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Chapter 193: Poultry Should Have the Awareness of Poultry


… Mr.

Ye, we havent done anything wrong recently.

The meat and eggs that should be handed in every day have been handed in on time.”

Ye Xiao waved his hand.

“Dont worry! My coming here this time has nothing to do with you guys.”

The group of star beasts all looked at Ye Xiao with puzzled faces.

Nothing to do with them

Then what exactly was the matter Was it worth it for him to come personally

In the end, in the next second, the star beasts saw Ye Xiao detain three star beasts whose auras were even stronger than theirs!

“This is…”

“Holy sh*t!”

“Holy Sh*t, holy sh*t, holy sh*t!”

The divine-level star beasts instantly went crazy!

Was that a joke

Ye Xiao actually captured a few more star beasts, and the strength of those three star beasts was even stronger than the few of them.

Good heavens, does that fellows strength have any limits

Mo Yu, Iron Bull, and Susan also looked at them in a daze, completely at a loss.

What kind of situation was that

Why were there so many star beasts there

Moreover, each star beasts strength was above the divine grandmaster level

Were they dreaming

After Ye Xiao captured the three star beasts, he slowly opened his mouth and said,

“From now on, this is where the three of you will be staying.

They will teach you the rules.

“From tomorrow onward, the three of you will start working normally.

I dont want many things, just honey, milk, and shells.

“If I dont see these three things, they will teach you the consequences.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left, starting to strengthen the seal.

After all, three more Xiantian eighth-grade divine-level star beasts had entered.

The original seal was definitely not strong enough.

Ye Xiao had only carved out the original seal.

The last time, the left protector of the Beast God Alliance had used some unknown thing to break through it.

Therefore, he had to add spirit stones, a material that contained a large amount of spiritual energy, to rearrange and strengthen the array.

After adding those materials, not to mention those star beasts, even if it was a few times more, Ye Xiao would not have to worry at all.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao left.

It was almost dawn, so he could go up and have some breakfast before starting work.

After he left, several figures immediately flew to the sky above the library.

Liu Chengxun, Du Changfeng, Fa Zheng, Le Xinling, Lian Chimu…

All the big shots in Jianghai city, and even the martial arts experts from the nearby major sects, rushed over at the fastest speed.

“Whats going on The speed at which the entire Jianghai city absorbs spiritual energy has increased by a lot”

“Its more than a lot.

Its almost double in number.”

“There must be something wrong with the spirit-gathering array below! Fa Zheng, this array belongs to your Shaolin.

Can you see whats down there”

Fa Zheng smiled bitterly.

“This penniless monk has already said it before.

Senior Saber-sword Immortal has already set up a new array for the array.

Furthermore, its an imperial array.

“Not to mention this penniless monk, even if we bring all of the array masters who are most proficient in arrays here, we might not be able to break this array.

“Therefore, no one can know whats going on down there.”

Liu Chengxun said,

“The spirit-gathering array mainly relies on the strength of high-level star beasts.

Last night, Senior Saber-sword Immortal killed three Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts.

“Moreover, this array was set up by him.

“If my guess is correct, it should be him who put all the star beasts corpses into this seal.

“Thats why the spiritual energy in Jianghai city has increased.”

Everyones heart shook, and their faces turned red with excitement.

“Thats right! Why didnt we think of that We only thought that this matter might have something to do with Senior Saber-sword Immortal, but we didnt think that the increase in the strength of the spirit-gathering array might have something to do with the core of the array, the star beasts.

“From the looks of it, Senior Saber-sword Immortal has sealed all the high-level star beasts that he has killed so far inside.”

“Now, the rate at which Jianghai city absorbs spiritual energy has already reached the level of those first-tier cities.

It seems that the development of Jianghai city is just around the corner.”

Everyone was extremely excited.

The ability and speed at which a city absorbs spiritual energy played a fundamental role in the development of a city.

If a city did not have spiritual energy, no one would be willing to go there.

After all, as a martial artist, what they needed the most was spiritual energy to cultivate.

On the contrary, the more spiritual energy there was in a city, the more spiritual energy a martial artist could absorb and increase the speed of cultivation.

The population of the city would increase.

“Jianghai city is really a blessed city!”

Liu Chengxun could not help but sigh deeply.

There were countless cities in the world that were thinking of ways to increase their speed of absorbing spiritual energy every day.

However, Jianghai city was only a small city, yet it could absorb spiritual energy at such a high speed.

It was simply blessed by the heavens.

“No, sword saint Liu, I think youre wrong.”

Du Changfeng smiled.

“Its because we have a lucky star like the Saber-sword Immortal! The lucky star shines brightly, which is why Jianghai city is where it is today.”

