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Chapter 181: The Great Harvest

Ye Xiao immediately opened the web page.

He really wanted to know who it was with the emperors bloodline.

Previously, he had even thought about whether he would become an emperor.

If he could not become an emperor, then he would befriend those who had awakened with the emperors bloodline.

That way, he could also have a very strong friend.

Among his current friends, they were all ordinary people.

Strictly speaking, Liu Chengxun was not his friend.

The two of them had just met that day.

If he were to meet with big trouble, such as accidentally provoking some King realm figure, Liu Chengxun would probably not lend a hand.

Moreover, even if Liu Chengxun was his friend, it would not be of much use.

That was because if he himself could not handle the other party, then Liu Chengxun would be giving his head away for nothing.

As for the emperors bloodline, it was different.

According to various legends, the emperors future growth was limitless.

It was very likely that they would enter the legendary Emperor realm.

Even if they were not someone who could reach the Emperor realm, then the King realm was absolutely guaranteed.

Moreover, the other party was in Jianghai city.

The chances of him becoming good friends with the other party were very high!

‘I heard that the few people who activated their emperors bloodline had been secretly protected by the nine provinces.

Moreover, their cultivation speed was very fast.

‘Although that person in Jianghai city has just stepped into the grandmaster realm, the nine provinces will definitely use resources to nurture them.

‘I believe that their cultivation speed will also be very fast.

When Ye Xiao turned on his phone and confirmed the other partys identity, he was instantly dumbfounded.

He felt as if he had been poisoned.

‘This… This isnt a joke, right How is this possible

The owner of the emperors bloodline was actually not someone else, but an old acquaintance of his, Qin Yuyan!

Based on what

At that moment, no matter how good Ye Xiaos mentality was, he could not withstand it.

It was really f*cking poisonous!

On what basis was it her

Other than being a little prettier, having two ounces of flesh, and having long legs, what else did she have

What else did she have

Cultivation, cultivation, intelligence, mediocre intelligence, and aptitude… Who knew how many more people in the nine provinces were stronger than her

Not to mention other things, in Jing city, Hu city, and Guang city, any random brick thrown would be able to crush a large number of geniuses stronger than her!

What right did she have to awaken the emperors bloodline

Was Ye Xiao really jealous of her

If the other party was a genius even more outstanding than Piao Jiansheng, he would definitely not feel that it was unreasonable.

He might be a little envious, but he would also feel that it was very reasonable.

However, the other party was Qin Yuyan.

He could not think that just because he was friends with Qin Yuyan, she would be a suitable candidate.

He had to tell the truth.

Qin Yuyan was really trash.

One had to know that the matter was about activating the emperors bloodline, not to play house.

It was to select an unrivaled martial arts expert in advance for the nine provinces human race!

Even if Qin Yuyan was not the person who would definitely become the emperor in the end, she was still one of the few people who had the qualifications to participate in the competition!

Could it be that the nine provinces luck in selecting the so-called holy sons and holy maidens was not based on their talent, but purely on luck

Even so, Qin Yuyan did not look like someone who had good luck!

Ye Xiao might even believe her more if she said that her pregnancy was not bad.

What great luck did she have

Ye Xiao browsed the forum gloomily, wanting to see what the netizens were talking about.

“Everyone is celebrating.

Our city of Jianghai has actually awakened someone with an emperors bloodline, and a holy maiden has appeared!”

“Qin Yuyan is indeed the number one genius of our Jianghai city.

Shes only 21 years old, yet she has already advanced to the grandmaster rank.

Shes even a few years younger than Piao Jiansheng!”

“Shes really amazing.

No wonder she was able to comprehend that saber intent from the saber scar left behind by Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

Her aptitude is absolutely outstanding!”

“Now I understand.”

“It can also be said that she comprehended that saber intent and caused her cultivation to increase, thus awakening the emperors bloodline.

“From that point of view, she was still basking in Senior Saber-sword Immortals glory.

“Senior Saber Sword Immortal is the best!”

When Ye Xiao finished reading all of that, he could be considered to have some understanding in his heart.

Qin Yuyan was regarded as trash in his eyes only.

In reality, her cultivation speed was still very fast among ordinary people.

After she extracted that saner intent from his saber mark, it was impossible for an ordinary person to comprehend it so quickly.

It might even take a few years, or even more than ten years, or even more than ten years to completely comprehend it.

As for her, in just a few short months, she had already completely comprehended the saber intent that he had left for her.

From that point of view, she was still stronger than many people.

A 21-year-old Xiantian first-grade grandmaster was not bad either.

Ye Xiao had previously seen on the Internet that a super expert like sword saint Lu Qingshan was 19 years old when he stepped into the Xiantian realm!

When Liu Chengxun stepped into the Xiantian realm, he seemed to be already 23 years old.

