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Chapter 158: This Child Is the Best in the World!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Her consciousness gradually sank into darkness.

Ji Feng knew that she would die, so she did not resist.

Who knew that at that moment, her consciousness, which had already sunk into darkness, would suddenly be lit up by a burst of light.

At that moment, Ji Feng could not help but subconsciously scratch.

In the next second, she instantly returned to the starry sky, in the forest.

Looking at Ye Xiao in front of her, Ji Feng was completely dumbfounded and fell into deep doubt about life.

What happened

She had already self-destructed, right

Her spiritual energy was so powerful that it was enough to blow up her soul, right

However, she was still fine

Ye Xiao managed to bring her back again

He could even save a shattered soul

Just as she was doubting life, Ye Xiaos spiritual energy once again formed a long spear and suddenly invaded her mind.



Ji Feng screamed.

It was over.

She was only concerned with shock just now, but in the end, she did not have time to defend herself!


Ji Feng felt that her soul was completely occupied by Ye Xiaos spiritual energy in an instant.

She left behind two lines of clear tears.

‘Im sorry, my compatriots.

‘In the end, I still did not manage to protect my memories.

‘Im sorry.

I tried my best.

I really tried my best.

‘But hes too strong.

‘Wu, wu, wu, wu…

After Ye Xiao finished scanning Ji Fengs memories, he immediately used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery and shattered Ji Fengs soul once again.

After that, he threw her into his storage ring.

As long as her soul was not destroyed, he would be able to revive her.

Now, it was time to search for the other divine-level star beasts.

Ye Xiao finished eating his roasted wings and threw them to the side.

Then, he took out a tissue to wipe his hands.

“Silly cat, its time to work.”

“Got it.”

Huan Liuli immediately climbed onto Ye Xiaos shoulder.

With a thought, Ye Xiao activated the Divine Intent.

Following the route in Ji Fengs memory, he flew rapidly toward a direction in the south.

On the other side, in the nine provinces, in the Hundred Thousand Mountains of the southern border.

An intense battle was about to begin.

The participants of the battle were four divine-level star beasts and… The nine provinces sword saint Lu Qingshans clone.

The battle between the two sides destroyed several mountains in the surroundings.

There were also dozens of mountains that were filled with sword scars and attack marks.

Of the four divine-level star beasts, one died, one was heavily injured, and the other two were slightly injured.

As for sword saint Lu Qingshans clone, it flickered between light and dark.

Apparently, it had also suffered many attacks and was heavily injured.

It was almost unable to maintain its form.

“D*mn it! As expected of nine provinces sword saint Lu Qingshan! He actually relied on his own sword intent to form a clone and was able to reach such a level.”

“Everyone here has the strength of a Xiantian seventh grade martial artist.

You were able to kill one of us, heavily injured one, and lightly injured two.

If your true body came, wouldnt we all be killed by you at any time”

“Unfortunately, you didnt come with your main body.

After we destroy one of your clones, the three of us will escape the nine provinces.

Lets see how you will find us.”

Lu Qingshans clones expression was extremely grave.

His main body had reached the point of advancement, so he could not leave the mountain.

He originally wanted to use his sword intent clone to take down the few divine-level star beasts that escaped one by one.

However, he had not expected those divine-level star beasts to unite against him.

Four against one had ruined his plan to annihilate them one by one.

Although it was just a sword intent clone, he was 100 percent confident that he could kill all of these star beasts if it was a one-on-one or one-on-two.

However, he was afraid that he would not be able to do it now.

He was only a sword intent clone and not the powerful Lu Qingshan himself.

When his sword intent was scattered, it was also the time for his clone to be destroyed.

Unfortunately, he could not kill all of them.

Once he let them go, it would be like letting the tiger return to the mountain.

Moreover, he had already alerted them of his existence.

They were on guard in advance.

If he wanted to catch them again in the future, it would not be so easy.

He estimated his own strength.

With his current strength, he should be able to kill the severely injured star beast with a desperate fight.

If he could completely destroy it, there would only be two left, and the threat to the nine provinces would be smaller.

With that in mind, he took a deep breath.

His body of energy, which had started to flicker, suddenly brightened up.

The three star beasts were shocked.

“Be careful.

He wants to fight to the death.”

Having reached their level, after several rounds of fighting and analyzing the battle, they knew each others movements like the back of their hands.

As expected, Lu Qingshan moved in the next moment.

He thrust out a sword with a huge sword intent.

The magnificence of that sword caused the stars in the sky to lose their color!

“What a powerful sword technique.

We cant fight it head-on.”

The three divine-level star beasts exclaimed and immediately prepared to dodge.

However, the moment they dodged, the sword light made a turn and charged toward the injured star beast.

