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Chapter 150: Friend, I Want You to Help Me With My Cultivation

“Then Ill book these two carts of obsidian first.”

“Alright, Alright.

Give me an address and Ill send it over to you right away.”

After the seven stars alignment, the citys economy had also suffered quite a big impact.

Wang Dalong had not been having a good time recently either.

Now that Ye Xiao had taken away obsidian, a rare commodity that was not easy to sell, and brought some relief to his cash flow, he was naturally very happy.

Therefore, Ye Xiao wanted the obsidian.

He sent it over to Ye Xiao early the next morning.

Coincidentally, it was the weekend.

Ye Xiao happened to be at home.

He refined all the spatial energy in the obsidian and fused it into his spatial ring.

However, what Ye Xiao did not expect was that the spatial ring only absorbed the spatial energy in a cart and a half of obsidian.

After that, it was as if it had reached its limit and could no longer continue to inject spatial energy.

‘Looks like Ive pushed it past its limit.

Although obsidian was a material that contained spatial energy, no matter what, spatial energy was also the strongest power in the world.

Obsidian was only one of the materials that contained spatial energy, and it was the most inferior type of material.

Therefore, if one wanted to obtain more spatial energy, one had to obtain better materials.

A good horse with a saddle.

Of course, other than that, there was another method.

That was to make a spatial bracelet.

If it was bigger, it could increase the storage ability of spatial energy.

However, Ye Xiao was a man.

How would he look if he wore a bracelet

Therefore, Ye Xiao definitely would not wear a bracelet.

If he made a few more spatial rings, it would be very high-profile.

However, spatial rings were also very necessary things.

Ye Xiao encountered more and more divine-level star beasts, thus the number of star beasts he killed would also increase.

It was impossible for all the star beasts to be eaten up in one go.

Sometimes, he even wanted to store some meat for a long time.

Moreover, not all the star beasts were as small as Ji Feng and King El.

Like the octopus Norfis, was very big.

Just a tentacle on its body was so big that it could not even fit into the spatial ring.

One could imagine how big its main body was

Therefore, Ye Xiao still had to think of a way to get some special spatial materials for storage.

In the next few days, Ye Xiao and Huan Liuli quickly ate all the chicken wings, chicken legs, chicken hearts, and chicken livers that they had cut off from Ji Fengs body.

That also allowed the master and servants blood essence and cultivation to obtain a huge increase.

Huan Liulis cultivation had already risen to a bottleneck, and very soon, she began to hibernate and evolve on her own.

She was at Xiantian fourth grade.

After eating so many divine-level chicken wings and drumsticks, the increase in her cultivation was naturally sufficient for her to reach the level she needed to advance.

Ye Xiaos cultivation for one was still a little lacking.

That was because Ye Xiao was already at Xiantian seventh grade, divine grandmaster rank.

A divine grandmaster, the increase in strength obtained from eating a divine star beast was definitely not as strong as Huan Liuli who ate meat above her level.

However, seeing that he was about to advance to Xiantia eighth grade, Ye Xiao did not want to drag it out.

After all, every increase in his strength could ensure his safety.

However, in his storage ring, Ji Fengs chicken wings and drumsticks had already been eaten up.

The spiritual energy feedback indicated that Ji Feng was currently still on the run.

In other words, she had yet to find the other divine star beasts, so she did not want to waste time chasing after them.

Looking at the empty storage ring, Ye Xiao could not help but feel a little conflicted.

Where was he going to get the meat of a divine star beast

Until… When he was at work, Ye Xiao saw his grandfathers statue.

Only then did a smile reappear on his face.


A few days ago, he colluded with Ji Feng, and he just happened to be looking for trouble with him.

In the end, he became addicted to eating chicken wings those two days and forgot about him in the end.

What a mistake.

Thus, at midnight that day, Ye Xiao took advantage of the fact that everyone in Jianghai city had fallen asleep and used the Divine Intent technique to come under the statue.

Before that, Norfis tentacle had opened a hole in the ground, but it was later filled up by the municipal construction materials.

That was not a difficult matter for Ye Xiao.

He activated the Heaven-cleaving Sword and directly cut out a cylinder on the ground.

After pulling out the cylinder, he could directly go underground.

After coming underground, he opened a gap in the array and could easily enter the space that sealed Norfis.

Ever since Norfiz witnessed Ye Xiaos strength, he had been underground and started to cultivate diligently.

Although being in the seal meant that he could reap very little cultivation, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat.

At that moment, Norfiz had just finished cultivating.


He let out a deep breath and a strange smile appeared on the octopuss face.

‘Thats right.

After these few days of cultivation, my cultivation has slightly increased.

‘Although they sealed my body, my bloodline is strong enough.

Furthermore, my body is at the peak of the Xiantian ninth grade and has sufficient experience.

