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Chapter 156: Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

One second!

A whole second!

There were hundreds of star beasts on the entire street.

All of them were killed without leaving a single one behind.

At that moment, the entire street entered a deathly silence.

Everyone stared fixedly at Ye Xiao.

Even though there was no longer any golden light behind him at that moment and everything had returned to normal, his proud figure still stood out like a crane among chickens in the crowd, like a god.

It made people feel incomparable reverence.

There was no other reason.

It was only because everyone already knew that he was a martial arts expert.

He was strong enough to make them worship him like a god, an existence that they looked up to.

“Uncle! Its Uncle! Mommy, quick, look, its Uncle.”

A familiar voice sounded from the crowd.

It was none other than the little girl who was playing with Ye Xiao in the park earlier, Xiao Yi.

At that moment, she had already recognized Ye Xiao and was excitedly pointing at him as she explained to her mother.

Xiao Yis mother was at a loss.

Her eyes were wide as she looked at Ye Xiao, dumbfounded.

She would never have thought that the very gentle young man in the park earlier was actually an unimaginably powerful martial arts expert!

In the instant that she was in a daze, her daughter, Xiao Yi, broke free from her big hand and immediately ran in front of Ye Xiao.

“Uncle, Uncle, are you a god”

Xiao Yi opened her eyes wide and asked with an innocent look.

Ye Xiao was startled and squatted down to rub Xiao Yis head.

“Uncle is not a god.

Uncle is only a martial artist.”

“Then I want to be a martial artist too.

Can you teach me”

Xiao Yis mother reacted and quickly stepped forward to pull her back.

“Xiao Yi, dont mess around.

Uncle… Senior is a martial arts expert.

You cant be so rude in front of him.”

After saying that, she hurriedly bowed to Ye Xiao and apologized:

“Senior, Im sorry.

Xiao Yi is insensible.

Please dont blame her, Senior.”

Ye Xiao smiled.

“Its okay.

Shes quite cute.”

Pausing for a moment, he wiped away the smile on his face and said again,

“However, you should leave this place now.”

“Oh, okay!”

Xiao Yis mother immediately carried her and left obediently.

The others did not dare to speak too much and followed behind her mother as they left.

However, when everyone passed by Ye Xiao, they would bow deeply to him.

If not for Ye Xiao, most of them would have already died.

Ye Xiaos expression was indifferent.

He was neither too touched nor too guilty.

It was true that Fallen Phoenix City had become like that because he had let Ji Feng go.

However, if not for him, Norfis might have already been rescued.

Ji Feng would not have gone to Jianghai city either.

Instead, she would have come straight to Fallen Phoenix City.

In that case, Fallen Phoenix City would also not be able to escape the fate of being attacked by star beasts.

Moreover, no one would be able to revive them.

Now that he had come over and dealt with Ji Feng, he could still save everyone.

Strictly speaking, Ye Xiao still owed Fallen Phoenix City a favor from that point.

He was worthy of bowing to them.

Looking at the empty and spacious streets, Ye Xiao let out a turbid breath.

His gaze became sharper.

Following that, with a thought, in an instant, a saber ray that was 10,000 feet tall formed above his head.


With a faint word, the saber ray was like a soldier that had heard the command and fiercely smashed onto the ground.


Accompanied by an earth-shattering loud sound, the entire street was instantly split open by Ye Xiao.

A huge saber scar that was more than 10,000 feet long, more than 60 feet wide, and more than 300 feet deep appeared in front of Ye Xiao.

A few thousand feet below ground was hot lava.

That was not the earths magma layer below, but the place where the Fire Phoenix had fallen.

It had been burned by the Fire Phoenixs spiritual energy for a long time so all the rocks had finally turned into lava.

That huge commotion naturally attracted the attention of several martial arts experts of Fallen Phoenix City.

However, everyone was entangled by the star beasts, so they could not rush over for a while.

“Then who did it”

“Where did my Fallen Phoenix City get such a powerful martial arts expert”

“What a powerful saber intent.

This saber attack can not be executed without the strength of a major sect.”

“Godly! Its really godly!”

Ye Xiao did not care about the praises.

He was already used to it, so he was not interested.

What he was interested in was a ball of blood essence in the magma below.

That blood essence moved around a bird-like figure.

At that moment, it was rapidly absorbing the energy in the blood essence, and it was almost done.

Ye Xiao did not destroy all of that.

He just looked at Ji Feng below with interest and absorbed the Fire Phoenix bloodline to his hearts content.

High-quality delicacies often required high-grade ingredients.

The higher the grade of the ingredients, the more fresh and tender the meat would be.

The texture of the meat would be more smooth, tenacious, and delicious.

Ji Feng is only a small lesser dragon-class bloodline, relying on the cultivation of some of the longer, only to advance to Xiantian seventh grade, the realm of the divine.

Thus, her meat was not fancy enough.

After absorbing the Fire Phoenix bloodline, her flesh will inevitably rise to a whole new level.

When you eat chicken, you eat good chicken.





When Ye Xiao silently counted to the last second later, the mass of blood essence suddenly burst.


Along with the explosion of the blood essence, a Fire Phoenix cry soared into the sky.


A sharp sound quickly spread out.

In the blink of an eye, it pierced through the eardrums of countless people and star beasts, causing those who were fighting to feel a stabbing pain in their heads which made them unable to continue fighting.

