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Chapter 202: Medicinal Pill! A Draw Between Buddhists! Beast God Alliance, Long Tu!

Ye Xiao quickly found a hidden place.

The Seaside Forest itself was a large forest with few people.

Even a martial artist would not be able to move freely in that place.

Therefore, he could easily find a place to hide.

The cave of a Xiantian second-grade grandmaster-level Violent Bear star beast.

The Violent Bear was definitely unwilling, so it was nailed by Ye Xiao to the entrance of the cave.

Then, Ye Xiao took out his half of the myriad of purple and red leaves.

Although it was only half, the spiritual energy contained within it was so dense that even Ye Xiao could not help but click his tongue.

In fact, not only did the myriad of purple and red leaves use spiritual energy, but they also contained a large amount of spiritual energy.

The flower king was worthy of being called the flower king.

If you want to replenish it, you should do so at the same time, developing it in an all-around way, and balancing the nutrients.

Although those star beasts had been matured by the myriad of purple and red leaves, their foundations were at least at Xiantian seventh grade before they could reach Xiantian eighth grade.

In addition to their blood essence and star core, Ye Xiao already felt that the medicinal pill was absolutely no small matter even before it was refined.

Without much delay, he immediately began to refine the medicinal pill.

A Thousand to One was used as he began to purify all the ingredients and remove the impurities within.

Very soon, streams of extremely pure golden energy began to condense together.

As Ye Xiao continued to compress, their colors gradually became denser.

In the end, a faint purple luster actually began to appear.

The medicinal pill began to tremble.

That was not a failure in the refinement of the medicinal pill, but under Ye Xiaos continuous compression, the extremely powerful energy was condensed too deeply.

The spiritual energy within it fused with the blood essence and formed a self-consciousness, wanting to resist and escape Ye Xiaos control.

That had already exceeded the scope of an ordinary imperial pill!

An ordinary imperial pill could even be refined using a Xiantian sixth-grade star beast.

Now, Ye Xiao had used a total of four Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts that had the strength of the Xiantian seventh grade and half an eight-colored myriad of purple and red leaves to refine it.

The energy within was many times that of a Xiantian sixth-grade star beast!

If it could break free from Ye Xiaos means, it would still have a chance to become a brand new and extremely powerful life form by relying on its enormous spiritual energy and blood essence.

If it were any other alchemist, even the best alchemist would probably not be able to hold on.

However, Ye Xiao was different.

He was not just an alchemist.

Alchemy was just his sideline.

His true identity was an extremely powerful martial artist.

The power in that medicinal pill was not enough to break through his seal and escape from his control.

Looking at the extremely disobedient sea of spiritual energy and blood essence in his palm, Ye Xiao directly used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and mercilessly shattered it!

The spiritual energy that formed a whole was shattered.

Without spiritual energy, its blood essence naturally lost its backbone and was suppressed by Ye Xiaos spiritual energy.

No matter how much it wanted to turn the situation around, it was helpless.

However, very soon, as Ye Xiao continued to refine pills, that massive amount of spiritual energy condensed once again.

It wanted to lead the blood essence to attack Ye Xiao.

Unfortunately, what welcomed it was another blow from Ye Xiao.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery shattered it once again.

Then it was the third time, the fourth time, the fifth time…

Each time, Ye Xiao was ruthless.

He shattered it without any reason at all.

His methods were so brutal and merciless that it had probably never appeared before in the entire history of alchemy.

In reality, other than Ye Xiao who had such standards, the others who wanted to use such methods also did not have such standards!

A Xiantian eighth-grade alchemist was originally in that world.

It was an extremely rare and elusive existence that was even rarer than a giant panda.

Finally, after experiencing countless times of unreasonable torture and suppression by Ye Xiao, the pill was finally formed.

It no longer resisted.

Instead, it spun around in Ye Xiaos palm.

At that moment, it was already the morning of the second day.

It was supposed to be a time for all living things to enjoy peace and tranquility.

Suddenly, a clap of thunder struck down, causing the star beasts in the forest to start trembling uncontrollably.

Having just experienced a tribulation last night, they did not have the time to rest for a while.

In the blink of an eye, they were once again shaken.

Ye Xiao was not afraid.

He knew that whenever a top-grade item appeared, the power of law above it seemed to always like to come down and join in the fun.

The first time, he might feel shocked, but the second time, the third time… After the number of times, he was already used to it.

The lightning struck the cave, tearing the cave apart, and then struck the top of Ye Xiaos head.

However, it was completely unable to break the spiritual energy above Ye Xiaos head.

Ye Xiao could not be bothered with the lightning tribulation and directly swallowed the medicinal pill.


In an instant, a power that was so strong that it was at the limit of what he could endure erupted from his body.

The power was too strong that it immediately filled his internal organs to the limit and then rapidly attacked his blood essence and even his entire physical body.

His soul also suffered a violent impact and began to tremble in disobedience.

