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Chapter 171: Divine-level Star Beast Farm

To build a farm, it had to be in a suitable place.

The place had to not only be convenient for harvesting, but it should also ensure that no one would discover it.

At the same time, it could also ensure that these star beasts would not escape.

Such a place… Oh, there it is.

Ye Xiao thought of a wonderful place.

That was the sealed area of Norfis.

Firstly, the sealed area of Norfis was where he went to and from work.

He could go down and harvest every day after work.

It was very convenient.

Secondly, the sealed area of Norfis had the imperial array that he had set up.

It could perfectly prevent the star beasts from escaping.

Although those star beasts were very powerful and had already reached the level of a divine grandmaster, and there were still quite a number of them, Ye Xiao could still buy some spirit stone materials to strengthen the array and ensure the safety of the farm.

Furthermore, they were very close to him.

If those fellows wanted to escape or something, he could also discover them in time and deal with them in time.

The last point was the secrecy.

No one would have thought that there would be a group of divine-level star beasts that he had locked in the underground in front of the library, right

Moreover, he had already learned the Earth-burrowing Technique and could freely move through the soil.

Hence, he did not need to dig a hole when he entered the underground seal like before.

Finally, there was another additional effect.

That was, underneath the seal array was actually a spirit-gathering array!

After keeping them there, he could use them to increase the speed of the spirit-gathering arrays absorption of spiritual energy.

That way, it could also be considered as indirectly increasing the spiritual energy of Jianghai city.

He himself had so many cultivation techniques that could create a powerful absorption ability.

The one who benefited the most was still him.

It was a perfect plan!

Ye Xiao looked at the sky.

At that moment, the sun was already setting.

The library should have been closed by now.

He immediately used the Earth-burrowing Technique and headed toward the underground of the library.

Below the library, Norfis slowly opened his eyes.

The corner of his huge octopus mouth was slightly raised.

After several days of cultivation, the two tentacles that Ye Xiao had cut off had already been completely healed.

The loss of his cultivation had also been made up for.

Next, he would continue to cultivate diligently, striving to advance to a stronger rank as soon as possible.

If that was the case, that clone of his would have hope of breaking through the sealing array sooner or later.

At that time, he would be able to think of a way to go to Shaolin and find his main body.

Then, he would rescue his main body and fuse it with his main body, completely restoring his peak divine sect cultivation!

At that time, he would definitely return and destroy Jianghai city completely.

There was also that Ye Xiao.

He would definitely cut him into eight pieces and roast them.

He would wrap them with bread chaff, fry them, and serve them with onions to cook them on an iron plate.

At that time, he would not kill him.

He would also have to preserve his life time and time again.

‘Didnt he know the healing technique

‘Alright, Ill let him recover on his own and then feed him!

‘Ill even let him recover and watch me make fried skewers out of his arms.

‘Thats how cruel it would be!

With that in mind, Norfis could not help but burst into laughter.

“Hahahahaha… Ha… Ha… F*ck!”

Before he could even laugh twice, Ye Xiaos figure suddenly barged in.

Norfis was immediately shocked.

The octopuss huge body suddenly stuck to the wall, maintaining a certain distance from Ye Xiao who had just entered.

“Isnt this a little too much I just recovered it, and youre here again.

Are you still human”

Ye Xiao glanced at it and said indifferently,

“Im not here to cut off your tentacles.”

Norfis frowned.

‘Was this fellow joking with me

‘If he did not wish to cut off my tentacles, why would he specially come here to look for me

‘It cant be that hes romantically involved, right

‘I heard that theres a Ying state in the east of the nine provinces.

There are some strange humans there.

Their females will capture some of my own kind and play some strange games.

However… He had never heard of anyone in the nine provinces having such a hobby.

Moreover, he had never heard of a man having such a hobby

Just as Norfis was puzzled, Ye Xiao took out Ji Feng, the Earth Immortal Weng, the Black Earth Python, and a few other divine-level star beasts from his storage space.

At that moment, Norfis was completely dumbfounded.


Was he dreaming

That Ye Xiao had actually killed so many divine-level star beasts

What kind of joke was that

Was his strength so monstrous

Moreover, looking at his formation, it seemed like he wanted to revive them!

What was he trying to do

Could it be that he wanted to raise divine-level star beasts

Was there a mistake

Even a divine-level star beast had to be made into poultry for him

As expected, in the next second, Ye Xiao resurrected all of the divine-level star beasts.

Norfis completely collapsed.

It was over.

That Ye Xiao was too strong.

The 1,500-year ambush plan might not be able to stop him.

