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“You should know that the true foundation of our world is hidden within the prominent families.

“Since ancient times, every dynasty has been replaced, and the current emperor has killed all the bloodlines of the previous dynasty!

“For what

“It was highly likely that a new emperor would emerge from that bloodline who would be detrimental to his rule.

“Another reason was that they had grasped a true cultivation technique that transcended the surface of this world and was truly sufficient to allow one to communicate with the Great Dao of Heaven and Earth.

“They called the cultivation techniques of that level, the imperial techniques!”

Qin Shenglong nodded.

“I know, but cultivation techniques of that level are kept secret.

In this world, only prominent families and extremely few top-tier martial arts academies have them.

“People like us, we dont even have the qualifications to come into contact with them.”

After pausing for a moment, his body suddenly trembled, and a frightened yet excited expression appeared on his face.

“Old Du, you cant be saying that this cultivation technique… It… It… Its an imperial technique, right”

Du Changfeng took a deep breath as he looked at the stone piece in his hand that recorded the cultivation technique.

“Not necessarily, and I dont dare to be too certain.

However, it is 100 percent certain that it absolutely surpasses the grandmaster-rank cultivation techniques.

“In the past few years, the Jingdou Martial Arts Academy had long since carried out secret research.

They wanted to develop a cultivation technique that surpasses the grandmaster rank so that the nine provinces could break away from the shackles of the prominent families.

“I have also been participating in this research, and have come into contact with countless grandmaster-rank cultivation techniques.

“However, I can clearly tell you that this cultivation technique is superior to any grandmaster-rank cultivation technique.

“Even if its not an imperial technique, its still a superior one!

“In short, this cultivation technique is far more precious than you can imagine.

“This is also why I told all those who took photos to delete them.

“Previously, our familys cultivation technique was only a lesser grandmaster-rank cultivation technique, so it could be displayed in public.

However, that is not possible for this completed version.”

Qin Shenglongs eyes revealed a hint of solemnity and envy.

“Its a pity that Im a sword practitioner, so I wont be able to cultivate this cultivation technique.

“However, this might also be a reward from the heavens.

After all, if it werent for you being righteous and contributing your saber techniques back then, you might not have obtained this cultivation technique today.”

Du Changfeng nodded.

“The problem now is that we should find out who completed the saber technique.”

“The person who had completed the cultivation technique…”

Qin Shenglongs body suddenly trembled, and he was extremely excited.

“Could it be him I know he is! It must be him!”

“Who is it”

Du Changfengs expression was extremely happy, and he also started to grow excited.

“Well… I dont actually know him.”

The smile on Du Changfengs face instantly disappeared, and he could not help but express his disappointment like a child.

“Are you insane”


Qin Shenglong smiled embarrassedly and said awkwardly,

“Let me tell you what happened…”

Once Qin Shenglong shared the matter of the mysterious martial artist, Du Changfengs expression became especially grave.

“I really didnt expect that such a powerful martial artist would appear in Jianghai city.”

There were few grandmasters in Jianghai city, but there were many around the world.

Moreover, Du Changfeng was a professor at the Jingdou Martial Arts Academy, so it was not strange for him to be in the Xiantian realm.

However, Du Changfeng did not know about such a person in Jianghai city.

Qin Shenglong nodded.

“Since he killed the grandmaster star beast and saved Yunzhong and me, I think he shouldnt be considered an enemy of Jianghai city.

To be honest, if it werent for him, you probably wouldnt have been able to see me when you came back this time.”

“Its really lucky for Jianghai city to have a great grandmaster!”

“Great grandmaster”

Du Changfeng smiled.

Qin Shenglong frowned slightly.

“What Did I say something wrong”

Du Changfeng stared at the boulder.

“I used my abilities to guarantee that he is definitely no weaker than a peak great grandmaster.

Furthermore, he is strong with no perceivable weaknesses! He can be considered a demigod!”

Qin Shenglong was instantly dumbfounded.

His mouth was wide open, and his jaw was about to fall to the ground.

Demigod… From the demigod sect


“Youre not joking with me, right Why would there be a martial artist from the demigod sect in such a small city”

“Its hard to say.

After all, martial artists are as common as clouds in this world.

Moreover, its hard to see the head and tail of a divine dragon.

Its hard to guess their thoughts.”

Du Changfeng sighed.

Then, as if he had thought of something, he spoke again,

“Speaking of which, hows Yuyans cultivation now”


At the mention of his granddaughter, Qin Shenglongs face could not help but reveal a trace of pride.

“Shes already a fifth-grade martial artist, and the Qin familys sword arts have already been comprehended to about 70 percent .”

“Great! To be able to become a fifth-grade martial artist at such a young age is truly commendable.”

“Recently, the Han state produced a young sword art genius named Piao Jiansheng! He came to all parts of the nine provinces to challenge the geniuses with the way of the sword! He has already defeated dozens of people!

Even a few genius sword cultivators from the Jingdou Martial Arts Academy were defeated by his sword!”

Qin Shenglongs expression froze.

“Ive also heard a little about Piao Jiansheng, but hes just a citizen of a small state like the Han state.

How could he be so strong Those few sword art geniuses in Jing province arent weak either, right”

Du Changfeng let out a long sigh.

“Its not that you dont know how many times in the past 200 years, our nine provinces have been tricked by the various states.

They intentionally led the star beasts into the nine provinces, causing the deaths of so many martial artists.

“Who knows how many gifted children have been cut off from the martial arts heritage!

“How many Heavens prodigies cant receive the guidance of a proper master


“And among them, the sword art martial artist suffered the most casualties!

“Besides, how could two countries fight to the death for such reasons They fought honorably through sword prowess and sword techniques.

Though their cultivation should have been suppressed to the Houtian fifth grade.

That kids sword prowess… Even I have to admire it.”


Qin Shenglongs pupils constricted, and his face was shocked.

What kind of person was Du Changfeng talking about If even he said so, then how strong was Piao Jiansheng

Du Changfeng said meaningfully,

“I heard that his next target is the central plains.

The Qin clan sword is quite famous in the central plains and is the closest to Jing province.

I reckon that the first thing he will do when he arrives at the plains will be to make an example of your Qin clan!”

On the other side, in front of the huge saber mark on the riverbank of Jianghai city.

Accompanied by a gust of wind, Qin Yuyan gradually retracted her saber.

She was not a Xiantian realm cultivator, so she was not able to release her spiritual energy to shake off the perspiration.

At that moment, her clothes were drenched in sweat, and her clothes were tightly pressed against her skin.

She used her sleeve to wipe off the perspiration on her forehead.

Gazing at the mark across the river, her face was slightly dazed.

“Whoever you are, I wonder if you are still in Jianghai city”

Ever since that day, when Qin Yuyan saw that saber strike, she was completely stunned.

For the first time in her life, she felt that she had truly developed an interest in martial arts!

For so many years, she had been like a marionette, practicing the Qin familys sword techniques at her grandfathers request.

However, what she loved was not sword techniques!

In fact, even her soul was more like a saber rather than a sword.


Nevertheless, her grandfather just had to insist that it was a sword!

Then, when she saw that move, the pressure she had been suppressing for years finally exploded.

She was going to disobey her grandfathers wishes and secretly learn saber techniques!

Although she did not know what kind of punishment she would receive in the end.

However, as long as she could learn saber techniques, she would not be afraid even if she died!

At that moment, 10,000 meters downstream, a golden light suddenly flashed, filled with endless majesty.

It caused her pupils to dilate.

“What a strong imposing aura! Its stronger than Grandpas! When did Jianghai city have such a….

Wait a minute, could it be that person”



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