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Chapter 170: This Battle Is Enough to Seal the Deal

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Xiao was not a fool either.

Although it was a little too casual to fight, he did not want to lose either.

If he lost and made it so embarrassing, he might as well not fight in the first place!

He had not wanted any glory, but he could not let his own state lose face because of him, could he

Therefore, the energy he placed in the two flowers was different.

That way, because the attacks were different, it could cause the opponent to make mistakes in their defenses, and the probability of failure would be lower.

When he saw so many Overpowering Saber rays, he was completely dumbfounded.

“Holy sh*t!”

As a dignified divine grandmaster, he could not help but swear at that moment!

He originally only wanted to use a feint to fool around a little before turning around and running away.

However, he did not expect Ye Xiao to be so brutal.

No, it could no longer be described as cruel.

It was simply insane!

Was there a need for that

It was just a sparring match.

Was there a need to make such a big fuss

At that moment, Murakami Beichuan regretted it.

He completely regretted it.

He should not have come to the nine provinces.

It was already too late to resist now.

Moreover, even if he resisted, what could he use to resist

Basically, most of the moves of the Jia He Liu Ninja Blade were mainly assassination-type moves.

Among the saber techniques, it was the more peculiar type of saber that emphasized surprise in battle, there was a limit to the strength one could display in a head-on battle.

Not to mention, it was against ye Xiaos Overpowering Saber.

Such a powerful saber technique that was filled with domineering air and was indomitable.

The instant the Overpowering Saber glow appeared, the 24 saber glows that were transmitted from Murakami Beichuan were instantly shattered into pieces like glass,

the remaining saber glows enveloped his body.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Amidst a series of intense explosions, the sky burst with light!

All the spectators were shocked to the point of speechlessness at that moment!

The flames that exploded in the sky were so beautiful that they were filled with the beauty of nature.

They were like the power of lightning, wind, and snow.

They were filled with violence, unreasonable, shocking, and people could not help but admire them, they felt a sense of sublime respect.

How was that an explosion

That was art!


When the flames receded, Beichuans figure gradually appeared.




No one could think of any other words, so they could only use those three words to describe him.

One of Murakamis arms and one of his legs had been blown up, and the remaining hand on his arm was gone as well.

His clothes were basically destroyed, and his skin was charred like charcoal,

His entire body could not stop trembling, and all of his wounds were dripping with blood.

If not for his strong vitality as a divine grandmaster, he might have fainted right now.

How could he be like that, struggling for his life

No one spoke.

The shock was something that words could not express.

It came from a deep impact on the soul.

One had to know that divine grandmasters were equivalent to gods to them.

Now, the Saber-sword Immortal pressed one, no, two divine grandmasters, on the floor and stomped all over them!



Too powerful!

The battle had ended so the electronic equipment had returned to normal.

Seeing that scene, countless netizens could not help but exclaim.

“Oh my God, is it that bad Thats a divine sect! A divine sect was actually beaten so badly Am I dreaming”

“Youre not dreaming.”

“Saber Sword Immortal is the GOAT!”

The duel had ended, but the legend of Saber-sword Immortal was not over yet.

All kinds of online forums, all kinds of social media, all kinds of WeChat moments, and all kinds of groups were discussing Saber-sword Immortal.

All kinds of discussions were at the top of the rankings.

At that moment, the Saber-sword Immortal name completely walked out of Jianghai city, and his name shook the nine provinces!

It could even be said that his name shook the world, and he became a god in a single battle!

However, no one knew who he was.

At that moment, in the hospital, Lu Wanwan had successfully given birth.

Gu Hai and his relatives, who had been waiting for a few hours at the entrance of the operating theater, swarmed up to look at Lu Wanwan and the child.

Although the baby was delivered calmly, at that moment, they began to panic again.

Old Lu and his wife definitely wanted to see their daughter.

Father Gu and mother Gu definitely wanted to see their child first.

As for Gu Hai, he wanted to see his wife and child at the same time.

Only Ye Xiao stood behind them and looked at the joyous scene of his family with a little envy.

“Doctor, is it a boy or a girl”

Everyone could not help but ask curiously.

The doctor smiled and said,

“Its a little princess.

She weighs about 17 pounds and is very healthy.”

Lu Wanwan felt a little apologetic and said weakly,

“Hubby, Im sorry.”

She knew that Gu Hai was not the kind of person who valued boys over girls.

He just always wanted a boy, and then he would bring him to play football, ride a motorcycle, and practice martial arts…

Gu Hai held her hand tightly, and his eyes were a little moist.

“Silly girl, what nonsense are you talking about This is the baby that you gave birth to with your life.

