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Chapter 197: Promotion

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Ye Xiaos other cultivation techniques had long-range attacks, but they did not have long-range control.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery was in the aspect of spiritual energy, so it could not be counted.

Only the claw technique was the most suitable.

It could attack, but it could also be controlled.

If he had the claw technique the last time, he could use the claw technique to directly pull Qin Yuyan back from long-range.


Just like playing a game, control skills were very important.

However, just as Ye Xiao was steadily improving, his phone rang.

It was Wang Dalong calling.

“Whats the matter”

Ye Xiao picked up the phone, and Wang Dalongs laughter came from the other end.


Ye, the few flowers you said you wanted before.

Do you still want them now”

“Didnt you say it was hard to find them Why do you have them now”

“Its like this.

Recently, in the Southwest Seaside Forest, spiritual energy is quite abundant.

I heard that many people have found some surprises and a lot of rare natural treasures.

“Im going to take a look too.

If you want them, Ill pay special attention to them.

If I dont find them, I can buy them from others.

You can give me a running fee.”

“Thats fine, but I dont have much money on hand, so Im afraid I cant buy much.”

“Then Ill buy less.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiao began to think.

‘Looks like there are quite a lot of good things in the Southwest Seaside Forest recently! If I want to buy it, I wont be able to buy many good things with just the millions I have on hand.

‘Should I go to the Southwest Seaside Forest just once

‘After all, I myself have cultivated a spiritual cultivation technique.

If I go and search for them myself, Ill definitely be much more efficient than others.

Susan was very good at making honey.

There was a huge amount of spiritual energy in it, so it could definitely be eaten as a good medicinal pill.

Her current ability was still of some use to her.

If her strength increased further, the amount of spiritual energy she needed would be even greater, and her honey might not have such a great effect.

He might as well take advantage of the fact that the honey had given him a very high level of improvement.

First, he would find some top-grade flowers and let Susan create more and better honey.

Then, he would advance to Xiantian ninth grade in one fell swoop.

It was decided then.

Ye Xiao came to the directors office to look for Director Ouyang.

“What Youre asking for leave again”

In the office, Ouyang Yunzhong raised her eyebrows.

The expression on her face seemed to be a little unhappy.

“Ye Xiao, I know.

Youre a young man.

Young people are full of vigor.

They have to be impulsive.

After having sex, its easy to get addicted.

“But the more its like this, the more you have to restrain yourself.

“Youre so young now.

Its the time for your career to rise.

How can you keep going to meet female netizens”


“Im not going to meet a female netizen this time.

I have some private matters to attend to.”

“Thats good.

Ye Xiao, youre my old subordinate, and I dont want to hide it from you.

Recently, our library has made a big move again.

Since Im still the librarys director, perform well and Ill promote you up.”

“Another big move”

Ye Xiao was a little confused.

Ouyang Yunzhong said in a low voice,

“Ill talk to you alone here.

Dont spread the news.

That Senior Saber-sword Immortal has already raised the speed of our Jianghai citys spirit-gathering array to the level of a first-tier city.

“Because of this matter, Jianghai city will be expanded again.

“And our library, as the supporting library of Jianghai city, will definitely be expanded again.

“Who knows, in the future, we might all have the qualifications to record cultivation techniques above the grandmaster level.”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He had never thought that such a thing would actually happen.

Back then, he had only wanted to seal the spirit-gathering array and use it as his divine-level star beast breeding ground to help Jianghai city raise its spiritual energy.

It was just a small token.

In the end, he had never thought that it would bring such a huge change to Jianghai city.

There were even cultivation techniques above the grandmaster level.

Could it be that they would record imperial techniques in the library

If that was the case, he would not have to consider going out to capture divine-level star beasts and obtain imperial techniques Then he would be able to directly record imperial techniques in the library

That was a good thing.

After all, it could save a lot of trouble.

As long as he read books every day, he would become stronger.


In that case, Ye Xiao even began to think whether he should expand the scale of the breeding farm a little more

If the breeding farm was expanded a little more, the spirit-gathering array would be more effective, and the speed of absorbing spiritual energy would become stronger.

That would also attract more attention from the higher-ups.

It was even very likely that Jianghai city, that small place, would be upgraded to a top-tier martial arts city like Hu city.

With that, not only would he be able to obtain more imperial cultivation techniques, he would also be able to have a divine-level star beast to replenish his blood essence and spiritual energy.

The speed of his cultivation would definitely increase very quickly.

“But then again, although I have the intention to promote you, you must also have the corresponding strength.

“If the library were to expand and record even more powerful cultivation techniques, there would definitely be a certain requirement for the martial arts cultivation of the librarys management.

“Right now, you only have the strength of Houtian third grade and are far from meeting this requirement.

