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Chapter 196: Steadily Rising

On Ye Xiaos side, after a whole morning of viewing, he quickly identified a few types of flowers.

Using ordinary flowers would definitely not work.

Ye Xiao wanted honey that had good taste and could provide a lot of spiritual energy to help him advance.

Just like when online friends met, they could not make an appointment just for the sake of an appointment.

That would be too inappropriate.

They had to do it for the sublimation of the soul.

He first confirmed that it was a flower called the violet orchid.

That was a flower that bloomed at night.

It was different from other flowers.

What it absorbed was not sunlight, but moonlight, gathering the essence of heaven and earth… It sounded strange and zombie-like.

What was so good about that flower

It bloomed at dawn, and at that time, almost the vast majority of people were in a state of rest.

The spiritual energy between heaven and earth was at its fullest.

Hence, the spiritual energy it condensed was extremely dense.

There were also quite a number of martial artists who would breed that kind of flower at home.

It could be used as an ornamental flower and could also absorb spiritual energy.

There was another very important reason why Ye Xiao chose it.

It was easy to buy as it was planted in large quantities.

Another type of flower was the blazing sunflower.

The properties of the blazing sunflower and the violet orchid were exactly the opposite.

The violet orchid liked the moon while it preferred the sun.

Its existence was more common.

Although its effects were not as good as the violet orchids, it could not withstand its large quantity, low price, and low maintenance.

Other than those two types of flowers, there were also the exquisite jade flower, the rock-climbing flower, and the flower king, the myriad of purple and red leaves.

They were all flowers that were extremely spiritual.

Some of them even had to be auctioned off at the auction house to be used to refine some top-grade medicinal herbs!

However, Ye Xiao estimated that the last few types of flowers would not be easy to obtain.

Ye Xiao dialed the night market stall owner, Wang Dalongs number.

That guy was very resourceful in just about everything.

If Ye Xiao could not find anything, it was basically no problem as long as Wang Dalong was looking for it.

“Hello, Mr.

Ye, why are you suddenly calling me Do you have any orders”

“I want to buy a few types of flowers from you.”

“Flowers Are they for alchemy”


“Alright, what kind of flowers do you want”

Ye Xiao said the few types of flowers that he wanted, and Wang Dalong explained,


Ye, I can easily get you the violet orchid and blazing sunflower, but the last few types arent easy to get.

Theyre all rare goods, and their prices are high.

A single flower costs tens of thousands, or even more than a hundred thousand.

Its not suitable for you to buy that kind of flower for alchemy.

“If you fail, how much will you lose”

“Where can I buy the next few types of flowers Buy them cheaper”

“Its impossible to buy them cheap unless you go to the mountains to pick them yourself.

If I remember correctly, you can find them in the Southwest Forest, but its very dangerous there.

There will be some extremely powerful star beasts hidden there.

If youre not careful, youll die.”

“Is that so I got it.

Then collect the violet orchid and the blazing sunflower for me first.

200,000 yuan each.”

Ye Xiao had previously sold several million using Ji Fengs hair in the black market.

Now, he did not need to care about the money.


Ill definitely get it for you before tonight.”

“Ill wait for your good news.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiao began to plan in his heart.

First, he would try out the effects of the violet orchid and the blazing sunflower to see what kind of level they could reach.

If the honey was very good and had a great amount of spiritual energy, then he would go to the forest to look for other types of flowers.

If the honey was too bad and the spiritual energy contained in it was not good, then he would instantly get rid of Susan, wrap her in bread chaff, and make fried bees.

Ye Xiao did not know how to keep idle things that could not provide him with anything of value.

Even if it was a Xiantian eighth-grade star beast, it was worthless to him.

That night, Wang Dalong prepared two types of flowers for Ye Xiao as promised, two carts of each type.

Ye Xiao paid the money and threw the flowers into the seal.

He got Susan to start making honey and then went home to rest.

The next morning, he personally came to the farm to collect things and did not ask Huan Liuli to come over.

He wanted to see the results himself.

When Ye Xiao arrived, all the star beasts had already prepared the offerings for today.

Norfis octopus tentacles, Earth Immortal Wengs ginseng beard, deer blood, deer antler, egg, turtle egg…

However, what Ye Xiao valued the most was the offerings from Susan and Mo Yu, these two eighth-grade star beasts.

Mo Yu had just finished making them and was currently fastening the buttons.

That made ye Xiao very puzzled.

Could it be that she did not need to transform back into her star beast form

No way

Was it that powerful

The fresh milk was still steaming.

Ye Xiao flicked his finger and used spiritual energy to take a bit out of the bucket.

The taste was very good.

It was warm, slightly sweet, and very appetizing.

An extremely dense but very gentle spiritual energy spread from his stomach to Ye Xiaos four limbs.

Good heavens, it was the jackpot!

The effect of drinking it was close to that of eating a transcendent-grade medicinal pill.

After drinking such a bucket, it would be worth several grandmaster-grade medicinal pills at the very least.