Whether they are a girl or boy they are the best gifts you can give me.”

People were always growing.

Gu Hai was no longer the ignorant, silly boy who only knew how to make mistakes back then.

However, when Ye Xiao saw that scene, he did not know why, but he could not resonate too much with it.

The corners of his eyes were a little itchy.

He reached out and touched it, and it was a little moist.

It was not because of others, but because he was a little sad for himself.

He had become stronger, far away from the birth, aging, illness, and death of mortals.

However, he also seemed to have become no longer like a human.

Instead, he seemed to have a feeling of being above the secular world.

That feeling was as if the living beings in front of him had gradually become ants.

Even if you wanted to blend in with them, you would not be able to do so.

Your thoughts, your words, your actions, your movements… Everything you have is beyond their reach in a lifetime!

How do you fit in

That was why he always wanted to live a normal life, because with the increase in strength, sooner or later, he will be out of that world.

At that time, he would like to live a human life.


At that moment, the baby suddenly let out an intense cry.

Gu Hai quickly took his daughter from his mothers arms.

“Let me do it.

Ive seen the tutorials for nursing fathers before.

This newborn baby is rather unfamiliar with her surroundings and picks on people.

Im her real dad, she definitely wont pick on me.”


Everyone was silent for a while.

Gu Hai looked embarrassed.

Then, he coughed lightly.

“Cough, cough, cough… Maybe she hasnt gotten used to it yet.”

However, everyone took turns carrying her.

The baby was still crying.

“Are you hungry”

Gu could not help but wonder.

“Its possible.”

“Send Wanwan back to the ward first.

She just gave birth.

Ill go find a lactator later.”

Everyone hurriedly brought Lu Wanwan and her daughter back to the ward.

However, the child was still crying.

“What should we do Do you want to drink some sugar water I just asked the doctor, and the doctor said that we can drink some sugar water first.”

Everyone fiddled with the sugar water again, but the baby was still crying.

Ye Xiao used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to probe and found that there was nothing wrong with the baby, but her soul was trembling.

It should be the time when her mother was injured, which frightened her.

“Let me take a look.”

He asked.

“Do you know how to coax a child”

Mother Gu was a little puzzled while Ye Xiao nodded.

“Ive read about it in a book.

Although Ive never done it in practice, there shouldnt be too much of a problem.

Ill just be a little more careful.”

“Alright! Then give it a try.”

Mother Gu placed the child into Ye Xiaos hands.

Ye Xiao took the child over and used the peaceful power of the Mending the Heavens together with the Big Dippers Grand Mysterys spiritual energy to pacify her.

In the blink of an eye, the child became quiet.

“Haha, haha…”

What was even more unbelievable was that the little baby actually let out two tender laughs before directly falling asleep.

At that moment, everyone could not help but be greatly surprised.

“Holy sh*t! Old Ye, could it be that this temperament of yours, which is popular among thousands of young girls, is also effective on a newborn baby”


Ye Xiao did not know whether to laugh or cry.

“F*ck off! It should be because I was hugging fresh flowers just now and the fragrance of fresh flowers is on my body.

Didnt the book say that the fragrance of flowers can soothe ones heart and calm ones mind”

“Is that so Then next time, Ill buy more flowers and rub them on my body to get some of the fragrance of flowers.

“Oh right, since youre the godfather of the child, why dont you give her a name as a backup When the time comes, well think of a name together and use whoevers good.”

“Dont do that.

Im a useless name-maker.”

Ye Xiao was very self-aware when it came to naming.

That was because when Gu Hai said that, a few names had already popped up in his mind.

Xiao Hong, Xiao Lan, Gui Fen, Gui Hua…

He was afraid that if he said these few names, he would be beaten up.

Hence, he simply did not say them.

After staying for a short while, Ye Xiao tactfully rejected Gu Hais invitation to dinner.

That was a time for a family reunion.

It was not appropriate for an outsider like him to participate.

He left a red packet for his child as a token of his appreciation.

He excused himself and left on the pretext that he still had work to do.

In fact, Ye Xiao did have a job.

Although he would only start work tomorrow, he had to settle his breeding plan today.

It was getting harder and harder for his cultivation to advance now.

Ye Xiao could clearly feel that the strength needed to advance from Xiantian eight grade to Xiantian ninth grade was more than ten times more than Xiantian seventh grade to Xiantian eighth grade.

That required a huge amount of spiritual energy.

Therefore, reviving those star beasts and breeding them, cutting their meat every day for practical use, and raising their spiritual energy were crucial to his cultivation.

However, where should he build a breeding farm

After all, it was a few divine-level star beasts!

It was not just a few chicks, so just a cage would not do.


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