Just like under a flood, a river that had burst its banks was completely unable to stop the impact of the surge of water!

However, Ye Xiao was not the slightest bit moved.

The Golden Book emitted an intense light and protected his soul body.

As long as his soul body was not destroyed and his mental will was not destroyed, his body would be eternally indestructible.

All the cultivation techniques were like light wheels of different colors as they spun rapidly in his body, rapidly devouring and digesting that energy.

The violent spiritual energy and mental energy were forcefully locked down by the cultivation techniques in the blink of an eye.

Then, everything was reversed and turned into Ye Xiaos energy, which was used by him.

He began to endlessly repair his body and strengthen his body.

Tt raised Ye Xiaos original Xiantian eighth-grade body to an even stronger level!

His aura began to gradually rise from Ye Xiaos meridians.

A brand new aura that completely surpassed Ye Xiaos previous one was born.

Ye Xiao opened his hands and allowed the lightning to strike his body.

He did not use spiritual energy to defend, nor did he use the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art.

Instead, he purely used his physical body to withstand the lightning!

A Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts expert was bathed in the baptism of the light under the tribulation of lightning.

Like a phoenix reborn from the flames, it tore apart the weakness of the Xiantian eighth grade before, revealing its even more powerful vitality!

Time passed by minute by minute.

At 9 am, Jianghai city was also having an extremely exciting battle.

Shaolins Fa Zheng was fighting against the Indian Buddhist, Aro.

Both of them were already great grandmasters, so they definitely could not compare to Ye Xiao who had defeated Liu Chengxun and Murakami Beichuan with two roses.

However, for a place like Jianghai city, where most of the martial artists were not strong, their battle was still one worth watching.

The excitement of the battle could not be described with just a few words.

During the process of watching the battle, the audience received one surprise after another and were shocked again and again.

Aros cultivation technique was inclined towards trickery, but it was also an authentic Buddhist technique.

His movement technique was elegant and dazzling.

The cultivation technique of Fa Zheng was rich and imposing.

Although his speed was not as fast as Aros, he was like a huge mountain, as firm as a rock.

He repelled Aros attacks time and time again, causing people to continuously praise him.

The two of them experienced a full hour of confrontation.

Finally, after a palm strike, their physical strength was completely exhausted, and they could no longer continue to fight.

“Amitabha, this round, the two of them are tied!”

Under the joint witness of Shaolin and the elders of the Indian Buddhist sect, the confrontation ended in a tie.

The applause was thunderous, and the clapping sound resounded throughout the scene.

Aro could not help but sigh,

“In the end, it is the magical nine provinces.

Even after so many years, a miracle will still appear.

“This round, this penniless monk can be considered lucky to obtain a tie.

“If you are slightly careless, you might really lose.”

Fa Zheng smiled and said,

“Fellow martial artist is too modest.

My defense is entirely based on my mental cultivation technique.

In comparison, my mental cultivation technique has not been cultivated to the point of complete proficiency.

When I use it, there are also flaws.

It is fellow martial artist, Aro who has let me down.”

Aro shook his head.

“It is not a matter of me letting you down or you letting me down.

Your defense is indeed the strongest among the current generation of Buddhist disciples.

“Together with your mental cultivation technique, it can be said to be perfect.

“Furthermore, your mental cultivation technique is already so powerful even though you havent completely mastered it.

If you were to master it, Im afraid that this penniless monk wouldnt even be able to get a draw.

“Lets call it a day for this years competition.

Unfortunately, I still havent seen fellow martial artist Fa Xin.”

Aros tone was filled with disappointment.

In his life, he had always dreamed of meeting Fa Xin again to make up for the regret he had felt back then.

Back then, Fa Xins palm had instantly defeated him.

That palm that had shaken the depths of his soul had left him unable to forget it for a long time.

Every time he closed his eyes, he seemed to be able to see that palm.

Unfortunately, he did not know how long he would have to wait.

When Fa Zheng heard the name, Fa Xin, he also felt disappointed.

After all, Fa Xin was his younger brother.

However, at that moment, an accident suddenly happened.

In the sky, suddenly, a pitch-black layer of clouds flew over.

It was like a pitch-black mountain, pressing down on their heads.

That terrifying aura even made all the people present, and even all the martial artists in Jianghai city could not help but feel their chests tighten, and their breathing became difficult.

“What is that”

“Is it a thundercloud”

“Thats not right.

Didnt the weather forecast say that there would be no rain today”

However, when Fa Zheng, Aro, and the martial arts experts of Jianghai city saw that dark cloud, their faces became solemn.

“What an evil aura.

Why is there such a dense evil aura rushing over”

“Could it be someone from the demon sect”

Just as everyone was puzzled, Du Changfeng suddenly received a call.

“What did you say Beastmen Many beastmen

“How is this possible Where did the beastmen come from”

Hearing that voice, everyones expressions became even gloomier, and many people started to panic.


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