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Chapter 185: Next Target

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The dragon let out a low roar.

It was Ye Xiaos weapon, and it could feel Ye Xiaos immense battle intent!

Ye Xiaos battle intent was its battle intent.

The lightning in the sky was still gathering, and it was increasing.

The spiritual energy in Ye Xiaos body also began to pour into the dragons body.

That insane power even made it feel a little afraid.

‘Was that Masters martial cultivation

‘So powerful!

‘Its even stronger than my previous masters spiritual cultivation.

‘Following such a powerful master, I absolutely can not disgrace my master.

The dragon controlled its body and let the spiritual energy pour into its entire body, adjusting itself to the most perfect state.

When the thunderclouds in the sky gathered to the maximum, and when tens of thousands of thunderbolts descended at the same time, Ye Xiao finally made his move.

From the bottom up, the Heaven-cleaving Sword exploded with all its might.

A resplendent light, like divine light, shot straight into the sky.

With a force that could easily destroy a dead branch, it instantly destroyed the tens of thousands of lightning bolts.

Following that, it entered the clouds and directly cleaved the tribulation clouds in the sky, creating a shocking sword scar.

The tribulation clouds that covered several large cities were cleaved apart by Ye Xiaos sword just like that.

At that moment, the entire sky seemed to have descended like a miracle.

Countless people were extremely shocked by that sword ray.

Since ancient times, the reverence that humans had for nature had never disappeared.

Even if one could cultivate martial arts and fly through the sky, the power of nature was still far from something that humans could easily resist.

However, now there was someone who had split the tribulation clouds in the sky into two halves.

That technique, that strength, in the hearts of everyone, he had already transcended the mortal world!

Ye Xiaos sword had already truly transcended the power of a Xiantian ninth grade!

After Liu Chengxun saw that sword, he was so shocked that his entire body and soul went numb.

He increased his speed with all his might, and finally, in the shortest amount of time, he arrived at that large mountain.

From afar, he saw a back figure holding a weapon that looked like a long-handled saber or a sword.

It stood proudly between heaven and earth.

It was the Saber-sword Immortal!

It must be the Saber-sword Immortal!

Liu Chengxun was extremely excited.

He was so excited that he could not control his soul.

In all those years, he had never been as excited as he was today.

Even though he himself had advanced from Xiantian seventh grade to Xiantian eighth grade, he had never been as excited as he was today.

He was about to meet that unparalleled martial arts expert whom he had never seen before and find out who he was.

However, at that moment, the other party slowly raised his footsteps.

Liu Chengxuns pupils constricted.

The Saber-sword Immortal was about to leave!

“Senior, please wait! I…”

Unfortunately, before he could finish speaking, Ye Xiao immediately activated the Divine Intent technique.

His body instantly turned into a stream of light that was faster than him and disappeared from the spot in an instant.


Liu Chengxun came up to him and shouted in despair.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiao had already completely disappeared from that place.

He clenched his fists tightly.

He was just one step away, just one step away from meeting his idol!

At that moment, there were also people flying over from other places.

“Its Liu Chengxun.”

“Sword Saint Liu, did you swing that sword just now”

Liu Chengxun shook his head and smiled self-mockingly.

“How could I swing a sword light of this level In this world, only the Saber-sword Immortal has such strength, right”

Everyone was shocked and full of admiration toward the Saber-sword Immortal.

“As expected of Senior Saber-sword Immortal!”

“Hes really the role model of my generation.”

Liu Chengxun sighed, shook his head, and turned around to rush back to Jianghai city.

He circulated his cultivation technique once again, and the surrounding scenery began to flow back rapidly.

However, at that moment, his pupils suddenly constricted.

That feeling… No, that feeling, it was like that night, after he and Ye Xiao had their dinner, there was a light shadow that swiftly flew past him.

Earlier, he was only concerned about feeling lonely, but he did not notice that matter at all.

A miscalculation, miscalculation!

He had not expected that he had already met the Saber-sword Immortal once.

What was even more unexpected was that not only was Saber-sword Immortal an unparalleled expert, at the same time, he was also a movement technique expert.

With his speed, he could not even catch up to him.

What was laughable was that he still wanted to fight with him.

No wonder Senior Saber-sword Immortal did not want to fight him at all it一was because he really looked down on him.

It was a pity that he did not grasp the opportunity at all.

However, after experiencing this incident, Liu Chengxuns desire for meeting the Saber-sword Immortal became even stronger.

He clenched his fists.

“One year! In one year, I must see you, Senior Saber-sword Immortal!”

At that moment, in the starry sky, in the American laboratory, the scientists were introducing the latest fighter jet they had developed to the commander.


Commander, please believe us.

This time, the fighter jet we brought is definitely the most advanced.”


The commander looked at the group of scientists in front of him with a doubtful expression.

