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Chapter 149: Cast a Long Line and Catch a Big Fish!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just as Ye Xiao and Norfis spiritual sense left, a few rays of light arrived.

The first to arrive was naturally Du Changfeng.

He was a great grandmaster.

Currently, in Jianghai city, other than Ye Xiao and Fa Zheng, he could be considered the highest.

When Du Changfeng saw that palm technique, he was completely stunned.

“What a powerful palm technique! Its strength is definitely above that of a major sect.”

If that palm had hit other ground, Du Changfeng would not be so shocked.

However, it had hit the city roads of Jianghai city.

The building materials in that world were already many times stronger than the building materials in Ye Xiaos previous life.

To be able to leave a palm print ten feet deep on the road here, and the faults were so neat, Du Changfeng believed that with his level, he would not be able to do that easily.

“Wait a moment.

Could it be that the palm technique was done by the senior again After all, only Senior has such a cultivation in Jianghai city.”

However, at that moment, Fa Zhengs voice came from behind.

“Amitabha, that shouldnt be possible, right Could that senior have cultivated palm techniques How heaven-defying would he be”

Du Changfeng turned around and greeted.

“Master Fa Zheng.”

Following that, he spoke again,

“Senior Saber-sword Immortal already knows saber and sword techniques, as well as healing techniques, and might even know arrays.

Now that he has added another palm technique, this is simply impossible.”

Fa Zheng smiled.

“If its the Saber-sword Immortal, theres no need for him to use palm techniques at all.

He can just simply use the saber and sword techniques that hes used to! Why would he still use a palm technique that he has never used before”

In reality, what he did not know was that the reason why Ye Xiao used the palm technique was purely that he did not want to destroy the integrity of the ingredients.

In addition, Ye Xiao had just learned the Tathagata Divine Palm and had yet to use it.

Hence, he wanted to use it and test out its power.

Fa Zhengs words made Du Changfeng ponder for a moment.

“This… I cant say for sure either.

But at the moment, in the entire Jianghai city, the person with the most hope is Senior Saber-sword Immortal.”

Fa Zheng smiled and walked forward.

However, the moment he saw the palm technique, his pupils constricted, his eyes widened, and his entire body began to sway.

“This… this… how is this possible”

Du Changfeng was somewhat confused.

“Master Fa Zheng, you recognize this palm technique”

Fa Zheng nodded, and said with an excited expression,

“I can now determine that this palm technique was definitely not performed by Senior Saber-sword Immortal!”

“How do you know”

“Professor Du studied martial arts for so many years at Jingdu Academy.

Have you ever heard that my Shaolin has a palm technique that falls from the sky”

All the hair on Du Changfengs body stood on end.

“You… You… You mean the Shaolin palm technique that has been lost for hundreds of years and is the strongest in the world, Tathagata Divine Palm”

“Thats right, its the Tathagata Divine Palm!”

“Oh my God!”

Du Changfeng was extremely shocked.

If that was really the case, then it was indeed impossible for it to be the Saber-sword Immortal.

No matter how strong the Saber-sword Immortal was, it was impossible for him to say that he had obtained the unrivaled palm technique that had been lost in Shaolin for hundreds of years.

Only a certain eminent monk of Shaolin who had been passed down for generations could use that palm technique.

However, where did that eminent monk who had been passed down for generations appear from

Why did they all come to Jianghai city

Regardless of their shock, Ye Xiao had already brought Ji Fengs corpse back home.

“Huan Liuli, come out.”

Huan Liuli quickly ran out of the room.

“Im here, Im here.

Why is Master here”

Ye Xiao threw out Ji Fengs corpse from his storage ring.

Huan Liuli was first stunned, then her eyes started to go blank from excitement!

“This… This is another divine-level star beast”

Ye Xiao nodded.

“Take out the rack that was used to skewer the mutton skewers and roast the chicken wings and drumsticks.

Also, take out the large metal pot and stove to stew the soup.”

“Ill get it done right away.”

Huan Liuli rushed into the house excitedly and took out all the items.

That was too awesome.

She had obtained another divine-level star beast corpse.

If she continued to eat like that, it would not be long before she had to raise her cultivation again.

‘Hahahaha… Good!


On account of so many divine-level star beasts, Ill be Ye Xiaos slave for another hundred years.

Ill be its slave for 900 years first!

After she carried the things out, Ye Xiao immediately chopped off the chicken claws, chopped off Ji Fengs wings and legs, and then dug out the chicken liver and heart.

However, Ye Xiao did not continue.

Instead, he used the Mending the Heavens technique to repair Ji Feng.

Huan Liuli was very cooperative as she plucked the feathers from the chicken wings and legs that had already been chopped off.

As Ye Xiaos star pet, she understood Ye Xiaos intentions very well.

He used the Mending the Heavens technique to revive and repair Ji Feng before continuing to chop off the chicken wings and legs.

Using that method, he could obtain a large number of chicken wings and legs from a hen and make the most of the resources.

That was also why Ye Xiao wanted to use the Tathagata Divine Palm.

The Tathagata Divine Palm would directly suffocate her to death.