“Previously, I told you that you and Fa Zheng were very close and that you could let him teach you more.

At that time, you werent willing, but now, if you want to advance further, you have to change your thinking and raise your strength.

“In addition, I heard that you are also very close to Liu Chengxun now, and that would be even better for everyone.

Just a little guidance from him would be enough for you to enjoy for the rest of your life.

“Dont miss this good opportunity.”

Ye Xiao nodded and gave a perfunctory reply.

If the library was really going to be expanded, his status would definitely not be too low if he wanted to come into contact with the imperial techniques.

Therefore, it was also possible for him to properly display his cultivation.

Houtian fourth grade, fifth grade… In any case, with his current strength, it was impossible for them to see through his cultivation, so he could freely control the points.

Then, to the outside world, he could even say that he had learned from Liu Chengxun and Fa Zheng, and his cultivation had improved very quickly.

Seeing that Ye Xiao was no longer stubborn that time, Ouyang Yunzhong nodded her head in satisfaction and approved his leave request.

After receiving the leave request, Ye Xiao was ready to head to the Southwest Seaside Forest.

When he came down from the directors office, he saw Fa Zheng from the fifth floor, reading a book.

However, his cultivation had already advanced to Xiantian sixth grade.

That meant that he had already seen the mental cultivation technique that he had left for him.

With that mental cultivation technique as the foundation, it should not be a problem to fight against that Indian Buddhist.

Even if he could not win, he would not be defeated so badly.

Then, he left the library.

Zhong province, nine provinces alliance, Zhong province sub-alliance.

That place was the center of the entire Zhong province, and it controlled the decisions of all the cities in the entire Zhong province.

The highest decision-maker in charge of the sub-alliance was Deputy Alliance Leader Lin Chengqian.

In the nine provinces alliance, apart from the chief alliance leader, there were nine other deputy alliance leaders who were in charge of the nine provinces.

As for the Emperor, the nine provinces, or perhaps the entire world, had not had an emperor for hundreds of years.

At that moment, an urgent message was quietly transmitted over and sent to Lin Chengqians hands.

“Chief Lin, this is an urgent intelligence report sent by Qin province.”

Lin Chengqian took the report and glanced at it.

Then, he immediately stood up.

The secretary who had submitted the report could not help but feel a little shocked when she saw that scene.

She had been by Chief Lins side for so many years and had rarely seen such an expression on his face.

When such an expression appeared on his face, it meant that the urgent intelligence report was definitely unusual.

“Alliance leader, Are you alright”

Lin Chengqian pushed up his glasses and said with a solemn expression,

“Im fine.

Immediately send someone to go to the northern ice plains of the nine provinces and find Saber God Li Liushui.

Tell him that Long Tu of the Beast God Alliance has exited seclusion from the Heavenly Devil Cliff and has entered the Zhong province.”


The secretarys heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

She finally understood why the alliance leaders expression was so warped.

Long Tu was an extremely legendary name.

In that world, there were many hostile forces.

Star beasts and humans, humans and beastmen, star beasts and beastmen, and even among each other, the fights between the same race had reached the point of fire and water.

Many forces could fight each other to the death just by glancing at each other.

However, there were some exceptions.

Those people were martial arts experts who were above the rules of the world.

They never had any rules to follow, nor did they have any rules to restrain them.

Sometimes, even though the two sides were clearly hostile, they might sit down together and drink and chat.

That was because they were too strong, so strong that if they had to fight each other, it could cause landslides and earth-shattering, causing countless lives to die.

Therefore, even if their identities were hostile, martial arts experts like them would not casually attack unless it was a critical moment.

Long Tu belonged to that kind of category.

An unparalleled martial arts expert!

He could be said to be the god of the beastmen in the past few hundred years!

He had grown from a small beastman without any background to an unrivaled powerhouse.

He had even reached the level where he could challenge the top ten geniuses on the World Dragon list.

His strength was unimaginable.

As a beastman, he could not escape death even if he was discovered by the people of the nine provinces alliance in the land of the nine provinces.

Long Tu naturally belonged to one of them.

However, if he were to appear at the headquarters of the alliance leader of the Zhong province, Lin Chengqian would only respectfully pour water for him and not dare to complain in the slightest.

That was because he could not resist him.

Foolishly provoking him would only cause the death of the Zhong province and many innocent people.

The only thing he could do was not to provoke him.

That was why his expression was so grave.

It was because he had become one who was uncertain about his own safety, or even the safety of the nine provinces.

That was a strong force.

In front of a strong person, all the power and wealth were futile.

That was also the reason why he went to invite the Saber God, Li Liushui.

In the entire nine provinces, the number of people who could beat Long Tu could be counted on one hand.

Li Liushui was just one of them.


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