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Chapter 210: The Last Claw Technique, The Necessary Conditions to Become a King

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiao went out for breakfast and then went to work.

“Boss, two spicy tofu buns and radish vermicelli buns each.

And a cup of red bean porridge.”

Ye Xiao had just arrived at the entrance of the shop when he saw a girl wearing a black windbreaker, a cap, and a mask, sneakily buying things.

However, if it was an ordinary girl, he would not have paid her any attention.

After cultivating to Xiantian ninth grade, his six senses were terrifyingly strong.

He could tell at a glance that the other party was Qin Yuyan.

What was that woman playing at

Qin Yuyan turned around and happened to meet Ye Xiaos gaze.

Her body froze, and the two of them fell into silence.

“You… Saw through me”

Qin Yuyan took off her sunglasses and smiled awkwardly.

“I didnt expect you to recognize me even though Im wearing such tight clothes.”

Ye Xiao was speechless.

Even if he was not a Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts expert, he would be able to notice you at a glance.

At the very least, you should wear a larger windbreaker.

“Why are you dressed like this”

“I cant casually expose my identity now.”

“I see.”

After all, Qin Yuyan had the bloodline of the emperor.

Now in Jianghai city, she was a star-like existence.

If she was exposed in public, it would be very easy for people to chase after her.

Ye Xiao bought breakfast, and the two of them chatted as they walked.

“Oh right, I heard that the library is going to be upgraded again recently.

All administrators below Houtian fourth grade will be fired, right”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Your cultivation is now Houtian third grade, right”


“Without awakening the soul, it should be very difficult to advance to Houtian fourth grade.

That was because the essence of cultivation always required the soul to maintain it.

Unless there was a pill with very strong energy.

“Yes… Wait a moment.”

Qin Yuyan touched the ring on her hand.

She was also equipped with a spatial ring now.

In the next second, a small porcelain bottle appeared in her palm.

“Here, this is a lesser grandmaster-grade medicinal pill, the soul-condensing pill.

It contains powerful spiritual energy.

“If you use this, you should have a chance to advance to a stronger cultivation.

When you are close to adavancing, you will also have a chance to condense a divine soul.”

Ye Xiao did not reach out to receive it.

“Forget it.

Grandmaster-grade medicinal pills are very expensive.”

“It doesnt matter.

They give me many of these pills every day now, and I cant even finish them.

Ill give you one to solve your urgent need.

Maybe when you become rich in the future, Ill be able to bask in your glory.

After saying that, she ignored Ye Xiaos objection and stuffed it into his pocket.

“I still have to hurry back to cultivate.

Otherwise, it wont be good if my two instructors wait for too long.


Qin Yuyan waved her hand and left.

Ye Xiao took out the pill from his pocket and smiled.

Although Qin Yuyans aptitude was not that great, it had to be said that her character was quite good.

With that pill, he could also cover up his lie.

Soon, Ye Xiao arrived at the library.

Just as he arrived at the librarys entrance, he saw Fa Zheng bringing another monk.



Ye Xiao glanced at him and then at the monk.

He knew the other partys identity.

It was most likely that Indian Buddhist, Aro.

“Master Fa Zheng.”


Ye, let me introduce you.

This is the Indian Buddhist Aro.

He has chosen to stay in our Jianghai city and is preparing to study Buddhism here.

“Aro, this is Ye Xiao, he is a good friend of this penniless monk.”

Aro nodded and raised his hand to salute.



Ye Xiao greeted him.

Fa Zheng immediately said,


Ye, I just heard that the library is going to be upgraded.

Martial artists below Houtian fourth grade may be transferred to another post and can not continue to be the librarian in the library, right”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I cant believe that even you know about this.”

“Looks like its true.”

Fa Zheng took out a small porcelain bottle from his sleeve.

“On Shaolins side, in order to help this penniless monk expand the Shaolin Academy here, provide this penniless monk with some resources.

Coincidentally, there are a few soul-condensing pills inside.

Ill give you one.”

Pausing for a moment, he added another sentence.

“Dont worry.

This penniless monk is giving this to you as a friend.

I wont force you to join Shaolin.”

“Then how can I be embarrassed”

“Its fine.

This penniless monk still has it.

If you feel guilty about it, you can introduce a few more talented disciples to this penniless monk in the future.”

Fa Zheng half-jokingly stuffed the pills in his hand into Ye Xiaos pocket.

He then brought Aro into the library to search for books related to Buddhism.

Ye Xiao felt a warmth in his heart.

He had already made so many friends without realizing it.

When they knew that he was in trouble, they did not wait for him to speak before helping him and providing assistance.

Although he did not need it, they did not know that he did not need it.

The things they gave him were all good things to an ordinary person.

With so many sincere friends, it was worth it for him to protect Jianghai city a few times.

