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Chapter 173: The Indian Buddhist

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“What secret”

Piao Jiansheng asked with some doubt.


Liu Chengxun looked out of the window and said with a faint smile,

“Your master is in fact also a member of the nine provinces.

My ancestor was a person from Jianghai city.”


Master also had the nine provinces bloodline


God, no wonder, he had always had an extremely familiar feeling toward his master.

So that was the case.

At that moment, Piao Jiansheng actually had an inexplicable feeling that the relationship between him and his master had become even closer.

That was the sense of belonging and intimacy that stemmed from the blood of his fellow countrymen.


On Ye Xiaos side, he had already been working for two days.

The matter of him facing off against Liu Chengxun and Murakami Beichuan had yet to stop, and the internet was basically still filled with this news.

His colleagues in the library would start discussing that matter every day when they were free.

That gave Ye Xiao a headache.

He felt rather helpless.

However, that also had something to do with everyones mentality.


After all, to Ye Xiao, that matter was really not worth mentioning.

To him, being invincible among people of the same level was already a common occurrence.

It had been like this since he was a grandmaster back then.

Other people would only be able to slash out 500-600 feet with a single slash, while he would be able to slash out 2,000 feet with a single slash.

However, to these ordinary people, that was a huge and shocking matter.

That was because to them, the divine sects were practically comparable to godly martial artists!

With that being said, Ye Xiao had defeated two divine sects!

Those two days, Ye Xiao had been searching through the ancient records and maps to compare the map that Fa Xin had left behind.


What he had to complain about was that Fa Xins drawing skills were really very poor.

Moreover, it was not just ordinary bad.

In many places, he only drew a rough direction, which was to use a straight line to outline it slightly.

It was not like regular maps, which were winding and were sketched step by step.

What was even more outrageous was that he was actually semi-illiterate.

There were some places where he used pinyin, and he even used pinyin wrongly.

Fortunately, Ye Xiaos personality was relatively gentle.

Otherwise, he would have been so angry that he would have scolded someone long ago.

That morning, just as Ye Xiao was analyzing his map, Fa Zhengs voice quietly rang in his ears.


Ye, busy”

Ye Xiao hummed softly and raised his head to look at him.

He said with some doubt,

“Youre not in the martial arts academy.

Why are you here when you have the time to spare”

Fa Zheng opened his mouth and said,

“Not recently.

This penniless monk has been borrowing more Buddhist cultivation techniques recently to strengthen his strength.”

“Why did you suddenly think of increasing your strength Arent you already a Xiantian fifth-grade great grandmaster”

“This is a secret history of our Shaolin.

Basically, every year at this time, our Shaolin Dharma generation professors would delve into Buddhism.”


Seeing Ye Xiaos confused and puzzled expression, Fa Zheng spoke again,

“Its like this.

36 years ago, a Buddhist genius appeared in India.

His name is Aro.

He once challenged a Buddhist monk of the same generation as us in the middle state, just like how Piao Jiansheng challenged the nine provinces sword practitioners.

“Back then, his skills were superb and he defeated countless Buddhist geniuses in the Zhong province.

“Even today, he still comes to the Zhong province every year to challenge our Buddhist peers.

“Moreover, he wins every year!”

Ye Xiao had not expected that there would actually be such a thing.

He was not surprised that Aro would defeat his Buddhist peers in the Zhong province because he was only challenging those of the same generation.

If it was a genius with a relatively older generation, he would definitely not be able to defeat him.

Moreover, some of the younger generation geniuses would most likely not fight him either.

It was not surprising for a genius like him to occasionally appear among his peers who could sweep others aside.

What Ye Xiao was curious about was another matter.

“Speaking of which, since he has already won so many times, why does he still want to continue winning Theres no need to continue winning, right

“Since hes a genius, its definitely impossible for him to be as foolish as the other three and constantly flaunt his methods and strength, right”

“Your question is good.

Hes indeed not flaunting his strength and methods.

“Hes looking for someone.”


“My younger brother, Fa Xin.”

Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly.

He did not expect it to be Fa Xin.

Previously, he had thought that Fa Xin and Fa Zheng had similar dharma names, so they might be siblings.

He did not expect that they were really brothers.

“Why did he look for him”

“Because he was defeated by him once.

“It happened 36 years ago, he came to the nine provinces for the first time.

First, he wanted to challenge all the geniuses of his generation in the Buddhist sect of the Zhong province.

“At that time, many fellow disciples of my generation had already been sent out by Shaolin to open branches in various places to promote the Buddhist martial arts culture.

“My younger brother, Fa Xin, went to a city on the side of Qin province, Forest City.

“His talent was not good, but for some reason, the Indian Buddhist, Aro, announced his defeat in Forest City.

From then on, he retreated to India and waited until the next year to fight again.

“However, after he passed by, Shaolin immediately sent people to look for Fa Xin, only to find that Fa Xin had gone missing.

“After several inquiries, he had disappeared without a trace, so we could only give up.

