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Chapter 164: The Great Nirvanas Fist

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Looking at the Buddhist monk who had passed away, Ye Xiao vaguely guessed that the other party had discovered that blood pool, but because he had only cultivated the Tathagata Divine Palm, he was unable to kill them.

He had no choice but to use his own cultivation.

Passing away here, he used the Tathagata Divine Palm to suppress the vengeful spirit.

At the same time, he was also supporting that mountain because it had already been corroded by the vengeful spirits energy.

Without his support, it would collapse at any moment!

He was a senior worthy of respect.

It was just that he did not know why he knew the Tathagata Divine Palm that Shaolin had lost for so many years.

Following that, Ye Xiao picked up the storage ring on the ground.

With a sweep of the Big Dippers Grand Mystery, he cracked the array on the ring.

Only then did he see the things inside the ring.

There were some medicinal pills, a few special heavenly and earthly treasures, as well as a portion of star beast star cores and cultivation techniques.

There was also a map and two letters.

One was written by his beloved Lin Wan, and the other was written by the person who received the ring.

Ye Xiao opened the latter and found out the reason for everything.

That eminent monk called Fa Xin came to the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy to open the Shaolin branch under the orders of the Shaolin abbot more than 40 years ago.

However, on his way there, he had luckily passed by a cave and learned the Tathagata Divine Palm.

After that, he came to Lin city and secretly learned the Tathagata Divine Palm while teaching.

At the same time, he fell in love with Lin Wan, the commander of Lin citys garrison team.

Ye Xiao thought of the middle-aged big sister he had met in the mountain forest previously.

Unexpectedly, it was quite a coincidence.

Ye Xiao was not curious about things like Fa Xin falling in love.

Nowadays, monks were allowed to get married and fall in love.

In addition, he was a little curious.

The other partys name was Fa Xin, and he was about the same age as Fa Zheng.

Could it be that they were related

He continued reading.

In order to marry Lin Wan, Fa Xin was prepared to gather materials and refine a pill to help his beloved.

He wanted to cleanse her meridians and marrow so that she could cultivate even stronger and be with him forever.

He cultivated the Tathagata Divine Palm so his strength had already advanced to the peak of the great sect, while Lin Wan was only a grandmaster who had just stepped into Xiantian first grade.

The gap between the two was too big, and their lifespans would definitely not be equal in the future.

However, what he had not expected was that on the mountain, he encountered dozens of beastmen who killed the citizens of Forest City.

They used the blood and resentment of the citizens of Forest City to cultivate evil techniques.

After fighting with them for a while, he was unable to kill them and was heavily injured.

In order to prevent them from successfully cultivating evil techniques and harming Forest City, he was also worried that Lin Wan would be hurt.

He could only use all of his strength to activate the Tathagata Divine Palm, it formed a seal and sealed the vengeful spirits here.

In that letter, it was written that to deal with the vengeful spirits, one needed to cultivate a martial art that was extremely yang and firm at the same time, along with a mental cultivation technique.

The other letter and the materials and pills in the ring were left for Lin Wan.

As for the map, it was the map to the cave.

In addition, there were other Buddhist martial arts in the cave, but because his aptitude was not enough, he only learned half of the Tathagata Divine Palm.

As for the other cultivation techniques, he only memorized them in his heart and was unable to learn them.

Ye Xiaos eyes moved slightly.

He did not expect such a thing to happen.

With Fa Xins aptitude, since he was able to learn half of the Tathagata Divine Palm but was unable to understand the rest of the martial arts, that meant that the other martial arts were definitely not ordinary martial arts.

Could it be that they were also imperial techniques

If that was the case, it was really good news for Ye Xiao.

However, that map was drawn in a somewhat obscure manner.

It should have been drawn by Fa Xin according to his own memories before he died.

After he went back, he would check the ancient records and map and confirm the location.

He had to go and take a look.

Ye Xiao took out the other cultivation techniques in Fa Xins storage ring to take a look.

They were all Shaolin grandmaster-level cultivation techniques.

Among them, there were two saber techniques, one strike technique, and one leg technique

Ye Xiao immediately swept a glance at them.

The two saber techniques were useless.

Ye Xiao had already gathered all the basic saber techniques.

Unless it was an imperial-level saber technique, his divine soul would not include it.

Fortunately, that strike technique and leg technique were both basic techniques that Ye Xiaos Golden Book divine soul did not include.

What a win.

Ye Xiao put that strike technique and leg technique into his divine soul.

Golden Book divine soul immediately began to cultivate.

After two hours, the two techniques were cultivated to the perfection realm.

Immediately, the strike techniques that were recorded in the Golden Book were lit.

That meant that they were ready to be synthesized.

The corner of Ye Xiaos mouth raised slightly, the Golden Book divine soul began the synthesis of a greater strike technique.

The Golden Book glittered with a golden light, and each piece of paper containing the strike technique gradually formed a large character.






D*mn it! He had a high school diploma, yet he could not understand a single one of them!

That was too much.

Unfortunately, the Golden Book was a divine soul, not a person.

Otherwise, he would have definitely pulled it out and beaten it up.

Soon, all the sheets of paper were synthesized together, and soon, a brand-new imperial technique was formed called The Great Nirvanas Fist.

The Great Nirvanas Fist could destroy everything with one punch, and it was invincible!

