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Chapter 162: A Hundred Tournaments Have Been Overshadowed by This Object

“Why did someone ring the bell”

“That shouldnt be.

Only four minutes have passed.”

According to the rules of the competition, one could only ring the bell in advance when the refinement was completed.

If ones strength was insufficient, one could wait until the end of the competition.

If the refinement was not completed, one would not be punished.

At most, the points would not be good.

If you pressed the bell before the refining was completed, you would definitely be punished, and the punishment would be quite severe.

Even such a bad thing would be recorded in your resume.

It would have a great impact on things like finding a job in the future.

After all, if you dared to abstain in such a large-scale competition, what would you do if the company asked you to take on the job in the future

Which company would still dare to hire you

Therefore, as long as one did not have a problem with their brain, they would basically not do this.

The host reacted very quickly and immediately shouted,

“We just heard a contestant ring the bell.

The competition has only been going on for four minutes.

I wonder if this contestant accidentally bumped into it.

Director, please help us cut the scene and take a look at this contestant.

Did he encounter any problems”

The director quickly switched the surveillance camera to the competition seat that Ye Xiao was in.

Frankly speaking, if it was not for him pressing that button, the director would definitely not switch to his seat.

Broadcasting required viewership ratings to earn money.

What everyone wanted to see were those talented contestants, geniuses like Yu Qiuxuan, Song Qiufeng, and the rest, not a nameless junior.

However, when they moved the surveillance camera to that competition seat and saw that the entire competition seat was empty, they were instantly stunned.

“Whats going on Where is this kid”

“Thats right.

Why did he disappear”

“Could he have run away But even if he ran away, there should be surveillance cameras.

Why didnt he capture it”

“Eh, look, theres a short blade on the table.

Could he have refined it”

Some people had already noticed a weapon lying quietly on the table.

The host was a little shocked.

He had no idea what was going on.

“Where did this contestant go What does he mean by putting an iron sword on the table”

Everyone was puzzled, but at that moment, a few professors in the judges seats suddenly stood up.

Among them were Zhang Guangyang, Chen Danian, and other top artifact masters in the country.

“Wait a minute, that sword seems to be out of place.”

The expressions of the professors were extremely grave as they all stared intently at that weapon.

The entire audience was naturally far from their level and could see through the trick.

The two emcees hurriedly asked for everyones thoughts.

Zhang Guangyang and the other professors did not pay attention to them.

Instead, they quickly went up to Ye Xiaos competition seat and picked up the treasured sword.

When they really came into close contact with this sword, the professors were so excited that their entire bodies trembled non-stop.

“Thats right! It really is! I didnt expect that it would really be a lesser imperial weapon!”

“My God, this person is really amazing.

He actually used the competition materials and refined a lesser imperial weapon in just four minutes! Just how strong is his artifact refinement attainments”

It was not that the professors present could not refine an imperial weapon, but if they wanted to refine an imperial weapon, they had to at least gather enough excellent materials, and after several days of dedicated forging, only then could they refine an imperial weapon, and there was even a certain failure rate!

However, the other party only had four minutes, and the materials were commonly used in the competition.

If the materials were a little better, they had no doubt that Ye Xiao could easily refine an imperial weapon!

Moreover, the time used would not be much longer than four minutes.

Just that skill of refining weapons had already killed all the judges present.

It was killing all the judges present, not the participants!

How monstrous was that skill

One had to know that these judges were all professors selected from the various major martial arts colleges in the country.

Their standards were so strong that they could not be said to be the best in the nine provinces, but they were also among the most superior ones.

The other party alone was enough to look down on the high-class blacksmiths standards of the top martial arts colleges in the nine provinces.

The audience looked even more confused.

The host once again asked,

“Professors, what is a lesser imperial weapon Is it a new professional term Or is this weapon made very special”

In the world, there was not much information about imperial techniques and imperial weapons.

Firstly, ordinary people could hardly touch it.

Secondly, that kind of thing involved some secrets and was very powerful, so it could not be easily shown to others.

Zhang Guangyang looked at the short sword in his hand, took a deep breath, and said with a serious face,

“You can understand that this sword is the strongest work in the history of the Nine Provinces Competition.

Compared to us professor-level judges, this contestants refining ability is probably not inferior.

In fact, his strength far surpasses ours!”


“This is impossible, right The other party is just an ordinary contestant!”

“Absolutely impossible.

