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Ye Xiao returned in a hurry.

After receiving the call, he was prepared to run toward Jianghai Peoples Hospital.


However, he had only taken a few steps when he felt that something was not quite right.


There were so few people today.


The streets were sparse, completely different from the usual scene.


After all, it was broad daylight, no one was hiding under the covers like the nighttime.


Everyone should be out and about.


With a sweep of the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, Ye Xiaos expression instantly became a little puzzled.


Everyone was at the riverbank, and there were even four Xiantian eighth-grade divine sects.


There was even a Xiantian ninth-grade divine sect in the sky.


Good heavens, did Jianghai city suddenly dig up gold


Why were so many martial arts experts gathered together


Were they fighting for the land


No, something did not seem right.


Ye Xiao suddenly thought of something.

Before he left, Gu Hai seemed to have said something.


That sword saint of Han state, Liu Chengxun, and Ying states Jia He Liu Ninjitsu sects Murakami were coming to challenge him.


After he went out that time, he was too busy.

He had to kill the divine-level star beast, go to Hu city to get the spatial amethyst and encounter the letter.


That series of events made his head spin and he forgot about that matter.


However, very soon, Ye Xiao shook his head.


He did not want to participate in any competition.


He was not that bored.


Moreover, he did not want to expose himself in front of everyone.


From the aura of that Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster, he felt that it was most likely Sword Saint Lu Qingshan.

Moreover, it was his main body that had come over.


If he were to go over, he would definitely be entangled with Lu Qingshan.


It would be more interesting to wait for his goddaughter to be born.


Thinking of that, Ye Xiao went to find a flower shop.


In the sky, Sword Saint Lu Qingshan frowned slightly and looked down in puzzlement.


His disciple Xuner noticed that he was unusual and immediately asked,


“Master, what are you looking for”


Lu Qingshan asked with a hint of confusion,


“Just now, I seemed to have felt an extremely strong spiritual energy, but after looking carefully, I couldnt find it.”


“What Theres actually someone who can dodge your spiritual energy scan Youre a peak Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster!”


Lu Qingshan shook his head slightly.


“I dont know.

Maybe I sensed wrong”



Ye Xiao came to a flower shop.


“Boss, pack a bunch of flowers.

The best.

The smell should be a little mild, not too fragrant.

Dont worry about the money.”




When the shop owner heard Ye Xiaos generous words, he immediately started to work for him.


Ye Xiao sat on the sofa and played with his phone.


At that moment, the son of the shop owner who was playing with his computer behind the counter suddenly started cursing.


“F*ck! This group of d*mn Hans and Yings! Theyre simply shameless.”


The store manager glared at him in annoyance while wrapping flowers.


“Little brat, be quiet.

Cant you see that the customers are here”


“Dad! I really cant stand it! Look at this group of b*stards.

Seeing that Saber-sword Immortal hasnt made a move, they started to mock and ridicule us online.

They even mocked our nine provinces and Saber-sword Immortal.”


Ye Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly.

He casually opened the live broadcast app and clicked on a more popular live broadcast video.


Currently, almost all of the people in the live broadcast room were live streaming by Jianghai citys riverside.


He had not expected that matter to attract so much attention.


However, there were also many discordant comments in the live broadcast room.


Moreover, they were very discordant!


It was because he had not made a move, so many people were mocking him.


‘What cowardice, not daring to make a move, coward…


To be honest, Ye Xiao did not really care about those keyboard warriors.


He could not just call them out one by one through the Internet, right


They were all far away in Han state or even further away.


If he were to get angry with the keyboard warriors, he would have to wipe out tens of billions of people in the world, and he might not even be able to finish them off.


However, some people had already raised that matter to the level of ridiculing the nine provinces.

That was something that Ye Xiao could not quite accept.


Saying things like the people of the nine provinces were all a certain way for example… Ye Xiao really could not tolerate those things!


Any man who had a little bit of courage, a pure man, would not be able to tolerate it, and would not just let it happen!


“Customer, your flowers are ready.”


At that moment, the florist smiled and handed the bouquet to Ye Xiao.


Ye Xiao thanked him and took the bouquet.

Then, his gaze fell on a bunch of red roses in the shop.


“Boss, do you mind if I take two of your flowers”


“I dont mind.

Of course, I dont mind.

Is two enough If not, Ill take a few more.”


That boss was very good at doing business.


“Theres no need.

Two flowers are enough.”



Take care, customer.

Welcome to visit next time.”


Ye Xiao grunted and turned around to use the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to delete the florists memory.


After that, Ye Xiao went to the main street and first placed the flowers for his goddaughter into his storage ring.

Following that, he placed the Overpowering Sabers saber intent and the Heaven-cleaving Swords sword intent into the two red flowers respectively.


Originally, those were just two ordinary red roses.

They were unable to withstand Ye Xiaos immense saber and sword intent.


