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Chapter 177: This World Might Just Be a Starting Point

Looking at the imperial weapon in his hand, the left protector felt a little reluctant to part with it.

Although the one in his hand was an imperial weapon, it was not the kind of weapon that could be used continuously.

After using it once, it would be useless in the future.

Otherwise, how heaven-defying would it be

However, it was also worth it for the Norfiss clone.

After all, that imperial weapon could not be eaten, nor could it increase ones cultivation.

Norfis could really increase ones cultivation and enhance ones bloodline.

With a thought, spiritual energy had been poured into the imperial weapon endlessly.

At that moment, Ye Xiao, who was eating with Liu Chengxun at the kimchi restaurant, suddenly frowned.

He had already sensed the aura of the imperial weapon, and it was on his array.

Liu Chengxun did not cultivate spiritual energy like him, so he did not have his level of accuracy and was unable to sense what Ye Xiao sensed.

He was only slightly surprised by Ye Xiaos expression.

“Whats going on”


I suddenly thought of something that I havent done yet.”

Ye Xiao randomly found a reason to prevaricate and did not pay too much attention to it.

Although the other party had an imperial weapon, it was only a one-time use one.

Moreover, it could only expand the array by a small corner and could only allow him to enter alone.

Therefore, Ye Xiao did not have to guard against him.

Coincidentally, Norfis and the others below also had many complaints against him.

He wanted them to vent the resentment in their hearts.

Only by doing so would they be able to grow healthier.

As for the possibility of him bringing Norfis and the others to escape


On the librarys side, the left protector used his one-time imperial weapon to make a temporary small hole in Ye Xiaos imperial array.

After which, he took a deep breath and leaped down.

“Norfis! Obediently become this protectors food!”

However, he had only just finished saying those words when he suddenly felt that something was not right.

The aura under that sealing array was so dense!

It was so dense that he could not even stretch out his arms and legs.

It was said that Norfiss clone was only at the Xiantian seventh grade, right

How could someone with a cultivation similar to his bring him such great pressure

Just as he was in a daze, he heard a few different voices in his ears in the next second.

“Who is this guy”

“I dont know.

Hes here to look for Senior Norfis.

Senior Norfis, do you know him”

“Know my *ss.

Didnt you hear that he wants to eat me”

“Oh! Then hes an enemy!”

In the darkness, the divine-level star beasts began to release their powerful auras.

Light began to flash on the surface of their bodies, eventually forming several rays of light.

The left protector was completely dumbfounded.

What was going on

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, a total of seven divine-level star beasts

They said that there was only Norfiss clone there, right

Moreover, it was just a small Jianghai city, yet there were so many divine-level star beasts to be used as the array core.

What were they playing with

No, now was not the time to think about that.

There were so many divine-level star beasts here, so the key was to think about how to survive.

Quickly use the beast soul incense.

The beast soul incense was an incense condensed from the blood essence of countless star beasts.

When burned, it could stimulate the star beasts spiritual energy, making them extremely weak and unable to use their full strength.

It was specially developed by the human race to deal with star beasts.

As long as he had the beast soul incense, even if there were seven divine-level star beasts here, he would still have a chance to escape.

However, his thoughts were too optimistic.

The moment he took out the beast soul incense, an extremely powerful force slammed into his shoulder.


The huge force shook his shoulder and dislocated it.

Then, other attacks followed.

In just two seconds, hundreds of attacks landed on his body, severely injuring him.

The Earth Immortal Weng picked up the beast soul incense that had been knocked off his hand and sniffed it twice.

His expression changed slightly.

“Its the beast soul incense.

This beast is here to deal with us.”

The moment those words were said, the expressions of the star beasts instantly turned extremely cold.

“Motherf*cker, youre going too far in bullying the star beast!”

“Ye Xiao raised us like livestock.

You want to f*cking cut off our flesh Drink our blood”

“Ye Xiao is very handsome and strong among the humans at least! Youre so f*cking ugly and weak, yet you dare to use us Youre courting death!”

“Eat him!”

The seven divine-level star beasts were completely enraged.

How much humiliation had they suffered those past few days Anger

Forget it, after all, they could not beat Ye Xiao.

At that moment, that little Xiantian seventh-grade beastman dared to use them.

Did he really treat them like they were made of mud

The left protector was swarmed by a few star beasts and was torn apart alive.

He cried out in pain.

“Stop! Stop! Im the left protector of the Beast God Alliance.

I have the coordinates on me.

“If you kill me, Our Beast God Alliances alliance leader will not let you off.

Im her lover.

She will definitely come and kill you!


