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Chapter 207: City Advancement

Ye Xiao had just returned home when he received a message from the library on his phone.

Three days off.

That time, the attack of the beastmen had brought great damage to the entire city.

Although Du Changfeng and the others had tried their best to keep the beastmen at the outskirts of the city, there were still quite a number of beastmen who still took advantage of the chaos to charge in and caused quite a bit of damage to Jianghai city.

Therefore, it was very normal for them to have a holiday.

Ye Xiao did not mind.

It just so happened that he had just advanced to Xiantian ninth grade, and he also needed a few days to get used to his strength.

After advancing to Xiantian ninth grade, the next step was to advance to the King realm.

However, the King realm was not that easy to achieve.

Ye Xiao was already prepared to fight a long battle.

However, after four years, the threat of the beast calamity would be even greater.

Therefore, he needed to arrange a reasonable training plan for himself so that he could advance as soon as possible.

Ye Xiao summarized his current resources.

He did not include those refining materials because they were too many and too miscellaneous.

Moreover, they were not meant to increase his cultivation.

What Ye Xiao was currently calculating were the most important things for himself.

First was the cultivation techniques.

In the Golden Book, there were currently synthetic and non-synthetic cultivation techniques that were learned from the star cores of other star beasts.

Mental Cultivation Techniques: Violet Sea of Stars, Dharma Scripture.

Spiritual Cultivation Technique: Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

Offensive Cultivation Techniques: Overpowering Saber, Heaven-cleaving Sword, Tathagata Divine Palm, Infinite Calamity Finger, Great Nirvana Fist, Imperial Sword Technique.

Defensive Cultivation Techniques: Indestructible Diamond Divine Art.

Healing Techniques: Mending the Heavens, Morning Star Method, Ultimate Healing Technique.

Movement Techniques: Divine Intent, Earth-burrowing Technique.

Arrays: Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array, Heavenly Creation Array.

Armament-refining Technique: Godly Craftsmanship.

Pill-refining Technique: One Thousand to One.

Among them, three imperial healing techniques had reached the stage where they could be synthesized.

However, it required a sufficiently strong cultivation base to be synthesized.

Previously, when he was in Xiantian eighth grade, he could not synthesize it.

Now, he was in Xiantian ninth grade, and he still could not synthesize it.

However, the light of the golden book seemed to be brighter than before.

It seemed that it was very likely to be able to synthesize imperial techniques when he was at the King realm.

‘I really dont know what kind of powerful cultivation technique I can synthesize when that time comes.

‘Secondly, Ill replenish my resources.

‘Currently, I have three eighth-grade star beasts and seven seventh-grade star beasts, and they provide me with blood essence and spiritual energy every day at the farm.

‘Furthermore, Ive plucked so many flowers, and I can give them to Susan the bee to use to make honey.

‘In the short term, I should be able to replenish my spiritual energy and blood essence.

‘However, I should consider catching a few more star beasts.

After all, he had already advanced to Xiantian ninth grade, and his requirements needed from star beasts were higher.

Otherwise, he would not be able to replenish his spiritual energy in the later stages.

Other than that, he also had the imperial-grade defensive armor, black scales, and the divine weapon that had already surpassed the imperial grade — the Great Dragon.

As for Huan Liuli… Hmm… Her current strength was too weak, so there was no need to count her in.

There was no way to catch star beasts in the short term because he wanted star beasts above the Xiantian ninth grade.

Only those star beasts could provide him with sufficient nutrition.

However, how could it be so easy to obtain star beasts above the Xiantian ninth grade

They were not cabbages!

Unless he went to the space battlefield.

However, Ye Xiao did not want to go to the space battlefield.

Liu Chengxun had already said that the space battlefield was very dangerous.

Even martial arts experts at the divine grandmaster rank could fall at any time.

Moreover, that Tiger God and Xia Bingning made Ye Xiao feel a trace of fear toward the space battlefield.

There were definitely quite a few martial arts experts there.

Speaking of which, it seemed like Shaolin had ninth-grade star beasts, and there seemed to be quite a few of them.

It was said that Shaolin had 72 demon caves, and all of them were suppressing ninth-grade divine-level star beasts.

How about… Steal one or two from Shaolin Use them to raise me up

However, that did not conform to Ye Xiaos worldview.

Previously, Huan Liuli had always been dirty, and she had been reprimanded by him several times.

It seemed like he still had to think of a way to find out where ninth-grade star beasts were.

His current task was to first plant those spirit flowers.

Those were spiritual flowers that he had obtained with great difficulty.

If he planted them well, he could let Susan the bee gather honey every day.

At present, which places in Jianghai city were suitable for planting spiritual flowers

Ye Xiao thought for a moment.

It seemed that there was no suitable place.

Spiritual flowers needed sunlight very much, so it was impossible to hide and plant them.

That would also have no effect.

Planting them in his own home was also very dangerous.

It would be very easy to be discovered by others.

It was a bit of a headache.

Ye Xiao thought for a moment.

How about finding a mountain nest and then setting up the Heavenly Creation Array and the Earth-shattering Heavenly Dipper Array

With the two arrays working together, the effect would definitely be very good.