That was the magnificence left behind by the Fire Phoenix bloodline, which contained traces of an ancient variant, the power of a Fire Phoenix.

That kind of divine might that suppressed everything could only be possessed by that ancient variant.

The entire Fallen Phoenix City was affected.

Only Ye Xiaos eyes lit up as he stared fixedly at Ji Feng who was charging into the sky.

At that moment, Ji Feng had already completely changed.

All the feathers on her body had already retreated.

What replaced them was a body full of golden feathers.

Could that be the legendary chicken

Ye Xiao compared it to her previous feathers.

The material of her previous feathers could only be said to be a little better than the Black-scaled Snakeskin.

It would not be a problem for a single feather to create a high-quality weapon at the grandmaster grade.

Now, her feathers could already be used to create an imperial weapon.

From that, it could be seen that after her physical body absorbed the Fire Phoenixs blood essence, it had indeed obtained a huge improvement.

Then surely her flesh must have been raised to a higher level.

Ji Feng did not know that she had been targeted by Ye Xiao and had obtained the essence blood left behind by the Fire Phoenix, thus cleansing her bloodline.

After completely raising her grade to the dragon-class bloodline, she was so excited that she forgot herself.

“Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!

“From now on, this old lady will be a true dragon-class bloodline star beast and will be able to advance to a higher realm.

Jianghai citys stinky brat and Norfis, just wait.

This old lady will definitely make all of you pay the price!”

However, just as she finished saying those words, her gaze inadvertently swept across the huge saber scar on the ground.

She had been too excited just now and only cared about rushing to the sky.

She did not notice that a huge saber mark had appeared on the ground.

“Whats with this saber mark”

She followed the saber mark and reached its starting point.

In the next second, the chicken was dumbfounded.

She fiercely rubbed her eyes with her wings.

Her long neck took a closer look.

“This… This… Why would he be here Could it be that this old ladys obsession is too deep and has already developed hallucinations”

After saying that, she fiercely slapped herself.

“Hiss! It hurts!”

Having just obtained the Fire Phoenix bloodline, her strength had also increased quite a bit.

For a moment, she was unable to grasp it.

However, when she shook her head and looked over once more, only to see that Ye Xiao was still below, she completely began to panic.

“Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!”

Even if the language is not within the scope of his understanding, Ye Xiao can guess, at that moment, what Ji Feng had said.

‘Oh, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, sh*t.

What the… What the… Fuck… Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!



Without further ado, Ji Feng flapped her wings and turned to run.

That guy, hes a nightmare.

She still could not forget the ordeal of that night!

That night, he had severely hurt her.

That night, he had trampled on her dignity.

That night, he had made her unforgettable!

During those nights when she had fled from Jianghai city, whenever it was late at night and there was no one around, she would always think of the things he had done to her, which were worse than what would be inflicted on animals and were inhuman!

Every time she thought about it, she wished that she could cut him into a thousand pieces and eat him alive.

However, she knew that even if she wanted to kill him, she could not do so at that particular moment.

She had already obtained the Fire Phoenix blood essence and improved the quality of her bloodline.

In the future, she would definitely be able to increase her cultivation base enough to deal with him.

If she was caught by him now, she would definitely die.

Therefore, she wanted to escape.

The further the better.

Her speed was very fast, especially after obtaining the Fire Phoenix blood essence.

Her speed became even faster.

The distance of six miles was almost instantly reached.

After escaping for tens of miles, she turned back to take a look.

Fortunately, Ye Xiao did not follow her.

It should be because his speed could not keep up with hers, right

After all, cultivation did not equate to speed.

For a bird-type star beast like Ji Feng, her bloodline had its own movement technique.

Her speed was much faster than that of a human martial artist of the same level.

Heheheh… She had finally escaped.

When she had succeeded in her cultivation, she would go to Jianghai city and find him to take revenge for that humiliation!


However, just as she said these two words, a saber light flashed in the sky.


Her head instantly flew up.

When her head was spinning in the sky, she saw Ye Xiao standing proudly in the starry sky in front of her.

He was looking at her with a smile, and his hand was still brandishing his saber.

How… Was he so fast

How did he do it

Along with that question, Ji Fengs consciousness sank into darkness.

At that moment, the phone in Ye Xiaos pocket vibrated.

Ye Xiao opened the phone and it was a call from Gu Hai.


“Hello, Old Ye, you applied for leave to go overseas.

Why didnt you tell me”

“Something came up at the last minute.

Why did you suddenly call me”

“I only found out after I was on duty.

Its the Mid-autumn Festival today.

I wanted to ask you if you wanted to come to our house for dinner.

Its the Mid-autumn Festival, so I couldnt let you be by yourself.

Who knew that you went to another place”

Ye Xiao was stunned.

Was it the Mid-autumn Festival today

He had been alone for too long and had almost forgotten that it was the Mid-autumn Festival today.

At that moment with special memories, he wondered if his relatives in his distant hometown were doing well

“Thank you.

If you didnt say it, I would have almost forgotten.

Happy Mid-autumn Festival.”

“Happy Mid-autumn Festival.”

“By the way, today you said that you want your daughter to acknowledge me as her godfather.

Does that count !”

“Hehe… Other than you, who else can be my sons godfather”

“Alright, Ill accept this goddaughter.”

“D*mn you, Ill definitely have a son!”


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