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Chapter 200: One Fist, One Divine-level Star Beast, One Saber, Another Divine-level Star Beast

Sensing the tremors beneath the ground, Ye Xiao immediately used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan the area.

As it turned out, Xia Bingning had encountered the guardian star beasts controlled by the myriad of purple and red leaves the moment she reached the ground.

Furthermore, they were six Xiantian sixth-grade great-level star beasts!

The flower fragrance and pollen emitted by the myriad of purple and red leaves could confuse the star beasts minds and control them as a means of attack.

“Do you need my help”

He used his mind to communicate with the other party.

“No need.”

Xia Bingning spat out three short words, her tone extremely conceited.

Ye Xiao shrugged and did not say anything else.

He continued to harvest his flowers.

However, he used his mind to keep an eye on Xia Bingning below.

Her technique of using her eyes to attack made him very curious.

It seemed to be another kind of special energy.

It was a bit like spiritual energy, but it could also be condensed into substance.

It seemed to be very rich in spiritual energy.

However, it could also attack the opponent unexpectedly.

It seemed that as long as it was within sight, the opponent could not escape.

It was very powerful.

Could it be an eye technique An eye technique that belonged to that world

It seemed like it was necessary for him to understand that power after he returned.

Not only was it strange, it was also very powerful!

Underground, in the blink of an eye, the six Xiantian sixth-grade star beasts were all taken care of by Xia Bingning.

After that, she continued to use the Earth-burrowing Technique to descend.

After descending for a distance, the battle erupted even more violently.

That time, the pebbles on the small mountain began to shake violently.

Ye Xiao dug the flowers while using his spiritual energy to scan the area below.

Xia Bingning encountered another four Xiantian seventh-grade star beasts.

However, even though the other partys strength had increased, she did not panic.

She continued to use that mysterious ocular technique in an orderly manner.

After a few breaths, she finished off these four Xiantian seventh-grade star beasts.

However, at that time, she was already slightly panting.

‘The myriad of purple and red leaves can only confuse star beasts with the same cultivation level as it.

Now that Ive killed all the Xiantian seventh-grade star beasts, there should only be one or two Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts left.

‘As long as I can finish them off, the only thing left is the myriad of purple and red leaves.

‘Even though myriad of purple and red leaves has already cultivated to a certain level and evolved a divine ability.

‘However, Ive also found a helper.

As long as he doesnt cheat me, he can help me seal the escape route of the myriad of purple and red leaves.

The myriad of purple and red leaves definitely wont be able to escape from my grasp today!

The corners of Xia Bingnings mouth curled up slightly.

She was in a very good mood.

Her cultivation technique was different from ordinary people.

She had a huge demand for the myriad of purple and red leaves, which were extremely precious and rare natural treasures.

That time, she had made sufficient preparations and research to capture the myriad of purple and red leaves.

That was her confidence in her own strength!

Divine Eyes!

At the age of twenty-one, she had already stepped into the Xiantian eighth grade.

Her eye-bloodline techniques were superb and no one on the same level could match her.

However, that was not the most important thing.

The most important thing was that she came from that place!

From that place to the surface, she possessed a technique that far surpassed that of the worlds martial artists.

That was the difference between dimensions.

The fact that she had come to that world was purely a dimensional reduction blow!

With the same strength of a Xiantian eighth grade, she would definitely be able to defeat her opponent.

In the surface world, she could be said to be unrivaled among those of the same cultivation level!

The Earth-burrowing Technique was activated again, and her body descended to a deeper level.

As soon as she arrived here, her eyes lit up.

In the darkness, a strange flower with eight colorful rays of light was blooming.

It was like a ray of light from an elf, mysterious and extremely alluring.

In fact, it was not light, but an overly dense spiritual energy.

After it was condensed to the extreme, it formed a power that spread out.

‘Ive found you! Myriad of purple and red leaves.

The myriad of purple and red leaves already had a spiritual sense.

As if to respond to her, the light on its body flickered twice.

In the next second, two extremely strong spiritual energy fluctuations appeared in the darkness.

They were Xiantina eighth-grade star beasts.

Their cultivation was already on par with hers.

‘As expected! My guess is right.

There will be two Xiatian eighth-grade star beasts in the end.

She was not afraid because she had such battle experience.

With the strength of her eye technique, it was not difficult for her to fight against two Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts at the same time.

She would definitely win that battle.

The myriad of purple and red leaves would definitely be in her hands.

On the ground, Ye Xiao was already about to pick up all the spiritual flowers in the surroundings, and his spiritual energy once again traveled down.

“There are Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts.

Are you sure you dont want to help”

“Theres no need! Although you might find it hard to believe what I said, two mere eighth-grade star beasts are not a big deal to me.”