“However, the Indian Buddhist, Aro, still comes to challenge us every year.

“Without Fa Xin, we are not his match.

We can only cultivate year after year, hoping to advance as soon as possible and defeat him.

“This penniless monk is quite lucky this year.

I advanced to Xiantian fifth grade and my strength has greatly improved.

Shaolin hopes that this penniless monk can prepare meticulously for battle and see if we can defeat him.”

“I see.”

Ye Xiao did not expect that there would be such a secret involved.

However, after thinking about it carefully, he understood.

The letter was obtained from the Tathagata Divine Palm forty years ago.

When he met Aro, he had already learned it for four years.

The improvement of imperial techniques was not the improvement of ordinary cultivation techniques, especially for a top-notch Buddhist cultivation technique like the Tathagata Divine Palm.

It was extremely masculine and extremely powerful.

Therefore, 36 years ago, it was only logical for him to be able to defeat Aro.

After that, in order to seal the beastmans vengeful spirit, he locked himself in the mountain.

Thus, Shaolin had no way of knowing his whereabouts.

Later on, it was also because he used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery that he was able to find his location and learn of his death.

As for that Aro, he would come over every year.

Presumably, he was also unwilling to accept the defeat.

He wanted to find the Aro and have another competition.

Unfortunately, he could no longer find Fa Xin.

Ye Xiao was not interested in such a boring matter at all.

The identities of Liu Chengxun and Murakami Beichuan, each of them had to easily surpass Aro to challenge him.

He was just too lazy to pay attention to them.

If it was not for the fact that in the end, the Hans and the Yings had spouted nonsense on the internet and were even disrespectful to the nine provinces, he would definitely not have bothered with the two of them and would definitely not have made a move.

The so-called competition sounded nice when it was called sparring and exchanging martial arts culture.

In reality, it was just a to get first place.

It was just to satisfy the selfish desire in his heart.

“Then you should work hard.

Among the Shaolin martial artists, the better grandmasters are on the fifth and sixth levels.

I wont accompany you.”

Fa Zheng nodded.

“This penniless monk is also here to greet Mr.


After all, this penniless monk is in Jianghai city and only has Mr.

Ye as a good friend.”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Lets have lunch together in the cafeteria.

Ill treat you.”

Since Fa Zheng was only eating a bowl of white rice and drinking a mouthful of boiled water, Ye Xiao did not mind.

“Thank you very much, Mr.


After saying that, Fa Zheng left Ye Xiao and headed to the fifth floor of the library.

Fa Zheng had just left when Ye Xiao was about to continue repairing the map.

In the next second, Yang Xi came over and called for Ye Xiao.

“Supervisor Ye, the director is calling for you.”

Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Why is the director suddenly looking for me at this time”

“I dont know.

The other supervisors have also been called over.

Judging from the directors tone, she seems to be in a hurry.”

“I understand.”

Ye Xiao rubbed his temples and kept the map.

Then, he quickly went to the directors office.

The other supervisors of the library had also arrived.

The atmosphere in the entire office looked quite serious.

Ye Xiaos expression did not change, but his heart became lively.

He activated the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and scanned the directors memories.

He was instantly even more astonished.

“Its actually this matter!”

He could not help but mutter.

The expression on his face was a little speechless.

“Ye Xiao is here.”

The director greeted him, and Ye Xiao nodded.

“Take a seat quickly.

Youre the only one left.”

Ye Xiao found a seat at the back and sat down.

Ouyang Yunzhong immediately said,

“Today, a person from our library came to apply for a job.

And this person is not an ordinary person.

The requirement of the Zhong province is to give him an easy position and not let him work, but we also cant let anyone provoke him, including ourselves.”

Everyone immediately began to discuss.

“Who is this Who is so awesome”

“Which leader is this With such a high status, giving him an easy position means that he doesnt have to work and directly transfers money to his account every month.”

“We cant offend him yet.

That means that we, the supervisors, cant care about him.

What else can we do Wont he go up to the house and tear the roof off”

Ouyang Yunzhong pushed up his glasses.

“As for him, he isnt the son of some big leader.

If we dont provoke him, there wont be any trouble.

Even if he kills you, the nine provinces will take revenge for you.

“However, if any of you start a fight first and get killed by him, dont blame me for not reminding you.

Even if you die, it will be for nothing.

At most, the library will give you a little burial fee and compensation for your families.”

“D*mn, then who exactly is he Why is he so awesome”

“The sword saint of the Han state, Liu Chengxun.”

The entire meeting room was instantly deathly silent.

Everyones jaws dropped to the ground in shock, except for Ye Xiao.

However, Ye Xiao was at the back, so no one saw his expression.

“Director, are you joking with us Liu Chengxun came to our library to work”

“Im not joking.

Its true.

He wants to stay in the nine provinces for a period of time, and we in the nine provinces attach great importance to this matter.

“Although he is sincere and wants to stay in Jianghai city, he is, after all, a divine grandmaster..

If something happens to him, it will be difficult for us to control him.”


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