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Chapter 175: Map Composition

After learning some breeding methods, it was already noon.

Ye Xiao and Fa Zheng were having a meal in the cafeteria, but Liu Chengxun did not come to the cafeteria.

He was probably still analyzing the map.

After that, Ye Xiao took advantage of the one oclock in the afternoon to go underground.

The seven divine-level star beasts that were cultivating in the seal noticed his arrival and immediately trembled in fear.

F*ck, the god of plagues visited again.

Ye Xiao waved his hand, indicating that there was no need for them to be overly nervous.

“Everyone, theres no need to be nervous.

The reason why Im here this time is to discuss something with everyone.”

The star beasts looked at him with puzzled faces.

Ye Xiao continued to speak,

“Ive made some breeding and harvesting plans here.

They are set according to the characteristics of each of you.

This can minimize your pain to the greatest extent.

At the same time, it can also provide me with more value.

It can be considered a win-win plan.”

The star beasts looked at Ye Xiao with disdain.

You are taking from us one-sidedly, and you even said that its a win-win.

How do you have the face to say the wordwin-win

Ye Xiao did not care about their thoughts.

Every star beast here had an unknown amount of human blood on its hands.

Ye Xiao would not have any pity for them.

“From today onwards, Ji Feng and Xuan Shui have to hand in a fresh egg and a fresh b*stard egg every day.”

Those two star beasts had the characteristics of raw eggs.

Moreover, the eggs they gave off were extremely delicious.

At the same time, they could also provide a huge amount of spiritual energy.

Compared to eating their flesh and blood, the spiritual energy they provided was much richer.

That was because their eggs had to be condensed using the blood essence and spiritual energy when they were cultivating.

It was impossible for Ye Xiao to eat chicken and turtle meat every day, but if it was two eggs, he could eat two more fried eggs while eating the meat of other star beasts.

Not only could he obtain the same blood essence and spiritual energy, but he could also improve his taste so that it would not be too monotonous.

Some examples would be, other than fried eggs, there were also boiled eggs, tea-leaf eggs, marinated eggs, egg cakes, and tomato egg soup…

“What, eat two eggs every day Impossible!”

Ji Feng and Xuan Shui immediately rejected.

Although laying eggs was similar to having their wings and legs chopped off by Ye Xiao, it would at least preserve a trace of dignity.

That was because they were forcefully chopped off by Ye Xiao.

Laying eggs was an initiative.

It was the same as human poultry.

To the divine-level star beasts, how humiliating was that How could it be the same

Ye Xiao swept a glance at the two star beasts.

That ice-cold gaze caused them to instantly tremble.

They dared not speak out in anger.

Ye Xiao then spoke again,

“The deer must provide deer antler and deer blood every day.

Ill use it to brew wine.

“Norfis must provide at least one tentacle every day.

“The Earth Immortal Weng must provide a ginseng root every day.

Ill use it to brew tea and drink it.

“Black Earth Python, Fish… The few of you would need to provide a certain amount of flesh and blood every day.

If possible, I hope that the fish could provide some fish seeds, and I would use them to make caviar.

“That is all, who agrees”

“I object!”

The deer directly objected.

It had to cut its antler every day, and it had to bleed.

Its sacrifices were the greatest.

However, it had just said it when it was punched into the wall by Ye Xiao, and it was knocked unconscious.

The other star beasts could not help but tremble violently.

That fellow was too savage.

At that moment, all the star beasts turned their gazes toward Norfis.

The meaning of that gaze was very obvious.

Youre the boss now, you speak.

Norfis had no choice but to bite the bullet and cough softly.

He said,

“This, Mr.

Ye, its very difficult for us to do such a request of yours.

Originally, we were only required to provide the flesh and blood of one star beast a day, but now, all of a sudden, every star beast has to.

This is equivalent to a one-sided, disguised ultimatum.”

“Difficult If its difficult, then we wont do it.”

The eyes of the star beasts instantly lit up.


“Of course not.”

Ye Xiaos words instantly caused the hope within the star beasts to be completely annihilated.

He snorted lightly and said,

“Each and every one of you, dont be picky.

Dont forget that all of you came to the ground from the starry sky.

I did not beg you to come.

“Each of your star beasts hands does not lack human blood, so dont pretend to be pitiful here now.

“Either do as I say, or Ill greet all of you once every hour.

“In addition, I wont come over easily in the future.

My star pet, Huan Liuli, will come over every day to receive your things.”

Ye Xiao left Huan Liuli behind and let her be in charge of collecting todays production results while he returned to the library to read.

Huan Liuli jumped out and waved at the beasts.

“Hello, everyone.

Im Huan Liuli, a Phantom Cat.

Im here all thanks to Masters promotion.

Im honored to serve all of you big brothers and sisters.

Please dont make things difficult for me.”

The star beasts looked at each other in disdain.

She has the gall to act friendly.

