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Chapter 183: Revenge of the Beast God Alliance

The Qin province had always been the region with the most valiant martial arts among the nine provinces.

There were countless martial arts experts in the Qin province that were as resplendent as the stars.

They had left a brilliant mark in the long river of martial arts history of the entire nine provinces.

The ancestral dragon had used the Qin province as a foundation to unify the mountains and rivers and reshape the divine state!

There were many dangerous mountains and rivers in the Qin province, and the Heavenly Devil Cliff was one of them.

It was rumored that the Heavenly Devil Cliff was a forbidden area for humans.

Those who did not have the cultivation level of the divine grandmaster did not have the qualifications to come to that place.

Even if their cultivation level had reached the divine grandmaster rank, they still had to be careful here.

That was because if they were not careful, even the divine grandmaster might die here.

From afar, there were layers of white fog lingering at the bottom of the Heavenly Devil Cliff.

It was like a sea of clouds, and it was impossible to see what was below.

Before long, a small figure flew over from afar and gradually grew bigger.

When he arrived at the demonic cliff, he realized that he was a tall and sturdy man.

However, his dark green pupils indicated that he was a beastman and not a pure human.

He quickly came to the edge of the demonic cliff, knelt down, and shouted loudly,

“I am Yue Yu, the third banner master of the main altar of the Beast God Alliance.

I bow to the old alliance leader, and beg the old alliance leader to come out and uphold justice for our Beast God Alliance.”

A moment later, the sea of clouds stirred.

That powerful force seemed to be wrapped up by a huge hand.

However, in reality, it was only controlled by spiritual energy.

The sea of clouds churned, and a figure wearing a black robe slowly rose from within and arrived in front of the other party.

That powerful pressure almost made Yue Yu unable to raise his head.

The pressure was too strong.

Although he was a Xiantian sixth-grade great grandmaster, he had not felt too spectacular when facing the alliance leader!

As expected of the old alliance leader.

Moreover, he was the strongest alliance leader in the history of the Beast God Alliance!

About 300 years ago, he walked out of a small mountain village.

He was just a weak little beastman who had been abandoned.

No one would have thought that the beastman had experienced countless bloody battles and walked on the edge of death countless times.

In the end, he became the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance.

From then on, the entire era was branded with his mark.

He fought head-on against the nine provinces alliance and against Jiang Lingyun, who was ranked 35th on the Dragon list!


In order to save his beloved, he forced his way through the heavenly gate of Qin province and fought against Xun Qingwu, who was ranked 41st on the World Phoenix list!


He single-handedly changed the human races view of the beastmen.

He let the human race know that when the beastmen became stronger, they were not to be trifled with.

During his years as the leader of the Beast God Alliance, it was the most glorious time for the Beast God Alliance.

Many martial arts experts in many places did not even dare to face the Beast God Alliance directly.

When they saw the Beast God Alliance, they automatically admitted defeat.

Almost no one dared to go against the Beast God Alliance.

At that time, how could the Beast God Alliance be like today, like a stray dog, hiding in nooks and crannies

If he had not been defeated by the nine provinces saber god Li Liushui, ranked ninth on the Dragon list, and forced to enter seclusion at the Heavenly Devil Cliff, he would still be the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance.

Yue Yu forced himself to raise his head and look at the thin man in front of him.

His eyes could not help but redden and become moist.

To the entire Beast God Alliance, he was the Beast God!

“Your subordinate pays his respects to the old alliance leader.

Sob, sob, sob, sob sob…”

“Dont cry, Im not dead yet.”


Yue Yu immediately wiped his eyes clean.

“Old alliance leader, I beg you to come out of the mountain and make a decision for our Beast God Alliance.

The Beast God Alliance was destroyed by the human race.

An unknown youth destroyed the entire Beast God Alliance.”

The old alliance leader raised his brows and asked,

“Where is the new alliance leader”

“Old alliance leader, the new alliance leader has already been defeated by the other party and died on the spot!”

“If Im not wrong, the new alliance leaders cultivation is at least at the Xiantian eighth grade.

She was already at the forefront of the entire Beast God Alliance.

How could she be defeated so quickly”

“To answer the old leaders question, we dont know either.

The other partys cultivation seems to be at Xiantian eighth grade as well.

“Moreover, the other party is using the Tathagata Divine Palm, Shaolins most masculine and Yang palm technique.”

“Tathagata Divine Palm Could the other party be a Buddhist”

“No, the other party is just a warrior that we have never seen before.

Moreover, we still dont know who he is.”

“Dont worry.

Bring me Nalan Huohus flesh.”


Yue Yu quickly took out a small piece of Nalan Huohus flesh.

He secretly took it from Nalan Huohus flattened body, just in case he needed it.

The old leader placed Nalan Huohus flesh on his palm and activated his cultivation technique.

In the next second, Nalan Huohus flesh turned into blood essence and slowly formed three big words in the air.

“Jianghai city!”

“The person who killed Nalan Huohu is an extremely powerful character in Jianghai city.

Is there such a person”

Yue Yus expression changed slightly.

