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Chapter 192: He Was Here Again

Very soon, a large hole was torn in the sky.

The strongest pressure that Ye Xiao had never seen before was pressing down on his head.

However, that pressure did not descend.

That was because breaking through the spatial teleportation array had already consumed too much of its energy, it was unable to continue supporting itself in front of Ye Xiao.

However, even so, its remaining might still blew out a huge gust of wind.

The spiritual energy on Ye Xiaos body swayed a few times like flames.


Following closely behind, an angry tiger roar was transmitted out from the teleportation array.

The angry roar was like thunder, deafening and resounding throughout the world.

Ye Xiao could sense the other partys rage, unwillingness, and dense killing intent from that roar.

However, not only did Ye Xiao not have the slightest bit of anger, he was even faintly excited.

What a powerful star beast!

The strength of that star beast had probably already surpassed a Xiantian ninth-grade martial arts expert.

The blood essence of a Xiantian eighth-grade star beast was already extremely dense.

If it was a Xiantian ninth-grade star beast, then how strong would its blood essence be

That divine-level star beast seemed to be calling out for the Tiger God!

Tiger God

Could it be a tiger

He did not know if tiger meat was delicious, but the tiger skin was definitely very precious, probably more than a hundred times stronger than King Els.

Other than that, the tiger leather was also a great tonic.

It could be used to brew wine.

The tiger bone refining pill seemed to be very good as well.

At the same time, the other partys cultivation was so strong so its star core was definitely not an ordinary thing.

Just thinking about it made Ye Xiao feel that his mouth was somewhat moist.

At that moment, the tigers roar in the sky continued.

After Ye Xiao was silent for a moment, he raised his hand and slashed.


That slash detonated in the teleportation array, completely destroying the entire thing.

The portal of the teleportation array was completely closed.

‘Its finally quiet now.

‘However, I have to quickly increase my strength.

In the future, when I encounter this Tiger God, I cant let him off.

Ye Xiao swept a glance at the three Xiantian eighth-grade divine-level star beasts in his storage ring, and a knowing smile appeared in his eyes.

It seemed like the breeding ground could be expanded a little.

He carried Qin Yuyan and quickly returned to Jianghai city.

After returning to the city, he used a healing technique to heal Qin Yuyans injuries.

He placed her at the governors manors entrance and began to busy himself with his own matters.

Qin Yuyan woke up from her trance and was shocked when she saw the governors manor.

‘I remember that I should have been brought into the spatial teleportation array by that Xiantian eighth-grade divine-level star beast.

Why am I in front of the governors manor

‘Could it be that Im already dead Is this just an illusion after my death

However, she quickly pinched her cheek.

Pain assaulted her and only then did she realize that she was not dead.

‘Thats strange.

How did I appear here

She lowered her head and pondered for a moment.

‘I remember that before I lost consciousness, I heard the sound of a battle.

And then… wait a minute, could it be that Senior Saber-sword Immortal saved me

In the entire Jianghai city, there was no one else who had the ability to save her except for him.

Furthermore, only Senior Saber-sword Immortal had such a powerful healing technique.

He was able to heal her injuries in such a short period of time.

‘Senior, you made me owe you another favor! But why didnt you let me know who you are

Qin Yuyan sighed, unable to express her helplessness.

As time passed, the endless darkness made the three star beasts like duckweeds in the water.

They did not know where they were as they drifted along with the darkness.

Suddenly, a ray of light appeared.

It seemed to have a great attraction as it guided the consciousness of the three star beasts to reality.

In the end, they passed through an extremely bright light door and completely regained consciousness.

“Strange, arent we already dead How did we come back to life”

“I dont know either.

Could this be hell Thats why our souls have gathered together.”

“Thats not right.

This isnt hell.

You guys… Look quickly.”

Mo Yu looked at Iron Bull and Susan in front of her as they glanced forward in the direction she pointed.

Instantly, her mind jolted and her entire body began to tremble uncontrollably.

Not far in front of them stood a figure that made them incomparably fearful.

It was a man that was like a nightmare, Ye Xiao!


Iron Bull and Susan immediately thought of running.

In reality, other than running, the two of them really could not think of anything else that they could do.

Unfortunately, although the two star beasts ran fast, they were far from Ye Xiaos speed.

The two star beasts had just turned around when Ye Xiao flicked his fingers and sent out two Infinite Calamity Fingers.

In an instant, the two star beasts kneecaps were penetrated.



The sound of two broken bones was heard, causing the bodies of Iron Bull and Susan to tremble, instantly becoming obedient.

