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Chapter 182: The Ambition of a Divine Weapon

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Iron Blood Essence.

A weapon could have the same structure of iron molecules and blood as a human, allowing the weapon to be compatible with the human body.

To put it in layman terms, it was similar to the kind of weapon that was kept in the body in a cultivation novel.

It was a super high-grade material, and the price was also not cheap.

Although Ye Xiao already had a storage ring and could keep the long-handled saber at any time, it was still different from that.

Not only was it high-class, it was also very convenient.

There were some places with restrictions that the spatial ring might not be able to activate, but if the weapon was in the body, it could be taken out at any time.

Moreover, with the weapon having consciousness, it was also more convenient to enhance the relationship between the owner and the weapon.

It was just that he did not know if the weapon would automatically come out.

If it was doing something indescribable and it suddenly came out and pierced a persons heart, that would be too terrifying.

Other than that, there were many other things.

All of them were valuable.

It would not be a days work to collect those things.

The existence of the Beast God Alliance should have been passed down for more than a few hundred years.

The things that the past Beast God Alliance leader had collected were all here.

That time, it was really a bumper harvest!

If he used these things to strengthen his armor and the imperial weapon, long-handled saber, who knew how much they would be strengthened.

Just as Ye Xiao was inspecting it, he suddenly saw two metal chests.

That made him stunned.

‘These are

He used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to take a glance and could not help but have a slight change in his gaze.

Those two chests were actually refined from special materials and could shield spiritual energy!

Good heavens, they could even shield spiritual energy.

It seemed like there were good things inside.

Ye Xiao increased the operating frequency of the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and started to examine it again.

In the next moment, he arrived at an empty and pitch-black place.


An earth-shattering roar shook Peoples hearts.

Ye Xiao was shocked on the spot.

At the spot where his eyes landed, the soul of a huge dragon that was over a few hundred feet long was circling in the darkness.

Its body was emitting a dense killing intent and murderous aura.

Anger filled the entire space.

There was actually a dragon soul placed inside!

No, it was not a dragon soul.

If it was a dragon soul, its spiritual energy should have already condensed into a substance and filled the entire space.

It was a divine soul!

The divine soul of a human genius had been forcefully peeled off and then trapped in that metal box for an unknown number of years.

After sensing Ye Xiaos spiritual energy, it instantly became furious.

It let out an angry roar and prepared to pounce on Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiaos spiritual energy instantly avoided it.

He mobilized his spiritual energy and used the Overpowering Saber instantly.


Unfortunately, the spiritual energy passed through its body and did not affect it at all.

It only hit the inner wall of the iron box, leaving a shallow blade mark.

The divine soul was a product that surpassed the level of spiritual energy and aura.

It would be difficult to deal with it with spiritual energy and aura.

It was as if the two were in different dimensions.

The soul could hurt humans, but humans could not hurt the soul with spiritual energy and aura.

The only thing that could deal with the soul was the soul!

Ye Xiao had never revealed his soul in front of anyone.

He did not know how strong his divine soul was.

However, since the Golden Book divine soul was so strong, it should not be so useless.

At that moment, the Giant Dragon divine soul once again roared as it charged over.

Ye Xiao took a deep breath and immediately displayed his divine soul.

The Golden Book divine soul was instantly released by him.



The Giant Dragon let out a miserable cry and was instantly suppressed on the spot.

Ye Xiao was stunned.

He had never thought that the Golden Book divine soul, although only the size of a book, would be able to suppress the Giant Dragon divine soul.

In an instant, it was firmly restricted at the bottom of the space, and even struggling was difficult.

‘So strong!

Ye Xiao could not help but sigh with emotion.

His heart was once again deeply shocked.

He had seen many peoples divine souls before.

Whether it was Qin Yuyans, Gu Hais, or masters like Ouyang Yunzhong and Qin Shenglong, their souls were all very small.

They were only about three feet or so.

As for the Giant Dragon divine soul, its size was so huge that it was unbelievable.

It was hundreds of feet long.

It was even trapped in this metal box with space attributes by the Beast God Alliance.

Now, such a powerful soul did not even have the strength to resist in front of the Golden Book divine soul.

How powerful was the Golden Book divine soul

At that moment, Ye Xiao had a new understanding of the power of the Golden Book divine soul.

In the future, if they were to fight, they could also consider using the Golden Book divine soul to suppress the other party.

It could also be considered a very good move.

After that, Ye Xiao landed.

The giant dragon on the ground had completely given up on struggling.

However, there was still a strong sense of despair and unwillingness in its eyes.

It glanced at Ye Xiao as if it had already accepted its fate.

It slowly closed its eyes and waited for Ye Xiao to slaughter it.

However, Ye Xiao did not make a move.

From the Giant Dragon divine soul, he seemed to have seen himself lying on a hospital bed, being judged by a terminal illness, and waiting for death.

Despair, helplessness.

Even if he was unwilling, he was helpless.

