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Chapter 151: Advancing, Xiantian Eighth Grade.

‘Forget it, forget it.

Ill just have to advance to Xiantian eighth grade first.

‘When the army comes, Ill block it.

When the water comes, Ill cover it with the Earth.

‘If it really comes down, theres nothing I can do about it.

However, Ye Xiao was not completely without the slightest bit of vigilance.

He was worried that the lightning might come down when he was advancing, so he placed the long-handled saber on top of his head and used it as a lightning rod to prevent the lightning bolt from secretly attacking without any martial virtue.

After doing all that, Ye Xiao no longer suppressed the blood essence in his body and allowed it to erupt rapidly.

At the same time, the cultivation techniques in Ye Xiaos body were continuously circulating and spreading.

At that moment, Ye Xiao realized that his cultivation techniques had already begun to occupy a certain position in his body, forming one cyclone after another.

Each of these cyclones provided Ye Xiao with a state of cultivation.

However, according to the different types of cultivation techniques, there would be different absorption rates of different sizes.

Ye Xiao felt that his spiritual energy was also continuously improving, entering a more complicated and exquisite level.

His spiritual energy and martial strength were expanding immensely.

All the cultivation techniques were trying their best to attack.

The Violet Sea of Stars cultivation technique was the fastest to circulate spiritual energy.

Next were the Overpowering Saber, the Heaven-cleaving Sword, and the Tathagata Divine Palm, those three battle-type cultivation techniques.

Following that, was the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art, the Mending the Heavens technique, the Morning Star Method, the Ultimate Healing Technique, and the Divine Intent technique, those four auxiliary cultivation techniques.

Finally, there were the Godly Craftmanship, the Ten Thousand to One, those two alchemy and artifact-refinement cultivation techniques, as well as the Earth-shattering Celestial Dipper Array and the Heavenly Creation Array, those two imperial arrays.

The Big Dippers Grand Mystery operated very quickly as well, but it was a spiritual cultivation technique, so Ye Xiao had no way of making a comparison.

Naturally, it was also hard to determine whether its operating speed was fast or slow.

From the looks of it, as ones cultivation increased, the cultivation speed of various cultivation techniques would gradually show differences, and it was not small either.

Take the main mental cultivation technique and the battle-type cultivation technique, for example, their improvement speed was the fastest.

As for the auxiliary ones, they were slightly inferior.

There was no need to say anything about pill-refining, armament-refining, and array formations.

Compared to the previous ones, it was practically useless.

The speed was so slow that it could be ignored.

Ye Xiao finally understood why people mainly focused on martial artists and not artifact-refiners, alchemists, array formation masters, and so on.

The amount of effort put into those things was not less than a battle-type cultivation technique.

It could even be said that some auxiliary cultivation techniques were harder to cultivate than battle-type cultivation techniques and wasted more time.

However, the benefits they brought were far inferior to battle-type cultivation techniques and mental cultivation techniques.

It was true that an array formation master of the same level could set up an array that could kill many battle-type martial artists that were far more powerful than him.

However, the progress of his cultivation in the later stages was very slow.

Very soon, he would be surpassed by battle-type martial artists.

At that time, when both parties were facing each other again, unless he brought the other party into the array, he would definitely die without a burial ground.

Those who were able to cultivate array formations and refine pills and artifacts were either good cultivation techniques that had been passed down in their families, were extremely talented, or were trash in their cultivation.

As for 99 percent of the alchemists, array formation masters, and artifact-refiners, including beastmasters, puppet masters, poison masters, mechanics, and other more obscure martial artists, that was needless to say.

As long as one had some talent, no one would choose to do those obscure occupations.

Ye Xiao also understood one thing.

That was, the three divisions of the divine grandmaster rank.

In fact, from Xiantian sixth grade to Xiantian seventh grade, the spiritual energy storage in ones body was already very huge, far surpassing the increase in the previous few grades.

From seventh grade to eighth grade, it was the same.

The amount of spiritual energy required was extremely large.

That matter was not difficult to explain.

Great grandmasters mainly focused on training ones temperament.

It was like building a house.

Only by laying a good foundation would it be easier to build later.

Only by training ones temperament would one be able to control the huge amount of spiritual energy that was raised in every layer behind the divine sect.

Previously, when he had just advanced to Xiantian seventh grade, it was because it was difficult for him to control his own strength that he had crashed into Americas new experimental machine.

After thinking through all that, the cultivation in Ye Xiaos body had finally broken through that final shackle.


That time, it was finally not that kind ofpop sound that was like farting.

Instead, a huge explosion sounded from within his body, as if a huge bomb had been detonated.

In an instant, two bright rays of light burst forth from Ye Xiaos eyes like lightning.

A world-shaking power expanded crazily within his body.

A violent wind spread in all directions, forming an intense whirlpool of cultivation techniques around his body.

It appeared to be 360 degrees, firmly enveloping him within it.

The lightning bolt crashed down, but when it came into contact with the extremely dense spiritual energy, it was bounced away alive, unable to touch Ye Xiaos body at all.