Even if he removed that saber intent of his and allowed her to start practicing the saber technique that she liked since she was young instead of swordsmanship, he estimated that he would be around 22 or 23 years old when she would advance to the Xiantian first grade.

Liu Chengxun was already one of the top 50 martial arts experts in the world, excluding the space battlefield.

If Qin Yuyan was not weaker than him, she might also become one of the top 50 martial arts experts in the future.

Moreover, there was another point.

Lu Qingshan had his masters guidance since he was young, and Liu Chengxun was also taught by the former Han state sword saint.

As for Qin Yuyan, without anyone teaching her, her aptitude was already about the same as his.

If he had given her the saber intent earlier, she might have even caught up to Lu Qingshans record of stepping into Xiantian first grade.

Thinking about it that way, it seemed quite reasonable.

However, that also completely shattered Ye Xiaos fantasies about the emperor.

According to the current situation, Ye Xiao made a prediction.

Even if the emperors bloodline was opened, with the great resources of the nine provinces, Qin Yuyans advancement to the divine grandmaster rank would at least be close to 30 years old.

Lu Qingshan advancing to the Xiantian seventh grade divine grandmaster rank would be exactly 30 years old!

Qin Yuyan was around that range.

However, he was already at the Xiantian eighth grade now.

His plan was to advance to the Xiantian ninth grade within a few months.

At that time, he would be able to break through to the King realm.

No matter how difficult the King realm was, he would definitely advance much earlier than Qin Yuyan.

By the time Qin Yuyan reached the King realm, he would have already reached the legendary Emperor realm, right

He still hoped that if he was in trouble, she would help him.

It was tough.

He was so excited for nothing.

Emperors bloodline, that was all.

Shaking his head, Ye Xiao threw that matter out of his mind.

He originally wanted to play with his phone for a while, but now he was not interested.

That was because the majority of the internet was filled with this matter.

There were also no good websites.

He might as well check the storage rings that he had obtained from the governor of Nanshan city and the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance.

He wanted to see if there was anything good inside.

He would first look at the governor of Nanshan city.

Ye Xiaos usual habit was to eat the bad ones first before enjoying the best ones.

The storage ring of the governor of Nanshan city was very small, but it was still around 250 to 300 cubic feet.

Such a storage ring was already quite expensive.

It seemed that the governor had plundered a lot of peoples benefits and colluded with the beastmen on a daily basis.

If he killed him, he would not lose out at all.

When Ye Xiaos gaze landed on the ring, his expression froze.

Good stuff!

10,000-year-old cold steel, a total of 400 pounds!

One of the top-grade materials used to forge weapons.

There were over a hundred star beast cores at the grandmaster level, and a few of them were great grandmasters.

That thing was not of much use to Ye Xiao, but to an ordinary governor, it was already a huge sum of money.

Synthetic purple gold, 820 pounds!

It was also one of the top-grade materials used to forge weapons.

Although it was not as expensive as the 10,000-year-old cold steel, its value was also quite high.

The other miscellaneous items were either precious materials, pills, or weapons.

It was not an exaggeration to say that excluding the ring, the value of the items inside was already close to ten billion!

Adding that ring, it easily exceeded ten billion!

He did not expect that the tiny Nanshan citys governor would actually bring Ye Xiao a considerable amount of income.

Next, Ye Xiao looked at the Beast God Alliances leaders storage ring.

Compared to the Nanshan citys governor, the Beast God Alliances leaders storage ring was definitely much stronger, and it was more than twice as strong.

The base area of her storage ring was as big as two football fields, and it was more than 20 feet tall.

The storage space was already quite terrifying.

It had already reached half of her own storage ring.

That did not mean that the storage ring used by such a powerful martial arts expert like the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance was inferior to Ye Xiao.

It was rather shabby!

In reality, there were many spatial materials in that world.

However, not all armament masters had Ye Xiaos level of skill.

They could compress so much spatial energy into a small storage ring.

In reality, the storage ring used by the leader of the Beast God Alliance was also made of purple crystal.

It was even slightly bigger than Ye Xiaos!

It was just that the armament master who refined the ring was not up to par.

Ye Xiao estimated that he could combine those two rings into one, and once again expand the storage capacity of his storage ring.

Next was to see what good things were in her storage ring.

Hence, he immersed his mind in it.


So many!

So many materials!

Top-grade extraterrestrial meteorite iron was even more expensive than 10,000-year-old cold steel.

The price of one pound was five times more than 10,000-year-old cold steel, and it was even priceless.

In that ring, there was about as much as a small car!

The blood-red jade could allow weapons and armor to absorb the opponents blood essence when fighting, thus increasing the strength of the weapons and armor until the battle was over.

That kind of material was forbidden to be sold in the nine provinces and even in the world.

It could not be bought on the market, so it could only be specially supplied to the space battlefield.

There are at least 350 cubic feet there!


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