Taking a deep breath, her large bright eyes once again emitted a light that made ones heart palpitate.


The next second, an explosion suddenly sounded.

However, it was not the two Xianitan eighth-grade star beasts opposite her.

Instead, it was Xia Bingning.


She spat out a mouthful of bright red blood.

A sharp pain and burning sensation came from her back.

Her small head instantly became somewhat muddled.

What was going on

Where did that attack come from

Just as she was dumbfounded, the star beast before her suddenly attacked.

Xia Bingning did not dare to be careless.

With her battle prowess, she could fight against two people at once!

Her defense was not any weaker than an ordinary Xiantian eighth-grade martial artist.

If she were to take the attack head-on, she would definitely be injured.

Not daring to be careless, she immediately used her eye-bloodline technique and forcefully shifted her position to dodge the attack.

However, at that moment, another two attacks that were not weaker than Xiantian eighth grade landed on her body at the same time.

Boom, Boom…


Xia Bingning spat out blood once again.

Her face became dispirited, and her bright eyes dimmed considerably.

She had also seen clearly what was going on.

There were not only two Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts there but six of them!

The myriad of purple and red leaves had hidden its trump card there.

She had been careless.

She had been too blindly confident and had fallen into the other partys trap.

That was the end.

She would not be able to catch the myriad purple and red leaves again.

Her priority was to save her life first.

She immediately bit her finger and used her blood to coordinate with the power of her eye technique to form a temporary safe space.

In the blink of an eye, she jumped out of the encirclement.


Then, she ran toward the ground at her fastest speed.

The myriad of purple and red leaves obviously would not let her off so easily.

A colorful light flashed on the flowers body.

In the next second, all the Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts rushed forward at a high speed.

Their bodies were covered in a layer of faint multicolored light, and they seemed to have received the help of the myriad of purple and red leaves.

Their speed was so fast that it caused ones hair to stand on end.

In the blink of an eye, they caught up to Xia Bingning at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Xia Bingnings face, which had already been very pale, instantly turned even paler.

“D*mn it!”

She spat and was extremely terrified.

At that moment, she wished that someone could come out and help her.

However, she knew that no one could.

Although Ye Xiaos strength was not bad, he was definitely not on her level.

How could she expect him to come and save her

Moreover, even if his strength was enough, without the Earth-burrowing Technique, how could he come down and help her

Ye Xiao, who had just finished digging up all the spiritual flowers, was not too surprised when he sensed Xia Bingnings situation.

That was because he had already sensed from the very beginning that there were six Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts below.

However, that Xia Bingning was too arrogant, so he did not say anything.

Initially, he thought that Xia Bingning would be able to barely hold on for a while with the help of her amazing eye technique.

However, he had not expected that she would surrender so quickly.

Ye Xiao packed up all the flowers and stored them into his spatial ring.

Only then did he cast the Earth-burrowing Technique and instantly sank into the ground.

Xia Bingning, who was originally rushing toward the ground, was immediately shocked when she suddenly saw ye Xiao descending.

“You know the Earth-burrowing technique Why didnt you say so earlier”

“You didnt ask me.

Besides, I asked if you wanted to help.

You also said that there was no need.

I thought you could handle it.”

Xia Bingning felt that her face was burning, but she quickly recovered and immediately said,

“Theres a change in the plan.

Quickly retreat! Were not their match.”

However, Ye Xiao did not listen to her.

Instead, he brushed past her and immediately rushed towards the six Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts below.

“Are you crazy”

Xia Bingning could not help but shout.

One had to know that there were not one or two of them, but a total of six.

All of them were Xiantian eighth-grade divine-level star beasts.

As the saying goes, two fists are no match for four hands.

For a genius like her, who was born with divine eyes, she could at most take on two star beasts of the same level one-on-one.

Facing those six Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts, she had no choice but to choose a tactical retreat.

While he actually charged over just like that.

That fellow must have gone mad!

Ye Xiao was very fast, and the other party was just as quick.

The two of them met in the blink of an eye.

Xia Bingning turned her head to take a look.

She was already prepared to see that tragic scene.

However, in the next second, she was petrified on the spot!

Only to see Ye Xiao suddenly clench his hand into a fist and punch out a second before the two sides met.

Great Nirvana Fist!

The powerful fist force collided with the first star beast and instantly exploded its body on the spot!

Instant kill!

Following that, the second Xiantian eight-grade star beast charged forward.

Ye Xiao waved his hand and a saber ray burst out.

Overpowering Saber!

The moment the saber ray shot out, even ghosts and gods were startled.

The entire underground was illuminated by the golden light.


One slash.

Just like that, another Xiantian eighth-grade divine-level star beast was split into two halves on the spot.

It was as simple as chopping a piece of cotton.


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