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Chapter 219: Why Are You Here as Well

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After being forced back by Ye Xiaos punch, Norfis immediately reverted to his true form.

Facing a human Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts expert, he knew that he should not be careless.

He had to go all out and crush the other party.

His super strong battle prowess was fully displayed at that instant.

Eight heaven-reaching tentacles whipped towards Ye Xiao from eight directions at the same time.

That was the terrifying aspect of Norfis.

He could unleash eight attacks at the same time.

Although it was impossible for every attack to reach the standard of a Xiantian ninth-grade martial artist in that way, after eight attacks stacked together, its power far surpassed the full-strength attack of a Xiantian ninth-grade martial artist.


The eight enormous tentacles collided together, and the spiritual energy exploded.

In the sky, it turned into a huge ripple circle and swept out.

In the same parallel line, all the birds within a hundred miles were shocked to death on the spot.

However, although Norfis attack was very strong, Ye Xiaos speed was not slow.

When the Divine Intent technique was used, he was instantly able to avoid that move and was completely unharmed.

In the next second, Ye Xiao had already appeared above Norfis.

With a slash of his sword, he cut off two of Norfiss enormous tentacles on the spot and stored them in his storage ring.

The intense pain transmitted to Norfiss body, causing him to feel as if his heart was being twisted!

However, in a battle, there was no way for him to escape.

The brave would win in a battle of attrition.

Those who escaped would die the fastest.


The gigantic octopus body let out a fierce roar.

The powerful sound waves shook Jianghai city below.

Countless people felt a sharp pain in their eardrums.

In a split, Ye Xiao had already arrived beside Norfis.

However, an incident suddenly occurred.

Norfis suddenly spat out a thick black fog from his mouth.

He also knew that at that moment, his huge octopus face suddenly revealed a smile that said that his scheme had succeeded.

He was a soft body.

He had only broken two tentacles.

To him, it was just a small matter.

There was no pain at all.

What he had done just now was just for the sake of acting.

It was to entice Ye Xiao to fly down.

His speed was far inferior to Ye Xiao.

If it was from a long distance, he would not even be able to touch the corner of Ye Xiaos clothes.

How was he to fight

Only at close range would it work.

Just a close-range attack was also unable to guarantee success.

That was because Ye Xiaos speed was really too terrifying.

It had already far exceeded the range that he could withstand.

However, he still had one more move, the Ink Art!

That was a technique that he was born with.

Whenever he encountered danger, he would be able to spit out ink.

That ink contained an extremely special soul poison.

Once it was contaminated, the physical body would be fine, but the soul would produce a special reaction.

In a short period of time, the soul would move slowly.

For those whose strength was too low, they might even directly faint or die!

With Ye Xiaos strength, he definitely would not die, nor would he be knocked out.

However, he would definitely be affected to a great extent, causing his mobility to be greatly damaged.

That would be enough.

That move was usually used as his trump card.

He would only use it when he could not defeat the other party and escape, or when he was fighting against a strong opponent, wanting to kill the other party in one strike.

Ye Xiao was able to make him use that move so it was already a great honor for him.

“Human! Die!”

Norfis grinned hideously and activated his remaining six tentacles at the same time.


A huge explosion sounded once again.

At that time, Norfis truly used his full strength.

Although he only had six tentacles left, the power of that attack was not inferior to the eight tentacles from before.

That should be enough to make ye Xiao suffer, right

However, the smile on Norfis face quickly stiffened and disappeared.

It even turned into fear.

That pair of large eyes stared at Ye Xiao with a face full of disbelief.

“This… How is this possible”

His six tentacles did not flatten Ye Xiao as he had imagined.

Instead, they were forcefully withstood by him.

His physical body was actually so strong

It was a body-refining technique!

Norfis saw that his body was emitting a golden light and had already recognized that he cultivated a body-refining technique.

Not only was that fellow fast and had powerful attacks, he actually cultivated a body refining technique

Was there a mistake

How could that be

Before he could finish his shock, in the blink of an eye, there was another great shock.

Ye Xiaos soul had suffered a slight numbness so the three healing techniques in his body were activated at the same time, instantly helping him to heal his injuries and get rid of the negative effects.

“Heal… Heal… Heal You even f*cking learned healing techniques”

Norfis screamed.

It was really not his fault for being so shocked.

It was really because Ye Xiao had too many techniques and was too strong.

Even if human warriors could learn the abilities of every type of star beast, the talent of the human race was still limited.