Furthermore, it could be used to make cheese, butter, yellow peach yoghurt, and the like.

Regardless of whether it was in terms of practical use or in terms of taste, it was much better than pill refinement.

Most importantly, pill refinement required the purchase of raw materials.

Not only did it cost a lot, but it also required the refinement of the ingredients one by one.

It was very troublesome.

That was very simple.

There was no need to do anything.

One only needed to come over every day and collect it.

It was perfect.

Susan, who had been extremely arrogant yesterday, had now transformed into the most hardworking little bee.

After a night of work, she had harvested a total of eight small buckets.

In addition, she was a divine-level bee, so she would definitely be able to harvest honey very quickly.

Of course, she could also use a relatively fast method to harvest honey.

However, if that was the case, the degree of perfection of the honey that was cultivated would be far from enough.

The amount of spiritual energy and the texture of the honey would be lacking.

Susan personally did not like Ye Xiao, but she was not an idiot.

She knew that at the moment, going against him was courting death.

Rather than that, she might as well be obedient for a while.

In Norfis words, they might be rescued one day.

However, if they died there, it would be too unworthy of a place.

Ye Xiao used his spiritual energy to dig out a bit and taste it.

It was actually not weaker than the fresh milk created by Mo Yu.

One had to know that Mo Yu was created by combining spiritual energy with blood essence, and Susan did not sacrifice her own blood essence to gather honey.

From the looks of it, she was much stronger than the other star beasts.

Moreover, there was so much honey here.

There were many more barrels than milk.

It was equivalent to providing him with dozens of grandmaster-grade pills all at once!

He had decided to let her do more work and get more flowers every day in the future.

However, he had to think of a way to change the way he obtained those flowers.

If he had to buy hundreds of thousands of flowers every day, it would not be worth it.

Should he… Have her collect it herself

However, after thinking about it, Ye Xiao ultimately gave up on this decision.

If he placed her in the breeding ground, she would not run.

If he let her out, she would run faster than anyone else.

It was mainly because of his current cultivation that he had not reached Xiantian ninth grade.

If he was a Xiantian ninth-grade martial artist now and his spiritual energy was one level higher than hers, he could directly use his spiritual energy to forcefully place a restriction on her, after letting her pluck the flowers, he would return obediently.

Looks like his cultivation was still not enough.

He had to think of a way to quickly raise his it.

Ye Xiao looked at his body.

His spiritual energy cultivation had probably reached about 50 percent.

He was still 50 percent away from advancing to Xiantian ninth grade.

In a few days, he would slowly accumulate his spiritual energy.

After a few days, he would find a time to go to the forest and see if he could find some decent flowers to use to make honey from Susan.

After collecting todays offerings, Ye Xiao left the farm.

Norfis and the other star beasts surrounded him and said with a smile,

“How is it Actually, its pretty good to be a poultry.

As long as you do it for a short while every day, youll be free for the rest of the time.

You can also ensure your own safety.

“You can play if you want to, and you can train if you want to.”

Although Susan did not want to admit it, she still nodded.

“Its pretty good.”

Mo Yu could not help but grumble,

“Everything else is good, but the pinch is really painful! I still feel hot right now.”

“Youre already pretty good! Its just a squeeze.

Brother Deer is the unlucky one.

He has to bleed deer blood every day, and he also has to cut deer antlers.”

Ye Xiao went back and ate all the offerings from the divine-level star beasts.

He did not waste any of them.

His powerful body quickly digested the harvest and absorbed the rich blood essence and spiritual energy into his own cultivation.

His cultivation increased quite a lot in the blink of an eye, increasing by about 1 percent.

That speed was actually not slow.

To put it bluntly, it was impossible for the worlds most powerful genius to have such a rich supply of resources.

From Xiantian eighth grade to Xiantian ninth grade, it would take at least a few years.

As for his own speed, it would only take about 100 days.

He would be able to reach it in three months.

He was many times stronger than others.

Following that, Ye Xiao obediently stayed in the library for another half a month.

Every day, he would clock in and seriously read his books.

After work, he would go back to savor the delicacies and use the offerings from the divine-level star beasts to raise his cultivation.

In half a months time, Ye Xiaos cultivation had increased by less than 20 percent.

That way, he would still have 30 percent of his cultivation left, and he would be able to advance to the Xiantian ninth grade.

He had also learned eight basic claw techniques from the remaining two cultivation techniques in his sights, the claw technique and the leg technique.

The pages that recorded the cultivation technique had already begun to light up slightly.

That meant that he was still one step away from the final one.

Then, he would be able to successfully fuse an imperial claw technique.

Ye Xiao had wanted to start cultivating the claw technique the last time he had experienced Susan and the others capturing Qin Yuyan.

The last time Ye Xiao entered the spatial teleportation array, it was actually a very risky move.

If he was slightly careless, he might be left behind in the spacetime turbulence.

At that moment, he was not strong enough to resist that kind of spatial power.

Therefore, it required him to have a cultivation technique that he could control remotely.


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