After a few screams, the left protector was still mercilessly eaten by the star beasts.

The star beasts looked at each others mouths full of blood and revealed cruel smiles.

They were star beasts and wild beasts.

They did not care who you were.

If they were unhappy, they could even eat their own people, let alone a beastman

To them, the left protector was just an appetizer.

“Hey, there really wont be a problem if we eat him, right What if the leader of the Beast God Alliance comes over”

“What are you afraid of”

Norfis used the left protectors arm to pick his teeth as he said leisurely,

“Have you forgotten our current identity Our current identity is Ye Xiaos poultry! Lets not talk about the leader of the Beast God Alliance not being able to come over.

Even if he really dares to come over, what is there to be afraid of

“Will Ye Xiao let him kill us all

“With Ye Xiaos strength, wouldnt beating him be like torturing a vegetable”

“Oh, I almost forgot about this.”

“Dont tell me.

If thats the case, it seems pretty good to be Ye Xiaos poultry.

At least when facing such a martial arts expert, its very safe.”

On Ye Xiaos side, he was still eating dinner with Liu Chengxun.

“Nine provinces pickles are indeed much better than Han pickles.”

Liu Chengxun could not help but sigh.

It was the nine provinces after all.

Whether it was martial arts culture or other cultures, it was not something that the Han state could easily compare to.

Ye Xiao smiled and said,

“That goes without saying.

This is something that is beyond doubt.”

A sense of national pride surged into his heart.

In that world, only the descendants of the nine provinces would have such a feeling, right

A country with a resplendent civilization and culture.

It was an existence that other states would never be able to compare to.

“Oh right, speaking of which, youre already at Houtian third grade.

At such a young age, you still have the opportunity to condense a soul.

Why dont you condense a soul and go even further”

“No money.”

Liu Chengxun was startled.

He immediately recalled that Ye Xiao was just an ordinary person.

He definitely did not have the money to buy a soul-condensing pill.

After thinking for a moment, he opened his mouth and said,

“Do you want me to help you Give me a card number.

Ill lend you the money first.

You can return it to me in the future.”

“Theres no need.

I dont like to owe people favors.

Moreover, even if I can cultivate, what realm can I cultivate to”

Liu Chengxun nodded.

“Thats true.”

Basically, those who could not activate their divine souls could not go too far.

Spending so much money to obtain a soul-condensing pill might not necessarily be able to condense their divine souls.

It was indeed somewhat irrational to incur a large amount of debt for this.

“Oh right, speaking of which, Ive always had a question to ask all of you.

What exactly is the use of a divine soul Is it just to increase ones cultivation”

Ye Xiao had always been very curious about that question, but among the people he had met, there were not many who were of high standards.

Liu Chengxun was the only divine grandmaster that he knew.

Perhaps he could explain that question to him.

Liu Chengxun wiped his mouth, thought for a moment, and then said,

“Although this thing called the divine soul is said to be a necessity for cultivation, at first glance, it doesnt seem to have much use.

After all, other than assisting in cultivation and increasing a certain amount of battle lethality, it cant be used for battle on its own accord.

It seems to be of very little use.

“However, in fact, in the circle of martial artists, our understanding of the soul is that humans are too weak and are completely unable to display the true power of the soul.

“Its said that only after ones cultivation has advanced to the Emperor realm can one truly display the power of the soul.

“From this point of view, the most likely answer is that to us, martial artists before reaching the Emperor realm can actually be considered trash.

“This included divine grandmasters like me.

“Its just that our current worlds overall level is very low.

Thats why even ants like grandmasters are considered very strong.”

“Do you mean that in the universe, were only the starting point”

“To be precise, were even worse than the starting point.

“Im not afraid of you laughing.

You must be very confused.

Why are there so many divine grandmasters in this world Theyre clearly very strong, but they dont go to the space battlefield

“You might think that if we go to the space battlefield, we will definitely be able to help the humans and easily win, right

“But the real answer will definitely shock you.

“There are two reasons why we, the divine sects, dont go to the space battlefield.

“One is that there are also many star beasts on Earth that have infiltrated.

We must have sufficiently strong martial artists to suppress them and protect the humans rear base camp.

We must not let the star beasts destroy our nest.

“The other is that most of the divine sects dont dare to casually go to the space battleground.”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

“The space battleground is that dangerous”


Liu Chengxuns expression was very grave as he replied.

“Its far more dangerous than you can imagine.

“Although there are many ordinary martial artists who go to the space battlefield one after another, most of them are only there to train and deal with some small fries.

Once a true star beast martial arts expert appears, the divine sect will fall.

All of this will happen in the blink of an eye.”


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