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Chapter 205: Have You Ever Heard of a Palm Technique That Fell From the Sky

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Looking at the several mountains that had been fixed, Ye Xiaos expression was very calm.

Although the Tathagata Divine Palm was an extremely masculine and Yang offensive technique, it also had some wondrous uses.

If it was slightly slowed down, it would become a method to save people.

The use of a technique completely depended on the intentions and methods of the person who released it.

However, slowing down was actually more troublesome than releasing it.

That was because releasing an attack was only an instant attack.

The energy it consumed was very limited.

However, for Ye Xiao to slow down like this, he would need to continuously release spiritual energy.

Compared to a single attack, he did not know how much spiritual energy would be consumed.

Fortunately, Ye Xiao had already become a Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts expert.

The spiritual energy in his body was as vast as the sea, and he did not know how many times more than before.

Therefore, he could easily release a large amount of spiritual energy.

After the mountain was fixed, Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Although this mountain body was temporarily fixed by me, it has been damaged in the end.

Therefore, it wont be long before it might collapse again.

“All of you still have to escape this place as soon as possible.”

After saying that, without waiting for the others to speak, Ye Xiao turned his feet and disappeared from the spot.

Huang Tao and the others saw him disappear from where he was in an instant as if he had disappeared into thin air.

They could not help but sigh again:

“Hes really a God! This speed is the same as his techniques.

Its also amazing.”

On the other side, in Jianghai city, Long Tus gaze finally landed on Liu Chengxun.

“Seeing that your courage is commendable, this venerable self will let you make the first move.”

Long Tu did not care about Liu Chengxun, so he let him make the first move.

That was because in his opinion, whether Liu Chengxun made the first move or made the second move, the result would be the same.

He would definitely lose, or even die!

However, if he made the first move, then there would be no way to play.

Liu Chengxun would definitely be killed by him in one move.

Before the so-called Saber-sword Immortal came out, he did not want to make that little fun very boring.

Liu Chengxun took a deep breath and cupped his hands toward the Long Tu,

“Thank you, Senior.

Thank you for letting me win.”

Following that, he took out his long sword from his storage ring and raised it high above his head.

He began to gather his mind.

The power of the sword art erupted rapidly in his body.

Finally, it gathered on the long sword above his head and formed a sword ray that emitted a hundred thousand feet of light!

That was his all-out attack.

It was also a sword technique that he had created by imitating the sword technique that Ye Xiao had used to defeat him back then.

Although it could not compare to Ye Xiaos sword, it was still stronger than any of his previous moves!

Following the appearance of Liu Chengxuns sword ray, the surrounding spiritual energy was stirred up as if it had formed a whirlwind that could reach the heavens.

The surrounding energy was rapidly condensing and compressing into it.

Le Xinling and Lian Chimu looked at each other and their eyes lit up.

“What a powerful move.”

“I didnt expect Liu Chengxun to be so strong now! Compared to his previous performance, the performance of the 49th rank on the Dragon list is much stronger!”

“It seems that he has comprehended a lot of things after the last duel.

Now, his strength has surpassed his original foundation.”

“In that case, perhaps this move really has a chance!”

The two of them were extremely excited.

That was because, for an existence like Long Tu, he would not go so far as to lie to others.

They often valued their own dignity more.

A promise was worth its weight in gold.

It was the most basic bottom line for powerhouses like them.

As long as Liu Chengxun could withstand one of his moves, he could be considered to have won.

In this way, the crisis in Jianghai City should be resolved.

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

Finally, Liu Chengxun made his move.

He shouted loudly and brandished the long sword in his hand with all his strength.

He used his strongest strength to attack Long Tu.

He hoped that his move could defeat one of Long Tus moves.

The sword ray moved, avoiding the wind and clouds.

The surrounding spiritual energy spread rapidly to both sides, forming a vacuum zone.

The sword ray even rubbed against the spiritual energy in the air, forming lightning and fire.

That sword was reflected in the eyes of everyone in Jianghai city.

That sword was as powerful as a godly skill!

That sword carried the hopes of too many people.

Everyone was looking forward to that sword to bring them a surprise.

The speed of the sword light was actually very fast.

In just a second, it arrived in front of Long Tu.

However, Long Tu did not panic at all.

He just let that sword slash at his body.


The huge explosive force and airwave instantly tore apart the black clouds in the sky.

The light flickered and radiated for hundreds of thousands of feet, illuminating the world.

It was even more dazzling than the light of the Sun.

The huge shock wave and explosion even made everyones eardrums begin to hurt.

However, the stronger the power of this sword ray, the more excited everyone was.

It worked!

Such a powerful attack would definitely succeed.

Long Tu had not made his move yet.

If he made his move now, he would definitely not have the upper hand when he met Liu Chengxun at his peak.

As long as Liu Chengxun took one of his attacks, Jianghai city would win.