If he can be so monstrous, Ill eat sh*t live.”

“Its a lie.

Its definitely a lie.”

When those words were said, the entire venue was in an uproar.

One had to know that the contestants were all young people under the age of 30.

A refiner under the age of 30 actually produced the strongest work in the Nine Provinces Competition

Moreover, his refining strength might even surpass that of professors like Zhang Guangyang

That was a joke, right

However, it did not seem like a joke.

After all, the person who said that was Zhang Guangyang, a top refining professor at Hu Cheng Martial Arts Academy.

Beside him stood many top professors from other colleges, but no one stood up to criticize him, which meant that the matter was 100 percent true.

The audience present was shocked and doubtful.

The viewership ratings were also rising.

The host said in a low voice,

“Camera, quick, give that sword a separate image, high-definition.”

Then, she immediately asked,

“Professor Zhang, Professor Chen, you said that this sword is very high-quality.

How did you judge it”

Zhang Guangyang took a deep breath and threw the sword high into the air.

The sword flew into the air and paused for a moment before letting out a humming sound.

Then, it began to hover in the air.


The entire audience was dumbfounded.

One had to know that even a grandmaster-grade weapon required a warrior to infuse spiritual energy into it in order to control a short distance within a short period of time.

That sword had already started to absorb spiritual energy on its own.


That sword was amazing!


“We have to admit defeat!”

“A dark horse! This is an absolute dark horse! The champion of this years competition has been born.”

“But, who is he”

As soon as those words were said, the host immediately shouted,

“Director, please pull out the surveillance camera of this competition location and let us confirm his identity.”

The director immediately switched out, and everyone immediately cast their gazes over.

Even those few professors all looked over fixedly.

They wanted to know Ye Xiaos identity more than these ordinary spectators.

That was a top-grade armament master that was hard to find in the world.

If they could find him, it would be a great fortune for the nine provinces armament world.

Who knew how many times the level of nine provinces armament refinement would be raised!

However, when the director cut to Ye Xiaos competition spot, from the beginning to the end, it was all black screen.

“Whats going on Director, please switch out the video of that contestant immediately.”

The director shouted,

“Its already switched on.

Its just a black screen.

The camera did not capture the other party.”

“What Such an exciting competition actually did not capture it Is the camera broken”

“No, the camera is still fine.

It was just disturbed.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, someone in the crowd could not help but exclaim,

“Its a grandmaster! His cultivation is above that of a grandmaster.

Thats why when he uses his spiritual energy, he can affect the electronic equipment.

Thats why the camera couldnt capture his condition.”

“The heck! I was wondering how he could run so fast.

So hes a martial arts expert above a grandmaster.

If thats the case, then it makes sense.

Why didnt anyone see him disappear”

“This persons refining level is so high, yet his cultivation is also a grandmaster.

What a monster!”

Zhang Guangyang and the others looked at each other and could not help but sigh.

“We all thought that our refining level was already the best in the nine provinces.

We didnt expect that we would only know today that there is always someone better than us!”!

“Im ashamed, Im ashamed!”

“But, why did he come to participate in this competition Since he came to participate in the competition, why didnt he want to show himself and let us see”

Chen Danian pondered for a moment, his gaze swept across the podium and he already understood.

He pointed at the spatial amethyst that had disappeared without anyone knowing.

“If my guess is correct, he should be here for the prize of the fifth place, the spatial amethyst.

The reason why he participated in the competition is probably that he is not willing to steal the prize.”

“Not only is this person strong enough, his refining level is superb, and even his character is also respected! Master, an absolute master! Theres no doubt about it.”

The crowd was filled with emotions, and the audience had already been ignited by the excitement and guesses in their hearts.

In a short time, the discussion of that mysterious participant spread all over the internet.

The speed of the fermentation was so fast that it was unexpected.

In just a few minutes, it had already rushed into the hot searches.

“Oh my God, in the past, there were always people who said that in the nine provinces, besides the martial arts experts on the surface, there were also hermit martial arts experts.

I didnt believe it, but now it seems that its true.”

“He clearly had the strength, but he didnt directly take the spatial amethyst.

Instead, he participated in the competition.

In just four minutes, he created a sword that shocked all the judges.

Then, he took away the prize of fifth place, the spatial amethyst.

“This person is amazing!”

“Netizens, if we cant find this expert today, everyone present here is guilty!”


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