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Chapter 172: Beast God Sect

After Ye Xiao left, the spiritual energy absorption of the entire Jianghai city began to expand rapidly.

That drastic change quickly attracted the attention of Du Changfeng and the others.

They also quickly arrived in front of the statue of the Saber-sword Immortal in the library.

“Whats going on The speed at which this city absorbs spiritual energy suddenly increased by a lot!”

“I dont know.

Something must have happened inside the spirit-gathering array.

Unfortunately, Senior Saber-sword Immortals seal is too strong.

Its at the level of an imperial array, so this penniless monk isnt able to see whats going on inside the spirit-gathering array.”

Du Changfeng was silent for a moment.

“Could it be that this has something to do with Senior Saber-sword Immortal”

Fa Zheng shook his head.

“I cant say exactly, but its most likely related to him.”.

“Theres no need to worry, governor.

This penniless monk can sense that the speed at which the spiritual energy in Jianghai city is gathering is no slower than those first-tier cities.

This is a good thing that will benefit the future!”

Du Changfeng was startled, but he was immediately overjoyed.

The strength of Jianghai city before could only be considered a small city.

After that, it was nurtured by the nine provinces alliance and the Jing province and was now moving toward a third-tier city.

Now, it actually had the speed of spirit-gathering in a first-tier city.

It could be said to be immeasurably meritorious to the development of Jianghai city!

Two days later, at the border of Chu province in the Zhong province, there were 100,000 mountains!

There was a deep pit, the size of which was comparable to an abyss.

It was as if it had been smashed out of the ground by a meteorite from outer space.

However, in reality, as long as one looked closely, one would be able to discover that the rock walls in that deep pit were all sword scars.

The sword marks were more than a few thousand feet long.

They were sharp and carried a chilling intent that could make ones heart palpitate.

Anyone who saw them would feel a kind of fear that would make them tremble in fear, and it would continuously spread in the bottom of their hearts.

There was another identity here, and that was the ruins of the Beast God sect!

The former Beast God sect was hovering there, causing many cities in the Zhong province and Chu province to feel a headache.

However, the current Beast God sect no longer existed anywhere else except for that deep pit.

There were even a few bestial droppings left at the bottom of the pit.

However, at that moment, a few figures flew into the deep pit.

“Is this the ruins of the Beast God sect, one of the branches of our Beast God Alliance Humans are really ruthless.”

As soon as those words were said, a cold glint and killing intent appeared in the eyes of the others.

“The Beast God sect is the 250th branch of our Beast God Alliance.

Although the overall strength of the Beast God sect isnt very outstanding in our Beast God Alliance, the Beast God sect has been providing resources to the Beast God Alliance for many years without a break.

“If we dont avenge the Beast God sect, wont the other sects of our Beast God Alliance be disappointed

“Go and find out who it was that destroyed the Beast God sect and find them.

I want to kill their family, destroy their clan, and destroy their city!”

“Left protector, weve already found out their alias.

Currently, the most likely person in the Zhong and Chu provinces is the Saber-sword Immortal from Jinghai city.”

“Saber-sword Immortal Who is that”

“To answer the left protector, the Saber-sword Immortals identity is very mysterious.

Currently, no one knows his identity.

They only know that his cultivation is very strong!”

The man called the left protector could not help but laugh disdainfully.

“Very strong How strong”

“He is a divine sect.

He should be a Xiantian eighth-grade divine grandmaster!”


The left protectors face was suddenly shocked, and he immediately raised his voice.

“A Xiantian eighth-grade divine grandmaster.”

Everyone once again opened their mouths and repeated.

The left protectors face was gloomy as he said,

“How did you determine that he is a Xiantian eighth grade”

“To answer the left protectors question, two days ago, he defeated the 50th ranked Murakami Beichuan on the Dragon list and the 49th ranked Liu Chengxun on the Dragon list, and he killed them both in one move!

“And those two have recently advanced to Xiantian eighth grade!”

The left protectors face could not help but twitch violently.

His subordinate carefully glanced at him and could not help but ask,

“Left protector, then should we still take revenge for the Beast God sect”

However, just as he finished speaking, the left protector raised his hand and blasted him into a bloody mist.


The Beast God sect went against the rules of the Alliance and provoked the human race.

They were killed by the human race.

I did not pursue them and almost implicated the Beast God Alliance.

This is already considered as showing mercy to the Beast God sect.

You actually want me to take revenge for the Beast God sect

“What an ignorant fool.”

The other subordinates trembled in fear and nearly wet their pants.

However, no one dared to rebuke him.

It was because he was a Xiantian seventh-grade divine grandmaster!

As for them, their cultivations were only at the great grandmaster rank.

After destroying the subordinate with a single move, the left protector continued,

“Theres one more thing I want to tell you.

In human cities, every city will have a spirit-gathering array, and powerful star beasts will be used as the core of the array.

“I want you to find a city that has a divine-level star beast.

