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Chapter 204: Advancement! Xiantian Ninth Grade! Peak of the Divine Sect!

In the Southwest Seaside Forest, black clouds pressed down on the land and tens of thousands of lightning bolts surged.

Countless figures could not help but feel their scalps go numb and their souls tremble when they saw that scene.

As the saying goes, the might of the heavens is hard to shake!

Everyone was as tiny as an ant in front of the might of the heavens and it was difficult for them to have any thoughts of resisting.

The few divine grandmasters who were stationed in the Seaside Forest could not help but open their mouths and exclaim when they saw that.

“This has never happened in the Seaside Forest before.

Why did lightning suddenly appear today”

“Lightning falls from a clear sky.

This is not an ordinary lightning storm.

This is a lightning tribulation! Someone is undergoing a tribulation.

Due to his strength being too strong, he came into contact with the monitoring of the law energy and triggered a lightning tribulation.”

“But… Who is the other party There shouldnt be such a martial arts expert who has entered the Seaside Forest!”

“I dont know.

Perhaps it is a star beast of the Seaside Forest.

Who knows”.

“However, no matter who the other party is, we must not provoke them.

Otherwise, if we provoke them, all the humans in the Seaside Forest, including us, will be in big trouble.”

Xia Bingning, who had already left a great distance away, felt the vast aura above the Seaside Forest.

She could not help but feel her heart skip a beat.

‘What a powerful pressure! That fellow was only at the Xiantian eighth-grade strength before.

Now, he is probably going to enter Xiantian ninth grade, right

‘This is too terrifying!

‘He might not be older than me.

However, his aptitude and cultivation are simply able to kill me in an instant.

‘If I give him some more time to grow, who else in this starry sky would be his match

‘But its alright.

I already know his name is Yap Liangchen.

‘There will definitely be a day when we meet again in the future.

After letting out a shocked sigh, Xia Bingning immediately took out a circular plate from her body and injected spiritual energy into it to activate the teleportation array.

She had quite a lot of good things on her body right now, so it would be very easy for others to covet them.

It was better for her to return to her own home as soon as possible.

In the Seaside Forest, the lightning tribulation continued.

After experiencing the baptism of the lightning tribulation, Ye Xiaos skin became ever more so crystal clear.

In the past, when the lightning fell on his skin, it would scorch it.

Now, it could no longer harm Ye Xiao in the slightest.

Every grades strength would bring an earth-shaking improvement to the main body.

If one were to say that when Ye Xiao was at Xiantian seventh grade, the physical defense brought by using the imperial Indestructible Diamond Divine Art was already comparable to Xiantian ninth grade.

At that point, if Ye Xiao were to use the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art again, the defensive power brought by it would probably be unbreakable by anyone below the King realm.

That was only the change brought about by the strengthening of his physical body.

Furthermore, the change brought about by the mental cultivation technique would allow him to absorb the spiritual energy more quickly.

The change brought about by his spiritual energy would also be stronger.

Needless to say, his attack power would be even stronger.

With a large increase in all aspects, Ye Xiaos change at that moment was not as simple as just going up a level.

He exhaled, and the breath he exhaled was filled with dense spiritual energy.

It was even denser than the spiritual energy in the surrounding space.

Clenching his fists, Ye Xiao did not know how much his strength had increased.

The specific data was not something that he could measure now.

In fact, just like the previous few times, he had just advanced.

His strength was too strong so it was not easy to control, and he needed some time to get used to it.

‘Is this the strength of a Xiantian ninth grade The peak of the divine grandmaster rank! I feel like the current me can do anything.

The lightning in the sky continued to strike down.

Ye Xiao took a glance and spat out a word indifferently.


A simple word, but it guided Ye Xiaos enormous strength to rapidly blast toward the sky.


At that moment, Ye Xiao did not even use any cultivation technique or skill.

He only used his own vast spiritual energy to attack.

Even so, the thunderclouds in the sky were instantly blasted out with a huge gap.

Then, because it was not enough to condense, it had no choice but to slowly dissipate.

With a thought, Ye Xiaos body instantly arrived at the foot of a mountain.

His speed was even faster and stronger than before!

However, because Ye Xiao had learned his lesson from the previous few times, he did not unleash his strength to the limit.

He did not even use the Divine Intent technique.

Even so, he felt that his speed could also reach the level of the Divine Intent technique from before.

He wondered how powerful he would be when he used his movement technique.

‘I reckon that I can create lightning and flames by rubbing with the surrounding air, right

‘Fortunately, I had the foresight to use the black-scaled snakeskin to mix with King Els skin and other materials in advance to create a set of black-scaled armor and make it into casual clothes to wear on my body.

‘Otherwise, when I fly, my clothes would be turned to dust by the friction at any moment!

