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Chapter 203: Breathtakingly Crushing Prodigy!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“The Zhong province has issued a warning to all the major cities, saying that the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance, Long Tu, has come out of seclusion and left the Heavenly Devil Cliff of the Qin province and entered the Zhong province.

“Could it be him”

“Who… Is Long Tu”

Many young people in the crowd could not help but ask in confusion.

They still did not know who Long Tu was.

Du Changfeng enlightened with an extremely solemn expression,

“Long Tu is a martial arts expert from our fathers generation.

Its understandable that you dont know.

“Hes the old leader of the Beast God Alliance.

He was about three times earlier than the current leader of the Beast God Alliance.

“Now, you all know that the Beast God Alliance was suppressed by the nine provinces alliance and was like a rat crossing the street.

“But even so, the Beast God Alliance was still not a power that ordinary people could look down on.

“During the years when Long Tu was the alliance leader, the Beast God Alliance even caused the nine provinces alliance to feel quite a bit of pressure.

“At that time, the beastmen were more than a hundred times more arrogant than they are now.

They even dared to openly appear in human cities.”


When everyone heard that, they all felt their scalps go numb.

It must be known that crossing the street rat and swaggering on the street were two completely different concepts, just like two different dimensions.

It was the symbol of status, and also the embodiment of strength!

Even now, the strength of the Beast God Alliance was not as great as before.

When everyone talked about the Beast God Alliance, a hint of fear would still appear on their faces.

In the end, they did not expect that the Beast God Alliance actually had such a powerful history.

Then in the era when Long Tu became the Beast God Alliance leader, how many times stronger were the Beast God Alliance in comparison to its current level

“But is there no one who can suppress Long Tu

“Arent there many martial arts experts on the Dragon list in the nine provinces They are all martial arts experts of the divine sect.

Are they not his match”

There were still some young people who were confused.

No matter how strong Long Tu was, he could never be a match for a martial arts expert on the Dragon list.

After all, the Dragon list was one of the top dozens of people in the world!

Fa Zheng shook his head and sighed deeply.

“A martial arts expert on the Dragon list Youre asking why havent they made a move

“Jiang Lingyun, who was ranked 35th on the Dragon list at that time was defeated!

“Xun Qingwu, who was ranked 41st on the World Phoenix list, was defeated by him.

“In the end, it was the Saber God, Li Liushui, was the one who defeated him completely.

Only then was he allowed to stay in the Heavenly Devil Cliff and not be allowed to come out again.”

When those words were said, the entire place became completely silent.

Everyones eyes revealed a trace of fear.

Long Tu was actually so powerful

Even the martial arts experts on the Dragon and Phoenix list were not his match

In the end, it was thanks to the Saber God, Li Liushui, that he was completely defeated.

Everyone felt that their brain capacity was already unable to withstand that explosive news.

At that moment, the black cloud had already arrived above Jianghai city.

The alarm of Jianghai city had already sounded.

The black cloud carried an overwhelming power, causing all living beings in Jianghai city to tremble involuntarily.

Du Changfeng immediately said,

“The beastmen should enter Jianghai city very soon.

Have the garrison team, the senior students of Jianghai Martial Arts Academy, set up a defensive line on the east side to prevent the beastmen from entering the city!”

The surrounding students were already rubbing their fists and eager to give it a try.

Although the Long Tu was very strong, Jianghai city was their home.

No matter how strong the other party was, they had to protect their home.

Du Changfeng quickly arranged for the teachers of the academy to lead a team to support the garrison team.

Fa Zheng also hurried to the front line.

Then, he said to Aro and the others,


Aro, you are friends from India.

You dont have to participate in the defensive battle of our city.

Please leave from the west quickly.”

Aro shook his head.

“We are all human warriors.

We can help.

If we cant beat them, we can leave.”

“Thank you.”

They hurried to the east and built a defensive line on the east side of Jianghai city.

In the distance, the humans soon saw dust and smoke everywhere.

The ground was shaking as countless black figures dashed over in the darkness.

The pressure of the army caused everyones heart to beat faster.

Due to the excessive nervousness in their minds, the chirping of cicadas sounded!

“Its the beastmen.”

Someone could not help but shout.

The others had already seen the army of the beastmen.

Countless figures that were about to evolve into star beasts shuttled through the army.

Some of them still looked human and had yet to fully transform into star beasts.


Many people swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

It was obvious that they were somewhat unable to adapt to this powerful impact.

Du Changfeng immediately cried out loudly,

“Do not face their charge head-on.

The bodies of the beastmen are stronger than ours.

A head-on charge is more beneficial to them.

“Open a gap in the defensive line.

When they charge in, attack from both sides and avoid their sharp edges.”