That was because the cultivation of star beasts was mostly related to age.

In 1,500 years, his split body could only be cultivated to the peak of Xiantian eighth grade at most.

He did not even dare to say that he could cultivate to Xiantian ninth grade.

With such cultivation, how could it break through the array and escape

No, he had to remain calm.

At most, he would have to endure humiliation for a few more days.

Yes, endure humiliation for a few more days!

Add another 500 years to it… No, add another 1,000 years, 2,500 years!

After 2,500 years, he would definitely advance his cultivation, break through the array, and escape from the claws of that demon.

The other star beasts, who had just revived, were still somewhat dumbstruck.

“Strange, arent we already dead Why have we revived again”

When the star beasts saw Ye Xiao, their expressions instantly changed in fright.

“Holy sh*t! Why is this god of plagues here”

With a shrill cry, all the star beasts quickly fled outside, but after crashing into the array, they were all bounced back one by one.

The star beasts violently crashed into the array, but even after smashing their heads open, they were unable to escape.

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“Fleeing again If you try that again, Ill eat all of you.”

With a single sentence, all the star beasts instantly stopped their movements and stuck close to the array wall, shivering as they looked at Ye Xiao.

Seeing all the star beasts become obedient, Ye Xiao was very gratified.

“Ah, from now on, this will be your home.

“I will come every day to cut some of your meat to replenish some of your vitality.

But I wont kill you.

I hope that you can cooperate and dont make me worry too much, because I hate trouble.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left.

The star beasts finally heaved a sigh of relief.

However, very quickly, they became furious.

“What did he say”

“Thats right, what does he mean by not killing us Does he still think that what he did was not overboard”

“Detestable human, Ill kill him sooner or later!”

At that moment, Norfis slowly opened his mouth and said,

“This venerable self interjected.

Who among you can beat him now Or, can all of us together beat him”

After saying that, all the star beasts were instantly dumbfounded.

The entire space immediately fell into a deathly silence.

Not long after, Ji Feng could not help but sneer,

“Senior Norfis still has the nerve to say that If it wasnt for you setting me up back then, would we have been wiped out by him in one fell swoop”

Norfis also snickered snappily.

“You chicken brain, you still have the nerve to talk about me Back then, I repeatedly advised you not to provoke him, not to provoke him.

It was you who insisted on saying that you had a profound cultivation base and that you werent afraid of a one-on-one fight before you rushed out.

“In the end, you were killed in one move.

“Im too embarrassed to say such a thing.”


Ji Feng was so angry that she was fuming.

Just as she was about to make a move, the Ginseng star beast, Earth Immortal Weng, suddenly spoke,

“Alright, alright.

Were all prisoners now.

Whats there to argue about Lets think about how we can escape from here.”

“Senior Norfis, you have the strongest cultivation and the broadest knowledge among us.”

“Based on your feelings, how much time do you think it will take for us to escape “How can we escape”

Norfis coughed lightly.

“Regarding this matter, this venerable self has already considered it carefully.

“Attacking forcefully with martial arts is definitely not possible!

“Scheming and deceiving is simply impossible!

“In terms of cultivation, we are completely no match for the other party.

Therefore, we can only admit defeat and endure humiliation, using the time to exchange for an increase in our cultivation.

“We will implement the strategy of sustainable development, resolutely follow the leadership of the main body, and resolutely implement the policy of the star beasts to become stronger through age.”

“Then, how many years will that be”

“2,500 years!”

After a pause, he added anotherminimum.

“So long”

The star beasts could not help but exclaim, their faces filled with shock.

Norfis said with a solemn and serious face,

“This is the most basic thing.

In fact, 2,500 years is already considered little for me.

“You all know that the cultivation of our star beasts is linked to time.

“Only in about 2,500 years will we be able to advance and reach the cultivation of Xiantian ninth grade.

“Of course, we still have a chance, and that is the beast calamity four years later!

“If a powerful star beast attacks this city four years from now and luckily finds our seal, it might be able to save us.

“Before that, the only thing we can do is to make that human happy.

We must not let him have the intention to kill us completely.

“Of course, it doesnt matter to me.

I am a split body.

As long as my main body doesnt die, its fine.

“But youre different.

Youre all main bodies.

Once you die, you wont be able to resurrect even if you wanted to.”

The eyes of the star beasts lit up.

Thats right, the beast calamity was about to arrive.

When the beast calamity arrived, they also had a chance to escape.

“Good! Since thats the case, then well listen to Senior Norfis.

Lets appease this human first.

Isnt it just four years Weve already been sealed for more than 50 years.

We dont need these four years.

We can afford to wait.”


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