When Ye Xiao arrived at the fourth floor, Liu Chengxun walked over not long after.

“Ye Xiao.

Did you receive the message yesterday”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Your cultivation is a little low now.

I reckon it wont be easy to pass this level.

I have a few pills here.

Take them and see if you can advance.”

Even Liu Chengxun came to help him.

“How embarrassing.”

“No need to be so polite.

These pills are a lot for me.

In the nine provinces, besides Jiansheng, my disciple, only you can be considered a good friend.

If you are fired by the library, then I will be much more bored in the future.

“Just take it that I am helping you to raise your cultivation and let you stay to accompany me.”

“Then… It would be impolite of me to decline.”

Liu Chengxun nodded.

“I still have some matters to attend to, so Ill go back first.

You should hurry up and take it to raise your cultivation.”


Ye Xiao looked at the several bottles of medicinal pills in his hands and the medicinal pills in his pocket.

With so many medicinal pills in his hands, there was an indescribable feeling and a slight touch of gratitude in his heart.

He originally wanted to find an excuse to say that the medicinal pills he had saved up to advance to Houtian fourth grade.

However, with so many people helping him, he might as well set the position higher that time to prevent himself from having to report his cultivation again in the future when the library leveled up again.

Hmm, how much should he set

Why not set it at Houtian sixth grade

After all, they had given him too many medicinal pills.

It was still reasonable for his cultivation to increase by three Houtian grades.

That way, he would not have to think about how to talk about his cultivation and would be able to read books without worry.

As for the rest, he would wait until the library leveled up and arranged for the imperial techniques to arrive.

Then, he would learn those imperial techniques and wait until his cultivation rose to the King realm.

Then, he would be able to immediately synthesize the imperial technique.


After an entire day, Ye Xiao finally found the last claw technique.

It was a cultivation technique called the Soul-locking Claw.

After learning that cultivation technique, Ye Xiao should be able to synthesize another imperial technique.

He imprinted it into the Golden Book and let the Golden Book divine soul be in charge of cultivating it.

He would only synthesize it when he returned home at night.

After that, he began to search for information about advancing to the King realm, as well as information about eye techniques.

Ever since he had seen Xia Bingnings eye technique, he had been very interested.

He could feel that the eye technique was actually a kind of power that was stronger than all of his current cultivation techniques.

It was only because Xia Bingnings strength was not enough that she could not perfectly display the power of the eye technique.

Even so, Xia Bingning was able to fight two others of the same level by herself.

That could already be considered a very good result.

If he could practice it, the effect would probably be even better.

However, it was a pity that Ye Xiao did not find any information about eye-bloodline techniques.

That meant that the level of eye-bloodline techniques was indeed higher than the level of cultivation techniques in that world.

It seemed that the place that Xia Bingning mentioned where she came from, the martial arts culture, was really very strong.

Fortunately, Ye Xiao did not find any information about eye-bloodline techniques.

However, he did find some information about King realm.

However, it was very obscure.

The nine provinces seemed to be deliberately hiding something.

In that world, there were some secrets regarding the divine grandmasters.

As an example, in the nine provinces, there were clearly quite a number of divine grandmasters, but on the surface, they only said that there were 20 to 30 of them.

He did not know why they were hiding such things.

The information that Ye Xiao found about the King realm was also found in the books that Shaolin had donated.

That book said that the three realms of the Xiantian realm were the manifestation of the human bodys development to the extreme.

When a person had completely surpassed the three ranks of the Xiantian realm, if he could cultivate his mental strength to an unprecedented level and completely fuse it with his physical body to create a brand new life form一he would be able to become a legendary King realm martial arts expert.

As everyone knows, even though the soul and physical body are one, they are still independent existences.

If the physical body falls, the soul might not necessarily perish.

If the soul falls, the physical body will still exist for a period of time.

The two complement each other.

Just like the relationship between skin and flesh, one provides protection while the other provides motivation for the body.

The soul provided power, while the body controlled power.

The complete fusion of the body and the soul was also to solve a common problem of the human race.

That was, the body and the soul were not compatible enough.

As the cultivation continued to increase, the control of the soul over the body became weaker and weaker.

If the soul was not strengthened, it would cause the power to be too strong.

Then, the soul would gradually lose control over the body, and then it would go crazy.

That was the most common mistake that many people who were trying to advance to the peak of the King realm would make.

Many people had fallen at that stage.

Ye Xiaos physical strength was already very powerful for instance.

Sometimes, his soul could not keep up.

That would cause his cultivation to increase for a few days before he could fully adapt to that kind of strength.

It was still fine when he was a grandmaster, but it was especially obvious when he reached the divine sect.

That was only the strength below the King realm, not to mention the strength above the King realm.

It was bound to be so powerful that people would be completely at a loss..

Without a strong soul, even if one advanced to the King realm, they would go crazy because they could not control their strength.


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