“According to the old alliance leader, recently, there was the Saber-sword Immortal in Jianghai city who defeated Han provinces sword saint, Liu Chengxun, who was ranked 49th on the Dragon list, and Jia Helius master, Murakami Beichuan, who was ranked 50th on the Dragon list.

“However, the martial arts he cultivated should be saber and sword arts.

When Alliance Leader Nalan was killed, the other party used the Tathagata Divine Palm.”

“Who knows Maybe thats how terrifying he is.”

After a pause, his expression suddenly froze.

“Pass down the order to gather all the branches of the Beast God Alliance.

In a month, I will personally make a trip to Jianghai city.”


Yue Yu was so excited that his heart started to beat faster.

He was going to make a move!

The old alliance leader was going to make a move.

With the old alliance leader making a move, Alliance Leader Nalans great enmity would definitely be avenged.

Moreover, with the old alliance leaders strength, the Beast God Alliance would definitely receive a higher level of protection.

At that point, he must let the human race know the consequences of provoking the Beast God Alliance.

As for Jianghai city, Ye Xiao did not know about that matter.

However, even if he knew, he would have still destroyed Nalan Huohu.

The Beast God Alliance had gone too far and caused countless humans to suffer.

If Ye Xiao had not killed Nalan Huohu, who knew how many more crimes the Beast God Alliance would commit Moreover, the left protector of the Beast God Alliance had already been suppressed.

Even if he did not go and find trouble with Nalan Huohu, Nalan Huohu would definitely find trouble with him.

At that moment, he began to prepare his forging plan.

The Giant Dragon divine soul had already agreed to be his weapon spirit.

He could not waste such a good opportunity.

When he conquered the Beast God Alliance, he had already obtained a huge amount of materials.

However, among those materials, there were still some main materials that were missing.

That main material was not a particularly precious thing.

It was just an ordinary material, blood-red sand.

It was a semi-medicinal material.

Sometimes, it was also used to treat injuries to the soul.

It was a material that could also maintain the soul.

Many high-ranking officials and nobles would use it to fill their graves after they died.

Ye Xiao needed to use that thing to fuse with the long-handled saber and provide a place for the dragon soul to nourish the environment.

Although it was fine not to use it, the Giant Dragon divine souls aptitude would be fixed.

Since he had to do it, he had to do it well.

He soon arrived at Boss Xus auction house.

Boss Xu was sunbathing on the recliner at the door.

He was extremely relaxed.

“Boss Xu, please help me procure some blood-red sand.”

Boss Xu glanced at him, waved his hand, and shouted towards the inside,

“Damao, get some blood-red sand for Ye Xiao.”

Xu Damao replied and immediately walked upstairs.

Boss Xu spoke again,

“Ye Xiao, why havent you been refining recently”

“Ive been too busy recently and dont have much time to refine.”

Boss Xu smacked his lips.

“Well, Im two rounds older than you.

Its not too much for you to call me uncle, right I have two words that I have to say about you.

“Young man, youre good in all sorts of places.

Its just that your personality is too passive.

Its not good for you to always not fight over things.

“Youre most likely still unaware of how amazing the refining industry is.

“To tell you the truth, I went to Hu city a few days ago and watched the nine provinces competition of the refiners.

“My goodness, that ostentation was filled with thousands of people!

“Among them, there was a master refiner who even refined the legendary lesser imperial weapon.

“Do you know what a lesser imperial weapon is

“Forget it, you probably dont know either.

Anyway, you just need to know that its a weapon that youll never be able to refine in your lifetime.

“Good heavens, that master became famous in one battle.

Now, the entire nine provinces are looking for him.

They all want him to refine weapons.

“If you were to be a good refiner, even though its impossible for you to reach that level, it would definitely be a hundred times better than being a librarian.”

“… I think its quite good to be in the library.

Its warm in winter and cool in summer.

Its more than 10,000 a month, and there are all sorts of employee benefits.”

“Fine, youre just like a pile of mud that cant be helped.

Do you think Im wasting my time”

Boss Xu shook his head.

His eyes were filled with disappointment toward Ye Xiao.

It was obvious that he felt extremely regretful that he did not become Ye Xiaos mentor in life.

He quickly immersed himself in his imagination of that master blacksmith.

“What do you think that master blacksmith looks like If only he was from Jianghai city.

Ill betroth my Damao to him.”


Faced with such a thought, he felt that it was fortunate that he had concealed his identity.

Otherwise, he would probably have run away overnight.

Very soon, Xu Damao came over with a bag of blood-red sand.

That bag of blood-red sand would probably be carried on a normal persons shoulder.

However, Xu Damao only used one hand to carry it up.

It felt like a big bear carrying a chick.

“Hey, this thing is very cheap.

We sell it at least ten pounds in our shop.”

“Okay, how much”

“A total of 1,600.

Which is 200 yuan per pound.”

Ye Xiao paid the money and took the blood-red sand.

He carried it on his shoulders, bade farewell to the father and daughter, and turned to leave.

He only kept it in his spatial ring when he came to a corner.

Then, he quickly left Jianghai city and came to a large mountain outside of the city.

Refining such an extremely powerful weapon was very likely to cause a heaven and earth phenomenon, so Ye Xiao still had to be on guard and stay away from the city.


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