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Chapter 155: The Descent of a True God

Huan Liuli immediately rushed out to clear the area.

She was a Xiantian fifth-grade great grandmaster, so it was very easy for her to deal with those small fries.

The fighting style of the Phantom Cat was usually to use spiritual energy to interfere with the other partys mobility.

Under the control of powerful spiritual energy, the other party was completely unable to resist.

Then, she used a sealing technique.

As for Ye Xiao, he began to use the Big Dippers Grand Mystery to analyze the initial position of the Fire Phoenix bloodline.

The growth potential of an ancient mutant like that was several times stronger than a dragon-class bloodline.

When that Fire Phoenix was killed, its cultivation had probably already surpassed Xiantian seventh grade or even eighth grade.

Now that it had fallen for so many years and was sealed, its strength was definitely gone.

However, spiritual energy was different.

Spiritual energy was the embodiment of will.

For a star beast bloodline like the Fire Phoenix, nicknamed the Undying Bird, there was no need to doubt their will.

It was definitely first-rate.

Therefore, the spiritual energy of the fallen Fire Phoenix was sufficient to cover the entire Fallen Phoenix City.

It could block Ye Xiaos spiritual energy, making it impossible for Ye Xiaos Big Dippers Grand Mystery to accurately locate Ji Fengs body.

During that period, there would be many humans in the Fallen Phoenix City who would be seriously injured or killed.

The Phantom Cats assistance could only be said to have alleviated some of the injuries, but it could not stop all the star beasts.

After all, the entire city was too big.

However, it did not matter.

Ye Xiao could use Mending the Heavens to heal and revive everyone.

As long as he was able to heal those people in the end, there would not be much of a difference between being injured and dying now.

In a corner below Fallen Phoenix City, Ji Feng had already returned to her star beast form and was soaking in a ball of burning fresh blood.

That blood was filled with dense fire elements, constantly burning Ji Fengs body and burning all the feathers on her body before recovering.

Every time it grew back, the color of the feathers would become more beautiful, it was even more fiery red.

It looked like she had… Changed from a low-quality match to a high-quality match, from a local chicken to a phoenix.

Feeling the bloodline power in her body continuously increasing, Ji Feng let out a strange giggle.

“Hehehe… This time, its all thanks to Senior Fire Phoenix who gave me the blood essence.

With Senior Fire Phoenixs blood essence, my bloodline will once again be refreshed and upgraded.

“My bloodline will be completely upgraded to the dragon-class, and my potential will be magnified once again.

“At that time, I will definitely be able to break through my current realm.

“You bastard from Jianghai city, just you wait.

I will tear you into pieces.

“And Norfis, as a star beast, you betrayed your own people and harmed your fellow star beast.

I will not let you off.

“I will make you into a roasted octopus to serve as food!”

After saying that, she absorbed the little bit of blood essence left behind by the Fire Phoenix even faster.

At that moment, Fallen Phoenix City was already in deep trouble.

The star beasts that had hidden because of the seven stars alignment had all pounced on the martial artists in the city at that moment.

The martial artists were caught off guard and suffered a lot of damage in a short period of time.

The governors manor of Fallen Phoenix City was in chaos.

“What happened to these star beasts The seven stars alignment has already passed.

How could they become so violent”

The governor of Fallen Phoenix City was so angry that he was trembling.

Fallen Phoenix City was a place that was close to the border of the Qin province.

There were very few high-level warriors and it could not compare to a big city.

It was very difficult to suppress the disturbance of the star beasts at that level.

That time, it was definitely a severe injury.

“Governor, the star beasts have already spread out, and many people have died.”

“Send all the martial artists out.

Inform the library, the garrison, and the three grandmasters of the Fallen Phoenix Martial Arts Academy, and all the martial artists with fighting strength to participate in the battle.”.

“In addition, immediately seek help from the nearby cities.”

“Arent you going to inform the Qin province first”

“The Qin province is so far away from here.

Its useless to inform them first.

Seek help first, then inform the Qin province.”

After saying that, the Fallen Phoenix Citys governor took off his suit and left with his saber.

The secretary exclaimed,

“Sir, what are you doing Youre the governor, you cant participate in the battle.”

“Its because Im the governor that I have to participate in the battle.

“Even if I die, I have to die in front of the commoners!

“If I die, youll be the acting governor and youll know how to do your job.

Just send a death report to the Qin province.”

After saying that, he kicked open the door and strode out.

“The garrison team, charge out with me.”

There were countless star beasts on the street, and all of them were fighting.

However, the star beasts obviously had the advantage in terms of strength.

With the help of the magnetic field of the Fire Phoenix bloodline, their strength began to increase rapidly in a short period of time, and they were no weaker than during the seven stars alignment.

“Charge up, kill all the star beasts, and protect the people of Fallen Phoenix City!”

The governor held an alloy steel saber and led the garrison team into the streets to join the battle.

He was not strong and was only at Houtian eighth rank.

The governor was a civil servant and had never participated in battle.

