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Chapter 153: The City of the Fallen Phoenix

On Ye Xiaos side, he naturally did not hear the directors words.

That was because after he left the office, he immediately teleported outside the library.

His speed was too fast.

With just a thought, he could reach the place he wanted to reach.

Ye Xiao did not leave immediately.

Instead, he went underground first.

After going out for a few days, he first went to get some meat from Norfis.

When his cultivation reached the later stages, it would become slower and slower.

Only by eating more meat from star beasts above the divine level could he raise his cultivation faster.

Norfis was cultivating when suddenly, accompanied by a wave of intense pain, two fresh and tender tentacles that had just grown were cut off by Ye Xiao once again.

He suddenly opened his eyes and saw Ye Xiao store his two newly grown tentacles into his storage ring.

Then, he turned around and left.

The entire octopus was in a mess.

What was that situation

Was he joking with him

‘That b*stard, now that he was cutting off my tentacles, did he not need to discuss with me

‘If you dont want to discuss, at least you should say something to inform me!

‘If you dont even say a word, who are you looking down on

‘Do you really treat this venerable self as your livestock and eat it whenever you want

‘Also, why do you want to cut off the two most tender tentacles that this venerable self has just grown

‘Why dont you cut off the other tentacles

‘Why do you want to grab hold of these two tentacles and bully them

‘Bullying the fish is too much!

‘Bullying the fish is too much!

‘Ye Xiao, wait for this venerable self.

In 1,500 years, this venerable self will definitely cultivate to the great success stage and fuse with the main body.

I will definitely kill you! I will chop you into minced meat, dismember you into thousands of pieces, and turn you into a human ball!

At that moment, Te Xiao had already arrived outside.

Then, he coincidentally bumped into Gu Hai.

He was currently driving the garrison team car for patrol.

At the same time, there were many more members of the garrison team on the street.

“Old Ye, why are you outside during office hours”

Gu Hai greeted him the moment he saw him.

“Im here to do something.

Speaking of which, why are there so many garrison team members Whats the case”

“Dont you know Its all over Jianghai city now!”


Looking at his puzzled expression, Gu Hai pointed at his phone.

“Go to the forum, its a big deal!”

Ye Xiao took out his phone and opened the local forum in Jianghai city.

He could not help but be slightly surprised when he took a glance.

Liu Chengxun was coming.

Murakami Beichuan was also coming.

The two of them seemed to have made an appointment.

One was from the Ying state, while the other was from the Han state.

They were heading straight for Jianghai city, specifically looking for him.

He was also a little speechless.

Those two people were really talking nonsense when they had nothing better to do.

They actually really came over

Was it that interesting

There were also those netizens from Jianghai city who were not afraid of getting into trouble.

Each and every one of them was crazier than the last.

“Theyre here, Sword Saint Liu Chengxun is finally here! I wonder if he can beat our Jianghai citys Saber-sword Immortal”

“Isnt that nonsense He definitely cant beat the Saber-sword Immortal.

Senior Saber-sword Immortal cultivates two martial arts at the same time, and both of them have reached the divine sect level.”

“You cant put it that way.

The battle between them will definitely be a battle of sword techniques.

It was impossible for an expert like Senior Saber-sword Immortal to lose face.

He would probably only use sword techniques in a battle with him.

Otherwise, it wouldnt be glorious if he won.”

“What face does he have to face when dealing with the stick He came over to challenge him himself, its not that the Senior Saber-sword Immortal was the one who challenged him! Besides, its not like Senior Saber-sword Immortal didnt ask him to practice saber-sword at the same time.

If he couldnt do it himself, how could he blame it on the other”

“Even so, Murakami Beichuan is coming.

Both of them are going to challenge Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

There is only one Senior Saber-sword Immortal.

If he wins the first round, he will definitely suffer some losses.

Its impossible for him to kill them in an instant without getting hurt, right”

“Why are there always people like you who speak ill of your own people and praise others Are you really unable to stand up after kneeling for a long time”

“Kneel your ass! Im only making a guest comment.

Saber-sword Immortal fighting two people from the divine sect alone definitely have some unfavorable factors.

Why are you kneeling”

“I dont care.

Youre just unpatriotic and a spy!”


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