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Chapter 174: The Breeding and Maintenance of the Divine-Level Star Beasts

“He has already signed an agreement with the nine provinces to guarantee that he wont bother ordinary people.

“In fact, its impossible for him to casually kill people because theres still the Senior Saber-sword Immortal in our Jianghai city.

“Even if theres no Saber-sword Immortal, the other divine grandmasters in the nine provinces wont allow him to casually kill people.

“However, it was impossible for martial arts experts from all over the world to stay in a small place like Jianghai city, and Senior Saber-sword Immortal could not be contacted at any time.

“Therefore, this needed to be maintained by us.

“After all, if there were people with abnormal minds who felt that they had a long life and went to find trouble with him, he would not be a coward.

“Once he killed them and ran back to the Han state or the west, no one would be able to do anything to him.

“The nine provinces wouldnt go after a divine grandmaster just for one or two ordinary martial artists who had lost their minds.

“Do you understand”

Everyone nodded, but they felt somewhat helpless.

Great, it was equivalent to pulling a master for themselves.

First, they could not fight, and second, they could not curse.

If it was too intense, they might even be killed.

“Alright, since everyone understands, then lets talk about the next step, regarding Liu Chengxuns placement.”

As soon as the director said that, everyone immediately spoke up.

“Director, two female university students have just arrived in my area, and the staff is already full.”

“Director, my area is on the first floor.

You know the first floor is filled with many people.

When the time comes, if those brats who read lose their words and offend him, wont it be very troublesome”

“Director, my area isnt good.

I have a bad temper.

Im worried that one day I wont be able to hold back and spew profanities.

When that time comes, Ill be cut down by him.

“Its not a big deal that he cut me down.

If he were to cut down our entire library, that would be a huge crime.”

Ouyang Yunzhongs face turned cold.

“Look at all of you.

Is this what Ive taught you Now that its a critical moment, all of you are cowering.

“Why dont I give up my position as the director Let him manage all of you”

When those words were said, everyone hurriedly apologized.

Ouyang Yunzhong snorted coldly,

“Im not sure either.

There are many people on the first and second floors, so I arranged for him to work on the third floor and above.

The supervisors on the first and second floors can leave.

The supervisors on the third floor and above can all stay to draw lots.

Whoever draws the lots will get the lots.”

Ye Xiao was naturally one of them.

However, Ye Xiao was not worried.

He could completely use the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to secretly manipulate the draw and transfer the lots out.

It was not that he was afraid of Liu Chengxun.

Even ten Liu Chengxun would not be enough for him to use the Tathagata Divine Palm.

However, Liu Chengxun had his own aura as a sword saint.

As a divine grandmaster, it was inevitable that he would attract the attention of many people.

What Ye Xiao hated the most was that many peoples gazes were focused on him unless he was wearing a disguise or a mask.

Moreover, Liu Chengxun was definitely here to be a boss.

If he did not want him to be a boss, then he would have to expose his identity.

It was estimated that Liu Chengxun would be his grandson at any moment.

However, if that was the case, he would not be able to have a peaceful life.

Very soon, the drawing of lots began.

Ouyang Yunzhong used the small wooden stick that he found to draw lots.

The length of the wooden sticks varied.

The person who drew the shortest stick had to be in charge of Liu Chengxun.

These colleagues were not even grandmasters.

At the very least, they had to be above the great sect to be able to use their spiritual energy to search.

Ye Xiao did not even need to circulate the Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

With a sweep of his spiritual energy, he instantly drew the longest stick.

Kill all!

The drawing of lots ended very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was confirmed that Liu Chengxun belonged to one of the managers of the area next to Ye Xiao, Li Yes subordinate.

That supervisors face instantly turned livid.

Its over, he drew the longest one!

Ouyang Yunzhong smiled.

“Since thats the case, then lets…”

“Wait a moment.”

Before the manager could open his mouth to confirm, the other party had already raised his hand and shouted:

“Director, actually, Im preparing to resign and start my own business soon.

“My resignation report will be sent to you later.”


“Li Ye, youre sincere in this, right”

“Director, Im honestly not making up excuses.

I really want to resign.”

“Alright, Ive approved it.

Let Liu Chengxun take over your position.

From today onwards, he will be the supervisor of your area.”

Ouyang Yunzhong was also domineering as he directly dismissed Li Ye.

Li Ye was not vague either.

Although he had resigned and it would be a loss if he did not have that position, it was still better than living in fear every day!

Ye Xiao was also somewhat helpless.

He did not expect to avoid Liu Chengxun becoming his subordinate, but he did not avoid Liu Chengxun becoming his neighbor.

It was also quite annoying.

What could he do

Liu Chengxun was, after all, a divine grandmaster.

He could not possibly be asked to find an electronics factory to work in, right

It was also impossible for him to go to a breeding farm to feed pigs, right

After thinking about it, the only thing that could allow him to be very free and not affect his international contacts, as well as be able to monitor Liu Chengxun very well, was the library.

