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Huan Liuli entered the kitchen and was still muttering non-stop.

“D*mned human, smelly human! Youre just taking advantage of me! If it wasnt for my lack of strength, I would have gobbled you up! How could I allow you to be so arrogant”

Ye Xiaos voice came from the living room.

“What are you muttering about”

Huan Liulis expression changed and she immediately said,

“Uh… No… Nothing! Im just washing the fruits.”

When she heard that there was no more sound coming from the living room, she patted her chest and heaved a relieved sigh.

When her gaze landed on the fruits, a mischievous smile surfaced on her face.

Following that, she took out a bunch of grapes and peeled them one by one.

Then, she took off her small leather shoes and wiped the grapes on her small sock-covered feet.

‘Hehehe… Ill teach you a lesson for bullying me!

However, when she carried the fruit plate out of the kitchen with a smile, she happened to meet Ye Xiaos gaze.

“If you dont finish eating these grapes by today, Ill peel off your skin and make a scarf.”


That night, Ye Xiao stayed in the rented house.

The place was cleaned by Huan Liuli.

There were also some fresh fruits, cooked food, and drinks.

There were a lot of daily necessities, so it was quite pleasant.

However, early the next morning, Huan Liuli was grabbed by the back of her neck by Ye Xiao and dragged toward the library.

It was Monday, and he had to go to work.

“Why am I forced to wake up early Why cant you go to work alone Youre abusing me! Protest! I want to protest!”

Ye Xiao could not be bothered with her.

Although he had established a contract with her, she was still a star beast that had not been completely tamed.

Moreover, she was at the grandmaster-level star beast.

Her martial prowess was too high, and she had not studied human culture.

If she were to act recklessly, she would be targeted by some big sects.

If they followed the clues and find her, that would be a big problem.


Therefore, Ye Xiao had to bring her to the library and keep an eye on her at all times.

A grandmaster-level star beast could take on a human form, or it could return to its original form.

Ye Xiao had made her turn back into a Phantom Cat.

Her form was like a blue cat, and it was very cute.


Ye Xiao bought breakfast which consisted of a cup of soy milk, a tray of steamed buns, and a tea egg from the breakfast shop outside the library.

However, when he arrived at the library, he was surprised to find that Huan Liuli was holding a big beef bun and eating it with relish.

That made Ye Xiao very surprised.

“Where did you get the beef bun”

Huan Liuli glanced at him lazily and immediately said,

“Just now, when you bought breakfast in the shop, I used an illusion to confuse them.”

Ye Xiao could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“You stole it”

The things in the house seemed to have been stolen as well.

“Stole What do you mean”

Huan Liuli was a star beast.

There was no concept of rules or morals among them.


“Stealing is taking someone elses things without their consent.

That is stealing! You are not allowed to do such things again in the future.”

“Ha! Why do something so troublesome We star beasts have always respected the strong.

Whoever has the ability to take things will get own them.”

“You are not a star beast now.

You are my star pet.

If you dare to steal things recklessly again, dont blame me for being merciless.”

Ye Xiao was still quite concerned about her lack of basic moral understanding.


If it was stealing from bad people or enemies, he would not be a saint either.

However, stealing from ordinary people was a little too much.


After all, everyones money was earned through hard work.

“Alright, alright, I know now.

Humans are really complicated!”

Huan Liuli grumbled unhappily and continued to leisurely chew on her big beef bun.

Ye Xiao shook his head slightly.

From the looks of it, he knew that Huan Liuli would not listen to him easily.

It seemed like he would have to pay more attention to her in the future.

There was no regular meeting today.

After eating breakfast, Ye Xiao began reading.

He was reading a spiritual cultivation technique.

There were two things a beastmaster had to practice.

The main one was spiritual cultivation techniques to increase ones spiritual energy.

That way, when controlling the star beasts, one could avoid being controlled by them in turn.

The other was to feed star beasts to raise their strength.

Ye Xiao had no plans of becoming a beastmaster but if he had to be one, he would only raise one or two.

He would raise very strong star pets like Huan Liuli.

Therefore, he needed to raise his spiritual energy to prevent the star beasts from rebelling against him.

That was because purely practicing martial arts could only indirectly increase his spiritual energy.

A grandmasters spiritual energy was definitely not as strong as a great grandmasters spiritual energy.

He still needed to focus on practicing spiritual cultivation techniques.

In the morning, Ye Xiao looked through 400 spiritual cultivation techniques.

He picked out two basic cultivation techniques from them and recorded them into his divine souls Golden Book, allowing it to start cultivating on its own.

Along with the increase in his spiritual energy, Ye Xiao suddenly had a special feeling.

That was, he had a perception ability that was more accurate than spiritual energy perception.

After cultivating to a grandmaster, he could rely on the release of spiritual energy to perceive everything around him.

However, that kind of perception could only perceive an outline.

The perception of spiritual energy could perceive every hair on anothers body and even their change in expression.

That was probably the same as the difference between a black-and-white television and a colored television.

After lunch, the first spiritual basic cultivation technique recorded in the book had been completely cultivated to perfection.

Therefore, Ye Xiaos spiritual energy and his ability to control it had improved quite a bit.

Such as controlling his spiritual energy to bend the metal spoon used for eating.


It was not easy to do that.

Martial artists manipulate aura because aura has mass, just like air.

On the other hand, spiritual energy was invisible, just like electromagnetic waves.

To be able to turn spiritual energy into substance, the spiritual energy needed was far from a small amount.

‘Spiritual energy and aura are two completely different kinds of power.

‘Spiritual energy attacks can only be blocked by spiritual energy or electromagnetic waves, while aura attacks can not be blocked by spiritual energy.

‘Now that Im cultivating the power of two different mediums, I should have more chances of winning in future battles.

‘I definitely have an absolute advantage in battles between people of the same level.

I might not necessarily lose in battles between people of higher levels.

‘I just dont know what kind of level my current spiritual energy has reached.

Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one around him, Ye Xiao cast his gaze onto a ten-foot-tall boulder by the side of the road.

His spiritual energy was activated.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled.

That huge boulder directly cracked and shattered into a pile of gravel the size of green beans.

‘So powerful!

Ye Xiao could not help but be slightly shocked.

He had just cultivated a complete basic spiritual technique, but he was actually able to strike out an attack of that level..

That was really something that he did not expect.


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