“What on Earth is going on Didnt you already kill us Why are you resurrecting us again”

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Someone will tell you later.”

With that, Ye Xiao suppressed the three star beasts with his spiritual energy and brought them underground.

In fact, Ye Xiao had already examined their star cores and obtained their imperial techniques from them.

Among them, the imperial technique in the Iron Bulls star core was from the same origin as the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art that he cultivated.

The type was similar, so it was not recorded into his Golden Book divine soul.

The same was true for Mo Yus healing technique.

He had already collected three different types of imperial-level healing techniques, so it was impossible for him to continue recording them.

Susan was a little stronger than the two of them.

There were two imperial techniques in her star core.

One of them was a movement technique, but unfortunately, it was close to the Divine Intent, so it could not be recorded.

Fortunately, Susans other imperial technique, the Imperial Sword Art, was a sword technique that was different from the Heaven-cleaving Sword technique, so it could be directly recorded into the Golden Book divine soul.

That way, he would have two imperial sword art techniques at the same time.

There was nothing to be disappointed about.

Originally, imperial techniques and ordinary cultivation techniques were the same.

They both had a certain framework and foundation.

Only different techniques could be combined together to increase each others strengths and complement each others weaknesses.

It was already very profitable for Ye Xiao to be able to obtain an imperial sword technique among the three Xiantian eighth-grade divine-level star beasts.

At the very least, it was more likely than him reading books in the library and searching for those basic cultivation techniques.

After scanning the star cores of a few star beasts, the remaining ones were arranged to the breeding grounds.

Mo Yu was a cow and cows could be milked.

In the future, there would finally be milk to drink.

Moreover, because her own bloodline was good at healing, the milk would also contain some ingredients with healing properties.

After drinking, it would definitely be beneficial to the body and could even strengthen ones cultivation.

That fellow definitely had to be kept.

The Iron Bull was relatively useless.

Its main body was actually a single-horned immortal.

Its shell was thick and extremely strong!

The meat was definitely inedible, and Ye Xiao could not get his mouth around it.

However, it also had its own unique use, which was that its shell was very hard.

Along with its training for so many years, its shell had long been refined to perfection.

Compared to the shell of a turtle, it might be even harder.

Ye Xiao did not want to waste such a hard shell.

Every time, he could peel the shell and use its shell to refine armor.

Alternatively, he could use its shell to strengthen his current armor.

Its shell could already withstand the bombardment of a sword saint like Liu Chengxun before it was refined.

If he refined it and extracted the elements from it into his armor, his armor could be further strengthened.

Such a good star beast, he would definitely keep it.

The remaining one was Susan.

She was really Ye Xiaos greatest surprise to date.

She was a bee!

A bee!

She not only provided him with an imperial sword technique like the Imperial Sword Art.

At the same time, she could also provide him with honey and produce a steady flow of it.

That was much better than the meat of a star beast.

There was blood essence, spiritual energy, and the taste was also very good.

After obtaining her and Mo Yu, ye Xiao felt as if he had suddenly moved from the ancient life of eating raw meat and drinking blood to the modern society.

Eating the meat of the star beasts every day, no matter how delicious the food was, he would still get tired of it!

However, with the combination of milk and honey, he could make many very delicious things, changing the taste in different ways.

In the seal below, Norfis and the other star beasts were playing some small games to kill time.

“These days are really too boring.

I wonder when it will end.”

“Theres no choice.

Who asked us to be too weak We cant beat that pervert Ye Xiao at all!”

“Bear with it.

To us star beasts, 2,500 years is just a fleeting thing.”

“I hope that in the beast calamity four years from now, there will be martial arts experts who will discover our existence and rescue us.”

Just as he finished speaking, a familiar aura suddenly seeped in.

The seven star beasts expressions instantly changed.

“F*ck! Hes here again!”

“Its over.

He said that he wouldnt come normally and would only let that damned eunuch cat come.

“Since hes here, it cant be good.”

“D*mn it, could it be that hes about to advance So he wants to use us to refine pills, right”

“This isnt the scariest thing.

The scariest thing is, what if he wants one of us to help him cultivate”

Everyone suddenly shivered and involuntarily leaned against the wall, wanting to protect some places.

In the next second, Ye Xiaos figure appeared in their eyes.

All the star beasts were extremely terrified and stuck to the wall.

Even if they wanted to slice Ye Xiao into a thousand pieces and swallow him alive, they had no choice but to act cowardly at that moment.


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