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Chapter 157: While the Hunt Was in Progress

Ye Xiao hung up the phone and Huan Liuli flew into the sky.

She looked at the Golden Ji Feng in Ye Xiaos hand and could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

Her eyes were shining with a green light.

Ever since she followed Ye Xiao, she became pickier and pickier about the star beasts ingredients.

At the same time, she also became more and more discerning.

That Ji Feng, just by looking at her feathers, one could guess that she had become stronger.

The taste must have become better as well.

He was in luck again.

“Master, all the star beasts down there have been destroyed by the Che family.

Not a single one is left.

All the star cores have been dug out.

Its impossible to resurrect them.


Ye Xiao nodded and immediately put Ji Fengs corpse and the star core that Huan Liuli had sent into his spatial ring.

Then, he began to use the Mending the Heaven technique, the Morning Star Method, and the Ultimate Healing Technique at the same time.

A pure golden light started to spread out from his body.

The powerful and gentle healing power was like a mist, spreading toward the city below.

Soon, it enveloped the injured warriors on the ground and the ones who had just died.

At first, when the warriors below saw the golden light, they were all dumbfounded.

They did not know what was going on.

Until they saw the wounded and the fallen warriors get up from the ground after their wounds were healed.

“Eh My wounds are healed.

My arm has grown back.”

“Me too.

My broken leg bone has been repaired.”

“I… Im dead, right Why am I resurrected Whats going on”

Looking at these people who had died or were seriously injured and were once again in good condition, everyone was stunned.

What kind of power was that

To be able to bring more than a million people back to life at the same time, a miraculous existence.

No, that was a miracle.

A true miracle!

Only a God could do such a thing.

Even if that was the world of high martial arts.

“Sir… Governor, whats going on The dead have all been resurrected, and the injured martial artists have all recovered.”

The governor of Fallen Phoenix City looked at the ball of golden light in the sky, and his eyes were filled with deep longing.

“Could it be… That the savior of mankind has appeared”

The treatment lasted for a full minute.

After a minute, Ye Xiao was panting lightly, and his face was slightly pale.

He used three healing imperial techniques at the same time, and the area covered the entire Fallen Phoenix City, an entire huge city, and the number of healers exceeded a million.

Even though he was already at Xiantian eighth grade, with the support of the imperial technique, Violet Sea of Stars, he could still feel that it was slightly strenuous.

However, after stopping the healing cultivation technique and following the absorption of spiritual energy by the Violet Sea of Stars, Ye Xiaos expression quickly returned to normal after a few breaths.

Seeing that there were no more injured people below, Ye Xiao did not waste any more time.

With a thought, he executed the Divine Intent technique and instantly disappeared into the starry sky.

A few breaths later, Ye Xiao had already appeared in a mountain forest hundreds of miles away.

Arriving in that mountain forest, he released Ji Fengs corpse from his storage ring and placed it flat on the ground.

As Ji Fengs body was still intact, he only needed to use the Mending the Heavens to slightly repair it and she would be able to revive easily.

“Cluck Cluck Cluck…”

Ji Feng let out a few sleep-like murmurs and woke up from her trance.

The moment she saw Ye Xiao and Huan Liuli, the chicken trembled.

Sh*t, it was the same thing all over again.

Those two perverts, the master and servant duo, had started to cut her body again.

They kept resurrecting and healing her, and then they kept cutting off her wings and drumsticks.

“Are the two of you done At least exchange for a star beast! Even exchange for a chicken is fine! Do you have to be so excessive Why are you only looking at me, a chicken Why”

“Because I cant find any other divine-level chickens.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xiao swung his two sword beams and chopped off Ji Fengs wings, handing them over to Huan Liuli.

“Liuli, set the fire.”

“Got it.”

Huan Liuli excitedly set up a fire and plucked all the feathers on the chicken wings.

Then, she placed them on the fire and used spiritual energy to drive the flames, starting to roast them quickly.

On the other side, Ye Xiao once again began to use the healing technique to repair Ji Fengs body.

Ji Feng had already completely collapsed.

The pain from the last time had already made her feel fear until now.

Then, her fear had waned, and in the blink of an eye, that fellow had come again.

“Pervert! D*mn pervert! Both of you are evil perverts, Worse than beasts!”

“F*ck you, immortal b*stard!”

“Ill curse the both of you to die a horrible death!”

Ji Feng kept on cursing.

Ye Xiao ignored her and continued to cut the chicken wings skillfully.

Then, he stored them in his storage space and used the healing technique to heal them.

The cycle continued for half an incense sticks time.

When Ji Fengs first pair of wings were completely roasted, she finally could not hold on any longer.

No matter how much she cursed, Ye Xiao, that fellow, pretended not to hear it.

On the contrary, the skill of cutting the chicken wings became cruder and cruder.

In the beginning, it was just a single sword slash that cut through the wings in an instant.

In the end, he was actually like a saw, slowly pulling and pulling one after another.

That heart-wrenching pain made Ji Feng have no choice but to admit that she could not hold on any longer.

It was too painful.