The Heavenly Creation Array was responsible for illusions and killing while the Earth-shattering Heavenly Dipper Array was responsible for guarding.

On the other hand, he had the Divine Intent and his speed was extremely fast.

He could spend a little time every day picking fresh flowers.

Yes, yes, perfect.

Hence, in the following time, Ye Xiao ran to find a suitable mountain nest.

Setting up arrays, planting flowers.

When time turned, it was late at night.

Under the starry skies, Americas experimental base was starting to experiment with new fighter jets.

At that time, they did not create those fancy things anymore.

They only designed them purely for mass production to reinforce the space battlefield.

The previous fighter jets were destroyed every time, so the commander did not expect them to create any top-notch fighter jets anymore.

As long as they could create one, they could use it directly and equip it with the battle records of the space battlefield.

“Test Machine No.

1 is ready.”

“Test Machine No.

2 is ready.”

“Test Machine No.

3 is ready.”





Under the command of the scientists, the pilot immediately piloted the test machine and flew toward the space ahead.

The experiment went very smoothly.

The scientists looked at each other and smiled at each other.

“As expected, our thoughts are all right.”

“The reason why the test aircraft always encountered problems before was that that position might have been occupied by a martial prodigy, which was why our experiment failed so many times.

“But now, weve moved the entire base.

“Naturally, nothing will happen.”

“Looks like this time, we can finally hand in our mission.”

“Of course.

Such a simple testing machine.

If we cant handle it, then even if we have to clean the toilets on the ground.”

However, just as everyone was excited, in the next second.

The air suddenly began to distort.

The radar flashed rapidly, and everyones hearts tightened.

In the next second, the three test machines were directly turned into pieces under the explosion of the flames.

“Oh! F*ck!”

“Whats going on Who is going against us Why is it always like this”

Unlike in the base, the scientists were crazy.

Outside, under the starry sky, a figure with a rich aura gradually stepped out of the distorted space.

He looked around and could not help but raise his eyebrows slightly.

“Why are there so many fragments Those stupid humans always like to do such messy and fancy things.

“With this little time, why dont you think about how to improve your cultivation

“A bunch of idiots.”

Soon, he spoke again,

“Susan, Iron Bull, and Mo Yu, I hope that the three of you are still alive.

If thats the case, this general might still be able to save you and bring you back to meet the Tiger God.

“Of course, its best if all of you are still alive.

Otherwise, the human race will have to endure the wrath of a Xiantian ninth-grade star beast at the peak of the divine sect!”

Two days later, Ye Xiao stretched his aching waist in a remote mountain nest in the north of Jianghai city.

“Its finally finished.”

He planted all the spiritual flowers and varieties he had brought back from the Southwest Seaside Forest in that mountain nest.

The originally dull mountain nest became colorful in the blink of an eye and became a beautiful sea of flowers.

Such a beautiful thing would attract many people, let alone spiritual flowers.

Fortunately, Ye Xiaos arrays were not to be trifled with.

Protecting the two imperial arrays should not be a problem.

Ye Xiao thought about it and decided to let Huan Liuli be in charge of that matter in the future.

He would let her wake up a little earlier every day and come over to pick the flowers.

Then, he would send her to the breeding farm and let Susan come to collect the honey.

That way, he would save himself time and effort.

Ye Xiaos initial estimate was that Susan would be able to provide him with the spiritual energy of nearly 40 grandmaster-grade pills every day.

Even though that amount of spiritual energy was far inferior to a Xiantian ninth-grade Ye Xiao compared to a Xiantian eighth-grade Ye Xiao.

However, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still a piece of meat.

Moreover, there were no ninth-grade star beasts.

He would wait until there was a ninth-grade star beast.

As for now, he would deal with it first.

On the other side, the Jianghai city governors manor also welcomed a group of important VIPs.

“Governor, I am here under the orders of the Zhong province branch of the nine provinces alliance to announce the removal of your position.

Your uncle, the Xiantian fourth-grade Changfeng from the Jing province, will take over.

Do you have any objections”

Du Tianyu shook his head.

“I dont have any objections.

I will completely follow the arrangements of the Zhong province.”

“Its best if you can understand.

The personnel transfer this time will not only involve you, but also the head of the library, the president of the Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, and the captain of the garrison team.

All of them will be replaced.

“However, this isnt a bad thing.

To Jianghai city, this is a great benefit.

“Jianghai city will be completely upgraded to a first-tier city.”

Du Tianyu nodded and clenched his fists.

His eyes were filled with excitement.

Jianghai city was finally going to be transformed into a first-tier city by the nine provinces.

There were too many benefits to becoming a first-tier city.

He could not even count them.

Firstly, there would be divine grandmasters stationed in the city.

The garrison team, martial arts library, and martial arts academy would all receive divine grandmasters as a result, and they would become the managers of the three places.

That was equivalent to adding three divine grandmasters as bodyguards to Jianghai city.

It was precisely because of that that he was transferred down and replaced with his uncle, Changfeng, as the governor..


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