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Chapter 159: Armament-refining Convention

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just by relying on a sword intent clone, he was able to fight against four divine-level star beasts, and he had already killed one.

If it was not for his own intervention, he would have killed a second one.

That method was simply a heaven-shaking good fortune.

Also, the sword intent contained in the sword ray earlier was definitely not an ordinary thing.

In the nine provinces, to be able to reach such a level, was it someone who practiced sword intent Could it be one of those two

In his life, that was the first time Ye Xiao had seen such a top-notch martial arts expert.

He was indeed very strong!

If his clone was already so strong, then how strong was his main body

Was it not heaven-defying

Indeed, the nine provinces had many talented people.

He was still a little lacking.

It seemed like he would have to read more books every day after returning, adding an hour every day.

He would strive to see if he could reach Xiantian ninth grade within half a year, the peak of the divine sect.

After that, he would consider advancing to the King realm!

“Your sword art cultivation is truly stunning.

To be able to reach such a level at such a young age, this Lu really admires you.”

It was indeed sword saint Lu Qingshan.

Ye Xiao thought to himself.

The person surnamed Lu was also a sword practitioner and was so strong.

Other than Lu Qingshan, there was definitely no one else.

However, it did not matter.

After all, he had used a disguise technique, so he did not know who his identity was at all.

After he returned to Jianghai city, he would return to his original appearance and peacefully read books in the library.

There was no need to worry about him finding trouble with him.

“Sword Saint Lu, you flatter me.”

“You know me”

Lu Qingshan was a little surprised.

“Sword Saint Lu Qingshan is ranked ninth on the Dragon list.

I naturally know of you.”

Lu Qingshan was silent for a moment, feeling slightly awkward.

“The person ranked ninth is my best friend, the Saber God, Li Liushui.

Im only ranked tenth.”


How awkward.

They had misremembered the other partys ranking on their first meeting.

“Ahem, its alright.

Its just a difference of one rank.”

Lu Qingshan nodded and did not delve too much into it.

He only opened his mouth once more and said,

“Since youre a human sword art expert, why did you stop me from killing these star beasts just now”

Ye Xiao looked down.

“This junior needs to refine some medicinal pills.

I need these three divine-level star beasts as ingredients, which is why I stopped Senior Lu from taking action.

I hope that you wont take offense.”

“I see.

Thats fine.

As long as its to eliminate the threats to the nine provinces, it doesnt matter who makes a move.”

“Thank you.”

The three divine-level star beasts immediately felt like they were on the verge of collapse when they heard the conversation between the two.

They originally thought that they had met their savior, but before they could leave the wolfs den, they had entered the tigers den in the blink of an eye.

“This person is extremely powerful, even stronger than Lu Qingshans clone.

It seems that the three of us wont be able to escape today.

Lets split up and escape.

If we can escape, then we will have won.”

“Lets go.”

After the three star beasts communicated with their minds, they immediately prepared to use their movement techniques to escape.

However, it was a pity that when Ye Xiao arrived at that area, he had already used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to firmly lock down the few of them in place.

As long as they moved slightly, even if they communicated with their spiritual energy, they would all be captured by Ye Xiao.

Therefore, the instant they were prepared to escape, Ye Xiao also launched an attack in that moment.

Sword Saint Lu Qingshan, who had been through hundreds of battles, naturally sensed the actions of the few star beasts that wanted to escape.

He had just wanted to warn Ye Xiao, but before he could say anything, thousands of sword lights shot out from under Ye Xiaos feet, in the next second, hundreds of thousands of sword lights shot out consecutively.

Boom, Boom, boom…

Like lightning and thunder, the sword rays fell rapidly and hit the three star beasts.

“Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah!”

Accompanied by a burst of screams, and a fierce explosion sound, the three star beasts were instantly killed by Ye Xiao.

“So strong!”

Lu Qingshans pupils, again constricted, although he was only a sword intent clone but also can not help but have a slight tremble.

Ye Xiao was actually one step ahead of him.

He had discovered the movements of the three divine-level star beasts below.

Moreover, he had launched an attack in the instant that the other party wanted to escape, even killing the other party in that exact second.

Lu Qingshan believed that his original body could also achieve such things.

However, the problem was that the strength of his original body was already at Xiantian ninth grade, the peak of the divine sect!

As for Ye Xiao…

He was still not at Xiantian ninth grade!

He could actually be this strong.

That child was truly heaven-defying.

Too strong.

His future achievements would definitely not be inferior to his.

No, he might even be able to reach the top!

At that moment, Lu Qingshan was so excited that his body began to tremble slightly.

Such a powerful prodigy had actually appeared in the nine provinces!

That was too exciting!

He took a deep breath.

Before his sword intent disappeared, he forced himself to ask,

“You have good cultivation techniques.

May I ask, what is your name and who is your master”

Ye Xiao naturally would not reveal his identity.

