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Ye Xiao had not expected that in the time it took for him to eat, he had actually advanced to a higher grade.

That seemed to be a little perfunctory.


After all, it might have taken many years for others to advance through a small realm.

Strangely, it took him only half a day.

He once again communicated with his divine soul and saw that the Ming Luo saber technique on the first page had already been cultivated to perfection.

The progress bar had disappeared, and the page that recorded the cultivation technique had turned golden.


That meant that from now on, he could use the perfected Ming Luo saber technique.

The Ming Luo saber technique was the name of the saber technique that Ye Xiao had read.

However, in reality, it was also a cultivation technique that was the result of plagiarism.

It was derived from the Saber-drawing technique which was one of the basic saber techniques.

“I wonder how powerful the Ming Luo saber technique is.

When the weekend comes around, I must find a place where no one is around to give it a try.”


He glanced at the second page containing the Chen Familys Saber.

That saber technique had been cultivated to 87 percent.

The third page held the Gentle Breeze Swordsmanship and the fourth page contained the Tie Familys Fist that both had been cultivated to 80 percent.

The origin of the Chen Familys Saber was the Cleaving saber technique!

The origin of the Gentle Breeze Swordsmanship was the Chopping sword technique!

The origin of the Tie Familys Fist was the Straight Fist strike technique!

The authors of those basic cultivation techniques were probably not very well educated.

Their names were very simple as they were either their own names or their surnames.

However… They were plagiarized and adapted cultivation techniques, so what was he expecting

Once they synthesized, Ye Xiao hoped they would get better names.

After all, he was still a young man who was used to a more cultured naming style.


Could he be considered such as he was a young man in that world


After eating lunch, Ye Xiao returned to his management area and started reading again.

He was not in a hurry to advance.

It was just that he had been sick in bed for too long in his previous life.

Thus, in that life, he wanted to be more productive.


An afternoon passed in the blink of an eye.

That time, Ye Xiao had read 40 books!

Unfortunately, there were only five cultivation techniques that qualified.

Among them, three were saber techniques, two were sword techniques, and the rest were all from the same basic cultivation techniques.

It was just that they had changed the name and some moves, and it became a new cultivation technique that could not be recorded in the Golden Book.

Ye Xiao sighed.

A martial artist who only studied cultivation techniques was really too passive.

If you wrote a cultivation technique, others would immediately copy and adapt a hundred other cultivation techniques from it.

They would earn more money than you and become more famous.

Most importantly, it was not illegal.

Which would make anyone angry.


Fortunately, Ye Xiaos personality was more nonchalant, so he did not overly pursue cultivation.

Naturally, there was nothing to be angry about.

When he could not take it anymore, he would switch to books on history and geography to calm his mind.


The history of that world was similar to the one in his previous life.

The dynasties also matched, but there were some differences.

The first anomaly was the dynasties in history.

They all used their families as representatives and cultivated to the very peak to unify the nine provinces.

In every dynasty, there would always be a few prodigies who cultivated to a level that surpassed ordinary people.

Such as the three sovereigns and five emperors.

Even among their officials, there were also martial arts experts.

Strangely, those people would always disappear in the end.

Then, they would be swallowed up by the rising prodigies of new families, and new dynasties would be established.


It seemed to be the same abroad.

Therefore, the situation in that world was similar to the modern situation in his past life.

There were basically all the events that had happened in history, but there were some special differences.

Many famous people in his previous life were very powerful martial artists in that world!

In history, some of the most brutal battles might have been changed to a fight between martial artists.

In other cases, they joined hands to protect their homeland and resist the invasion of the star beasts, instead of the so-called aircraft cannons.

After thinking about it carefully, it made sense.

After humans had cultivated to the highest extent, they could fly into the sky and burrow into the Earth.

Furthermore, they could control mountains and rivers.

Why would they need aircraft cannons


One slash of a sword is capable of killing an enemy 800 miles away, and 70 miles could be traversed within a timespan of eating two mouthfuls of rice.

Moreover, aircraft cannons were generally unable to break through the spiritual energy defense of top-tier martial artists!


As for the star beasts, they were a type of spiritual beast that came from the stars.

They were different from wild beasts.

They had the same combat strength as human cultivators, which could be called special abilities.

Some powerful star beasts could even easily destroy a country.

However, just like those prodigies in history who mysteriously disappeared, the origin of star beasts was not explained.


Ye Xiao estimated that information might be related to core secrets.

The higher-ups of the library should be able to find the books containing such classified information.

Unfortunately, the higher-ups were not people who could do such things freely.

There were also superiors who were in charge.


At that moment, the clock chimed to signify the break time once again.

Ye Xiao closed his book, stretched his body, and ran to the cafeteria to eat again.

He wanted to keep going but if he did not eat, he would really starve to death!

Just like that, day after day, Ye Xiao ate his meals and continued to read books.

In his management area, the cafeteria, and the dormitory, he would read anywhere he could.

After about half a year, his cultivation had finally advanced to the peak of a ninth-grade martial artist.


He was just a stones throw away from stepping into the legendary Xiantian realm.

At that point, he would become a grandmaster.

It was said that after becoming a grandmaster, he would be qualified to open his own academy.


Of course, becoming a grandmaster was not just about opening an academy.

Other benefits were as numerous as carp crossing the river.

To put it simply, in that world, becoming a grandmaster meant that you had become a superior person.

Even if he had not reached the grandmaster rank, an existence like Ye Xiao, who had become a ninth-grade martial artist, was still a very outstanding existence.

Companies, private families, and even the army would all hire him at a very high price.

That kind of treatment was far from what a small librarian could receive.

However, Ye Xiao had not changed his profession.

Firstly, he was not interested in earning money.

In all honestly, he did not like money.

Having experienced life and death, as long as he could live a peaceful life in a corner一it would be a blessing.


Secondly, after reading all too many books, he knew in his heart that the outside world was very dangerous.

It was far from being as comfortable as his days in the library.


Although a ninth-grade martial artist was already very good, there was always someone better than him.

If he really met a grandmaster, it would be the end.


The third and most important point was that if other people wanted to cultivate, they could use pills and cultivation resources to increase their cultivation.

As for him, he only needed to read books and record the cultivation technique into his divine soul.

Then, he could automatically cultivate and advance.

At the end of the day, staying in the library was his best choice.

In that half a year, Ye Xiao had gotten familiar with many of his colleagues in the library.

That was because his temperament was gentle, he was kind to others, and he was very handsome.

He was exceptionally likable, especially among his female colleagues.



The clock chimed once more.

Before Ye Xiao could close his book, a figure leaped up from downstairs.

“Old Ye, its time to eat!”


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