Liu Chengxun nodded, agreeing with his words.

“Youre right.

The true fortune of Jianghai city lies in the Saber-sword Immortal!”

The humans above were elated, but the star beasts below were dumbfounded.

“You mean that human b*stard raised us up to treat us as poultry”

Susan shouted in disbelief!

The other star beasts nodded seriously.

“Is he crazy Is there something wrong with his brain What makes him think that we, the divine grandmaster star beasts, the martial arts experts of the star beast race, are willing to be his poultry

“We are intelligent creatures!

“We are existences that control a superior power!

“We can only let the humans be our poultry.

We absolutely can not be the humans poultry.

“Let him dream his big dreams.”

Susan was so angry that steam rose from her ears!

Who was she

She was a mighty Xiantian eighth-grade divine grandmaster star beast under the Tiger God!

She was so powerful that no one dared to provoke her.

With a single command, a million star beasts would submit!

Who was he, Ye Xiao

A mere nameless human.

Even if his strength was stronger than hers, she would definitely not compromise.

She had her dignity!

The dignity of a general under the Tiger God!

The other star beasts looked at each other and immediately could not help but say leisurely,

“We think that you should just obediently be a poultry.

Dont provoke that fellow and cause trouble for everyone.”

Susan smiled coldly.

“Do you think that Im as soft-hearted as all of you As a majestic divine grandmaster star beast, you actually disregarded your own face and didnt care about the dignity of the star beast race, becoming a poultry for humans.

“Youre simply too embarrassing!”

Ji Feng said faintly,

“In the beginning, I also had the same mentality as you.

But now, dont I still obediently lay eggs every day”

Susan laughed disdainfully.

“Hehe, can you be like me Im at the Xiantian eighth grade, and youre only at the Xiantian seventh grade.

“Although theres only a realm difference between the Xiantian seventh grade and the Xiantian eighth grade, the difference between them is like Heaven and Earth.”

Ji Feng shook her head helplessly and pointed at Norfis not far away.

“Ah, this Senior Norfis, his main body is a Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster.

“No matter how powerful, you are at Xiantian eighth grade, you cant possibly be more powerful than him, right

“Now that hes obediently listening to him, what do you think you have to be so proud of

“Dont say that youre at Xiantian eighth grade.

Even if you are at Xiantian ninth grade, as long as you cant beat him, youll still have to obediently be poultry.”

“Then what if I absolutely dont do it”

“Then youll die a horrible death! No, its a death wish.

A death wish.

That guy, he has three imperial healing techniques.

No matter what method you use to die, hell be able to save you.

Unless you can blow yourself up in an instant, leaving not even ashes behind.

“But in this seal, you definitely cant do it, because we wont allow you to self-destruct.

If you do that, youll blow us up too.”

Susan clenched her teeth, and a hint of fear appeared in her eyes.

Whether she was a human or a beast, as long as she was a conscious life form, the most painful thing was not being able to live or die.

However, she definitely could not give in so easily.

Once she gave Ye Xiao the first time, he would want the second time, the third time, the fourth time… As well as countless times!

Therefore, she absolutely had to hold on to her first time.

She glanced at her two companions beside her.

“Tomorrow, well ignore him and see what he does.

If he thinks that he can conquer us with just a little trick, then hes looking down on us too much.

“The general under the Tiger God is definitely not a coward!”

Iron Bull and Mo Yu nodded.

Susan was right.

They had to stick to their bottom line.

Ye Xiao wanted to turn them into poultry, but they just did not want to be poultry.

It was not just about their dignity.

At the same time, it had a lot to do with their health and cultivation.

Whether it was Mo Yu producing milk or Iron Bull cracking shells, they were all very harmful to their bodies.

That was the precious essence that they had condensed with their own cultivation and blood essence.

How could they just give it up so easily

It was just like getting beaten up.

In any case, it was not the first or second time they had been beaten up.

As long as they gritted their teeth and endured it a few times, Ye Xiao should be able to let it go.

After that, they would think of a way to escape that place.

In the blink of an eye, the second day quickly arrived.

In the Golden Book divine soul, the Imperial Sword Art had already been completely cultivated.

Ye Xiao tried it out a little.

The Imperial Sword Art and the Heaven-cleaving Sword technique had different natures.

The Heaven-cleaving Sword technique gathered all of its power into one attack.

As for the Imperial Sword Art, it continuously increased the power of the sword technique along with the continuous attacks.

One sword was stronger than the other!

If they were to really compare, the Imperial Sword Art was even stronger.

However, its strength lay in the later stages.

In the early stages, it was not strong enough.

That was also why when he had fought with Susan previously, the Heaven-cleaving Sword had shattered so many of her sword rays.


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