Although martial artists and star beasts would continuously increase their willpower as their cultivation increased, their perception of pain would also increase.

When the two stacked together, even immortals would not be able to withstand it!

“I surrender.

I surrender.

Dont cut off my wings again.”

Ye Xiao stopped what he was doing and said indifferently,

“What would you give in exchange”

Ji Feng looked at Ye Xiao and thought for a moment.

Then, she gritted her teeth and said,

“At most, Ill serve you, alright Dont you human men like to be beautiful”

Ye Xiao shook his head.

“Im not interested in that.”

“Then what do you want”

“I heard you say before that you have a few companions, and theyre all divine-level star beasts who escaped from various seals in the nine provinces”

A hint of wariness immediately surfaced on Ji Fengs face.

“What do you want to do”

“I dont want to do anything.

If you bring me to them, Ill spare you.”

“In your dreams!”

Ji Feng was so angry that she immediately cursed.

She finally knew what Ye Xiao wanted to do.

Previously, she had been wondering why Ye Xiao would suddenly lower his guard against her, giving her a chance to escape.

Only now did she understand that Ye Xiao did it on purpose.

From the start, he had been prepared to capture all the divine-level star beasts in one fell swoop.

That d*mnable, treacherous human.

If he wanted her to betray the star beast race, he could forget about it.

Ye Xiao was not angry either.

Ji Fengs reaction was within his expectations.

He could also use the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to search Ji Fengs memories.

However, Ji Feng herself was at the divine level.

In addition to the fact that she had just absorbed the remnant blood essence of a Fire Phoenix, her spiritual energy had once again improved.

He forcefully used his spiritual energy to venture into her mind was a little more troublesome than killing her physically and continuously interrogating her.

However… Since the other party did not know what was good for her, he did not mind going through the trouble.

A spiritual attack was several times more painful than a physical attack.

Ji Feng was cursing when suddenly, she felt overwhelming spiritual energy suddenly attacking her mind while she was not paying attention.

That sudden attack almost allowed Ye Xiao to succeed, but it was a pity that it was still a little short.

“Ah! What are you doing”

Ji Feng immediately could not help but cry out in surprise.

The chicken sank into an even more intense panic.

She immediately used her spiritual energy to defend herself, attempting to construct a wall that guarded her memories.

Ye Xiaos spiritual energy turned into a long spear and ruthlessly smashed onto the wall.


Ji Fengs body trembled.

Ye Xiaos attack was so fierce that her mind was on the verge of losing its defense.

However, she still gritted her teeth and resisted with all her might.

“I… Will definitely… Not let you… In!”

Ye Xiao was not in a hurry.

If one wave did not work, another wave would come.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery increased the frequency of its circulation, and spiritual energy condensed, again and again, continuously bombarding Ji Fengs mental defense line.

Every impact would cause Ji Fengs spiritual energy to be on the verge of collapse.

She still gritted her teeth and persevered.

She absolutely could not let Ye Xiao scan her memories.

Otherwise, the other divine-level star beasts would all be finished.

That blow to the star beast race would be devastating.

However, Ye Xiao was still at Xiantian eighth grade cultivation after all, and he also had the spiritual imperial technique, Big Dippers Grand Mystery.

Even if she obtained the Fire Phoenix bloodline, she would not be able to withstand it at all.

After experiencing several tug-of-war battles, Ji Feng felt that she could not hold on any longer.

Her spiritual energy had already reached its limit.

If Ye Xiao were to do it again, her mental defense line would crumble and collapse completely.

In the moment of despair, she clenched her teeth tightly.

“Even if I die, I wont let you off easily!”

Finally, the thing that Ye Xiao was worried about happened.

She used her spiritual energy to self-destruct.

That way, her memory would be completely destroyed.

It would also be impossible for Ye Xiao to obtain her memory and ambush those few divine-level star beasts.

The spiritual energy explosion only lasted for a second.

In an instant, Ji Fengs soul was shattered.

That powerful spiritual energy shockwave was even going to pass through Ye Xiaos spiritual energy to advance and counterattack, causing damage.

Unfortunately, Ji Fengs strength was far inferior to Ye Xiaos.

She could not even resist his spiritual energy, so how could she do it How could she harm him

In addition, Ye Xiao was already on guard against her desperate counterattack.

Therefore, Ji Feng could not hurt his spiritual energy at all.

Sighing faintly, Ye Xiao could not help but let out a turbid breath.

“Why bother”

Following that, he used the Ultimate Healing Technique and began to repair Ji Fengs soul.

The Mending the Heavens technique and Morning Star Method could also be done, but Ye Xiao had played enough and wanted to change to another healing technique.

Although Ji Fengs remaining consciousness was sorrowful, she also felt a trace of relief.

At the very least, she was able to protect the other divine-level star beasts and not let all the star beasts in the nine provinces fall!

It was not a loss to sacrifice a chicken.

‘Farewell, my friends, the star beasts will definitely obtain the final victory!

‘The human race will definitely be trampled under the star beasts feet!

‘History will ultimately belong to us!

‘Long live the star beast race!

‘Long live!


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