‘Is this the power of a Xiantian eighth grade

Ye Xiao clenched his fists.

He felt as if he and the surrounding heaven and earth were about to merge into one.

He did not need to look to be able to clearly sense everything around him.

He was not using spiritual energy.

It was a kind of perception that was derived from his overly powerful cultivation.

It was a special method that had already begun to appear after his cultivation reached Xiantian eighth grade.


At that moment, lightning continued to fall from the sky, as if it wanted to test Ye Xiaos strength.

Even if a small portion was absorbed by the long-handled saber on Ye Xiaos head, the vast majority of them still hacked at him from other directions.

It was just that as the number increased and the strength increased, they were still unable to break through the heaven and earth spiritual energy around Ye Xiao and hurt him in the slightest.

‘I give you face but you dont want it.

Looking at the lightning that was not prepared to stop, Ye Xiao felt a little impatient.

At that rate, he still did not know when it would end.

With a slight movement of his finger, the long-handled saber, that was resisting the lightning, sensed Ye Xiaos command and immediately flew to his hand.

Without the long-handled sabers resistance, the lightning in the sky became even more impudent and instantly struck on top of Ye Xiaos head.

If it was not for the rotation of the spiritual energy that twisted the lightning out, Ye Xiao would have already turned into charcoal.

However, even so, the split lightning that fell onto the ground caused the surrounding mountains to withstand a huge explosion.

Many flowers, plants, trees, and small animals were blasted into charcoal and flying ash.

Ye Xiao gently stroked the long-handled saber and lightly flicked the blade.

The saber let out a buzz as if it was exciting, but also seemed to be looking forward to it.

“Ever since I refined you, I havent really used you.

Today, Ill open the seal for you, alright”

As soon as those words were said, the humming sound that the long-handled saber emitted became even more intense, as if it was an extremely excited child.

The corners of Ye Xiaos mouth curled up slightly, and he raised the saber in his hand high up.

At that moment, all of the power of Xiantian eighth grade gathered on the long-handled sabers body, enduring such a powerful force, the long-handled saber actually emitted an extremely powerful golden glow.

At that moment, it was already impossible to tell whether the long-handled saber was a saber or a sword.

In the illusion, it seemed to be an invincible saber, yet it also seemed to be a sword that could shatter everything.

That was also Ye Xiaos wish to refine the long-handled saber back then.

It could display both saber techniques and sword techniques!

The surrounding strength seemed to be distorted by it.

The lightning that fell around him was unable to get close to the long-handled saber as if it was being held back by an invisible force.

“Heaven Cleaving!”

Two faint words were spat out.

Following that, Ye Xiao chopped down on his head.

The sword glow spread over 60 miles and cleaved the sky with one swing!

The dark thunderclouds that covered the entire mountain were instantly split apart by Ye Xiaos Heaven-cleaving Sword.

It was as if the sky had been combed into a middle-parted hairstyle.

After that sword strike, the dark clouds that were still arrogant a moment ago actually gradually quieted down at that moment and gradually turned into nothingness.

As expected, no matter who it was, one could not give too much face.

The more you gave face to him, the more arrogant they would be.

It was the same for the heavens.

At that moment, Ye Xiao felt several extremely powerful forces rapidly gathering in that direction.

Thinking about it, some curious fellows rushed over.

Ye Xiao shook his head and was very speechless towards these paparazzi from the Martial World.

Then, he used the Divine Intent technique and shot straight in the direction of Jianghai city.

Just as he was about to leave, a few figures quickly arrived.

Looking at the thunderclouds that had been split into two and were gradually disappearing, he could not help but fall into deep thought.

“So powerful! Who advanced They actually summoned thunderclouds.

I heard that only when ones cultivation reaches the king realm will they summon thunder.”

“The scale of the thunderclouds isnt at the king realm yet, but thats whats even more terrifying.

This means that the other party has already summoned divine lightning even though hes only at the divine grandmaster rank.”

“Thats too terrifying.

Since ancient times, very few people have been able to summon Tribulation Lightning at the divine grandmaster rank.

However, everyones achievements in history have far surpassed ordinary people!”

“Your vision is too narrow.

Whats the point of summoning the lightning clouds Didnt you see that he split the lightning clouds apart

“This fellow has already surpassed the divine sect of our nine provinces! Hes even stronger than those legends.”

“Hes truly Heavens favorite.

It looks like another mighty figure will appear in our nine provinces.”

Everyone discussed animatedly.

Their eyes were filled with shock, but at the same time, they were also filled with yearning and excitement.

There was no other reason than that it was the nine provinces.

The other party was a descendant of the nine provinces.

That was enough.

On the other side, in Jianghai city.


Suddenly, the mountain that Ye Xiao had crashed into when he was learning the Divine Intent technique was pierced through the waist!

That time, the entire mountain was blasted into smithereens.

It was not like the last time, where only a huge crater was created at the top of the mountain.

Countless people from Jianghai city who were sleeping woke up from their dreams.

“What happened”

“An earthquake”


“Ah, you caught me.

I cant get out.

Dont move, your head is going to break inside!”


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