He already did not believe the false words of those guys.

However, the technology of fighter jets was, after all, a part of Americas advantage, so he could not just give up on this research and development department.

“Its true! Mr.

Commander, please believe us! This time, we have replaced the fighter jets with brand new materials to strengthen the armor of the fighter jets to deal with the previous incidents.

We have ensured that after encountering powerful fighters, the safety of the fighter jets will not be affected, so as to improve its combat performance.”

The commander nodded.

The direction of research at that time was pretty good.

It was much more reliable than before.

Previously, they were only concerned with the speed of research.

However, they had forgotten that although the speed was powerful, the defense of the fighter jet was not enough.

If they encountered a powerful martial artist or star beast, they would be destroyed in one hit.

On the space battlefield, there were so many star beasts.

Any one of them would be the kind with super strength.

If they touched it, the fighter jet would be broken.

What was the use of that

No matter how much money was spent and how many fighter jets were built, it would be a waste of time.

“Alright, Ill take a little time to see your experiment.

Lets begin!”

Everyone was extremely excited and quickly nodded.

“Alright, alright.

The experiment will begin now.”

Following that, the scientists quickly began to command the pilots to pilot the fighter jet out of the base.

They then prepared to start demonstrating the fighter jet.





The experiment officially began.

The American fighter jets turned into a few streaks of light and quickly rushed out of the base runway.

Then, in a thunderous manner, they quickly rushed into the distance.

“The fighter jets this time look pretty good.”

The commander nodded with interest.

The scientists looked at each other and could not help but smile as if they had been relieved of a heavy burden.

Finally, they could stop being criticized.


At that moment, suddenly, three violent explosions came from afar.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Then, three balls of flames exploded.

Everyone in the laboratory was dumbfounded.

They looked at that scene with a dumbfounded expression, not knowing what was going on.

“What happened”

The commander spread his hands and asked with a puzzled expression.

One of the scientists in charge of testing said,

“Its too fast.

We just detected a wave of energy that was rapidly approaching and then quickly passing by.

Now it has disappeared, but… All the fighter jets have been destroyed.”


Everyone fell into a dumbfounded state.

What the hell

What kind of energy was so awesome It streaked past in an instant, and then it directly destroyed all the fighter jets

That was too much, right

That time, he did not even show his face.

He just played with a flash of lightning, right

Ye Xiao had already returned to Jianghai city.

The moment Liu Chengxun came to look for him, he had already sensed it.

He had also tested the power of the Great Dragon.

That was enough.

With the augmentation of the imperial weapon and the Great Dragon divine soul, the attacks that he unleashed had already far exceeded his current strength.

It was as if he was not at a disadvantage when fighting against a Xiantian ninth-grade martial artist.

Although using the Great Dragon required charging, it could also be considered a very good ultimate move.

Moreover, with the increase in his strength, the instantaneous output of spiritual energy would greatly increase.

In the future, the time for charging would be even shorter and it would be more convenient for him to use it.

The next step was to continue to raise his cultivation.

Ye Xiao had Huan Liuli harvest the flesh and eggs of Norfis as well as the others at a fixed time every day.

With the help of the blood and energy of these divine-level star beasts, she would continuously help him raise his cultivation.

At the same time, with the help of cultivation techniques, it was not considered slow to raise his cultivation.

The main credit for this was still two mental cultivation techniques, the Violet Sea of Stars and the Dharma Scripture.

The speed at which the two of them absorbed spiritual energy was the fastest, and the speed at which they raised his cultivation was also the fastest.

Speaking of which, he had to thank Fa Xins map for allowing him to find the Dharma Scripture and four other finger techniques.

Now, he could put his target on the finger technique first.

He could first find the last finger technique, synthesize an imperial-level finger technique, and then get other cultivation techniques.

Actually, Ye Xiao also wanted to ridicule one point, and that was the Golden Book.

If he used his spiritual energy to scan, he would not be able to enter the Golden Book.

He would have to read it one by one.

For that reason, Ye Xiao estimated that he would probably have to directly look at the cultivation technique through his sight to trigger the condition of the Golden Books brand.

Mental strength was unable to trigger the Golden Books ability.

If he could use the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to scan, he would be able to synthesize countless cultivation techniques in a day.

In the following period of time, Ye Xiao returned to his previous life.

He went to work every day to read books and ate star beast meat after work.

He did not know if it was because he was already at Xiantian eighth grade while the star beast meat and eggs were at Xiantian seventh grade, so their blood essence was no longer enough.

With that, Ye Xiao considered whether he should kill them and refine them into medicinal pills before looking for Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts.

However, Xiantian eighth-grade star beasts were not that easy to find.

There was not a single one at the moment, and Ye Xiao had given up on that plan..

It was better to let the plan continue.


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