However, Ye Xiao placed an array on the two flowers and used the Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array to lock the saber and sword intent into the two flowers respectively.


At that moment, the interior of the two flowers had actually been shattered.

It was filled with extremely sharp killing intent.


However, the exterior was surrounded by the imperial array and could not be broken.


Ye Xiao released his spiritual energy into it again, using it as a trigger condition.


That way, he had made two flowers that possessed extremely powerful attacks.


He waved his hand at a girl by the side of the road.


“Help me send these two flowers to the riverside.

1,000 yuan, do you want to do it”


The girl saw Ye Xiaos face and her face was slightly flush.

Without thinking, she immediately nodded in agreement.




Ye Xiao took out 1,000 yuan in cash for her and gave an additional 100 yuan for the taxi fare.


“One of them is for Liu Chengxun, and the other one is for Murakami Beichuan.”


After giving his instructions, Ye Xiao deleted the memories he had in the other partys mind.


He wanted the other party to only remember his mission.


Then, he rushed straight to the hospital.



On the riverside, everyone was already getting impatient from waiting.


Although there were five divine grandmasters there to watch, the freshness would soon pass.


No matter how good-looking a divine grandmaster was, they could not be eaten as a meal!


Many people had already come over in the morning.

In order to grab a good seat, they did not even have time to eat breakfast.


If that continued, they probably would not be able to eat lunch.


“Senior Saber-sword Immortal, are you coming or not”


“Could it be that Senior Saber-sword Immortal is really afraid Thats why he doesnt dare to come”



Why would Senior Saber-sword Immortal be afraid He definitely wouldnt be afraid.

Hes also a divine grandmaster!”


“Thats right.

Furthermore, there are three divine sects of the nine provinces here, including Sword Saint Lu Qingshan.

With so many people supporting Senior Saber-sword Immortal, how could he be afraid He doesnt have to worry that the other party will kill him.”


“But… why isnt he here yet”



Everyone quickly began a new discussion.

The discussion about why the Saber-sword Immortal had not appeared yet.

Perhaps he was about to advance, or perhaps he was not in Jianghai city.


In short, most people did not believe that the Saber-sword Immortal was a coward.


Qin Shenglong could not help but frown.


“Why hasnt the Senior Saber-sword Immortal appeared”


Du Changfeng analyzed,


“Senior Saber-sword Immortal has always been mysterious to others.


“For so long, he has never appeared in public, and he has never revealed his identity.


“If I guessed correctly, it was because his seniors personality was too passive.


“Perhaps he was only interested in martial arts.

That was why he became so strong.


“He was too lazy to participate in anything other than martial arts.”


“But now, this is for the nine provinces! This concerns the glory of the nine provinces! If he doesnt come out, the whole world will probably laugh at us.


“It wasnt easy for a martial arts expert to appear, but in the end, he didnt even dare to accept the challenge from Liu Chengxun and Murakami Beichuan.”


“Yuyan, youve met the senior once, what do you think


“Will Senior Saber-sword Immortal arrive”


“This… I cant say for sure.”


A trace of bitterness appeared on the corner of Qin Yuyans mouth.


“Although I dont know why Senior doesnt like to expose his identity.


“I wanted to acknowledge him as my teacher, but he didnt accept it.

He only gave me a saber intent.


“Therefore, it would be very difficult for him to come out and fight these two people.


“However, this is definitely not cowardice.

I believe that seniors strength is enough to deal with the two of them.

Senior is just like what Grandpa Du said, too passive!”


When she said that, Qin Yuyans mind suddenly thought of Ye Xiao.


Ye Xiao… He seemed to be the most passive person she had ever met.


He did not look for a partner or fall in love.

He did not have any feelings toward promotions or raises.

All he did was read books all day long.

He spent every day in the library and at home.

He was no better than an otaku.


However, very quickly, she was shocked.


Why did she think of him


Her head was really dizzy.


Although he was also very passive, he was only a boy in his early twenties!


If a guy like him could be Senior Saber-sword Immortal, then how monstrous was his talent


A 20-year-old divine sect


That was even more heaven-defying than Sword Saint Lu Qingshan!


Impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible!


If it really was Ye Xiao, then he was definitely not a human.


Even if he was a human, it definitely could not be him!


At that moment, a girl suddenly ran over from afar, raising the two roses in her hands.


“Make way, everyone make way, make way, let me in.”


The crowd began to stir.

Looking at her, they could not help but feel a little puzzled.


“What is she doing”


In the sky, Lu Qingshans pupils suddenly constricted when he saw the two flowers.


“Theyre here!”


His beloved disciple, Xuner, was dumbfounded.


“Shes the Saber-sword Immortal Thats impossible, right Her aura is only of Houtian third grade.

Even if shes hiding her aura, it doesnt seem like it!”


Lu Qingshan shook his head.


“Im not talking about her, but the two red roses in her hands.”


“Red roses”


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