That kind of heart-wrenching feeling was something that no one could experience and resonate with.

Ye Xiao used his spiritual energy to scan the dragons soul.

There were memories of its original body when it was alive.

Tragic scenes were displayed in front of Ye Xiaos eyes.

The original owner of the Giant Dragon divine soul was a little boy from a village.

The village had been attacked by the beastmen.

The beastmen killed everyone and then took out their divine souls to devour them to strengthen their soul power.

That was because when the beastmen transformed into star beasts, they were the same as humans who had activated divine their souls.

There were also differences in strength.

Their bloodline power and soul power would be mixed together to make an assessment.

The beastmen would absorb the bloodline power from the star Beasts and the soul power from the humans divine soul.

It would allow them to reach a stronger bloodline when they completely transformed into star beasts.

That was also why Ye Xiao had seen the beastmen slaughtering the village previously.

The little boys family members had all been killed, so he was naturally no exception.

The Beast God Alliance had used a secret technique to strip the Giant Dragon divine soul from his body and seal it in that metal box, it was probably prepared for a genius alliance leader to use to devour it and create a dragon-class bloodline.

However, until now, the Beast God Alliance did not have an alliance leader who could refine it.

It was too strong!

It had already far surpassed the strength of an ordinary person.

If its master did not die, it would definitely be able to grow into a martial arts expert above the King realm.

What a pity.

Ye Xiao extended his hand and gently caressed the Giant Dragon divine soul.

“Im not a beastmen.

The Beast God Alliance has already been destroyed by me.”

The dragon slowly opened his eyes and looked at Ye Xiao with some confusion and disbelief.

Ye Xiao released the Golden Book divine soul.

With the Golden Book around, he no longer had to worry that the Giant Dragon divine soul could harm him.

“Its true.

My divine soul is much stronger than yours.

Theres no need for me to deceive you.”

The Giant Dragon divine soul was silent for a long time.

He slowly lowered his head toward Ye Xiao to express his gratitude.

“I can open the box now, but without your masters carrier, you should be vaporized into thin air very soon.”

The dragon nodded.

It had long known of such an outcome.

It had been there long enough.

It could neither live nor die.

Ye Xiao opened his mouth again,

“However, if you want to survive, you still have a chance.”

When those words were said, Ye Xiao clearly saw a flash of light in the Giant Dragon divine souls eyes.

As expected, he still did not want to die.

After all, any existence with intelligence knew how difficult it was to live.

If one could survive, no one wanted to die.

Actually, when Ye Xiao saw the dragon, he already had some thoughts in his heart.

The Giant Dragon divine soul was an intelligent existence, and it was a very powerful soul.

If he could put it into the long-handled saber, would it allow the saber, which was already an imperial weapon, to go one step further

In the past, there seemed to be many people who chose to sacrifice themselves to forge weapons, so as to forge even more powerful weapons!

Although Ye Xiaos long-handled saber had already forged a weak consciousness and could operate on its own, it was just like a robot that could only do simple operations.

After a weapon reached the grandmaster grade, it could transmit spiritual energy through its owner and produce a moment of consciousness condensation.

After reaching the imperial grade, it could absorb spiritual energy on its own and perform simple operations on its own.

If he were to put such a powerful Giant Dragon divine soul into it, the long-handled saber would probably completely become a living being with its own consciousness.

At that time, it would definitely surpass the existence of the imperial weapon.

“If youre willing, I want to merge you into my weapon and become the weapon spirit within it.

“Of course, you can be unwilling too.

I wont force you.

“But your master is already dead.

You can only continue to survive in this world by becoming the weapon spirit.”

The Giant Dragon divine soul had never harmed anyone.

Unlike the star beasts like Norfis who had harmed countless people, Ye Xiao would not do anything excessive to it.

The Giant Dragon divine soul was silent for a long while before it finally nodded.

Ye Xiao had already avenged himself and destroyed the Beast God Alliance.

That in itself was a rare favor.

It deserved to repay the favor.

Moreover, it had to find a carrier in order to survive.

Another point was that Ye Xiao was very strong.

He himself was also a powerful divine soul.

A strong person would only submit to the feet of another superiorly strong person.

It was likely that other than Ye Xiao, there was no one else who fit the criteria.

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly.

It was done.

“Alright then.

After Ive prepared the materials, Ill start refining.

During this period, youll first stay in this box for a short period of time.

Before long, youll be able to see the light of day again.”

The dragon nodded, his eyes filled with hope.

Ye Xiaos spiritual energy withdrew from the metal box.

He did not look at the other metal box.

It was the little boys blood essence.

If the Beast God Alliance wanted to refine the divine soul, they would have to use the original owners blood essence to suppress the divine souls resistance.

It was the original owners blood so the divine soul would be appeased.

Speaking of which, it was quite cruel.

It was equivalent to using the identity of the owner to kill the beloved pet that he had raised.

How could the beloved pet resist

However, that was a great thing for Ye Xiao.


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