire streets electromagnetic field was disturbed.

The traffic lights and street lights flickered rapidly, the cars honked, and a cloud in the sky blocked the suns dazzling brilliance.

A gust of cold wind blew and everyone could not help but shiver.

The evil spirit was extremely fast, like a black bolt of lightning.

In an instant, it arrived in front of Ye Xiao.

That ugly face was even more terrifying because it had a bloodthirsty grin on its face.

By killing Ye Xiao not only would it prevent his secret from being exposed, but it would also allow him to consume a powerful soul!

Of course, he did not think that Ye Xiao was all that strong.

How dangerous could a 20-year-old kid possibly be



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