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Chapter 169: No Mention of the Saber-Sword Immortal

Everyones advancement was still ongoing, and the shock had yet to dim.

There was a flurry of discussion about Ye Xiao everywhere.

Many netizens did not see Ye Xiaos stunning strike just now because of the powerful electromagnetic interference caused by the battle between Liu Chengxun and Ye Xiao.

At that moment, the entire screen was filled with questions.

“Whats going on Who won Is it Liu Chengxun or Saber-sword Immortal”

“Saber-sword Immortal won! Our nine provinces Saber-sword Immortal won! He won with a rose.”

“F*ck! So Awesome Really”

“Are the people blind Didnt you see Liu Chengxun kneeling on the river and vomiting blood”

“F*ck! F*ck!”

“One word, awesome!”

“From today onwards, I have a new idol, the Saber-sword Immortal! If anyone dares to insult my idol, I will unzip my zipper and fight with him with my bayonet!”

Everyone was excited.

Their blood was boiling because of this brilliant sword attack.

There was only one person who was unhappy.

That person was not Liu Chengxun, because he had already lost.

He had lost completely.

If he had only lost a little, he might have felt a little unwilling.

However, he had lost too thoroughly, so there was no need to be unwilling.

That unhappy person was Murakami Beichuan.

Originally, he was indeed a little angry.

After all, his personal disciple had been killed by the people of the nine provinces.

Even if it was for his own face, he should still come and look for Ye Xiao to settle the score.

However, it had not reached the point where he had to come over and have a duel with Ye Xiao.

That was because he had already seen the video of the duel on the video network.

He knew that a large part of the reason for his disciples death was that he deserved it.

The reason why he came over later was purely that he knew that Liu Chengxun was also coming over, so he wanted to take the opportunity to come over and take advantage of him.

According to his thoughts, since Liu Chengxun was coming, he would let him fight with the other party first.

If he won, then he would not have to make a move.

That way, he could still take advantage of the situation to show off and say that he was very magnanimous, sparing the nine provinces once.

If this were to be said, he would definitely have a lot of face in the entire world.

What if Liu Chengxun failed Then he could at least whittle down Ye Xiaos strength by quite a bit.

In that case, if he were to make a move again, sigh, he could also guarantee that he would definitely win.

He could still act pretentiously.

In the end, he did not expect that Liu Chengxun would be directly defeated by Ye Xiao with a single strike.

How was he supposed to make a move

Liu Chengxun was ranked 49th, one rank higher than his own ranking.

In other words, his strength was slightly higher than his own…

At that point, Liu Chengxun, who was slightly more powerful than him, was defeated.

According to the formula in his mind,

Saber-sword Immortal > Liu Chengxun > himself = Saber-sword Immortal > himself.

He was doomed!

He could not fight.

He absolutely could not fight.

Unless his brain had gone crazy.

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone was still immersed in Saber-sword immortals victory, he quietly slipped away first.

His figure, in a place where no one could see him, began to slowly retreat.

However, if he wanted to run, Shi Guanghao and Lang Xinyue were still here.

The two divine sects were sent by the nine provinces to monitor him and Liu Chengxun.

Besides, they were all divine sects.

Even if Murakami could hide from the eyes of others, he could not hide from the eyes of these two people.

“Murakami has also moved.

It seems that he is ready to make his move”


Then, he was discovered.

“Cough, cough.”

He coughed twice and said,

“Shi, in fact, I have had some new insights into saber techniques these past two days, and my state is unstable.

Now that I think about it carefully, I should first go back and consolidate my state, and then come back to spar with your nine provinces Saber-sword Immortal.

“That way, we can let each other have some fun.”

Shi Guanghao and Lang Xinyue looked at each other and smiled.

They saw the sneer in each others eyes.

‘What a joke, who do you think you are

‘In the vast nine provinces, do you think you can come and go as you please

‘If it was not Liu Chengxun who was injured, but the Saber-sword Immortal who was injured, Im afraid that you would be clamoring to start the duel now, right

‘Do you really think that the state of the nine provinces is easy to bully

‘Do you think were all fools

‘Now that you know the Saber-sword Immortal is so strong, its the right time to make you suffer.

How could we not take the opportunity to strike down your arrogance

“Murakami, you are treating us as outsiders by saying this.

We are all human beings and we are all friends.

We are just sparring, and yet you are still so serious.

If you want to continue cultivating, dont tell me you want to fight to the death Wouldnt that be a loss for us humans”

Lang Xinyue also jeered from the side,

“Brother Shi is right.

We are just sparring.

Murakami, why should we care too much Today, there are so many spectators in the nine provinces.

If you dont show us a few tricks, wouldnt you be disrespecting the nine provinces too much”

Murakami was so angry that he greeted the 18 generations of ancestors of those two people.

You two are also divine sects.

Why not show off your skills

Can the two of you handle it

Liu Chengxun made the first move and was even injured.

That meant that the other partys sword intent and cultivation far surpassed Liu Chengxuns.