In any case, the Jianghai Library did not have any imperial techniques, so he was not afraid that Liu Chengxun would peek at some top-grade cultivation technique.

After drawing lots, Ye Xiao quickly went back to analyze his map.

It was very likely that he would find another imperial technique behind that map.

Even if there was only one imperial technique, as long as it could be recorded into the Golden Book divine soul, it would be much more profitable than Ye Xiao looking at the basic cultivation technique there.

Therefore, that was the most important thing for him right now.

However, he had only looked at it for about ten minutes when a gentle voice quietly appeared in his ear.


Ye Xiao had long sensed that the other party was Liu Chengxun, but he had never raised his head.


“Im Liu Chengxun.”


Ye Xiao softly acknowledged, and Liu Chengxun immediately opened his mouth and said,

“Youre indeed just like what my disciple said.

Your temper is gentle and calm.

Youre much better than the others.”

At that moment, Liu Chengxun had specially come to greet his colleagues around him.

Since he had decided to stay in the nine provinces for a period of time, he definitely could not put on the airs of the Han sword saint everywhere.

Otherwise, the higher-ups of the nine provinces alliance would be more annoyed and would also think of ways to expel him.

Therefore, he needed to get along well with the people around him.

However, all the people who greeted him were trembling in fear, as if they were looking at some extremely terrifying monster.

That was something that could not be helped.

Divine grandmasters were too powerful.

To ordinary people, they were existences that they did not dare to provoke.

That was because a sneeze or fart from them could cause an ordinary martial artist to die without a burial ground.

After greeting him many times without any change, Liu Chengxun thought of what his disciple had told him before.

There was a young man called Ye Xiao in the library.

He had a very gentle temper and was very easy to get along with, so he came over to take a look.

Now that he looked at it, it was indeed so.

“Piao Jiansheng told you about me”

“Thats right.

He was the one who recommended I come to the library.

He said that this place is more suitable for me.

The work is more leisurely, and its also convenient for the nine provinces to monitor.

It wont make everyone nervous.”

Ye Xiao was quite speechless.

With a big shot like you, even if you really went to the breeding farm, you would still be as leisurely as before.

The owner of the breeding farm would not dare to let you lift a finger to deliver the old sows baby.

He might even have to specially build a luxurious office for you, and then send a secretary wearing black silk over to accompany you to chat.

“Well, if theres nothing else, I have to get busy.”

Liu Chengxun glanced at the map in Ye Xiaos hand and could not help but say,

“Youre analyzing the map, right This map is indeed somewhat difficult.

Do you want me to give it a try”

Ye Xiao was a little surprised.

“You know how to analyze a map”

Liu Chengxun nodded.

“A little.

When Im free from cultivation practice, Ill also try some other hobbies.”

Ye Xiao pondered for a moment.

“Its better not to trouble you.”

“Its alright.

I have nothing to do anyway.

Ill help you analyze it.”

“How can I do that”

“You can treat me to a meal.

That way, well be even.”

“Then if you say so, I wont stand on ceremony with you.”

That map was indeed a headache for Ye Xiao.

He had never learned that kind of knowledge before, so even if his cultivation was very high, it would still be difficult to analyze it in a short period of time.

Now that Liu Chengxun was willing to come out and accept work, that would be the best.

He could still afford to pay for a meal.

Ye Xiao handed the map to Liu Chengxun, and Liu Chengxun spoke again,

“But this map can not be analyzed in a few minutes because I have never seen the map of the nine provinces, so I need to get my area and compare it with the map of the nine provinces to analyze it.

Ill give you an answer before I get off work tonight.”

“Okay, no problem.

If you can analyze it tonight, Ill treat you to a big meal.”


Liu Chengxun took the map and left.

Ye Xiao heaved a sigh of relief.

He had finally gotten rid of the trouble of the map.

The way he looked at Liu Chengxun just now did not seem like he was lying.

He estimated that it would not take long for him to analyze it.

At that time, he would be able to look for that mysterious cave and see what kind of emperor technique was inside.

Now, he could finally start to get busy with his own matters.

He was not going to look for books on martial arts, but to look for books on star beast cultivation.

In Ye Xiaos hands, it was equivalent to having seven divine-level star beasts.

If those star beasts were used well, they would be able to provide him with the vast majority of the energy needed to advance to Xiantian ninth grade, the peak of the divine grandmaster rank.

He quickly found a large pile.

“On How to Use Star Beasts to Make a Fortune”

“Postnatal Care of Star beasts”

“On the Characteristics of Breeding Between Different Species of Star Beasts”

Ye Xiao finished reading a large pile of books about star beasts.

He had many feelings.

Before reading, the easiest way to deal with star beasts was to cut off their meat and eat it.

After he took a look, he realized that there were so many ways to use star beasts.

It was equivalent to repeatedly digging a mine.

When those methods were combined, the seven divine-level star beasts he had could be equivalent to dozens or even hundreds of star beasts.

When that time came, why would he need to worry about not having enough cultivation base


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