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Ye Xiao withdrew his saber intent and said indifferently,

“First, remove your illusion.

Then, well talk about who you really are.”


The other quickly removed the illusion and revealed their true form.

She was a little girl of about five or six years old.

She was pretty and delicate.

She was wearing a red dress, red leather shoes, and pure white stockings on her calves.

However, those were not important.

What was important was that she had a pair of cat ears, and from time to time, a cute little tail would stick out from under her dress.


Ye Xiao narrowed his eyes.

A star beast!

Furthermore, it was a star beast that could transform into a human!

A grandmaster-level star beast!

“My name is Huan Liuli! It was during the star beast uprising 50 years ago that I followed the star beast army and came to Jianghai city.

However, all my companions were eliminated, leaving me here.

In order to avoid being chased by humans, I hid here and used illusions to disguise myself as a ghost to scare people away.”

Hearing those words, Ye Xiao more or less understood the situation.

It was said that the pressure on the frontlines was too great that every 60 years, a portion of the star beasts would be sent into the human cities.

That event was commonly known as the beast calamity.

On one hand, it was to reduce the pressure on the frontlines.

On the other hand, it was also to allow martial artists who had never been on the battlefield to receive some training.

The star beasts released would definitely not be as strong as those on the battlefield, but it was also inevitable that there would be grandmaster-level ones.

That grandmaster star beast in front of him had followed others here at that time.

Later on, when the beast calamity was pacified, she hid in this house alone and used her illusion to scare people.

However, Ye Xiao often read the encyclopedia of star beasts and had a lot of knowledge in that area.

A grandmaster-level cat-type star beast that was proficient in illusions一could it be… A Phantom Cat

Ye Xiaos mind churned, but his expression did not change as he said,

“What is your main body”

Huan Liuli proudly patted her flat chest.

“My main body is the king of illusions among star beasts, the Phantom Cat!”

As expected.

Just like the humans, there were those who were strong and weak, as well as those who there had greater and lesser talents.

There were also strong and weak bloodlines of the star beasts.

The stronger the bloodline, the higher the degree of evolution in the future.

The Phantom Cats bloodline was very great一it was the top class of the illusion-type star beasts.

Their growth in the future was limitless.

Moreover, she only scared people and had not killed anyone.

At most, it was just a prank so there was no need to kill her.

“Now, you have two choices.

One is to acknowledge me as your master and become my star pet.”


Huan Liuli immediately rejected with a serious and furious expression.

“Sir, although your cultivation is powerful, star beasts have their own pride! Star beasts will never be slaves!”

Ye Xiao simply sighed.

“Then you are only left with the second option.”

As he finished speaking, he raised his right hand once again.

The Overpowering Saber intent formed once again.

The haughty expression on Huan Liulis face instantly vanished.

“Sir, all I did was refuse to be your star pet! Why are you brandishing your saber Youre so uncivilized!”

Ye Xiao withdrew his saber intent once again.

“Cant you just choose the first option”

As he finished speaking, he did not give Huan Liuli a chance to resist.

He flicked his finger and forced out a drop of fresh blood that entered Huan Liulis forehead.

In the next moment, his contract with Huan Liuli was completed.

He could sense her location and was given general information, such as her cultivation, injuries, when she was engaged in combat, and so on.

Huan Liuli could also sense when he was in danger, but she could not sense any other private information about him.

He did not expect that the haunted house that was rented for 100 yuan a month would actually come with a grandmaster-level star pet with a top-tier bloodline.

What luck!

“Why do you keep using a formal pronoun”

Huan Liuli was originally very unhappy, but when she heard Ye Xiao ask that question, a smug look appeared on her face.

She raised her chin slightly and said with a proudly,

“When the previous family first came to this house, the electricity in this house had not been cut off yet.

There was something called a television that was playing a television series.

In it, there was a super-invincible and awe-inspiring character called Cao Zhengchun! He was so powerful!


He uses the formal pronoun, so it must have a very special meaning if a very powerful person used it!”

Ye Xiaos face could not help but twitch slightly.

He did not expect that cat to be so air-headed.

“Did you see the end1 of that TV series”


Huan Liuli shook her head.

“No, I turned on the television at night by myself to watch the ending but later on, for some unknown reason, they took the television away.”

Ye Xiaos face could not help but twitch once again.

The people were scared away.

If their television turned on by itself every night, a normal person would definitely be scared to the point of throwing away the television.

However, it was fortunate that they threw away the television.

Otherwise, this air-headed cat would probably be embarrassed to death.

He coughed lightly and spoke again,

“From today onward, this house will be rented by me.”

Huan Liuli was slightly shocked.

She did not expect that guy to be so rich.

It did not seem like a cheap house for humans to rent!

Then, she was no longer surprised.

‘Was being rich really that special When he dies one day, I will be free.

‘When that time comes, your money will belong to me!


“Since you have become my star pet, then from today onward, you will be responsible for cleaning the upstairs and downstairs.

You will be responsible for bringing me tea and water as well as massaging my back and legs.

In the winter, you will have to go into the bed early to warm it before I use it.”

Huan Liuli rejected that angrily.

“Thats impossible! Although Ive been taken in as a star pet, I still have my dignity! I can only assist you in battle at most, but serving tea and water is definitely impossible.

Massaging your back and legs or warming your bed is just a pipe dream!”

Ye Xiao did not care.

He only raised his right hand once again.

“Theres this famous dish called the Dragon and Tiger Battle.

One of the main ingredients is a feline star beast.”

Huan Liulis expression turned grim.

“Please take a seat, master.

Ill go wash some fruits for you.

They were all stolen from the nearby supermarket last night.

Theyre very fresh.”


Ye Xiao nodded and sat on the sofa to rest.

Huan Liuli quickly ran to the kitchen to wash the fruits.

Seeing Huan Liu Li leave, Ye Xiao began to plan what to do next.

The environment here was not bad.

He was tired of living in the dormitory, so he could come over and relax.

Naturally, Huan Liuli would guard the place and would not let outsiders in.

That would ensure his privacy.

In addition, when he cultivated in the future, he could consider training Huan Liuli.

Her bloodline and talent were very strong.

If she was trained, she would be no weaker than someone from the divine sect.

She could also become his right-hand man.


Star beasts used humans as their slaves and they were known as tiger demons.

When humans used star beasts as their slaves, they were known as star pets.

Among the humans, there were also many cultivators who cultivated the spiritual arts.

They were famous for controlling star beasts to fight for them.

However, the star beasts had to be strictly guarded to prevent them from harming humans.


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