If nothing unexpected happened, the other partys saber intent was not weak either.

Coupled with his cultivation, he would probably be even more injured than Liu Chengxun when dealing with him.

Those at their level would try their best not to get injured.

That was because getting injured meant that their cultivation would stagnate, or even regress.

It was very likely to cause a great burden in the future when they advanced to the Xiantian ninth grade and reached the peak of the divine sect.

Martial arts experts were very afraid of that matter.

Just like the saying in the secular world, the richer a person was, the more afraid they would be of death.

That was because they all knew that it was not easy for them to fight their way out.

Once they died, there would be nothing left.

Now, those two divine sects were blocking him.

It was obvious that they would not let him leave.

Although the Saber-sword Immortal was very powerful, dealing with two divine sects was much better than dealing with one.

There was no choice but to bite the bullet.

“Hehehe, both of you are right.

Were just sparring.

Were not going to battle to the death.

Just try your best.

Just try your best.”

After saying that, he obediently went forward.

However, when he looked at the rose below, two deep wariness flashed through his eyes.

He knew that the power hidden within the rose was much stronger than his.

He definitely could not fight it head-on.

He had to think of a way.

Think of a way

That was right, he would use the illusion saber technique of the Jia He Liu Ninjutsu sect.

The illusion saber technique was created to confuse the opponent.

It mainly used multi-shot saber lights to attack the opponent, while his own body would hide in any corner to carry out a sneak attack.

Its usual lethality was definitely not enough.

When it met a real saber technique expert, it could immediately see the flaw in it and then breakthrough.

However, it was different now.

The little girl in front of him was not the saber master herself.

She had only sent him a saber intent.

There was only one saber intent.

What was there to be afraid of

As long as he could dodge the saber intent, there would be no problem.

When that time came, he had already made his move.

If he wanted to leave, Shi Guanghao and Lang Xinyue would not be able to say anything more, and there would be no reason to stop him.

Just like that!


Taking a deep breath, he began to gather his aura.

The pressure from the divine sect descended once again.

Although it had already happened once, it was still as shocking as before.

Everyone once again felt uncomfortable.

“Look, its Murakami!”

“This is a battle of saber techniques.

I wonder how strong Murakamis saber techniques are! How strong is Senior Saber-sword Immortals saber techniques”

“Senior Saber-sword Immortals saber techniques are definitely not weaker than his sword techniques.

He is called the Saber-sword Immortal, where the word saber is in front.”

Everyone was unable to continue their discussion because the pressure from Murakamis aura was getting stronger and stronger.

The powerful pressure once again forced many people with lower cultivation levels to lie down.

They really could not withstand the strength of a divine sect!

However, at that time, many people were smart.

Others lay down while they sat up.

Sigh, that way, they could see Senior Saber-sword Immortals attack.

Many of them did not see the previous attack and felt regretful.

That time, they would not miss it again.

There were even some who wore sunglasses to prevent the glare.

They did so to prevent the sun from piercing their eyes and to be able to see the attacks of the divine grandmasters more clearly.

Finally, under everyones gaze, Murakami made his move.

At the instant he made his move, 24 huge saber lights formed at the same time.

Each saber light was more than 30,000 feet long.

Each saber light contained endless killing intent.

Each saber light emitted such strong pressure, so much so that they could not breathe.

At that moment, the low-level martial artists who had finally witnessed the divine sects attack were shocked to the extreme.

Was that the legendary divine sect

No wonder it was called a divine sect.

How could it still be human

It was simply a human-shaped self-propelled aircraft carrier!

Just a casual move could be so heaven-defying.

Shi Guanghao and Lang Xinyue could not help but frown.

Others could not tell, but as divine sects, the two of them could see through Murakamis thoughts.

They did not expect that fellow to be so wretched.

From the looks of it, the Saber-sword Immortals second move might not be able to hurt him.

Such a pity!

Such a good opportunity.

“Jia He Liu Phantom Slash! Open!”

The corners of Murakamis mouth curled up slightly.

With an imperial decree, 24 gigantic saber lights fell at the same time.

He also took the opportunity to hide behind a saber light in a corner, avoiding the brunt of Ye Xiaos attack.

That way, he would definitely not have to worry.

On the ground, the second rose that sensed the attack power from Murakami also quickly emitted a rich golden light.

A huge saber intent mixed with the rich energy that Ye Xiao had compressed within, in the blink of an eye, it formed an Overpowering saber light.

Something was wrong!

It was not just an Overpowering Saber light, but two, three, four… The saber light was rapidly spreading, and in a manner visible to the naked eye, it quickly became ten, fifty, a hundred!

Then, it shot into the sky like a bolt of lightning.

“So powerful!”

Shi Guanghao and Lang Xinyues pupils constricted.

Liu Chenhxun, who was healing himself, also felt his hair stand on end.

As for Murakami Beichuan, who was hiding in a corner of the light from the saber, he instantly peed his pants.


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