He thought for a moment about the few sentences that he could only remember in his mind, and then he said indifferently,

“The cold river and the lonely shadow, the old man from the rivers and lakes, why should we meet each other before”

After saying that, he put the three divine-level star beasts into his storage ring, turned around, and left.

Lu Qingshan could not help but praise,

‘Eloquent response.

However, very quickly, he frowned.

‘But… Why did he say the cold river There are only mountains here! Could it be that… The place where he lives has water Is that why he habitually said the wordriver

‘Looks like when I go back, I have to check if there is any place near the river that has such a genius in swordsmanship.

Ye Xiao did not expect that a casual sentence of his would be able to make Lu Qingshan think so much.

If he knew, he would definitely not say that.

However, at that moment, he was still very happy.

He had caught three more divine-level star beasts.

After returning, he would resurrect them and kill them again.

In the future, they would be able to live a long life and eat a divine-level star beast feast every day.

What he did not expect was that in other places, he had also found another divine-level star beasts remains.

What made Ye Xiao the most pleasantly surprised was that within those remains, there was actually a strand of the other partys spiritual energy.

That also meant that he could resurrect the other party.

That way, including Norfis split body and Ji Feng, he had a total of six divine-level star beasts.

Seven days a week, he could feel a new feeling almost every day.

It was very cool!

Very cool!

Next, he would go to Hu city to see if he could obtain the spatial amethyst during the armament-refining convention.

Time passed very quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it was three days later.

Hu city, as one of the three most prosperous cities in the nine provinces, was going to hold a national armament-refining competition today.

Weapon-refining was not a unique culture of the nine provinces, but it was invented by the nine provinces.

It was said that since ancient times, the human Emperor Fuxi had begun to teach people the art of weapon refinement.

After 5,000 years of development, countless weapon-refining masters added bricks and tiles to it, only then did the weapon-refining level of the nine provinces further develop.

Now, it was also one of the symbols of the brilliant civilization of the martial arts in the nine provinces.

It was often used as the martial arts culture of the nine provinces and exported to other regions.

There were also some international refining competitions called the World Competition, and the nine provinces competition was called the Nine Provinces Competition.

Although the scale of participation in the World Competition, whether in terms of the number of people or the participating regions, was far greater than the Nine Provinces Competition.

However, some people might win the World Competition championship, but they might not necessarily be able to win the Nine Provinces Competition championship.

There was once a nine provinces refining master who had won the world championship many times.

In the end, when the reporters interviewed him and asked him what other goals he had, his answer was,I want to win the Nine Provinces Competition.

From that, it could be seen that the scale of the Nine Provinces Competition was powerful and the standard was superb.

Due to the Nine Provinces Competition, the entire Hu city appeared very lively.

Usually, Hu city was already very lively.

Now, with the large-scale influx of contestants and spectators, it was even more crowded.

It was said that even the most inferior small hotel on the street had three to four times the usual rent.

Fortunately, the vast majority of people in that world were martial artists.

The ability of a martial artist to endure far exceeded that of the people in his previous life.

Many people even made a bed in the park.

When Ye Xiao and Huan Liuli arrived, they could not help but be greatly shocked when they saw the scene of the crowd in Hu city.

“Wow! There are so many people!”

Huan Liuli could not help but exclaim in surprise.

Ye Xiao was slightly better than her, but he was also very shocked.

After all, the population of that world was much more than that of his previous life.

Therefore, it was much better than Shanghai in his previous life.

Huan Liuli smacked her lips and could not help but mutter,

“This place is much more fun than Jianghai city.

If I had known earlier, I would have come here!”

“Youd better save your breath.”

Ye Xiao retorted.

“This place not only has a larger population than Jianghai city but also has gathered a large number of martial arts elites from the nine provinces.

If you had come here, you would have probably been digested by someone decades ago and dragged into Hu citys river.”


Huan Liuli felt the same.

Then again, if she had come to Hu city, she would not have met such a powerful master like Ye Xiao.

It seemed that she was still very lucky.


‘Ive decided to be Ye Xiaos slave for another 100 years.

Ill give him a round figure, 1,000 years!

‘After a thousand years, when my cultivation reaches great success, Ill still have to make a comeback!

On the other hand, Ye Xiao quickly arrived at the Nine Provinces Competition venue in Hu city.

There was an audition venue here.

Just by showing off a little, he could enter and participate in refining.

The test level was also very simple.

It was to refine 1,000 pounds of pig iron into an iron sword.

Moreover, the grade had to be at least at the lesser transcendent grade.

That was because there were too many contestants who wanted to participate in the competition.

If one managed to make a name for himself in that competition, it would be very easy for him to enter the famous refining enterprises in the nine provinces.

The state-owned enterprises might still need to undergo a second assessment, and some large-scale private refining enterprises could even directly exempt themselves from the assessment based on the results of the competition and the schools results.

After discussing the salary level, they could directly take up their posts.

That was simply too easy for Ye Xiao.

He had practiced this back then..

Now that he had the Godly Craftmanship, he could even refine it to the level of a grandmaster-grade throwing knife.



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