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Chapter 206: No More Beast God Alliance

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Long Tu, who was preparing to attack, suddenly stopped and raised his head to look at the southwest sky.

He narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Are you finally here Hmph! I thought you were going to be a coward.”

After a pause, he snorted lightly.

“However, its meaningless even if you come.”

With that, he turned his attack on Jianghai city to the southwest.

The black clouds formed a demon dragon and roared as it charged toward the southwest.

The black clouds on the demon dragons body rolled, and one could vaguely see some blood surging from them.

That immense force shook the heaven and earth.

Rays of golden light began to spread out from the southwest, like sharp swords, pressing straight toward the demon dragon.

These rays of golden light cut through the clouds, finally revealing the true face inside.

It was a huge golden Buddha palm!

It was taller than a mountain, and its power was endless.

It was precisely the Tathagata Divine Palm that Ye Xiao had used!

Facing the two supreme attacks in the sky, all the martial artists in Jianghai city were somewhat unable to withstand it.

Previously, Ye Xiaos confrontation with Liu Chengxun and Murakami Beichuan had only affected the riverside.

However, the battle between Ye Xiao and Long Tu could already cover and affect the entire Jianghai city.

It was no longer on the same level as the previous battle.

As the two closed in, the pressure caused the clouds between heaven and earth to split apart.

One second!

Two seconds!

Three Seconds!

Under the gazes of millions of people, the demon dragon and the Tathagata Divine Palm finally collided.

There was no sound.

The light engulfed the entire sky and even the sun.

That power was too strong, so much so that the shockwave surpassed the sound.

When the shockwave reached the ground, the strong wind pressed everyone to the ground and they could not get up.

No one could hear the sound.

“What a strong light! Ah! My eyes are going to be blinded.”

“Did Senior Saber-sword Immortal make a move He finally made a move!”

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal also knows palm techniques Oh My God, he is the best!”

“As expected of Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

The moment he made a move, it was earth-shaking and thunderous!”

The whole process of the explosion lasted for dozens of seconds before it slowly retreated.

At that moment, many peoples eyes had been stimulated by the strong light and had not completely recovered.

However, some of the more powerful warriors had already recovered their sight.

They desperately opened their eyes wide, wanting to look at the sky, wanting to be the first to see the result of the battle.

In the sky, two huge clouds formed, and in the middle was an empty area.

It was because of the explosion caused by the two peoples moves that the clouds were divided into two sides.

At that moment, one side of the clouds was the normal color.

The other side of the clouds was pure black, and there was a faint blood-red color in it.

It was extremely demonic.

Du Changfeng and the others could not help but ask,

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal, did you only draw with Long Tu”

Fa Zheng and the others were extremely nervous.

“From the looks of it, it seems so.”

Le Xinling and Lian Chimu shook their heads, feeling somewhat speechless towards them.

What did they mean by it was only a draw

What level of power was the prodigy, Long Tu He had been famous for a long time and was once a terrifying existence in the entire nine provinces.

As for Saber-sword Immortal, he was just known recently.

It was already very, very rare for him to be able to match up to Long Tu and reach a draw.

Although the Saber-sword Immortal could kill Susan and the other two star beasts of the divine sect, it was only because the three of them were only at the eighth level of the Xiantian realm.

He was in the ninth grade of the Xiantian realm, so he could easily defeat the three of them.

However, the ninth-grade Xiantian of the innate realm was also divided into those who entered first and those who entered later.

Long Tu had yet to advance to the peak of the divine sect, but his cultivation had already surpassed the ordinary ninth-grade Xiantian of the innate realm by a lot.

According to that situation, as long as the Saber-sword Immortal could delay Long Tu and wait for the other martial arts experts of the nine provinces alliance to come to his aid, the crisis would be completely over.

In the sky, the corners of Long Tus mouth could not help but curl up slightly.


Im starting to have some interest in you.”

The other party was able to withstand his full-strength attack with one move.

He was indeed qualified to be his opponent.

It seemed that he would not be too bored before fighting Saber God Li Liushui that time, so he could warm up in advance.

“Next, let me see your true face… What”

Before Long Tu could finish his words, the cloud on the opposite side had already begun to slowly disperse, and all of them were actually golden palm shadows that were comparable to the previous palm strike!

The Buddha palm that filled the sky!

That Saber-sword Immortal was actually so strong.


Now was not the time to think about that.

Quickly counterattack!

Long Tu did not dare to be the slightest bit careless.

He immediately mobilized all the power in his body, forming several black dragons that charged towards the cloud that Ye Xiao was in.

In the next second, the Buddha palm within Ye Xiaos cloud also attacked!

