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Chapter 180: The Emperors Bloodline!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After Ye Xiao spat out those two words, the aura surrounding him grew intense, bringing with it a powerful pressure as he ruthlessly pressed toward the other party.

That feeling of overflowing killing intent instantly caused the hearts of the two people to tremble.

“That human is a divine grandmaster! Such a young divine sect!”

It was not surprising that the two people were shocked.

That was because, based on Ye Xiaos facial features and bone age, he was very young.

Even if a martial artist could extend the age of aging, he was definitely less than 30 years old.

The alliance leader could not help but lick her lips.

The gaze she looked at Ye Xiao with was filled with greed.

Such a young, handsome, and powerful boy.

If he could be taken in as a subordinate, she would be able to play with him however she wanted.

Ye Xiaos looks were a few levels higher than the left protectors.

It was like heaven and earth.

“Young man, what made you so angry Quickly come to my embrace and let me soothe your anger.”

However, she had just finished speaking when a heart-palpitating pressure formed a huge saber light above Ye Xiaos head and arrived in front of him in an instant.

The lethality revealed by that saber light caused the alliance leaders pupils to constrict.

In the next second, the right protector beside her pushed her away.

“Alliance leader, be careful.”

However, he had just pushed away the alliance leader, and in the blink of an eye, he was split into two by Ye Xiaos saber light, along with the soul in his body.


The saber ray exploded, and that intense shock wave was like a cutting blade, causing the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance to shudder violently.

She finally understood that Ye Xiao was purely there to kill her.

She did not dare to be the slightest bit careless.

After witnessing how powerful Ye Xiaos attack was, she instantly turned into a dark green light and escaped.

‘What a powerful human martial artist.

Where did this human martial arts expert come from Hes not old, but he is so strong!

‘A saber light was actually able to insta-kill the Xiantian seventh grade right protector.

That was a realm that even I could not achieve.

‘D*mn it!

‘However, its fortunate that this old lady runs fast.

He should not be able to catch up in a short while.

Its better to hide for a while first.

At that moment, the clouds in the sky suddenly began to move, slowly forming a huge Buddha-shaped shadow.

The alliance leaders pupils suddenly constricted.

So fast!

How was that possible

How could the other be so fast

She was clearly the one who ran first!

Moreover, she had used an imperial movement technique, and her speed was far faster than those grandmasters movement techniques.

However, even though her speed was already so fast, the other party still managed to run ahead of her.

Could it be that there was someone else on the other partys side

However, when the cloud Buddha formed and Ye Xiaos figure appeared in front of her, it instantly shattered her fantasy.

There was just one person!

If she wanted to run now, it was already too late to change direction.

Moreover, even if she wanted to run, with the other partys speed, she reckoned that it would be impossible for her to escape again.

Lets fight it out with him!

The alliance leader clenched her teeth tightly and faced Ye Xiao with her fists.

She headed straight for Ye Xiaos face.

Ye Xiao was unflustered.

He raised his palm slightly with one hand and took the opportunity to chop downward.


A huge golden Buddha seal instantly covered the alliance leaders head and covered her attack.

“Not good!”

The alliance leaders pupils constricted and all the hair on her body stood on end.

The power of Ye Xiaos Tathagatha Divine Palm contained an extremely masculine and Yang aura.

It was not something she could resist at all.

She could even feel that on the technique, there was an oppressive feeling that was filled with death.

Not daring to be the slightest bit careless, she maintained the posture of punching out and directly began to transform into a beast.

She had actually already completely transformed into her star beast bloodline form.

It was a gigantic fiery red fox.

Along with her beast transformation, her strength was also continuously rising explosively.

Finally, her fist and Ye Xiaos Tathagata Divine Palm collided.


Between the collision of the fist and palm, a huge fluctuation instantly spread out in all directions at a 360 degree angle.

It scattered all the clouds in the sky, forming a large clear starry sky, it was like glass that had just been brushed by.

The huge impact force made the alliance leader feel that her internal organs were about to shift.

Fortunately, she still managed to hold on.

Borrowing the boost of physical strength and combat strength brought by beast transformation, she actually managed to forcefully block Ye Xiaos palm!

Even if her body was in great pain and all the bones in her body were trembling, at the very least, she managed to block that palm.

As long as she was not completely crushed, she had a chance of surviving.

After the power of that move was neutralized, she would immediately cast an illusion and turn around to run away.

In the sky, how could Ye Xiao not see through her thoughts

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, revealing a mocking and cold smile.

Ye Xiao once again raised his hand and clenched it into a fist.

Great Nirvanas Fist!

When the fist smashed down, the heaven and earth trembled as the flowing clouds retreated!

The terrifying power of heaven and earth seemed to have been condensed into that move.

The power was so strong that even the alliance leader below could not help but hold her breath and widen her eyes.

That punch!

So powerful!

It was all over!