Thus, increasing my cultivation is still a piece of cake.

‘At this rate, my cloned body will be able to cultivate to the Xiantian eighth grade within a thousand years.

At that time, breaking through this seal will be a piece of cake.

‘Hahahahaha… Ha… Ha… Ha…

While he laughed, Norfis suddenly saw a figure appear in front of him.

What was even more terrifying was that the figure was none other than his nightmare, Ye Xiao!

“Why are you here”

Norfis shrieked and quickly retreated.

He stuck close to the seal and tried his best to maintain a distance between himself and Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao ignored his words.

He only looked at him and said with an indifferent expression,

“A few days ago, that Ji Feng was brought here by you, right”

Norfis hurriedly waved his tentacles.

“It wasnt me, it wasnt me.

It had nothing to do with me.

I didnt know that she was coming over.

She came over on her own.

Moreover, I didnt let her attack you.

She attacked you on her own.

You cant accuse the good fish wrongly!”

“Do you think that I didnt know that a strand of your spiritual sense was on that roof at that time”


“How is this possible Then why didnt you find trouble with this venerable self at that time”

No, he suddenly understood.

It was not that Ye Xiao had not wanted to find trouble with him.

It was just that Ye Xiao did have him as his target then.

That guy wanted to find trouble with him.

He could find trouble with him at any time.

It was extremely simple.

He came in here way too easily!

D*mn it!

A deep sense of powerlessness was suppressed in Norfis heart.

“Alright, this venerable self admits defeat.

If you want to kill or cut me up, do it.

However, it was not easy for Shaolin to send this venerable self over and increase the spiritual energy in Jianghai city.

If you kill this venerable self, the spirit-gathering array in Jianghai city will have no array core.”

He did his final act of stubbornness.

However, to his surprise, Ye Xiao actually agreed with what he said.

“Youre right, so I wont kill you.”

Norfis was stunned.

“Then why did you come to me”

He did not believe that Ye Xiao had simply come to talk to him and warn him.

Such a martial arts expert would not be so bored, right

However, just as he asked that question, ye Xiao slashed over with a saber light, cutting off two of his tentacles on the spot.

Splat… Fresh blood splattered wildly, and Norfis immediately cried out in pain.

“Ah! Ah! Ah… Didnt you say that you wouldnt kill me”

Ye Xiao stored the two tentacles in his spatial storage ring.

“Did I kill you I didnt, right I only asked you to provide some blood essence to help me cultivate.”

After saying that, Ye Xiao turned around and left.

“Since you can cultivate, you should be able to heal yourself.

I wont help you anymore.”

Seeing Ye Xiao Mend the seal again and leave swaggeringly, Norfis was so angry that he almost exploded!

‘Ahhhh… Bullying the fish is too much! Bullying the fish is too much!

‘If not for this venerable self being here, he wouldnt have suffered such humiliation from you

‘D*mned human, just you wait.

This main body will settle this score with you sooner or later.

‘Just 1,500 years!

‘In 1,500 years, this main body will definitely eat you alive, skin you alive, pull out your tendons, and turn you into an iron-plate person!

‘After his fury surged to the heavens, he looked at his two severed tentacles and felt his heartache so much that tears streamed down his face.

‘F*ck, it wasnt easy to cultivate a little bit of cultivation.

This time, it would probably be wasted again.

‘Wu, Wu, Wu, that d*mned human.

Ye Xiao, who had obtained the octopus meat, did not immediately return home.

Instead, he went to the large mountains near the borders of the Zhong province and Chu province.

His cultivation was just a little bit lacking.

As long as he ate that octopus meat, he would definitely be able to successfully advance.

After advancing, there would definitely be a heaven and earth phenomenon.

After breaking through to Xiantian sixth grade, there would already be a phenomenon, and each time, it would become stronger and stronger.

If the abnormal signs of Xiantian eighth grade were placed in Jianghai city, it would probably cause a huge sensation.

Ye Xiao started a fire and roasted the tentacles that were comparable to two gigantic Black-scaled Snakes, sprinkling them with pepper salt, cumin, and chili powder.

After a series of operations, the fragrant roasted octopus was freshly cooked.

After he ate the two octopus tentacles, the blood essence in his body began to spread crazily.

At that moment, a bolt of divine lightning suddenly struck down from the sky.


The huge divine lightning directly chopped a large tree beside Ye Xiao into ashes.


What situation was that

After advancing to Xiantian eighth grade, was he going to be struck by lightning like those immortal cultivation novels

However, after a short period of observation, Ye Xiao finally understood.

That thundercloud was not about to strike down on him right now.

It might have struck down at a later realm.

Now, it seemed to be locking onto him.

Could it be that after advancing to Xiantian ninth grade, he would be struck by lightning if he wanted to leave the divine sect and advance to the king rank


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