However, when the light from the explosion dissipated, everyone was petrified, stunned, and even in despair!

“Are… Are you kidding me”


“How can he be so strong”

“How can he win He can only admit defeat, right”

In the sky, Liu Chengxuns sword fiercely struck the top of Long Tus head.

However, it suddenly stopped a few inches in front of his forehead, and he could no longer move forward even an inch.

“Thats it”

A mocking look appeared in Long Tus eyes.

Then, he made his move.

There was no fancy technique.

It was just a simple punch.

Before the punch was launched, Liu Chengxuns sword light had already started to crack.

Crack… Crack…

When Long Tus fist completely came out and touched Liu Chengxuns sword light, the sword light was directly shattered on the spot.

The defeat was like the collapse of a mountain!

Liu Chengxuns sword light exploded inch by inch.

Long Tus fist smashed down on Liu Chengxuns head.

In less than half a second, it arrived above Liu Chengxuns head.

Liu Chengxun immediately slashed out a sword to block it.

Unfortunately, he was not a match for his opponent at all.

That sword was like a child playing house.

The moment it came into contact with his opponents fist light, it directly shattered.

Following that, the fist landed on Liu Chengxuns longsword.


Following an intense explosion, Liu Chengxuns imperial longsword was shattered.

The fragments were like bullets, piercing through Liu Chengxuns body.

Even though Liu Chengxun was a divine grandmaster and his body had been strengthened to an extremely terrifying level, he was still unable to withstand the hardness of the imperial weapon fragment.

Not to mention, that imperial weapon fragment had been sent flying by a Supreme Divine Fist, providing him with the power to do so.

A few spurts of blood shot out from Liu Chengxuns body, making him look extremely miserable.

Not only that, the fist arrived shortly after, shattering all the bones in Liu Chengxuns body.

Like a cannonball, it ruthlessly struck the ground of Jianghai city.

He fell from the top of a 300-feet-tall building and was blasted all the way to the ground of the building.


The huge impact even caused the entire building to collapse.

It was too terrifying.

That kind of destructive power caused everyone in Jianghai city to despair to the extreme.

It was over!

It was really over that time.

Even a Xiantian eighth-grade divine grandmaster was only an ant in front of the other party.

Then would they not be ants in front of a Xiantian eighth-grade martial artist They would be inferior to ants in front of Long Tu!


A deep despair enveloped everyones heart like a black cloud.

Are we all going to die

In the sky, there was not even a hint of mockery in the eyes of Long Tu.

He had already predicted that situation.

Liu Chengxun was not his match at all.

To make a bet with him and use that little bit of cleverness to stop him was simply laughable.

It could not be any more laughable.

After 70 years!

After 70 years of seclusion, he was no longer the Long Tu from back then.

The current him was a Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts expert, a prodigy at the peak of the divine sect!


He was a god that stood above the secular world!

Those people simply did not have the qualifications to oppose him.

In front of him, they were all ants.

His current goal was only one.

That was the Saber God, Li Liushui.

Besides him, he did not put anyone else in his eyes.

Liu Chengxun was like that, Jianghai city was like that, nine provinces was like that, and that so-called Saber-sword Immortal… Was even more so!

‘Forget it! If this drags on, it will also be a waste of my time.

‘It seems that this venerable self has overestimated that Saber-sword Immortal.

‘A coward who doesnt even dare to come out is not worthy of this venerable self personally coming out to deal with.

‘Hes even worse than this little Liu Chengxun!


After saying that, he slowly raised one of his hands, and the vast spiritual energy of a Xiantian ninth grade erupted.

That powerful force caused the dark clouds in the sky to start twisting and condensing.

Le Xinling and Lian Chimus expressions froze, and despair appeared on their faces.

They understood that Long Tu did not want to wait anymore.

He wanted to immediately destroy the entire Jianghai city.

He wanted to send the millions of humans here, along with Jianghai city, to the heavens.

Senior Saber-sword Immortal!

What on Earth are you doing

If you do not come out now!

Jianghai city would really be finished!

Everyone was in extreme despair.

At that moment, Fa Zheng, who was fighting against the star beasts, suddenly seemed to sense something.

He smashed a beastman in front of him with a punch and looked up at the sky.

In the dense black clouds, there seemed to be an extremely familiar energy rapidly approaching.

It was the aura of Buddhism!

It was Buddha!

There was an extremely powerful Buddhist aura rapidly approaching.

Was it a Buddhist martial arts expert

Which Buddhist genius was it

How come he had never felt that aura in all his years in Shaolin

The Indian Buddhist, Aro, also seemed to have sensed something.

His body trembled, and he immediately looked at the sky excitedly.

“Its him!

“Its him!

“Its this feeling.

“Theres absolutely no mistake!

“Its been 36 years!

“This penniless monk has been waiting and searching for him for a whole 36 years!”


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