Just as that thought appeared in her mind, Ye Xiaos Great Nirvanas Fist landed on the Tathagata Divine Palm.

The Great Nirvanas Fist combined with the Tathagata Divine Palm, the superimposed power of the two directly caused the alliance leader of the Beast God Alliance to completely collapse.

Crack, Crack, Crack… Boom!

Her arms, which had been transformed into a beast, were mercilessly shattered, inch by inch, and then exploded into a bloody mist.

The power of the Tathagata Divine Palm finally mercilessly imprinted itself on her chest, directly slamming her into the ground.

The ground shook violently.

As the force was too strong, it spread in all directions, waking countless citizens of Nanshan city.

“Whats going on Is there an earthquake”

“Run, theres an earthquake!”

“Wheres my little cutie Ahhh, I have no clothes to wear.”

On the ground, the alliance leader of the Beast God alliance had turned into a pile of mud.

After she turned into a beast, the fur of the giant fox had been flattened.

A huge palm print of the Tathagata Divine Palm appeared on the ground.

It was more than 30,000 feet in diameter and 300 feet deep!

Looking down from the sky, it was shocking.

Just one look was enough to make one break out in cold sweat.

It was like an electric current had passed through her, and goosebumps rose all over her body.

However, the powerful vitality of a Xiantian eighth grade allowed her to have her last breath.

She was barely hanging on.

“Who… Are you”

She could not help but struggle as she spat out those few words.

Her death was unavoidable.

She had already accepted her fate.

However, she really wanted to know who that man was.

Unfortunately, what responded to her was only a shocking saber ray.


In an instant, that earth-destroying power destroyed her completely and mercilessly.

Ye Xiao would not do anything unnecessary at all.

At that moment, several streams of power were rapidly gathering in that direction.

The battle between the two of them was really too strong and the commotion was too big, so it had already attracted the attention of quite a number of people.

Ye Xiao waved his hand and took the storage ring of the Beast God Alliance leader.

He executed the Divine Intent and instantly disappeared on the spot.

He did not take the red foxs fur.

After all, the other party was not a real star beast, but a beastman transformation.

Strictly speaking, she still had half of the human blood in her body.

If he really took her fox fur, Ye Xiao would feel a little uncomfortable in his stomach.

When he had just left, in the next second, several rays of light rapidly arrived at that place.

When they saw the scene before them, everyone could not help but narrow their eyes.

A chill ran from the back of their spine to the top of their heads.

“What a powerful move! This move is probably not weaker than the divine sects.

Its close to the peak of the divine sect, the strength of a Xiantian ninth grade!”

“And this palm technique has never been seen before.

What sects palm technique is this”

“If my guess is correct, this should be the long lost Tathagata Divine Palm of Shaolin!”

“Tathagata Divine Palm Shaolins strongest martial art with the strongest lethality, the extremely masculine and Yang Tathagata Divine Palm”

“Thats right!”

“But hasnt the Tathagata Divine Palm been lost for hundreds of years Why would it suddenly appear”

“Who can say for sure Maybe it was performed by a mysterious martial arts expert.”

At that time, someone had already landed in the palm print to examine the red foxs fur.

“This foxs bloodline isnt pure, and its not completely a star beast… Wait a minute, this is a Beastman! And its A Xiantian Eighth-grade beastman! Could it be the long-sought after leader of the Beast God Alliance, Nalan Huohu”

“Nalan Huohu My God, shes one of the most notorious villains in the nine provinces, and she has killed countless creatures.

“The entire nine provinces have always wanted to capture her, but shes extremely powerful, and she has many imperial techniques.

In order to capture her, she has spent decades of time, and she has lost many soldiers and generals.

Who knows how many outstanding warriors have been lost.

However, they had never found her.

“I didnt expect that she would actually be killed here today.”

“To be able to kill Nalan Huohu, who was extremely powerful and had many cultivation techniques, this senior is not ordinary! He is really amazing!”

“Quickly report this matter to the higher-ups.

This matter is too big.

It is no longer under our jurisdiction.”

The next day soon arrived, but the secret of last night was not spread.

The matter of the Beast God Alliance was originally classified as a secret, so it was not suitable for it to be widely reported.

That would only cause some panic.

After Ye Xiao returned home, he immediately laid on his bed and played with his phone, allowing the Golden Book to cultivate the Dharma Scripture in peace.

At that moment, all the other finger techniques had been cultivated to perfection.

He had already finished cultivating all of them when he was fighting.

However, it did not appear to have been synthesized.

Clearly, it was not enough.

However, what was worth rejoicing over was that it had already begun to emit a faint golden light.

That meant that it was at most one basic cultivation technique away from being able to synthesize.

He did not know what kind of cultivation technique he would be able to synthesize when that time came.

When Ye Xiao opened his phone, he was instantly dumbfounded.

What was going on

A person with the Emperors bloodline appeared in the nine provinces, and it was in Jianghai city

Who was it


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