However, seeing him join the battle, the warriors of Fallen Phoenix City seemed to be encouraged and started to fight back with great morale.

“Fight for Fallen Phoenix City!”

The battle immediately entered a white-hot state, and their fighting spirit soared to the sky.

However, that situation did not last long.

That was because there was always a gap in fighting strength, and it could not be changed by the number of people.

In less than three minutes, the human warriors were suppressed.

“Governor, we cant hold on like this.

The star beasts are too strong, and their strength seems to have increased.”

“Dont fight them head-on.

Use the buildings to deal with them.

Use guerilla warfare.”

“Its too late.

Were surrounded.”

“D*mn it, follow me and fight our way out.”

However, at that moment, the star beasts that were attacking suddenly seemed to have been disturbed.

Their movements immediately froze and stopped.

It did not take long, only about 0.01 seconds.

Then, a black bolt of lightning streaked past, so fast that it made ones hair stand on end.

In an instant, hundreds of star beasts had their throats slit.

Before everyone could see clearly, the beast heads were thrown up, and fresh blood spurted out wildly as if hundreds of blood-colored fireworks had bloomed.

There was an unrivaled beauty amidst the mournful screams, causing everyone to be stunned on the spot.

“What… Happened just now”

The governor could not help but ask in puzzlement.

The other members of the garrison team replied with a confused expression,

“I… I dont know.

I didnt see it clearly.

It seems to be… A big black rat, right”

“It should be a star beast.

Moreover, its a star beast from a great sect.

Otherwise, it would be impossible to kill hundreds of star beasts in an instant.”

Everyone once again fell into a dead silence.

Star beasts above the grandmaster level

Where did they come from

Moreover… Why did the other party help them

The other party was a star beast.

Why hadnt it killed people, but instead killed the star beasts

At that moment, everyone fell into a daze.

On the other side, Ye Xiao was in the park rapidly circulating the Big Dippers Grand Mystery which was like a lightning wave.

With Ye Xiao at the center, it spread out wildly, sweeping through every corner of Fallen Phoenix City, over and over again.

The speed of the Big Dippers Grand Mysterys spiritual energy calculation was very fast, so much so that it made ones hair stand on end.

The number of times per second even exceeded a thousand times.

A thousand times per second, and it was the entire Fallen Phoenix City.

What kind of concept was that

It meant that Ye Xiao could clearly count how many cells were sent out by all the men in Fallen Phoenix City in that one second, and it was a thousand times!

However, every scan was different.

There had to be a certain amount of changes in the frequency.

If there was not a certain amount of changes, then it would definitely be impossible to find the spiritual frequency of the Fire Phoenix.

In addition, it would also be impossible to break through the spiritual energy limit of the Fire Phoenix and reach the level of tracking Ji Feng.

There were countless kinds of changes in the frequency of spiritual energy.

That was also the reason why spiritual energy was not something that ordinary people could easily cultivate.

Even if one cultivated it, it was too difficult to achieve great success!

It was far from being as simple as cultivating martial arts.

It was even not as great as the benefits obtained from support-type cultivation techniques like healers and alchemists.

After scanning for a full five minutes, Ye Xiao suddenly opened his eyes.

‘I found you.

The Divine Intent technique was instantly activated, and Ye Xiaos figure suddenly disappeared from the spot.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived at a street.

The martial artists and star beasts here were engaged in a life-and-death battle.

When Ye Xiao appeared, some of the citizens on the street whose cultivation was too low were under the cover of the martial artists and were quickly fleeing outside.

However, there were still a few star beasts who risked their lives to break through the restrictions of the martial artists and instantly charged at those citizens.

Many citizens cultivation was only Houtian first grade, and they were not even Houtian first grade.

A Houtian third or fourth-grade star beast falling into the crowd was enough to cause a devastating blow.

“Ah! Dont kill me, dont kill…”

“Someone save me, sob, sob, sob…”

That was the first time Ye Xiao saw the star beasts slaughtering humans with his own eyes.

The largest scale he had seen before was when the star beasts had escaped from the research institute when they had just stepped into the grandmaster rank.

At the other moments, the star beasts had already been eliminated by him before they had even had the chance to harm the humans.

That kind of confrontation between races, in order to survive, the impact of death made Ye Xiao feel even more secure from the powerful force.

He did not stop for long.

With a thought, hundreds of sword lights formed behind Ye Xiao.

Golden light shot out in all directions, making him look like a true God.

He was mysterious and powerful.

The humans on the streets were deeply shocked when they saw that scene and it was imprinted in their hearts.

In the next second, sword lights burst out and automatically looked for the star beast.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

Every sword light shot out would instantly pierce through and destroy a star beast.

Hundreds of sword lights were like golden lightning.

Although it was created by Ye Xiao at will and he did not use his true strength at all, the strength contained in it was already immeasurable.

Whether it was Houtian fourth grade, Houtian sixth grade, Houtian eighth grade, or even Houtian ninth grade, one would die upon contact and explode upon contact!

None of them could survive Ye Xiaos sword ray.


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