“Earth Immortal Weng! His target is you! Use the Earth-burrowing Technique!”

Earth Immortal Weng wanted to use the imperial-level movement technique, the Earth-burrowing Technique, to burrow into the mountain, but it was too late.

If he was not injured, he could have easily dodged that sword, but now, his injury was too severe.

It was so severe that he could feel a piercing pain in his body even when he circulated his spiritual energy.

It is over!

That was the thought of the three star beasts.

Earth Immortal Weng would definitely die.

Lu Qingshans eyes also revealed a gratified expression.

That sword had condensed his strongest sword intent, enough to kill the Earth Immortal Weng.

That way, there would only be two divine-level star beasts left.

Then, he would attach his remaining sword intent to their bodies.

After he broke out of seclusion, he would find the two divine-level star beasts and destroy them, there would not be much of a problem.

However, at that critical moment, suddenly, a sword light shot out from the starry sky and struck his sword light.


The two collided, and the powerful shockwave sent the three star beasts flying.

The light spread rapidly in the dark night, lighting up the night sky in the mountains.

The countless creatures that had been shocked by the battle between Lu Qingshan and the four star beasts were once again were deeply shocked.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

With three violent explosions, the three star beasts crashed through the three mountains.

However, that impact had not affected their divine-level bodies at all.

Instead, it allowed the Earth Immortal Weng to dodge Lu Qingshans fatal sword.

“Whats going on Who made a move”

“Could it be the big boss of our star beast clan”

The energy body of Lu Qingshans sword intent clone was getting weaker and weaker, almost transparent.

However, he was staring ahead with a grave expression.

His expression had never been so grave before.

The sword intent of the sword ray just now was definitely one of the top three enemies he had met in his life!

However, that was not what he cared about.

What he really cared about was that he had never seen that sword intent before.

In other words, that newcomer was a brand new sword art expert!

He had not expected that other than the Sword Emperor Azure Dragon, and himself, there would actually be such a sword art expert in the nine provinces.

His eyes were somewhat fiery.

He wanted to know who the other party was.

In the next second, Ye Xiao stepped out from the void.

“Such fast speed!”

Lu Qingshans heart shook.

He was deeply shocked by Ye Xiaos speed.

With his experience, he could clearly sense that Ye Xiaos cultivation had definitely not reached Xiantian ninth grade.

He was at the peak of the divine sect and his aura was not enough to be at the pinnacle.

However, his speed was not much slower than his actual body, which was at the peak of the Xiantian ninth-grade divine grandmaster.

That fellow was quite capable.

Lu Qingshan was a little excited.

That was the feeling of a strong cultivator appreciating each other when they met a strong cultivator!

He did not know how many years it had been since he had that feeling.

It was all too exciting.

When he saw the other partys face, he could not help but be stunned.

It was not that he felt that the other party was a stranger, but… He was so young!

Lu Qingshan had lived for hundreds of years, so his ability to see bones was naturally much stronger than that of an ordinary divine sect.

Even if he was only a clone here, he could clearly see it.

The other party was very young!

That made Lu Qingshans heart even more turbulent.

That young man had actually reached such a cultivation level at such a young age!

Heavens, in the entire history of the nine provinces, there were only a few people who could reach such a level!

Thinking back, when he entered the divine sect, he was already 30 years old.

Even so, he had now become a world-renowned sword saint, ranked 10th on the World Dragon list!

What was even more terrifying was that when he was 30 years old, he had only stepped into the Xiantian seventh grade and had just entered the divine sect.

However, the other partys cultivation was definitely not only at the Xiantian seventh grade.

That child… Was that child really human

Was he not some top-tier star beast that had been passed down from ancient times, or was he not the descendant of an emperor that had been born from an unparalleled human elder

Lu Qingshan was definitely not flattering him.

He had lived for so many years and had visited the entire world.

He had seen countless geniuses, but in the past few hundred years, among all the geniuses he had met, there was actually not a single one that could be compared to the other party.

Even the number one person in the nine provinces, the number one person in the world, and the number one on the Dragon list, Sword Emperor Azure Dragon, who could make him submit to him wholeheartedly, was actually somewhat dim in front of him!

Ye Xiao did not expect that his arrival would cause Lu Qingshan to fall into so much reverie.

He had only used the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to sense that the other party had already killed a divine-level star beast.

If he were to kill another one, how would he be able to keep any left for himself

He had paid such a huge price just to capture a few more divine-level star beasts.

That was why he could not wait to strike out with that sword and stop the other party from destroying the Earth Immortal Weng.

However, when he saw Lu Qingshans clone, he could not help but feel a little shocked.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery had already scanned out that the other party was only a sword intent clone and not the main body.


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