‘Thats called running, and this is called flying

Thinking about it, it was rather awkward.

Now, Ye Xiao did not need the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan his surroundings.

Just by standing here, he seemed to be able to easily sense everything around him.

At the very least, within 30,000 feet, Ye Xiao felt as if he was looking at everything from every angle up close.

That could also be because the stronger he became, the less he felt like a human.

It was also because his vision had completely surpassed the limits of ordinary humans.

He had broken through the blockade of vision, smell, touch, and other senses.

At that moment, many people had already come out from the corners.

They had all come in from the outside to explore.

At that moment, everyone could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

Their faces revealed the joy of having survived a disaster.

However, even so, everyones faces were still filled with shock and fear when they recalled what had happened just now.

“What happened just now All of a sudden, there was lightning and thunder.”

“Oh my God, I thought it was raining.

I even put on my raincoat, but it turned out to be fine again.”

“Hello, you d*mn liar.

You just swore to love me, and the heavens started to strike crazily.

It seems that you dont love me at all.

We broke up.”

“Its really not my fault.

How did I know that the heavens would suddenly strike me I really love you!”

At that moment, Ye Xiao heard a familiar voice beside his ear.

“Brother Xiong, what a coincidence.

Youre here too!”

Ye Xiao looked back.

It was Huang Tao from before.

He and a few of his teammates were fully wrapped up.

It seemed that they had obtained quite a lot of good things during this trip to the Seaside Forest.

The other party and a few others came up to him.

“Brother Xiong, did you find the flowers that you wanted”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“I found some.”

“Thats good.

The incident just now was too scary.

I almost thought that the mountain would collapse and the Earth would crack.

The apocalypse had arrived and I was already prepared to write a suicide note.

“However, although its peaceful now, who knows what terrifying things might happen later Lets hurry up and escape.”

Ye Xiao was just about to speak when his precise perception made him unable to help but raise his head to look at the huge mountain behind him.

Rumble… Crack…

Suddenly, following a few violent explosions, the entire mountain began to shatter.

In reality, it was not just that mountain that had shattered.

There were also a few other mountains that had begun to shatter.

Ye Xiaos advancement that time had caused too much of a commotion.

Be it the one that had split open the ground earlier, the one that had killed the myriad of purple and red leaves, or the lightning tribulation that had descended later.

The lightning that had continuously bombarded the mountain had all brought about an enormous pressure on this mountain.

At that point, it finally could not bear it anymore.

Seeing that scene, countless people began to panic.

“The mountain is going to collapse.”


Countless martial artists started to run outside.

Huang Tao and the others expressions also changed.

“Not good! Lets go!”

However, most of the martial artists there were only Houtian realm martial artists.

They were not even grandmaster realm martial artists.

With their speed, it was impossible for them to escape the speed of those mountains.

If these mountains were to truly collapse, who knew how many people would die.

Moreover, there were quite a number of people in the mountains.

If the mountains collapsed, they would not be able to escape either.

Ye Xiao raised his brows.

All of that was because of him.

If he were to cause the deaths of so many people for no reason, it would really be a huge crime.

Therefore, he sighed slightly and could only choose to take action.

Huang Tao, who had already run out, turned around and saw that Ye Xiao was still standing at the same spot.

He immediately shouted loudly,

“Brother Xiong, run quickly! Youll be smashed to death there!”

His companion could not help but roar angrily,

“What time is it already You still have the mood to care about others Hurry up and run! If you dont run now, itll be too late!”

However, just as their voices fell, a vast golden light suddenly expanded from Ye Xiaos body, enveloping his entire body within it, making it seem as if a Holy Buddha had descended.

At that moment, the Dharma Scripture was circulating rapidly in his body, absorbing the spiritual energy at the fastest speed.

Due to the speed of absorbing the spiritual energy being too fast, it caused a vacuum zone to appear in the surroundings.

Following that, a few rays of golden light shot out from Ye Xiaos body, slowly forming a huge Buddha hand that was thousands of feet tall, slowly sticking onto the few mountains that were about to collapse.

The noise gradually disappeared until the surroundings were completely silent.

At that moment, the world returned to peace, as if all the disasters had been stopped.

When everyone around saw that scene, they were all petrified on the spot.

They simply could not believe their eyes.

What did they see

A human actually resisted the collapse of a few mountains with his own strength.

How great was that power

That was simply something that only a god could do!

Especially Huang Tao and the others, their hearts were beating wildly, and their minds were blank.

That was the person they had pulled to form a team

A person they had randomly pulled was actually so strong

Were the heavens joking with them

They had actually gotten so close to a person who was comparable to a god and even formed a team with him.

At that moment, other than shock, glory, and surprise, they could not find a fourth feeling.

“I, Huang Tao, have actually become a teammate with a god-like being Oh God, your joke is too big.”


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