That d*mn traitor was a disgrace to the star beast clan.

They sneered and spat at her in disgust.

Huan Liuli had already predicted such a response.

She was not angry and only smiled slightly.

“For the first one who presents their goods, I will put in a good word for you in front of Master and let you rest for half a month.

From then on, you wont have to engage in production.”

Ji Feng smiled coldly.

“Stupid cat, youre acting like an accomplice to the tiger, betraying your own people, and you still have the face to flaunt your power here.

Do you think that well submit to your tyrannical power Im telling you, youre daydreaming.

Well protest with the strictest of our abilities… ”

Before she could finish her sentence, a fewsplat sounds suddenly rang in her ears.

Then, she saw Norfis, the Black Earth Python, and the fish… They all cut off a piece of meat from their bodies.

The deer also began to cut off its own thigh and at the same time, its antler.


“What are you doing Why are you doing what he says Where is the dignity of the divine grandmaster star beast Where is the dignity”

Earth Immortal Weng plucked off one of his whiskers in pain and said faintly,

“Youve already become a prisoner.

What dignity do you need Lets live first.

If we really let that Ye guy come down once every hour, that would be a life worse than death.”

“Traitor! All of you are traitors!”

Ji Feng looked at the motionless turtle beside her and felt much more comfortable in her heart.

“It seems that we still have some backbone.

Turtle, in the past, everyone said that you were a coward.

But now, it seems that you are much more responsible than them!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the turtle shook its butt and gave birth to a turtle egg.

Then, she happily handed it to Huan Liuli.


“Turtle! Even you are… D*mn it.

It seems that I am the only one who carries the banner of the star beast races dignity!”

A few star beasts handed their offerings to Huan Liuli.

“Lord Huan, this is our offering.”

Huan Liuli nodded.

“Not bad, not bad.

All of you are very cooperative, especially the deer.

You did the best.

You had to release the provide blood and cut your antlers.

You were the first to hand it over.

I will definitely help you put in a good word in front of Master.”

“Thank you, Lord Huan.”

“Dont call me Lord Huan.

Call me Eunuch Huan from now on!”

“Err… Yes! Eunuch Huan.”

Huan Liuli felt really good.

When she watched that human TV series, she saw that everyone always called that powerful man, Eunuch.

It was so cool.

She always wanted others to call her Eunuch.

Now, her dream finally came true!

It seemed that she was too happy to be with her Master.

She decided to add more time.

In the next 1,500 years, she would be her masters slave and would never rebel.

Then, her gaze landed on Ji Feng, who was not far away.

“This chicken doesnt comply with Masters request.

I reckon that Master will be very unhappy.

If Master is angry, everyone will have a hard time.

What should we do I dont think we need to hand it over, right”

The group of star beasts immediately nodded in agreement.

“Understood, understood.”

“Then you guys are in charge.

At this time tomorrow, I hope to see two eggs.”


“Then I wont disturb everyone.


After Huan Liuli left, the gazes of the star beasts immediately landed on Ji Feng.


“What are you guys trying to do Dont do anything rash.”

In the next second, a heart-wrenching scream sounded from within the seal.

Huan Liuli returned to the top and handed everything over to Ye Xiao.

“Master, this is todays harvest.

That Ji Feng is disobedient, so Ive already let the other star beasts take care of her.”

Ye Xiao nodded and pushed a piece of Black Earth Python meat in front of Huan Liuli.

The rest were all kept in his storage ring.

“This is for you.”

“Thank you, Master.”

Huan Liuli swallowed the snake meat in one gulp and happily lay on the side to bask in the sun.

She felt that the blood essence in her body had started to rise again.

According to the current progress, it should not be long before it could rise again, reaching Xiantian sixth grade.


Ye Xiao continued reading.

He already had a lot of cultivation techniques now.

He did not need to cultivate a single cultivation technique just to save his life.

He could already read as he wished.

It was all up to luck to see which book was which, and which cultivation technique to synthesize first.

Currently, the three cultivation techniques that he had recorded in the Golden Book were leg technique, claw technique, and finger technique.

After he had completely mastered those three cultivation techniques, he estimated that his cultivation was about to advance to Xiantian ninth grade.

He could consider advancing to the King realm.

In the short term, his goal would be to focus on those three cultivation techniques first.


The clock chimed after work.

Ye Xiao was about to get up and go home when Liu Chengxun walked over with a completed map.

“Hello, Supervisor Ye.

The map has already been analyzed.”

“Its really been analyzed so quickly”

Ye Xiao was slightly surprised.

He only had the intention of letting him give it a try.

He did not expect Liu Chengxun to really analyze it.

It seemed that he was quite talented in such matters.

“Not exactly.

I posted a request for help online.

When they heard that I was Liu Chengxun, they immediately helped me to analyze the map.”


He was the Grand Sword Saint of the Han state.

Even if his map was fake, others would think that there was some treasure hidden in that map!


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