As a former professor of the Jingdu Martial Arts Academy, Du Changfengs research on tactics was much better than those people.

Under his orders, a huge gap immediately opened up in the defensive line.

The beastmen army, because there were too many of them, could not easily change direction and charged straight into the front line.

Both sides pincer attacked, instantly causing countless deaths and injuries.

However, that was only a temporary measure.

It could only be used to deal with the first wave of beastmen.

It could not deal with all of them.

Soon, the beastmen from behind rushed up and quickly joined the battle.

The battle entered a stalemate.

In the sky, Long Tu stood on the clouds.

At that moment, he was no longer the black-robed old man at the bottom of the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

Instead, he was a valiant alliance leader wearing a long robe with dragon scales.

With his hands behind his back, he swept his gaze across the area, his eyes revealing a hint of killing intent.

However, he did not make a move.

If he made a move, even the entire Jianghai city would be annihilated, not to mention the beastmen and other humans who were fighting fiercely below.

After reaching his realm, he was no longer interested in the ants below.

Even the Saber-sword Immortal did not stand a chance against him.

The reason why he came to Jianghai city to find the Saber-sword Immortal was to announce something to the world.

That was, Long Tu had returned at long last!

After so many years, he had been constantly cultivating day and night under the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

He had suffered for decades just to defeat the Saber God, Li Liushui, and tell the nine provinces alliance that in that world, no one had the right to suppress him!

Only he, Long Tu, could stand above everything in that world!

However, just like a company opening, it was necessary to set off firecrackers as well as kill pigs and sheep to announce it.

Saber-sword Immortal was his pigs and sheep, and Jianghai city was his firecrackers.

Since he had returned to Jinghai City of the nine provinces, he had to set off firecrackers and shock the entire nine provinces and the entire world.

In fact, he did not even look at the battle below, nor did he look at Jianghai city.

He only looked in the direction of the ice plain in the north of the nine provinces.

‘Li Liushui, it has been 70years.

I wonder what level of cultivation you have reached!

‘After I destroy Jianghai city, my next step will be to personally go to the northernmost ice plain and fight you again in front of the entire world.

‘This time, I will definitely kill you personally to avenge your humiliation on me!

Just as he finished speaking, three rays of light suddenly flew out from the ground.

They were Liu Chengxun, Le Xinling, and Lian Chimu.

The three of them flew up with extremely solemn expressions.

Long Tus strength was too strong!

It was so strong that even Xiantian seventh grade and Xiantian eighth grade divine sects like them felt a little suffocated.

The cultivation levels of the three grades of the divine sect were worlds apart.

The three of them flew up and did not make a move.

Instead, they cupped their hands and said,

“Weve met Senior Long before.

We dont know how Jianghai city offended Senior Long, but somehow we actually made Senior Long go to such great lengths to personally lead the Beast God Alliance to attack Jianghai city!”

Long Tus gaze was still on the north, and he did not have any intention of looking at the three of them.

It was obvious that he did not place Liu Chengxun and the other two in his eyes at all.

“Theres no need for me to explain myself to you when I do things.”

His faint words were filled with the domineering aura of the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance.

The three of them looked at each other, their expressions extremely unsightly.

The battle below was still continuing.

The three of them were divine grandmasters, but they could only watch helplessly and could not casually participate in the battle.

That was because they all knew that if they participated in the battle and angered Long Tu, one of his big moves could send the entire Jianghai city into the sky.

However, if that continued, Jianghai city would also be in great trouble.

After taking a deep breath, Liu Chengxun cupped his hands once again and said,

“Senior, this junior dares to request that Senior be magnanimous and spare the humans of Jianghai city.

They are all innocent.

This junior knows that Senior might not agree, so this junior thought of a compromise.

“I am willing to challenge you and take your attack.

“If I can take it, please let Jianghai city go.

If I cant take it, you can take my life as well.”

Hearing that, Le Xinling and Lian Chimu quickly said.

“Sword Saint Liu, no.”

“Yes, you are no match for him.

You might die from this attack.”

Liu Chengxun took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“Although I havent lived in Jianghai city for long, my ancestral home is also here.

Therefore, even though Im no match for him, I cant just stand by and watch as Jianghai city is in great danger.

“If I can hold on, perhaps theres still hope for Jianghai city.

“Otherwise, if Senior Saber-sword Immortal doesnt appear, Jianghai city will be in big trouble today.

“Moreover, if its just one move, I should be able to withstand it.

“If I can withstand it and wait for Senior Saber-sword Immortal to appear, the disaster in Jianghai city will naturally resolve itself.”

As expected, Long Tu was slightly interested in Liu Chengxuns words.

He finally withdrew his gaze and looked at Liu Chengxun.


Its good that I can kill some time before the Saber-sword Immortal comes out.”


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