I want you to absorb it so that I can complete the bloodline transformation and become a noble star beast.

I want you to completely raise your cultivation to the Xiantian eighth grade!”

“Left protector, such a city is easy to find.

There are several cities around, and each city has a divine-level star beast.”

“Of course I know, but the divine-level star beasts in these cities are all split divine-level star beasts.

Their strength has already been weakened to the level of a great grandmaster.

“Basically, there are several cities in order to collect the complete body of a divine-level star beast.

“If I search one by one, it will be easy for the humans to find me.

When that happens, it will alert the enemy and ruin my plans.

“What I am looking for is a divine-level star beast that exists alone.

“That way, I can complete the transformation in one go.

“When I advance to the Xiantian eighth grade, I will be even more fearless of the humans!”

“Left protector, you are wise.

Lets go look for it now.”

“Remember, try to find those small cities that have just risen.

Dont go to big cities.

In big cities, martial arts experts are as common as clouds.

It will be very troublesome.”


On the other side, in the Jianghai Hotel.

Piao Jiansheng was kneeling in front of his master with an extremely serious expression.

“Have you really decided”

“I have decided.

I want to join the nine provinces and leave the Han state.”

Liu Chengxun looked at his beloved disciple with a complicated expression.

More than 20 years ago, he had found that child from the border between the nine provinces and the Han state.

It was because he had taken a fancy to him that he had seven-eighths of the Zhong province bloodline in his body.

Although the people of the Han state also came from the legacy of the nine provinces and were the ancestors of that region, they had migrated to the Han state and left behind the bloodline.

However, for some unknown reason, the bloodline of the people of the Han state was still far inferior to that of the nine provinces.

Moreover, as time passed, the power of the bloodline of the people of the Han state continued to decrease.

Perhaps the trash place of Han state was far from the outstanding people of the nine provinces, so no geniuses could be born.

What was born was basically trash.

That reason caused Liu Chengxun to make an exception and accept Piao Jiansheng as his disciple.

The facts proved that Piao Jiansheng had not disappointed him.

In the shortest amount of time, he had comprehended quite a lot of his sword art and even defeated quite a number of Jing province sword art geniuses.

Unexpectedly, in the end, Piao Jiansheng still chose to return to the nine provinces.

All his efforts were in vain.

Forget it, everything in that world had a predestined fate.

It was not something that he could change just because he wanted to.

“Alright, just as you said, you just have to submit the identity transfer registration form to the Jianghai city government and let them handle it for you.

“You dont have to worry about the Han state.

They wont dare to go against Masters words.”

There was guilt and gratitude in Piao Jianshengs eyes.

“Thank you, Master! Dont worry, Master.

Although Jiansheng has changed back to his identity and become a citizen of nine provinces, you will always be Jianshengs master.

This will never change.”

Liu Chengxun nodded his head in relief.

He knew that Piao Jiansheng was a good kid with a kind heart.

He was not tainted by the filth of the Han state.

“Oh right, Master, when will you return to the Han state I will send you there.”

“Theres no need for that.

Master wont leave.”

Piao Jiansheng had a confused expression.

“You wont leave Arent you going back to the Han state”

Liu Chengxun nodded his head.

“Thats right.

I am preparing to cultivate in Jianghai city for a period of time.

I will also take the opportunity to see who that Saber-sword Immortal is.

“His swordsmanship was very proficient, making me admire him wholeheartedly.

This was the first time in my life that I wanted to worship someone.

“If I cant see him with my own eyes, Im afraid that I wont be able to break through this state of mind in this lifetime.”

Piao Jianshengs heart shook.

The Saber-sword Immortals influence on his master had already reached such a level

A dignified Xiantian eighth-grade martial arts expert was actually beaten by the other party to the point that his state of mind was unstable.

Thinking about it, it made sense.

The Saber-sword Immortals strength was really abnormal and monstrous.

He also had the right to make his masters state of mind unstable.

“However, they wont allow Master to stay in the nine provinces for too long, right

“After all, Masters cultivation is so strong.

The nine provinces alliance will probably guard against master to prevent Master from hurting the people of the nine provinces.”

“This doesnt matter.

As long as Master complies with their request, its fine.”

“What request”

“Find a place, preferably one with a camera.

Every day, there must be a certain amount of time to be able to contact and be under their surveillance.”

Piao Jianshengs face could not help but twitch violently.

The dignified sword saint of the Han state, Liu Chengxun, had actually become a crazed star chaser.

In order to pursue the Saber-sword Immortal, he was willing to be shackled and obediently stay in Jianghai city

Saber-sword Immortal, you really have endless charm!

“Master, are you willing to be suppressed by the nine provinces alliance just to pursue the Saber-sword Immortal You are a mighty Xiantian eighth-grade divine grandmaster!

“And you are the honorable sword saint of Han!”

“Actually, its not entirely like that.

I still have a secret that I have been keeping from you for many years.”


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