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom…

The Tathagata Divine Palm was like a Gatling gun, shooting wildly at the cloud where Long Tu was.

Countless huge light shadows exploded in the black cloud.

Waves of huge shock waves came from the sky, suppressing the martial artists below Jianghai city and making them unable to move.

With that, they could still withstand the pressure on their bodies for the time being.

Even so, they could not withstand the mental impact at all.

They knew that Senior Saber-sword Immortal was very strong, but they did not expect his strength to be that strong!

From the Grandmaster in the beginning to the Great Grandmaster in the end, and then to the divine sect.

From the sword saint of Han state, Liu Chengxun, to the current Long Tu!

Senior Saber-sword Immortal was able to refresh their knowledge every time.

Where was his limit

The most tragic one was none other than Long Tu.

At that moment, facing Ye Xiaos rapid attacks, he realized that he was wrong.

Moreover, he was extremely wrong.

He should not have come over at all.

He should not even have the thought of provoking that Saber-sword Immortal.

He was too terrifying!

In his life, he had never been so afraid of anyone.

Even the Saber God, Li Liushui, who had defeated him back then, was far from reaching that level.

After cultivating in seclusion for an entire 70 years, he still had the confidence to challenge Li Liushui.

On the contrary, against the Saber-sword Immortal, he was truly terrified, terrified to the extreme.

That was a martial arts expert that was impossible to defeat.


Facing the last moment of his life, he stirred up an endless desire to live.

At that moment, he no longer thought that he could defeat the Saber-sword Immortal.

He only wanted to live on.

Get through that calamity!

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao would never allow it.

When he left Jianghai city and went to the Southwest Seaside Forest to settle some matters, that fellow actually came to attack Jianghai city

What was the difference between that and stealing his home

He even wanted to kill him!

Kill him!

The Dharma Scripture was operating at full power, and the Tathagata Divine Palm was shooting out consistently.

The powerful energy bombarded Long Tus body continuously, and finally, he could not bear it anymore.


The palm broke through his protective energy.

The palm broke through his imperial armor.

The palm destroyed his body.

One palm completely destroyed his soul.

After an explosion, the black clouds in the sky completely disappeared.

The sky became clear again.

A giant golden Buddha stood at the top of the clouds.

It was as if a real Buddha had come into that world.

Countless humans in Jianghai city were so excited that they cried.

They won, they finally won!

They did not have to die!

From a group of fish on a chopping board to surviving without any injuries, that happiness of surviving a disaster was more satisfying than anything else.

As for the beastmen, they were completely stunned.

“The alliance leader… Alliance leader is dead! The old alliance leader is dead!”

“Run quickly!”

Du Changfeng reacted and immediately shouted loudly,

“Dont let them run away.

Kill them all.

Leave no one alive.”

Those beastmen were all hidden dangers.

They had to kill them all.

Unfortunately, there were too many beastmen.

They really had no way to kill them all in a short while.

At that moment, Ye Xiao, who was in the sky, made his move once again.

“Sword, come!”

With a sword cry, 100,000 sword rays appeared.

They were like countless golden dragons dancing in the sky as they descended on the beastmen.

There were too many golden sword rays so it was as if they had formed a waterfall that fell from the nine heavens.

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom…

Each sword ray was extremely accurate in tracking down a beastman before killing it mercilessly.

In the blink of an eye, all the beastmen who came to Jianghai city were annihilated.

From then on, there was no more Beast God Alliance in that world.

All of them were killed by Ye Xiao.

However, it was not the end.

At that time, with the arrival of the Beast God Alliance, many martial artists were injured.

There were even many people who were on the verge of death or even true death.

Ye Xiao activated his two great mental cultivation techniques at the same time.

Three great healing techniques burst out of his body with pure golden energy, illuminating his entire body into a translucent golden color.

The light fell to the ground, and all the injured people quickly recovered.

Very quickly, they recovered to their original state.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao stopped.

With a thought, he disappeared into the clouds.

The battle had finally ended.

However, the cheers of the people had only just begun.

“Long live Senior Saber-sword Immortal!”

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal, I want to give birth to a monkey for you.”

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal, I love you to death!”

Almost the entire process was a wild celebration.

Everyone was singing Ye Xiaos praises.

The entire Jianghai city was proud of Saber-sword Immortal.

Le Xinling, Lian Chimu, and some other martial arts experts were also dumbfounded.

He had won He won just like that.

Furthermore, he won completely without a single injury.

On top of that, the entire process took less than a minute!

In the end, Saber-sword Immortal even healed all the injured people and resurrected all the dead.

After a long time, Lian Chimu finally came back to his senses and could not help but sigh.

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal, you are really a God!”


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