It would not harm the star core or the soul, so the healing cultivation technique could be used.

The target of the healing cultivation technique had to be a living being with a soul.

The Mending the Heavens technique could not be used on the tentacles of Norfis from before for instance.

There was no soul in the tentacles.

If one wanted to use the Mending the Heavens technique card to get many of Norfis octopus tentacles, they could only be used on his main body or his split body.

That characteristic of the healing cultivation technique was also very easy to understand.

If the healing cultivation technique did not use the soul as the premise, not to mention being able to randomly resurrect everything, perhaps even broken rocks could be resurrected.

That would be too monstrous.

However, Ye Xiao also had a guess.

If his three healing cultivation techniques could be synthesized in the future, would the new healing cultivation technique that he had formed be able to resurrect these dead things Ignoring that kind of rule.

The Mending the Heavens technique continuously absorbed the heaven and earth spiritual energy and quickly resurrected Ji Feng.

Ji Feng looked at Ye Xiao in front of her with a blank expression.

Her eyes were filled with puzzlement.

‘Strange, am I not already dead Why am I still alive

In the next second, Ye Xiao let her know why she was still alive.

A tragic crow of a chicken soared into the sky.

Ye Xiao cut off her wings and legs again.

The workers at the construction site in the distance did not find it strange.

After all, that cry was made by a chicken, not a human.

Ye Xiao repeated that cycle hundreds of times, cutting off hundreds of pairs of Ji Fengs wings and legs.

Ji Feng was completely numb.

Even though she had been imprisoned by humans for 56 years before she was released, she had never felt such despair as today.

That Ye Xiao was simply a devil.

No, even a devil was not as cruel as him!

He was simply a pervert.

He was definitely not a human!

“You d*mn pervert, are you sick”

Ye Xiao ignored her and continued to repeat the actions in his hands.

What a joke.

He was only killing a chicken.

What was there to be perverted about killing a chicken

Seeing that Ye Xiao was unmoved, Ji Feng sneered and said,

“Consider yourself ruthless.

This old lady here can be considered to have fallen into your hands today.

However, dont be too pleased with yourself.

Let me tell you, my fellow star beasts will definitely take revenge for me.

They are all divine-level star beasts.

When they rescue Senior Norfis, with his peak divine grandmaster-level strength, he will definitely kill you and dismember you into thousands of pieces!”

However, she did not know that just as she finished saying that, Ye Xiaos eyes suddenly lit up.

That Ji Feng had an accomplice

Good heavens, they are all at the divine grandmaster level

He and Huan Liuli looked at each other.

Huan Liuli understood and immediately handed over a chicken wing that had just been roasted.

“Master, please rest for a while and eat two roasted wings to replenish your strength.”

Ye Xiao nodded and threw Ji Feng, whose legs and wings had been cut off, to the side.

Ignoring her for the time being, he and Huan Liuli began to enjoy the chicken wings.

However, he did not leave any traces and placed a wisp of spiritual energy on Ji Fengs body.

With this wisp of spiritual energy, no matter where Ji Feng escaped, he would be able to find her.

Ji Feng had already been numbed by Ye Xiao.

She did not expect that Ye Xiao and Huan Liulis thoughts would actually light up, thinking that her chance had come.

She immediately mobilized the spiritual energy in her body and quickly repaired her body.

Although her healing technique was far inferior to Ye Xiaos healing technique, it was not a problem for her to recover her legs first.

After she recovered her legs, she took advantage of the fact that Ye Xiao and the master and servant were not paying attention to her and immediately transformed into a stream of light to escape.

‘Hahaha… D*mn human, youre too careless.

Just wait, this old lady will come back one day to settle this score with you.

Huan Liuli handed another chicken drumstick to Ye Xiao.

The master and servant looked at each other and smiled.

“Looks like well be able to eat some new delicacies very soon.”

“Master is really wise.

Casting a long line to catch a big fish is much more powerful than us waiting for the star beasts to deliver themselves to us.

But speaking of which, weve already stockpiled so many chicken wings and chicken drumsticks.

In the short term, we wont be short of food for the time being.”

Ye Xiao nodded, but when he saw the entire courtyard filled with chicken wings and drumsticks, he could not help but frown.

With so many things in the storage ring, it was estimated that they would take up more than half of the space.

Looks like it was better to increase the space in the storage ring a little.

After eating the chicken wings, the master and servant obtained a large amount of spiritual energy and blood essence.

The strength in their bodies was rising crazily.

Ye Xiao felt that his current cultivation was still about 30 percent away from being at Xiantian eighth grade.

That was to be expected since eating star beasts made it much faster.

After eating, Ye Xiao dialed Wang Dalongs phone number.

“Hello! Boss Wang, I still want to order a few more carloads of obsidian.

Do you still have it”

“Yes, but not much.

I can at most find two carloads for you.

The seven stars have just passed, and the traffic hasnt completely recovered to its previous state.

“Now, if I want to buy this type of thing that isnt very popular, Ill have to go to those big cities.”

Ye Xiao thought to himself.

Two cars should be able to help him double the size of his storage ring..

Although it was not much, it was better than nothing.



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