‘So powerful!

As expected of an imperial technique.

Each and every one of them was so powerful that it made ones heart palpitate.

Fortunately, that strike technique was his, so there was no problem.

If it was someone elses, especially an enemy, then he might cry one day.

Following that, Ye Xiao immediately activated the Golden Book divine soul and began to cultivate The Great Nirvanas Fist.

Outside the mountain, the Forest City garrison team had experienced two days and one night.

The bombardment of the star beasts had already reached the final stage.

Commander Lin Wan had already arranged for the team members to withdraw from the mountain and set up defenses at the foot of the mountain.

In the past two days, every night, Lin Wan would ask the team members to withdraw.

At night, the light in the forest was not good, and the team members were easily ambushed by the star beasts.

“Todays mission ends here.

We will continue tomorrow.

“Also, all team members, do not relax.

These star beasts have taken quite the fit due to our forces so there is a high chance that they will take revenge at night.

Therefore, everyone needs to pay attention to prevent the star beasts from going down the mountain and entering Forest City to attack the citizens.”


“Alright, lets pack up.”

Lin Wan announced the pack up and let everyone take a bus back to the city.

Meanwhile, she walked toward Forest City alone.

For many years, she had been working hard to improve herself.

Even though she had already worked hard for a day, she still had to run back instead of taking a bus.

That way, her body would not age and would stay young forever.

She wanted to live on and wait for that heartless person to ask him why he never came back.

The garrison members took the car and left.

From the car window, they watched Lin Wan pacing alone and could not help but feel a little heartache.

“Commander Lin is so pitiful.

After working hard for a day, she still has to walk on her own”

“You guys dont know.

This is Commander Lins habit.

She has to work hard on her cultivation all the time.”

“Why is Commander Lin so motivated She is a woman after all.

Is her husband willing to let her work so hard”

“I heard that Commander Lin was dumped by an unfaithful person back then.

She is still single.

There was no husband who would dote on her.”

“Forget it, keep your voices down.

Commander Lin is a Xiantian second-grade grandmaster.

Her facial features are more sensitive than ours.

It would be bad if she heard us.”

Everyones car gradually drove further and further away on the mountain road.

Only Lin Wan was walking along the road alone, feeling lonely under the starlight.

However, she soon stopped because she realized that on the road ahead, there was a figure with both hands in his pockets, standing there waiting for her.

“You are… The foreign youth from Tianshan”

Lin Wan was slightly surprised as if she did not expect Ye Xiao to suddenly appear here.

Ye Xiao nodded.

“What are you doing here”

Lin Wans eyes were somewhat wary.

Ye Xiao gave her a very mysterious and unfathomable feeling.

Moreover, he appeared here alone in the middle of the night.

To say that it was a coincidence was a little too fake.

Ye Xiao said indifferently,

“I was entrusted by a friend to come and deliver a letter to Commander Lin.”

“Deliver a letter What letter Who asked you to deliver it”

“Youll understand after reading this letter.”

Ye Xiao gave her the letter from within the spatial ring.

The map and the first letter had already been taken away by him.

The other things were left behind for Lin Wan.

He was not greedy.

The moment Lin Wan received the storage ring, her pupils immediately constricted.

Clearly, she had already recognized the identity of the ring bearer.

In the next second, she immersed her consciousness into the ring and took out the letter inside.

She could not wait to tear open the envelope and read the contents inside.

“Wan, Im sorry.

When you see this letter, this little monk will definitely be gone.

Im sorry for saying goodbye to you in this manner.

I dont know if you will have already gotten married by the time you see this letter, or if you have already forgotten about this little monk.

“This little monk has spent the first half of my life believing in Buddhism, and the second half of my life believing in you.

“Its just a pity that I wasnt able to accompany you until the very end…”

After reading the letter, Lin Wan was already sobbing uncontrollably.

She had waited for so many decades, yet in the end, she had ended up with that result.

If time could rush over, she would definitely not let Fa Xin refine pills for her.

“Where is he now Where is he”

Lin Wan could not wait to shout at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao replied indifferently,

“He is in this mountain.

The mountain has already been hollowed out.

He is relying on his own cultivation to support himself.

When his last bit of cultivation is exhausted, this mountain will also collapse.”

Lin Wan turned her head to look at the pitch-black mountain.

In the dark night, it was like a huge man-eating monster.

She sat down on the ground and wailed loudly.

“Why didnt you come back Why didnt you come back How could you bear to leave me alone”

Ye Xiao spoke again,

“He did it for the people of Forest City, and also for you.

“There are beastmen cultivating evil techniques in this mountain.

If released, the entire Forest City will be plunged into misery, and you wont be able to escape either.

“You should be strong and live on because he has already left all of his love to you.”

Lin Wan was heartbroken as she tightly held onto Fa Xins ring.

Although Ye Xiao could not sympathize with her feelings, he was also deeply moved.

Sometimes, love, family, friendship, those powers were really powerful beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

It was a pity that Fa Xins soul had been exhausted and he could not use the healing technique.

Otherwise, he would not have minded saving him once.

However, the heavens did not seem to be prepared to give Lin Wan time to grieve, nor was it prepared to give Ye Xiao time to be moved.

At that moment, the ground suddenly began to tremble slightly.


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