If one wanted to achieve the highest achievement in the shortest amount of time, then one could only choose to cultivate one or two types of martial arts.

If there were too many, it would only slow down the speed of a warriors cultivation.

As for Ye Xiao who was in front of him.

Not only was his strength strong, but he also had a ridiculous amount of moves!

Was that fellow really a human

Norfis even suspected that he was the illegitimate child of a certain God

Ye Xiaos strength deeply shocked his soul.

That momentary loss of focus also caused him to pay an irreparable price.

Ye Xiao, who had reacted, instantly released a hundred rays of sword light.

Imperial Sword Art!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The powerful sword glows were getting stronger and stronger.


Norfis let out a heart-wrenching scream.

When the hundred sword glows were all unleashed, Norfis remaining six arms were instantly cut off by Ye Xiao.

His main body had also suffered heavy injuries and had completely fainted.

Ye Xiao grabbed out with his large hand and directly kept him into his spatial ring.

At that moment, some auras were already approaching from below.

Those were the few divine grandmasters from Jianghai city.

They wanted to come over and see just who he was.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao had already finished fighting and immediately used the Divine Intent Technique to leave.

In the sealed space, Samuel had already fought together with the other star beasts.

He was trying to motivate everyone so that they could be more enthusiastic and active, and work together to think of a way to escape from this place.

“We definitely cant give up so easily.

The difficulties are only temporary.

We still have a chance.

“If we give up just like this, and Lord Tiger God hasnt discovered us, well have to stay here for at least 6,000 years!

“Thats a whole 6,000 years!

“6,000 years might not be a long time for us star beasts.

“But for a whole 6,000 years, well have to live in this small space.

“Were all divine grandmasters, the best of the star beasts race.

“How can we endure such humiliation

“And dont forget, were his poultry now.

If hes unhappy, he could kill us at any time.

“Or he could use our flesh and blood to refine pills!

“We will resist the oppression of the human race to the death.

As long as we have a breath left, we will fight against the evil human race to the end!

“Brothers, hold on! Victory belongs to us.

“Long live the star beast!”

Everyone was in high spirits as he spoke.

Starlight shone in their eyes!

It was as if they really saw the day they escaped from that seal.

Norfis, on the other hand, was merely sitting in a corner, leisurely looking at them.

They actually listened to his bluff.

That group of star beasts really had no brains!

You guys are increasing your strength.

Could it be that Ye Xiao is just a beggar

He does not know how to cultivate and advance!

The reason why he, Ye Xiao, wanted to support them now was only that he was only at Xiantian ninth grade.

What if he advanced in his cultivation

Rather, what if he wanted to advance this cultivation, but his strength wasnt enough and he needed even more powerful spiritual energy to support him

At that time, it was very likely that he would refine all the star beasts present into medicinal pills.

They would be used to help him advance to the cultivation in front of him.

That was a problem that Norfis had just thought of recently.

Thus, he decided to just lie flat.

Perhaps, he would break through the seal with a hammer

Of course, the main reason was that his main body was at the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy.

He did not need to worry about that problem at all.

If Ye Xiao killed them all, his main body would survive, and he would still not perish in this world.

However, Samuel and the others were different.

If they died, then they were really dead.

‘Forget it.

‘What does it have to do with me

In any case, its fine as long as Im alive.

‘Lie flat and watch the show.

Its awesome!

‘I can earn more every day.

However, at that moment, Ye Xiaos figure suddenly appeared in that space.

After sensing his aura, Samuel, who was originally giving a passionate speech, immediately stopped.

He had no choice.

That fellow was a pervert! Since he could not beat him in a fight, he could only cower and wait until he escaped.

He gave a signal, and the other star beasts immediately scattered!

Ye Xiao naturally knew what they were doing.

He did not mind.

If that group of fellows could really escape from the seal, they would have escaped long ago.

Why did they have to wait until today

They thought that they were having a good discussion down there, but in fact, every once in a while, they would strengthen the seal here and put in a few more piles of spirit stones.

Therefore, the power of the array would probably double every once in a while.

That group of star beasts had their flesh and blood eaten by him every day.

There was no way for their cultivation to increase at all, and they kept standing still.

How could that group of star beasts play with him

Now, they could scheme as much as they wanted.

They could treat it as killing time, just like watching a child play house.

As long as they could provide him with resources, it would be fine.

With that thought in mind, Ye Xiao released Norfis main body from his storage ring.


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