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“Yes, yes.

The purpose of our agency is to find the most suitable housing residence for our clients.

We have all kinds of residences.”

Ye Xiao was invited in again.

The man poured him a cup of tea and then placed a tablet in front of him.

“Here is a detailed catalog of the rental residences, including the type, location, transportation, rental prices, and so on.”

Ye Xiao instantly found a house in the suburbs and flipped through a few pages.

The prices of small rooms basically ranged from 600 to 800 yuan, but the rooms were too small and did not suit his needs.

He needed a larger room that could shield him from the strange phenomenon that occurred once he synthesized a cultivation technique.

If the room was too small, it was likely that it would not even be able to withstand the spiritual energy that erupted when he advanced.

When that happens, the house would surely collapse.

The larger rooms were not very decent either.

However, as he flipped through them, his gaze suddenly landed on one of the small courtyards.

The small courtyard was located in a suburban village.

It stood alone by the side of the road.

It was a two-story small building that looked to be at least a hundred square meters.

The main point was that its price was 100 yuan a month.

“Is the price of this house real”

Ye Xiao pointed at the house on the screen, and the customer manager looked over with a grin.

“Which one”

However, when he saw which one, his expression suddenly changed.

“Uh… Why dont you choose another one”

“Whats wrong with this one Is it not possible”

“Its not that its not possible, but… This house is haunted.”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

As someone who read books every day, he naturally understood what that meant.

There were indeed ghosts in that world.


However, they were not the illusory ghosts of his previous life.

Instead, after a human or a star beast had died, they relied on their mental strength to attract and condense spiritual energy, forming a type of spirit body.

The method of attack was also to use spiritual energy.

Although their existence was not troublesome, they were not that simple to deal with.

Currently, there were two methods used to kill ghosts.

One was that after reaching the rank of grandmaster, their control of spiritual energy had already reached a peak.

They could directly control it by force, emptying the surrounding spiritual energy, and achieving a state of a spiritual energy vacuum.

Without the nourishment of the spiritual energy from the surroundings, the spiritual body of the ghost would be destroyed in an instant.

Another method used a type of spiritual technique could be used to launch spiritual attacks.

Those who used such techniques were known as exorcists.

However, spiritual techniques were rare and difficult to cultivate so there were not many of them even in the world of spiritual recovery.

“Didnt the owner of the house find someone to exorcise the ghost”

The customer manager smiled helplessly.

” He found quite a few exorcists, but they didnt find any ghosts when they entered.

They also came out safe and sound.

However, once the tenant entered, he would be scared out of his wits and insist that he saw a ghost.

He heard that when he passed by in the middle of the night, he could hear sinister laughter coming from inside.

“Moreover, this is just an ordinary house, and no one died.

Its impossible for me to find a grandmaster to interfere in this stupid matter.

Besides, its not that easy to find a grandmaster, right”

Ye Xiao was silent for a moment.

His cultivation technique could allow him to unleash attacks that surpassed his own cultivation.

Perhaps, he might be able to deal with that fellow.

100 yuan a month, 1,200 yuan a year.

He would not actually stay there.

Every time he synthesized his cultivation technique, he could go in and cultivate.

It was quite a good deal.

If the other party had doubts, he could say that he did not encounter a ghost and that the ghost might have left.


“Ill take it.”

Ye Xiao took out 1,200 yuan from his pocket and slammed it on the table.


The customer manager was stunned, but then he smiled bitterly and said,

“Sir, why dont you change to another one In order to save some rent money, dying here is not worth it.”

Ye Xiao was so young.

It was absolutely impossible for him to be a grandmaster.

Even if he was an exorcist, it was impossible for him to have a good cultivation.

“No need.

Ill just rent this house.”


“Then… Let me say this first.

If anything happens, we wont be responsible.”

“No problem.”

The contract was quickly signed.

Ye Xiao took the key and found the house according to the address.

Perhaps because there had been no one living there for a long time, there was some dust on the door and some spider webs.

Ye Xiao opened the door and walked into the courtyard with a creak.

He released his spiritual energy and spread it to every corner of the house.

As expected, he did not find anything.

Then, he began to enter the main hall and check the room.

Just as he entered the main hall, the metal door in the courtyard quietly closed on its own.

Ye Xiao checked the first floor.

Unexpectedly, the furniture was relatively new.

However, he found a string of pure black hair in the corner of the sofa.

It was not mixed with any impurities.

It was a piece of curly hair.

That was a hair that had just fallen not long ago.

It was not something that a spiritual body would have.

That made Ye Xiao narrow his eyes slightly.

He pretended not to notice and continued walking toward the second floor.

The second floor was also very clean compared to the first floor.

However, there were clearly more traces of life.

Just as he was about to head to the master bedroom, the light of the entire second floor suddenly dimmed, as if it was covered by something.

Bright red blood gradually started to drip down the walls around him.

Some strange laughter gradually entered Ye Xiaos ears.

Ye Xiao had his hands behind his back.

His face had a calm and natural expression, and he did not pay too much attention to the strange phenomena.

“Come out, theres no point in hiding.”

Soon, a female ghost wearing a blood-red long dress with long hair draped over her shoulders slowly appeared not far in front of him.

“How dare you come to rent this house.

Dont you know that there are ghosts in this house”

“I know.”

“You still dare to come even if you know Are you an exorcist”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Then are you a grandmaster”

Ye Xiao shook his head again.

“Hmph! Youre neither an exorcist nor a grandmaster, yet you still dare to come here.

Are you tired of living”


Ye Xiaos expression was still as indifferent as before, but his right hand had already been slowly pulled back from behind and was placed at his side.

“Im not an exorcist nor a grandmaster, but… I have a blade that I want you to taste.”



The female ghost let out a maniacal laugh, like a voice coming from a parched throat, sharp and ear-piercing.

“I think youve lost your mind! Im a ghost, and you want to deal with me just with your saber techniques Who do you think you are

“Fine, since you approached me first, then you cant blame me.

“I havent tasted human blood in a long time.”

As soon as she finished speaking, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from her body, blowing her red dress until it swelled up.

It looked even more sinister and terrifying as it slowly floated toward Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao did not say any more nonsense.

He only raised his hand slightly, and the Overpowering Saber intent that causes ones heart to palpitate to the extreme suddenly appeared, instantly enveloping the entire room.

That Overpowering Saber intent seemed to be able to cut through and crush everything in that area into dust.

The female ghost that was originally extremely arrogant and wanted to make a move on Ye Xiao had halted three meters in front of Ye Xiao.

When she felt that saber intent, with a plop, she knelt on the ground.

“Sir, if you have something to say, please say it properly.

Brandishing a saber and wielding it at someone is uncivilized!”



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